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      Early Preview of the Soviet Skirmish map 'Khutor' on Prototype server   01/17/18

      On our prototype server you will now find a very early preview of the Soviet Skirmish map called 'Khutor', that we have in development.   Please note that this is a preview, and not a public test as such, which means that you should expect that a lot of things are not final yet.   The 'Khutor' map will be on the Prototype server until Wednesday the 24th of January.   Read more here:    


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  1. Heroes & Generals (2012 Gameplay) by Ohmwrecker

    it's not. Sure Development is slow, but each updates are worth it.
  2. About Steam Wallet and Game Gold

    it;s when you click to buy gold. a window will open on steam for your purchase.
  3. About Steam Wallet and Game Gold

    you just add the money on your steam wallet and then you launch H&G and can buy it from the overlay simple as that! ~RD
  4. France faction idea (Reworked & Updated!)

    indeed would be nice to see a Cavalry class!
  5. @BrandonSolo10 got any new armored cars to add to your list? I got some for your list - SdKfz 231 - SdKfz 230 - SdKfz 263 (APC potential?) - BA-27M - T27 Armored Car
  6. Since Germany's Mobile AAA cabin isn't much protected from enemie fire, could we get this customization for it? @Reto.Christiano ~RD
  7. Got anymore cool inf vehicles?
  8. List of tanks Super thread [U.S., GER, SU]

    I love that idea +1
  9. France faction idea (Reworked & Updated!)

    I like it! @Reto.RedBjarne @Reto.Robotron3000 @Reto.Circinus
  10. Remove Gunner badge

    This thread is ridiculous and unconstructive.
  11. when new factions will be added?

    On the ally side, France, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Britain's commonwealth as well. Don't just say Britain could be the only good ally for the U.S. . As Britain betrayed a lot of her allies during WWII. Don't forget the heroes of these nations that fought and sacrificed themselves trying to protect their homeland. France Belgium Poland The Netherlands (Dutch) Cheers, ~RD