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  1. ...even if that were the case (it isn't, Germany loses almost all battles during North American daytime and evening hours because most vets from here play USA), it'd STILL be Reto's fault, Reto's failure, because every single properly designed multiplayer PvP game has matchmaking that makes sure EVERY SINGLE PLAYER'S individual win/loss ratio is close to 50/50. This is not something new. This is not something alien. This is standard practice across the entire gaming industry. Reto either don't understand this (which makes them failures) or don't care (which makes them cancer).
  2. Tanks are more weak than a player

    Which is exactly why the entire gameplay flow of H&G has to be changed so that tanks are used to push into territory rather than sitting on hills sniping, and are surrounded by supporting infantry at all times. But Reto's team of failures aren't capable of anything of the sort, since it'd require considerable game design acumen and gameplay flow systems, while all they're capable of creating is a simplistic arcade shooter. The problems with tanks in H&G aren't centered upon the tanks themselves, they aren't issues with tank stats or the like, but rather issues with the gameplay as a whole, the way players can and do play matches.
  3. Issue with G43 being underpowered

    How can you test it? There's no way to tell if you've hit the torso or a limb. It isn't 2HK if you get a limb hit.
  4. I see they picked fanboys for Insiders. Par for the course for Reto. The number of gameplay system failures in H&G is so high that anyone pretending to be a game designer at Reto currently is either a fraud or patently delusional.
  5. ...once again proving that Reto-Moto does not have a game designer on their team, not one. A game designer's job is to develop gameplay systems, and almost nothing else, because it's a lot of work. The systems in the game haven't been altered for ages, and whenever they were altered (such as Squad 2.0 and Spawn 2.0), the changes were majorly terrible. Until the team gets at least one dedicated game designer, these absurdly uninformed conclusions from Bjarne & Co. will continue.
  6. JP and Jackson confirmed

    More completely irrelevant AT Rambo fodder. There is still absolutely no reason to spawn tanks in the game.
  7. My AT infantryman still doesn't have Iron Fist Gold after hundreds of hours... Chaffeur is absurd.
  8. How infantry badges actually work

    Is no one going to point out how utterly demented it is that critical information such as which badges apply only to ADS and which apply only to hipfire isn't specified on the badges themselves in-game?
  9. The War is still effectively empty on the German side, especially during North American prime time. All the decked out German players are ravaging everyone in Staged.
  10. Issue with G43 being underpowered

    All the SA rifles are brokenly overpowered nowadays. This isn't a viable complaint. The only complaint that's viable is about the Garand, which thanks to no knockup, can be used effectively hip firing like a hyper lethal SMG. I still don't get why Reto don't give iron sight mods damage boosts that are only active when aiming down sights to compensate for the ridiculous zig-zagging everyone does in-game at full movement speed even after being hit by several bullets.
  11. 'E' in chat causes eject button issue

    It still happens occasionally. But now there's an even worse issue: dismounting with E even without typing anything sometimes just doesn't happen. You guys REALLY need to hardcore QA test key press responsiveness, because while dismounting accidentally was annoying, not being able to dismount at all is even worse.
  12. Issue with K98 being underpowered

    The one-pixel iron sight on the K98k is the biggest handicap of all.
  13. Decrease spawn time for attackers

    Please elaborate, because I don't understand how this connects to respawn timers, especially for defenders. Not to mention that respawns are already basically instant. So I'm just really confused what it is people want in terms of faster spawning. Vehicle spawns? Seems fair that a tank would take a bit to roll in.
  14. Decrease spawn time for attackers

    Why is everyone in favor of reducing spawn times?? Do you people not understand the macro level of the game's design? This is an objective-based game. How does instant respawn help with objective capture? What the individual player wants in terms of comfort means NOTHING. The ONLY thing that matters is proper gameplay systems aimed at supporting the objective-based gameplay, because nothing matters nearly as much as the core objective play.

    Happens all the time, not in any specific place, but behind all cover. Can't see the enemy soldier at all, not even the top of his head, yet bullets fly past you and hit you. This case, where you can see the gun clipping through the wall, just proves how absurd this is. Clearly, there's some kind of inconsistency with the way the soldier models behave in such scenarios, or are shown to behave to other players.