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  1. Tank sounds update?

    I already talked to Christiano about it ~RD
  2. I made this

    What is it supposed to represent?
  3. IS2 and T34-85 tank optic

    The IS-2 didin't have a "Double Zoom"
  4. Nerf the T-34's

    It is estimated that the T-34 would cost around $45,000 to $50,000 for each tank built, but is this production price really cheap? When compared to the Sherman that costed $45,000 to build and the Panzer IV with a production cost of $45,500, the T-34 seems to lose its cheap label.
  5. Friends

    An hour is too short and could be seen as an exploit. I would say that the friend would have to reach at least Rank 6 (Sergent/Squad Leader) to get 25/ 50 Gold per friend refereed. ~RD
  6. Use or Lose Them

    This is a bad idea.. Each factions should be and stay unique and not have tech being shared.
  7. Germany needs some stuff

    The game need more weapons in term of content and variety in-game. Plus. you do know that there were more weapons used right? I mean, what we have in-game are the known and popular ones.
  8. Mailbox for my stupid ideas .

    You know you can edit your posts.. Other than that, these would be interesting content
  9. Name change

    I agree on this... We can hope Reto adds this option one day..
  10. Zveno project [Soviet plane idea]

    Added stuff to it
  11. Alternative history

    in an alternate world, where the Soviet Union took control of Poland instead of Nazi Germany and the Soviets Starting WWII.
  12. Where is my KV-2?

    list of Tanks thread Additional thread with some tanks with their own thread Also on subject, the KV-2 when unable to rotate it's turret on slopes, any attempt would break the turret or in worse case tip the whole tank and when the turret was about 90-45 degrees angled to the hull, it could tip over when it fired. The worst problem for the KV-2 was by far its unreliability. The gearbox would often break easily, and the immense recoil of the gun meant that the small turret ring could jam, or the engine or gearbox could suffer severe damage. The majority of KV-2 losses in 1941 were due to breakdowns or lack of fuel which forced them to be abandoned. ~RD
  13. Nerf the T-34's

    true, but still, if we had SS infantry there would be Wehrmacht collar (what we currently have in-game) ' SS truppen collar big difference in my opinion Something i found about the camo Dot 44, aka pea camo https://www.atthefrontshop.com/category_s/423.htm
  14. Nerf the T-34's

    I main U.S. and Ger, your argument is also invalid. Plus there is no Nazi in H&G, only the Wehrmacht aka Germany's army. If there was any Nazis' in H&G there would be SS Soldiers. Know the difference!
  15. Nerf the T-34's

    The T-34 was a very weak tank, a literal "propaganda machine" that drove itself only by the shear power of the gun and the skill of the crew. You know the T-34 was also considered trash when the Japanese Imperial army could easily destroy them with Molotovs thanks to the poor welding and assembly.. Production costs and man-hours went down during the war. In 1941 8.000 man hours were needed to produce one T-34, this was reduced to 3.700 in 1943. Price in rubles went from 430.000 in 1940 to 168.000 in 1944. Note that the manhours figure for the T-34 probably refers only to the construction of the hull and turret, not a finished tank. Regarding the price, the study ‘Engineering analysis of the Russian T34/85 tank’, p5 says that: ‘it is believed, that the cost at the time of manufacture, converted to USA currency, would exceed 50.000 dollars.’ This was the same price as the M4 Sherman, an overall better vehicle, so it is not clear of how the T-34 was ‘cheaper’ than the competition. It’s also estimated that the T-34 would cost around $45,000 to $50,000 for each tank built, but is this production price really cheap? When compared to the Sherman that costed $45,000 to build and the Panzer IV with a production cost of $45,500, the T-34 seems to lose its cheap label. T-34 losses were massive, especially to the end of the war, when the Russian Army just wanted to rush to Berlin. In 1944 the Russians had built 13,950 T-34’s and lost 13,800 of them, in 1945 in just 4 months of war they managed to lose about 7,500 out of the 12,110 built in that same year. So, the Russian Army didn't overwhelm the German lines with T-34’s, but with a wide variety of Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV) together with the sheer number of troops. At the end of the war out of the remaining T-34’s, it’s estimated that only half of them were in operational condition and even then, they represented less than 50% of the total number of tanks available. How many of these tanks went down before Russians broke through the German lines? More than 80% were lost in total. Know the truth before saying and trusting stuff from propaganda. Some Sources: http://chris-intel-corner.blogspot.ca/2012/07/wwii-myths-t-34-best-tank-of-war.html https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/02/28/tank-myths-russian-t-34/ ~RD