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  1. Resource pooling is a joke

    No information about anything, ever. Nor any proper UX. Reto are a complete joke, and they don't even understand how bad they are at what they do. Yet as shown recently, they are STILL only focusing on production efforts (new vehicles, reworking the engine, new maps, etc.), while the SYSTEMS and USER EXPERIENCE and INFORMATION in the game is so woefully inadequate that it's depressing. They have absolutely no clue what UX/game design is. They don't have a single actual game designer or UX specialist on their entire team, even after the new CEO came on board. H&G is a lost cause, not because of the game, but because of the people behind the game.
  2. War Map Battle Queue: Why does this happen?

    Another question. Why does this happen? See, I don't know why this thread was moved into Bug Hunters, because these aren't bugs... This is all intentional, and it's the deciding factor in at least half of all War battles. Either: A) A team is underpopulated and the matchmaker doesn't go into overdrive to repopulate it to make sure the players stand a chance. or B) A team is stacked with veterans/clan members, while the opposing team is made up of arbitrary solo queue players and newbies. Neither of these things should ever happen, under any circumstances. Matches should NEVER be allowed to start or continue for lengthy periods of time without exactly equal numbers of players, because in War ESPECIALLY, even ONE missing team member is enough to decide a match, let alone more. And veterans/clan members should NEVER be allowed to stack teams and guarantee wins. But Reto have absolutely no clue what they're doing, and they refuse to acknowledge their failures, instead focusing more and more on production efforts, despite those being completely irrelevant to what makes the game so cancerous and objectively incorrectly designed. Just to reiterate for the millionth and final time: EVERY SINGLE MATCH MUST GIVE BOTH TEAMS EQUAL CHANCES OF WINNING. As long as these idiotic scenarios persist, that won't be the case, and H&G will remain a farce.
  3. Resource pooling is a joke

    Why would the vehicles being used by other infantry earn zero warfunds? If that's the case, Reto has failed more monumentally than I ever could've imagined.
  4. With the utterly ruined state of the audio engine, with missing sounds for shots, explosions, grenades landing nearby, footsteps, and everything else, you can basically never be certain of just how many sources of damage hit you at any given time. So as stated above, it's easily possible someone shot you, and the engine being what it is simply didn't let you know.
  5. Typical FG42 usage score: The FG42 is EXTREMELY lethal, and for good reason, as paratroopers are limited in their equipment and even badges (unless you happened to have converted an old infantryman, training up some of the critical badges is nigh impossible). There is absolutely no excuse for US infantry to have a gun of the exact same lethality available to all their infantry. This is the single biggest misstep in terms of game balance Reto have ever allowed.
  6. The missing gunshot sounds

    It's actually worse than ever now. I've been looking straight at enemies, and: A) Not hearing their footsteps right near me. B) Not hearing AN ENTIRE CLIP of pistol ammo fired at me from the side at like 2-3 feet away, but the second clip I heard. C) Not hearing H3s being planted, nor regular grenades landing nearby. The audio engine is in shambles. For a tactical game, this is unforgivable and needs top priority.
  7. War wont end bug, again

    Is it a bug though? You can't shut out an entire faction from a War, can you? And taking Belgrade won't give either faction the 15 cities they need to win, so that would leave Germany out of the War, waiting on the sidelines until it finishes?
  8. Opinion on the Capital Move

    Soviets fighting Americans isn't really WWII at all either. Reto are at a critical junction right now. They can decide to pivot towards a more immersive, more historic version of the game and simultaneously solve the German 100% War loss issue by making Germany alone against both other factions. But I wouldn't hold my breath.
  9. Opinion on the Capital Move

    Capitals don't matter. The things that decide Wars are: 1) There are more newbies without equipment or experience on the German side in War than on any other faction. 2) US weapons are all superior to German weapons due to lower knockup/smaller spray cones, while the highest tier SU weapons are often superior in terms of damage per bullet, leaving Germany with high recoil, high spray cones, and low damage weapons that can't compete, especially in the hands of noobs. 3) Players and clans are allowed to stack into matches and guarantee wins against solo queue players, ruining both fun and chances of winning. Not a single one of these things should be the case.
  10. After getting a pilot, it finally made sense to me why all they do is attack paratrooper planes and ground targets: because they're actually possible to hit. Can anyone explain why plane physics seem to decide whether a fighter can hit an enemy fighter or not? As in, the speed with which a plane turns decides whether or not your reticle can actually keep up with and properly lead an enemy fighter, so while recon planes all seem to have roughly the same speed and can turn and lead each other fairly similarly, it seems like medium fighters have varying speeds, and thus some can hit others, but not vice-versa, because certain fighters simply fly faster than it's possible to turn the nose of your fighter to target/lead the enemy fighter properly, even if the fighter isn't doing any complicated maneuvers. Am I missing something? Is there some modifier button I can press to turn faster? Or is it literally Rock-Paper-Scissors, where the Yak beats everyone, and the US/German medium fighters kind of duke it out and the winner is decided by who has Flak Jacket?
  11. Intelligence Bulletin #1

    Uhuh. Sure. Again, the only way that ever plays out that way is if the defenders are absolute newbies. It's basic math. Five experienced, fully decked out players won't be able to kill five defending experienced, fully decked out players, then kill them a second time IMMEDIATELY after. So what you're most likely referring to is that you stack a five-man squad of vets and destroy enemies who are in solo queue matches, with the entire opposing team probably not even having five vets on it in total, let alone working together. That does NOT validate the absurd instant respawning and the need to defeat two waves of enemies, which is obviously terrible design. Though I don't know why I'm arguing this any further. I have literally an over 80% loss rate on Assault Attack and win rate on Assault Defend. The numbers don't lie.
  12. Intelligence Bulletin #1

    I'd like to see you do this "right". Same story every single time. Spawn point is right near the frontline point. I defend the point and die in the process... ...I respawn INSTANTLY right near the point... ...and kill the enemy who killed me, then proceed to clean house, because no one except a hacker can defeat two waves of the same (competent) defending players. Attacking is IMPOSSIBLE so long as the defending team isn't comatose. And both 02 and 01 on Mountain Town are some of the most vivid illustrations of this.
  13. Intelligence Bulletin #1

    ...yes, that's how it is in reality. That is NOT how it must be in a multiplayer game. BOTH sides must have the same chance of winning in every single match. That isn't up for debate. It's not subjective. If I'm in a match on the attacking team, and you're on defense, who the hell are you to get preferential treatment? And why the hell am I forced to defeat TWO WAVES of the same players to capture any given point? Defenders have to be utterly braindead or AFK to lose points in H&G due to there not being any advantages given to attackers or handicaps imposed onto defenders. There's a reason every single other game with a progressive territory capturing assault mode either gives some kinds of buffs or has captured point lockout or provides so many flanking paths that it's not possible to watch them all. H&G is the opposite of all this proper game design, and it's absurd. Every Assault Attack match is an almost guaranteed loss, especially with one line open (which is most of them), and every Assault Defend match is a boring campfest.
  14. Intelligence Bulletin #1

    Two questions. 1) Why didn't the tower from the suggestion get implemented? And by extension, why don't we have more towers in general? They're a rare element of fun in an otherwise stale runaround. 2) This will just make it even more impossible to take 02. Reto, PLEASE, add a respawn delay to defenders. This is getting absurd. Both 01 and 02 on this map are some of the most blatant examples of why Assault Attack is unwinnable while Assault Defend can't be lost. You have to realize that all games with territory capture assault modes either give defenders a handicap or attackers an advantage, or at least add point lockout so captured points can't be decapped. 80%+ of all Assault Attack matches are losses, and the ones that result in victories do so not due to skill but due to variables such as match population, latency, etc. -- this needs to stop. All teams, both attackers and defenders, must have equal chances of winning every match.
  15. The current spawn areas are CANCER. They completely block off some of the best flanking angles. It's utterly absurd. Anything will be better than this.