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  1. I like m1919 + fast reload + heavy set gold Some times K98 or Rifle 1903 ı use camo badge + fast reload.
  2. MkPvP14

    Update 1.08 ‘Planes & Ladders’ is here!

    New planes good but german plane cannon so slow. MİG-3 are the best planes ı think.
  3. MkPvP14

    Assault team stuck between friendly towns

    You assault teams infman(living resources) it may be finished ?
  4. You are only rank 9 characters ? And you are want create clan. Sounds good.
  5. MkPvP14

    Game Freeze Problem.

    @QuarX please look this problem. You are know all of the game problem.
  6. MkPvP14

    Game Freeze Problem.

    @SpaeBuilty please look this ?
  7. MkPvP14

    I play with my own ATs

    Yes Mobster01 said okey. And Okey Me And my friend spawn with my hellcat and spawned with another assault teams driver okey My tank destroyer driver from another ATs okey but me and my friend spawned with my own hellcat. I am not take any XP and WF from this. (3 -5 k xp and 300 WF) My assault teams totaly destroy 30 tank. Only 3-5 k xp? I grind for colonel look at this I send my assault teams starting battles and ı joined after squad aux seats ı select tanker ı spawned with my hellcat One time ı get 146 K xp with this way.
  8. MkPvP14

    I play with my own ATs

    Okey thank you ı am send ticket Reto Support center but when time Reto give me answer ? I am not take mission id but have all evidence in this war battles ''Karcag'' I upload screenshots in my ticket.
  9. MkPvP14

    I play with my own ATs

    @SpaeBuilty pls look this topic :'(
  10. MkPvP14

    I play with my own ATs

    Pls thing I spawn with your assault teams vehicles,soldiers. I destroy vehicles with your assault teams soldier or vehicles = YOU TAKE EXP AND WF I kill İnf your assault teams soldier or vehicles = YOU TAKE EXP AND WF I take capture your assault teams soldier = YOU TAKE EXP AND WF My all effort gave you exp and wf! This way Why ı am not got any EXP and WF! Me and my friend spawn with my own (tanker and tank) assault teams. We are kill totaly 30 TANK! ı got 0 exp 0 wf from Assault teams. This is soo bad experience.... Reto will fix ı hope.
  11. MkPvP14

    I play with my own ATs

    Are you kiddin me ?? I am not noob ı am veteran tanker. İn this battle not another TDs assault teams mine in... One battles ı wait start after starting ı send my TDs andkill 18 tank medium-light. I got 22K WF and 146 K exp.... You are not understant this..
  12. MkPvP14

    I play with my own ATs

    All tank destroyer are my own assault teams in US side.... TheChocolateFarmer is my alt account. I setup battles (ı send motorized guard/inf)after battles start ı send 8 Tank destroyer. Me and my friend JohnHemo spawned with hellcat ı look RTS side click my own ATs its not 8/14 its 6/14 Me an JohnMemo spawned with my own TDs.... (Soory for this language ı am turkish)
  13. MkPvP14

    I play with my own ATs

    Hi today ı send my own ATs(Tank destroyer from us side) I destroy 19 tank My friend destroy 12 tank I am take 5k xp and 300 wf.. Reto
  14. MkPvP14

    İ buy recon soldier but not give me scope

    You are change recon from infantry soldier. you are not buy recruit recon. Who will close this ?