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  1. Past few months my shadowplay has stopped recording the H&G action client and just records the menu/generals screen bit. Tried multiple things, unticking and ticking the overlay box, turning the clipping feature off, neither have worked any one know how to fix this or currently having the same issue?
  2. Nooby-Doo

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    Yes! Another tanker crying, I love to see this sort of stuff
  3. Nooby-Doo

    Serious Question

  4. That is very cringe indeed, but the most cringe is the idea of HnG x Anime collab of some sort, like when I saw World Of Warships did a collab with some anime thing, I cringed so hard.... Why are war games being associated with anime!?
  5. Nooby-Doo

    New updates and rebalance of game, Feedback!

    Im not talking about planes and tanks, I couldnt care less for those.
  6. Nooby-Doo

    New updates and rebalance of game, Feedback!

    US player right here, and in my opinion the game is feeling quite balanced currently, not sure if there is any weps that id call OP as of this moment in time.
  7. Nooby-Doo

    Macro users

    Bosstrad is a legend, a legit legend.
  8. I'm excited for a change in the RTS.
  9. Nooby-Doo

    Paratroopers need more slots

    In my opinion paras are fine with the slots they have, it means you have to decide more what sort of loadout you want, for example, m1g or m1 carbine can also carry one med kit. Where as carrying an SMG or johnson means you sacrifice the ability to have a med unless you run minimum ammo with hoarder medal.
  10. We dont need any thing that will ADD tanks to the game.
  11. Wholesome HnG content :D This genuinely looks good and could benefit Reto by making players come back online every day.
  12. Nooby-Doo

    What are the most effective GUN camos?

    Real players paint their guns black.
  13. Nooby-Doo

    NERF AT's

    Cry more tankers, cry moreeeee!
  14. I agree with sqeek, the m1m2 recoil does look bugged, how ever I think that makes it a bit harder to hit people at ranges any higher than like 10-20m
  15. HE is a joke, HE for tanks is especially annoying, the splash is too big, dying to HE whilst playing inside an objective is such a piss take as it takes no skill, and tanks actively avoiding playing the objectives just to spam it from miles away such a boring way to play. Mine and other community members ideas for nerfing this skill-less crutch. (can apply to planes but they're already quite weak.) - Make it cost more. It makes sense for it to cost more than it does, so it becomes less spammy. - If carrying HE, your tank should be at risk of being ammo racked (maybe not one shotable) but at least make it so if you get hit in the ammo rack while carrying HE it should do more damage, or have some sort of effect. - Lower the amount of HE ammo that can be carried. Maybe make certain places on the map where tanks can resupply like the objective the tank has been spawned from, so O and x1 objectives. - Nerf mobility of tank when carry HE and APCR, make it turn slower or move slower. HE spammers have NO skill. All ways whistle bag tankers.
  16. Nooby-Doo

    Whats with all the hackers lately ?

    lol. False. Like I said hackers are so rare, (seen 1-2 confirmed in 6 years) Like come on man. Just bare the fact some players are better than you.
  17. Nooby-Doo

    Captured Vehicles

    Dont want the game to become red vs blue. Captured weapons is enough, any thing else and factions will become irrelevant.
  18. Nooby-Doo

    Smoke Grenades!

    I cant help but think this will make objectives more of a cluster f*ck than they already are now flamethrowers are in the game (not a massive issue every game but some times you get flamethrower spam ruining vision in the objectives.)
  19. Nooby-Doo

    Whats with all the hackers lately ?

    Troll post? In 6 years I would say Ive seen 1-2 "confirmed hackers" one was confirmed by himself, openly admitting to cheating and spamming links to hack websites and it was blatant aim bot you could see it by watching the guy move lol, but that was years ago. Not trying to cause and issue here but there is some players in this game and online games in general that just need to learn, SOME PLAYERS ARE BETTER THAN YOU. Its that simple. Im not denning there might be hackers, I just HIGHLY doubt it. (not including mouse macros etc)
  20. Nooby-Doo

    Nerf the skill-less crutch that is HE.

    Another thought I don't think has been mentioned, they could nerf HE range (and/or tank optics) so that tanks have to put themselves into a more vulnerable position to use it and their team has to make a tactical decision whether to defend their tanks. Too often on the town map you see tanks sitting on the quayside, having moved only a few feet from their spawn, spamming HE into C3. Surely that's too far for a WWII tank to be accurate? I think also Reto are missing a trick: I have a sneaking suspicion that there maybe crossover between tankies and people who actually spend real money on gold. If they put the cost of HE up they may make more money!
  21. Nooby-Doo

    Nerf the skill-less crutch that is HE.

    Trying a little too hard here stark
  22. Its more boring to play VS campers... Exactly my thought.