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  1. Make Heroes & Generals Historically Accurate!

    Yep. Even the dangers of what Communism is, not everyone is aware of how bad it is now a days..
  2. T-60 model 1942, light tank for SU

    More stuff here!
  3. There's bullet resistant, but bulletproof? Only in fantasies. My answer is still nope.
  4. balance out kubel

    Only difference is that the Kubel has doors and the Jeep & Gaz don't. The doors provide more cover.
  5. Reto-Moto, please make vehicles, uniforms and weapons Historically accurate. A lot of kids these days will buy these kind of games rather than watch a documentary. Video games can teach wrong information and therefore give children the wrong image about ww2. I also see nothing wrong with being able to play whatever gender but it should be done accurately. Furthermore, I believe games should be historically accurate due to this and other reasons. Every factions should have their Strengths and Weaknesses. Enough with the Balance and numbers crap. For H&G to become the Ultimate WWII game has to have Historical Values into the equipment and soldiers. I hope we get a historical H&G that won't be ruined with political correctness and baseball along the road.. ~RD
  6. Winter gloves (cosmetic)

    We need new infantry character models, as the current ones are outdated and broken
  7. Uniforms [Rank based Uniform Unlocks]

    @Reto.Christiano @Reto.blackjama
  8. Training grounds mode

    There used to be a Training ground for infantry, where you could test weapons, explosives and grenades, and would reward you with the First Blood badge.. Training ground for classed was proposed many times.. but i don't think it will ever happen.
  9. What is wrong with the German pants?

    For that we need new character models.
  10. soviet faction needs t28 model 1939

    The T-28 was created to support T-35's. Let's hope we get to see more heavies added for all factions
  11. Holding X would be better in my opinion, and as @Vudu_guy said, the devs said a few months ago that they were working/testing on some voice commands. @Reto.McFly & @Reto.Circinus could probably say what happened about it's ETA.
  12. Infantry 2.0?

    Looks really good!
  13. Choose your faction

    Soviets will not be on the ally side in H&G. From what Reto said. So on a good point of view, this would work for War. Allies - United States of America - Britain & Commonwealth - France - Belgium - Poland - Netherlands Axis - Germany - Kingdom of Italy - Finland - Hungary - Romania - Japan Comitern - Soviet Union - Communist occupation of China ~RD
  14. Choose your faction

    My factions U.S.A France Germany Finland