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  1. Never. This was in the top three, hell, top two reasons for why I quit earlier this year. Tanks are countered by a single player. Planes aren't countered by anything other than other planes. Blatant, objectively incorrect game design. Not debateable, not subjective, just wrong. But hey, you guys are about to get some new planes, so rejoice!
  2. No message will ever be more effective than on that punishes the player. -50 XP per friendly mine destroyed. They'll get the message quickly. And for crying out loud, do NOT punish the mine-layer with a team kill when someone is too blind or refuses to drive carefully and drives over a friendly mine.
  3. More planes that cannot be threatened by anything other than other planes, while ANTI-AIR GUNS remain completely useless, allowing pilots to dominate any match against a team without pilots while earning absurd amounts of XP compared to any other class.
  4. Yep, that Heavy Set Gold and those top tier automatic weapons sure do cater to new players, totally...
  5. It isn't just a problem with the unbreakable bits. If you shot into a window full of breakable glass and don't stop shooting, the same glass that's breaking will continue breaking in a loop until you stop firing. In other words, the glass breaking animation is set to loop for no reason whatsoever. Absurd, but entirely expected of Reto.
  6. Heavy Set has always been cancer and remains cancer. It's not a rifle problem (although SA rifles are currently blatantly the most potent weapons in the game). Just let this sink in: a badge that specifically punishes new players for not having it. What kind of morons implement a feature that punishes new players so blatantly? That's a mind-boggling game design and user acquisition error.
  7. North American players won't even get to see the upcoming Russia-based maps in War, because no one plays Soviets during US daytime ours. H&G is so broken and terribly designed on so many levels that no amount of new maps or assets will save it as long as Reto remain blatantly blind to their mistakes.
  8. Crying and screaming? There are a ton of constructive posts all the time. Over the 2+ years I played, I saw countless threads with titles like "Ideas for improving X", where X was some issue. And the devs simply: - Don't give a damn - Are blatantly incompetent - Have no actual game designers or product managers on their team The game currently isn't even present in the top games list on Steam Stats, which means it has below 2,000 active players at any given time and under 4,000 peak players. Reto did this to themselves. There is no defending blatant incompetence. Successful companies kick out anyone who fails, ruthlessly, because anything less leads to collapse. They also CONSTANTLY analyze things that bring their users discontentment or outright rage, and prioritize fixing them. But they've still, after years, not even realized the simple, MANDATORY region division that must exist in all online games to ensure that EVERY SINGLE player has playable latency in EVERY SINGLE MATCH, let alone all the other game design issues that are brought up in this very subforum every week. They are complete failures as developers and as human beings. I have no pity for them whatsoever.
  9. You must be playing Staged only against utter noobs then. Paratroopers are the single most vulnerable infantry class in the game, and anyone worth a damn obliterates them easily.
  10. This is BS, and you know it. There is absolutely zero element of surprise from a soldier who falls through the sky, which is why the Free Fall badge is mandatory for all paratroopers, since it's the only way to avoid getting killed in midair. You can land on the point, you can land in a forested area behind the point, doesn't matter. Enemies will see you and know where you are more readily than an infantryman who flanks through some bushes and arrives unseen. Between that and how much harder it is to level a paratrooper's combat effectiveness badges (not one transformed from an infantryman), it's ridiculous that they get so few equipment points.
  11. In Staged, there is no police. Go wild. War is the competitive mode equivalent in H&G. There, the only "playstyle" is "cap/defend points and win the bloody match."
  12. You still don't get it. Incentives do absolutely nothing. Active punishment is the only way. If someone sits in a hill all match sniping, especially on an Assault Attack team, they need to have their health degenerate after a certain amount of time being off any point, or go blind, or get banned for a day, something that kicks them in the balls for being selfish pieces of garbage. You can give 100 XP per second for standing on objectives, and people will still camp in the hills while their team has only two people on the objective and is losing horribly. And no, in a team based game, it is NOT any given player's decision "what tactic they want to use." Or rather, it is, but ONLY as long as the pool of tactics involves actively taking or defending points by standing on them. The individual player's desires mean NOTHING in a team-based multiplayer game. ONLY the team and the objectives matter, nothing else.
  13. When I was playing, I made warfunds simply by sending ATs to the frontline and then queueing for random battles to ensure I get optimal latency. It's this kind of idiotic game design that allows players to selfishly idle with their ATs that results in Germany having practically no specialized resources during US daytime hours, and the RTS part of H&G will remain a farce until Reto realize just how utterly they've failed in what would be a simple design decision to any other developer.
  14. A restriction like that can't exist, but it IS the only solution, just phrased differently. As in, right now, there are literally more blatant noobs and cancerous intentional farmers in War than in Staged. Why? Because War gives more XP/etc. As in, Reto have INTENTIONALLY designed their game modes in such a way that new, inexperienced, and farming players have more reason to play War -- the H&G equivalent of Competitive Mode -- than veteran players who don't need to grind anything. As long as this absolute idiocy remains, problems like this will persist. And there are a LOT of problems caused by this specific issue, not just plane AT related.
  15. It doesn't even matter as much that they sound the same to the user. That's a cosmetic thing, which is a failure, but a cosmetic one. What matters is that they sound the same to other players when used by someone else, at range, out of sight. As in, you can no longer effectively navigate by sound (tell where SA-wielding enemies are based on the sounds of their faction-specific weapons), as experienced players in multiplayer games always do, and that's the main failure.