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  1. pvt.Roqe

    SU SMG

    Oh boy my favorite topic! If you have veteran, and can run heavy set and hipfire perks, definitely the PPsH for fun. If you want consistent gameplay, the PPS is a good pick. And for all you fellow masochists out there, low damage bullet, low RPM PPD is still the meta. Just make sure to bring another bulletpancake with the PPD and PPsH, they really rip through that stuff...
  2. pvt.Roqe

    How to soviet tank 2.0

    that wasnt an issue for me, I aimed for the turret face/top plate when that happened, its easy to damage a tiger II, killing without flanking and circling is something else tho
  3. pvt.Roqe

    How to soviet tank 2.0

    nah, you can live through getting shot at by a tiger II for a pretty long time. If you have a wrench monkey and youre hulldown you can fire off nearly all your ammo without dying. if you circle and have other ''more dangerous tanks'' shooting at the tiger II you can most definately survive. The T-28 has amazing structural survivability because of hte spaced modules, you simply cannot take enough damage quickly enough unless your modules consistently get hit from multiple angles.
  4. pvt.Roqe

    The Federov Avtomat

    I wouldnt trust wikipedia on it... The war had its own seperate declaration, no other nations really interferred officially, and they signed a treaty. It has a beginning and an end, Im not a military specialist but to me that seems like a war on its own. EDIT: but, you're right, it can be up for debate as many treaties can be seen as not much more than an armistice. The treaties france (and intermittend Vichy France) made with germany are an example of that
  5. pvt.Roqe

    The Federov Avtomat

    They were two seperate wars happening at the same time, that's the issue if I recall correctly. Hell, I'd rather get myself a good ol' KV-1 and KV-2, and maybe even a cheeky T-35 than the fedorov avtomat.
  6. pvt.Roqe

    The Federov Avtomat

    The finnish closed in on Leningrad (didnt surround it, but cut off some of hte northern supplyroutes) from the north and retook their old borders in the second world war.They actually fought and will, according to their words, be a faction with an incomplete tree of equipment. They fought in WW2, the fedorov avtomat has no accounts of being used in the second world war. There's more proof that the last stockpile was used in the Winter War.
  7. pvt.Roqe

    The Federov Avtomat

    They used up the last confirmed stockpiles in the winter war, not in ww2. Reto probs wont put it in unless you find some log, diary or other proof that it was used in ww2. Even then it'll be dicy on whether or not they deem it ''part of the world war 2 atmosphere''. Im all for it, but I dont think we'll have it in the game.
  8. pvt.Roqe

    AT Imbalance

    a little birdy told me a few months ago that they were looking into AT rifles for every faction, there was a post about it somewhere. Sticky lolipops do have that autopen going for it tho, if that would be gone you could lower their cost. Im alright with some reshuffling of the ribbons and all tho, good suggestion
  9. More melee weapons? Im only upvoting it because its a cool idea, but what we really need, is more shovelskins.
  10. pvt.Roqe

    I came back after a year and man... its glorious!

    sounds like your average kind of university to me, best of luck with that exam! bring an asian kid to do your maths for you if youre worried. try loading 75cm ammo instead of 76mm, it might actually leave the barrel. 💃 Lets play tonka when youre not busy drinking, banging or panicking about exams
  11. pvt.Roqe

    I came back after a year and man... its glorious!

    killing tigers with T-34/76s is too easy man. Just load HE and APCR, use HE on the side of the tiger II till you start doing about 6xp structure damage and destroyed 2-3 modules, then switch to APCR and pen the side. How have you been Jacky? its been ages! we should play sometime
  12. as the title says, Im back! been gone for little over a year, but a little birdie told me about armor 2.0.... who knew you could kill a tiger II with a T-28? pretty nutty, loving the memes! are there any old vets around still? what's everything like, someone fill me in please
  13. pvt.Roqe

    How to soviet tank 2.0

    Comrade, only T-28 is true Stalinist steel! it's ability to soak damage is unmatched by any medium in the game. I killed 3 tiger IIs with mine today, just spamming HE at its side
  14. pvt.Roqe

    Soviet Tanks..

    lets not forget that the BT-7 costs more to spawn than most lights, but it only is slightly faster than the T-26, and has nothing else or that the pz 38 t has the same, if not better effective frontal armor than the T-70 so basically, just play T-70, or T-26 if you're a masochist
  15. pvt.Roqe

    Soviet Tanks..

    Soviet tanks in high tiers are like this: https://imgur.com/a/vqrFb5d any resemblence of armor is negated by a gigantic weakspot portruding out, giving the opponent a chance to pen you, no matter where you are or how you are hidden. The turrets on the soviets would've been good without these it used to be possible to just play the T-38, T-26, T-70 in the lights category (dont play the BT-7, its not as good or anything like it should be) T-34/76, T-34/85, and all the TDs in the medium matchmaking (SU-76M was possible if you were a masochist, like me) KV-85 was never that competitive, unless you were fighting mediums in war. however, with the change in the matchmaking, mediums now meet heavies. That kinda killed the game for me, because now the king tigers can protect the HE spamming mediums and I cant pen them with anything but heavies and maybe, with a lucky shot, the T-34-85. Cant wait for hte glorious change coming up in tank damage, we probs wont be able to kill any GE tank frontally anymore due to damage saturation and the lack of weakspots.