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  1. HGHappyJack

    CHANGELOG 1.17 - Cold Front

    Looks like a fun update, O2 on airfield won't cap either. Love the snowballs!
  2. HGHappyJack

    New way to farm the experience?

    I have seen what I believe is a bug: Some times when you are disconnected from a game, you lose your k/d but not your xp when you rejoin. This could be the case here.
  3. HGHappyJack

    Infantry Scopes

    I got a chuckle from this. Law suit? Read your EULA.
  4. HGHappyJack


    I too have been around long enough that free soldiers won't help me, but I welcome this change to the game and here is why: I don't think anyone can deny that the game has become more grindy since we started playing. Player count is down and people are not sticking around, partly because of the grind. If you want the game to continue, we need fresh players (someone to shoot at). Is it totally fair? Nope, and neither is real life. But it's necessary in my opinion. Think of it as a bitter pill that must be swallowed. It's the medicine that will make the game better.
  5. HGHappyJack


    I'm enjoying everything about this new update. Especially the whining bush wookies. Good job Reto, keep up the good work!
  6. HGHappyJack

    TAW.NET is recruiting!

    Absolutely, we are always looking for new members who want to communicate and have fun. PM me for the ts.taw.net password. You can check out www.taw.net as well. If you don't have TeamSpeak, it's an easy install.
  7. HGHappyJack

    TAW.NET is recruiting!

    Tomorrow will be 4 years in TAW for me. Great bunch of guys and lots of fun gaming. We just need to get some fresh blood into H&G. In spite of its dysfunction nature, I still love it.
  8. HGHappyJack

    Prototype test: Fighter changes

    That's a classic! Poopdrip posting about spawn camping.
  9. HGHappyJack

    Opinions about the suppressed SMGs?

    Nagant is a Belgian design. Interesting but a real bear to shoot.
  10. HGHappyJack

    Looking for fun clan

    Check out www.taw.net We play all factions and have players in the EU. Message me for more info if you like.
  11. HGHappyJack

    Precision mode bug

    You are not the only person experiencing this bug. The new recon car is even worse. You can't aim down the sights, and the gun blocks the crosshair. I hope Reto is working on this.
  12. HGHappyJack

    Swiss faction

    Maybe all the whining on the forums has removed Reto's sense of humor. I was hoping for an April 1st joke.
  13. HGHappyJack

    Staged now totally ruined

    They are referring to the fact that you can now play infantry only versions of skirmishes and assaults. Regardless of weather you consider this a new "mode" or not, it has the effect of separating the available players into smaller groups, based on the mode they wish to play. It is logical with such a small player base that they have initially removed the ability to pick maps in order to not limit the available players further and create longer queue times.
  14. HGHappyJack


    Wales is not part of Britain either in any modern sense of the word. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales make up the United Kingdom. Britain refers to England.
  15. I know this is probably not a popular opinion, but H&G does not favor the lone wolf. It is a team based game whether we like it or not. Get in a group or clan and communicate if you want to win with teamwork.