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  1. _Rainbow_Dash

    Tier II terrain vehicles?

    A few ideas for tier II jeeps U.S. Willy Jeep with M2 Browning and M1919 Germany Kubelwagen with MG42 Soviets GAZ Razvedchik Gun mounted on it is unknown /Discuss ~RD
  2. _Rainbow_Dash

    Just remove H3

    Nope. They were used in WWII, so they have their place in H&G. ~RD
  3. _Rainbow_Dash

    when new factions will be added?

    This could work better Allies: - United States - France - Britain - Belgium/Netherlands - Chinese Nationalists - Poland Axis: - Germany - Italy - Finland - Romania - Hungary - Japan Comitern: - Soviet Union - Communist occupation of Ukraine - Communist occupation of China This would complete the game nicely
  4. _Rainbow_Dash

    Remove this bad update

    I love how many people complain about the update. It is a really good update for H&G as it brings more realism to the game. Yet, people can't accept changes and improvements. Pathetic. Just wait as everything gets updated (Classes, weapons, graphics, physics, sounds) and then you can complain.
  5. _Rainbow_Dash

    France faction (Reworked & Updated!)

    Wow, amazing work
  6. _Rainbow_Dash

    France faction (Reworked & Updated!)

    Bump 😎
  7. Been on hiatus for 2 months and that update got be back into the game! I also gotta say, great work Reto, especially @Reto.Christiano! Thank you guys for the amazing work The new sounds that got added into the vehicles are top notch. Looking forward on new things Reto-Moto will bring in the future. ~RD
  8. _Rainbow_Dash

    new vehicles suggestions

    I'll just leave this here https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/84014-list-of-infantry-vehicles-super-thread-us-ger-su/
  9. _Rainbow_Dash

    France faction (Reworked & Updated!)

    The government may have been cowards, but our army will never surrender. We French will fight to our death, it's been known since a long time ago, even in the Napoleonic Era.
  10. _Rainbow_Dash

    Where the trees go ?

    Medium sized trees got their collision removed a few months ago to sort of improve gameplay in vehicles
  11. _Rainbow_Dash

    Time to merge SU?

    Reto said that they will not merge the U.S. and Soviets together. As for a 3 lines gameplay for example in War Battles are pretty cool and interesting battles. - Allies - Axis - Comitern Plus you can't mix Freedom and Communism together!
  12. _Rainbow_Dash

    France faction (Reworked & Updated!)

    Bump 😎
  13. _Rainbow_Dash

    T-28 after vehicle update

    Why not make the T-28 into a T-28E? A late T-28E (upgraded with appliqué armor), available when the German invasion took place in June 1941. Up to 35 extra panels were welded, 23 to the hull, 8 on the main turret and 4 to each auxiliary turret. Many tanks were camouflaged in the summer of 1941. This is one from the 220th Armored Brigade, belonging to the 55th Infantry Division, in the summer of 1942.