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  1. People scroll through weapons...?
  2. Looks like they've also replicated H&G-grade vehicle-rock collision mechanics.
  3. http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/25/15059860/call-of-duty-world-war-ii-rumors Whatever will we do?! Heroes & Generals will be totally abandoned in favor of glitchy hitscan weapons, oversimplified gunplay, exclusively close quarters combat, 360 no-scoping, and hundreds of dollars worth of neon cosmetic trinket DLC!
  4. So it's a hitscan game? Well, that just destroys any promise I thought it had. Plus, no CQC-only game is ever going to compare to H&G's larger scale, so if that's all anyone is going to put out, then Reto actually aren't under as much threat as it might seem at first glance with so many new WWII games being pumped out this year.
  5. Why would they...? Or were both devstreams not hosted by the same two team members?
  6. Vehicle weight in general really needs to be increased. The presumable realism of driving full speed off a cliff and flying through the air for a while isn't worth the absurd flipping about the other 99% of the time when driving any vehicle.
  7. I'll keep demanding this until the end of time: remove all scopes from everyone except Recon players.
  8. No. Scopes should be removed for everyone but Recon altogether. I will NEVER support making scopes for infantrymen even better.
  9. I'm not suggesting anything. I've provided a variety of options in the poll. This is, as per the title, a thought experiment.
  10. Well, for one, you HAVE to play H&G with brightness set to maximum. You don't have a choice. Anything less than max brightness blatantly handicaps you. However, the viewports have always been garbage. Maybe if they had caked some dirt onto it, it'd be okay (though would tank crews really allow a view port to be obstructed?), but as it stands, this artificial shading on the edges and in general is just absurd.
  11. Well, the thing is, right now, you can die within the first second of a gunfight to a randomly sprayed headshot anyway, so is there really much of a difference? Also, wouldn't reducing hit zones, including the one for the head, help reduce random headshot deaths in general?
  12. So I've been mulling over this idea for a long time now, and I figured I'd make a poll just out of curiosity. Put on your Imagination Hat, and immerse yourself into a vivid visualization of what the game would be like if kills were less likely (ergo, took longer to achieve) across the board, for all infantry, regardless of weapon. Now, there are two ways that this can be accomplished, either exclusively, or together: Redesigning the hit zones on soldier models to increase the chances of the oh-so-dreaded arm and leg hits (and consequently reducing the overall torso hit zone), and maybe also reducing the hit zone for the head. Reducing the damage output of all weapons across the board, completely removing the possibility of one-hit kills and two-hit kills (except to the head, obviously). My question is simple: what do YOU see as the outcome of such changes in that vivid visualization I invoked above? I tend to imagine longer firefights, as well as an abundance of suppressing fire, creating a much more immersive feel in-game and replacing the current extreme focus on accuracy even with weapons like SMGs and machine guns (the latter being used practically as sniper rifles or SA rifles more often than not) with a more balanced approach to weapon roles, with automatic weapons actually being used for run-and-gunning, while BA/SA rifles and pistols are used for precision shooting. But perhaps there would be negative consequences too? Perhaps such changes would require additional adjustments to other mechanics? Maybe soldiers would need to have their default ammo reserves increased without needing to pay extra equipment points? Thoughts?
  13. There's hardly any reason to use an StG over a G43 right now because of how utterly ineffective the STG is in close range. The STG now is basically an SA rifle with more ammo per clip but without the 2HK. Since you have to fire the STG in bursts of 2-3 bullets max, its automatic assault rifle role is basically nullified. That and, since this cannot be said enough: FIX THE GIANT SMOKE CLOUD FROM THE STG THAT BLINDS THE USER COMPLETELY.
  14. The Angel of Death Build A harbinger from Valhalla, deciding the fate of both allies and enemies on the field of battle. The mines are a double-edged sword. They defend the wounded and newly arrived recruits behind the frontline from brutal enemy advances, while simultaneously punishing squadmates too braindead to drive with sufficient care towards the front or too senile to notice the warning signs for mines in doorways (thus culling the undesirables from the ranks of the Wehrmacht as per High Command's policy). The medkit is used sparingly, only on those who truly need it, with preference given to those who show proper care and tactical acumen, since the Fatherland can't afford throwing away resources on those who will just run out into the open and get themselves killed immediately. And the P38, the beauty that it is, is used for support against Soviet and American paratroops and other sneaky bastards in their ranks, while also acting as a tool for delivering mercy onto squadmates who are beyond saving and are not long for this world... as well as the occasional mentally retarded Kübel driver.
  15. If this were how it worked, every War match would just be 40 PTRDs firing at one another at various ranges... PTRD assault squads, PTRD sniper detachments, PTRD defense emplacements. *shudder*