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    What is the Forums turning into ?

    Exactly what is the forum changing into with posts like this? 🤔
  2. Nooby-Doo

    Community Workshop 💡

    From what I'm aware of, Reto don't actually own the tools to create maps etc, therefore meaning they cant disrepute them.
  3. Nooby-Doo

    Location on the battle map

    Aaaaaand... Your post now means nothing and your opinion is now irrelevant. lmao. I wander why people dont like snipers, would it be because they actively avoid the objectives? Yes. Would it be because they camp miles away? Yes. Would it be because of their general bad attitude towards the game? Yes. Sounds like you should be in staged if you class your self as some sort of recon main.
  4. Voice chat for your squad like the battlefield games would be a lot better than a whole team VC.
  5. Past few months my shadowplay has stopped recording the H&G action client and just records the menu/generals screen bit. Tried multiple things, unticking and ticking the overlay box, turning the clipping feature off, neither have worked any one know how to fix this or currently having the same issue?
  6. Nooby-Doo

    Game Update and New Feature

    And they get the developers from WHERE? They get the money from WHERE? Come on man, Reto is a small company, not much money, how are they supposed to do massive updates like these?
  7. Nooby-Doo

    Game suggestions and feedback

    Balance is pretty decent right now. I can assure you the devs pockets arent full lmao. Its a free game the company has to make money some how. Everything can be purchased with credit, making this game NOT p2w, its pay2skip-the-grind.
  8. Well its fixed now, so you can all relax...
  9. I dont care, could purchase one and mod it my self for US if I really wanted to. Most vets with such disposable amount of credits are probs happy about this most recent update
  10. When they nerf avs and stg Ill be salty.
  11. Nooby-Doo


    wtf is this? lol
  12. Nooby-Doo

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

  13. Nooby-Doo

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    Players, damn straight DD is a clan full of players 😎
  14. Nooby-Doo

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    What list would that be? 😉
  15. Nooby-Doo

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    Pffft what ya talking about
  16. Nooby-Doo

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    How do you lick so many asses at once bro? some of those guys should be in staged... <--- Just an opinion from some one.
  17. So because now the other factions can fight against their own fully modded weapons they are seen as OP? This update has not made 1 faction stronger than the other. I personally like the update, players cant cry about balance as much now.
  18. Nooby-Doo

    When suicidal para planes fixed?

    Classic drunk para plane pilots 🙄
  19. Like when using microsoft word, try saving your long posts in a document on your pc just to lower the risk of losing it.
  20. Nooby-Doo

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    STG is my second most used weapon (captured on US) an Id still say its kinda OP, its just far to easy to use compared to johnson or AVS for example. STG is best GE wep imo, AVS is best SU weapon, however I dont think m1m2 is best US weapon, so I agree with you there. Headshotting with the STG feels easier because of how straight the recoil is and how accurate the gun is. I mean, your not wrong. US only here and STG is my second most used wep... I still think the AVS is a very fun and competitive weapon. I measure Its competitiveness by how good it is vs clans/vets. Just means you've been carried many times, that's a pointless statement lol.
  21. Nooby-Doo

    shirt game.

    In my opinion HnG has a good balanced between realism and arcardeyness, I generally prefer arcade shooters, coming from a background in TF2 years ago. Not saying they are similar but as a general rule I'm not a fan of super realistic games like HLL.
  22. Nooby-Doo

    Realism missing

    Play HLL or something if you want realism, not an arcade FPS you fool.
  23. Nooby-Doo

    shirt game.

    This is not a realistic game.... Thankfully.