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  1. reto create tank class to make sure you dont play as tanker.... I have max out all the tanker and now i dont wanna play this game anymore because tanks became useless a) u cannot go up almost any hill b) there are rocks that make u go nowhere c) u cannot repair tank if tank is parked above u on a slope d) the whole tank is jumping around and make the round go way off when tank parked side way on a slope e) infantry can constantly running and catch up ur P38 or heavy tank f) the whole side of the armor decrease as it deflect the round... g) very little spread damage from HE h) in destructible wall and wood spikes i) stupid square view and no 360 protected view j) stupid multi people repair mechanism k) stupidly slow on some nice smooth grass/ground l) there are little to none capture point allows tank drive in m) op antitank with bikes many rounds and fast reload n) broken aiming for coaxial mg any more???
  2. yes, bots are stupid and op, they shoot through many obstacles that are not see through. if the match is 3 vs 3, let it be 3 vs 3, if there are 8 vs 8, let it be 8 vs 8 but if it is 8 vs 8 and 2 of them is afk or quit the game => 6 vs 8, fill 2 with bots of the same type of soldier rather than soldat just keep the max amount as the max player amount not the absolute amount so that in a 4 vs 4 match where max players are 16 vs 16, you will not seeing 12 bot vs 12 bot match
  3. well particularly of a hellcat only have 14 mm paper thin armor where as the tiger 2 has 120mm.... yet the 14 mm can still hold the other tank up and pushin it..... That is more like to use a egg to roll to a bowling ball and keep rolling and it left up a bowling ball without breaking...
  4. if they buff smg damage tor reach further, basically will be a pistol buff as well because they are using the same ammo!!!! so u ll see over 100m pistol headshot!!!! so no
  5. jamesgjt

    Compensation for the „Accuracy-Bug“

    after the update there are NO accuracy at all.... all the players just switch to smg or lmg....
  6. jamesgjt

    Tank Standing

    they should limit only one wrench is being used on a tank at a time, also they should not allow repair when it gets health damage..... Make tank got uphill much easier and dont slip when parked on hill, also stop the slide shaking I do agree that the damage to run u over should decrease if you are a friendly, but it is needed for tanks to run enemy over with high damage.
  7. What is worst than putting aimbot soldier in pvp game??? NO, there are NONE shot through brushes where u cannot see, headshot u when u have mostly cover, get closer and u die too because their aiming also get better. and 1/3 of the player are aimbot and they often snipe u right after u spawn After u shot them or damage them, it will find u like no matter what.... shooting another player, steal kill by the bot. killed a real player, headshot by the bot. NO FUN AT ALL
  8. First, AI from USA got best of both world. 9 out of 10 USA AI will win the match because they have a better SMG than other fraction, M3 grease gun is just as accurate as the german mp and it contains 10 more bullets to shoot from. The pps suffer from accuracy and long range damage. The AI reflect what is happening to the stat of the weapon. The M1A1 bazooka just kill u in 4 to 5 shots with way less time to reload than german counterpart which take far more reload time. Not to mention that the AI can see through bushes and wall which basically they can shoot or bazooka u from anywhere within their see-able range. Even they have aimbot, this thing is just quite unacceptable. The aiming skill for AI is actually ok yet it seems that they change to pro mode when they shoot bazooka.... Seriously, they can shoot me down while I am doing dive bombing or flying at top speed over them ..... and if they shoot it is 80% hit.... it is that good.... (i aint even mention tank here because it turns into instant coffin) While play pilot, if both sides just play dog fight, USA AI always have advantage cuz of the guns..... that simple.... I experience that in multip;e games where we are all dog fighting but still lost the game despite we do a lot ground attack and bombing... I think is time to tune it and rebalance them
  9. Ok, then I can summarize that in 4 words: "reto help US fraction"
  10. jamesgjt

    Sdkfz.222 to Op

    tier 1 recon vehicle for the german is the tracked bike.... 222 is the tier 2 and puma is tier 3
  11. jamesgjt

    Two shots and APCs are gone.

    I would love to see if reto team in real life to reload 3 bazooka rounds single handedly and each would not take 4 second to reload and shoot.... also, I would love to see the reto team in real life that can carry 4 bazooka rounds, a scoped M1 garand, yet still be able to jump and running around in a mud area... HAHAHAHAHA
  12. jamesgjt

    Just tested the FG42

    you have a scope to work on, but the johnson got no scope with worst sight in game... lol
  13. Looks like you have a good day M1919, now check out the Johnson graph......
  14. jamesgjt

    Tankas & Tankes

    This game is out of hopes, see that hellcat running that fast on any surface while still 7 to 8 shots to be killed which is same to any medium despite its thin armor. Many tanker still poke out like half of their body while the US destroyers only poke out a single head (this should hve same for rest of other tanks as well). The hellcat or the m2a2 can still push other lighter tank up despite it is clearly the t38 is flat enough for them to climb over. Worst of all, shooting on a slope or any hill causes to miss, causes the tank to vibrate violently and cause the tank to slide. What these essentially make tank vs tank very close combat shoot out rather than a more sniping action. Defeating the purposes of a tank.
  15. jamesgjt

    NVIDIA Settings to Help Stabilize FPS

    HERE is the experience of a super low fps with a super powerful graphic card. my computer: RTX2080, I7 8th Gen, 32 gb dual channel ram, 512GB NVMe SSD result: BattleField max setting with ray tracing ON, 70 to 80 fps result: Witcher 3 max setting, 100+fps result: Heroes and Generals max setting, 30fps........... =( ps. BattleField and Witcher 3 I can hear the fan noise running, but H&G all I can hear is nothing cuz the cpu and gpu are pretty much like idle while the game is running.... conclusion: reto reduce my fps to reduce my k/d
  16. jamesgjt

    Reto AT Rambo's are Disgustingly OP

    cuz they dont let us reload tank MG, the APC take 7 shots of 75mm rounds to kill, and even shooting the jeep on the wheel and the engine does NOT kill the axial or the engine or transmission etc... even bike are not OHK kill and your tank got significantly slower on grass while the jeep is still running pretty fast not to mention trucks is fastest for some reason. Also the bazooka can be reloaded as fast as 3.4 sec while ptrd or the pzgr39 takes 4.2 sec. it is basically faster than you reload a 88mm and they can WALK and jump while reloading too!!! Also here comes the fun part is the tank has slow reverse and forward acceleration (hetzer in particular) that it cannot go uphill noticeably the forward airfield D3 to D2 where has a ditch to go down and up and bunch or 38t or hetzer will simply trap there waiting for enemy to kill them with AT. The terrain also make tank trapped with tiny rock, trees or brick walls that basically you cannot run while u cannot shoot. There is NO 360 degree view while you are protected so you will be basically a driver with only the rear mirror to look at and you need to pass road test by only looking at such small rear mirror...
  17. jamesgjt

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    it is not a myth, go check the m113 and bradley, even modern day will use space armor to protect the apv or ipv, they changed to a a cage so it detonated bazooka or any HE earlier to basically help defeating some IED even bazooka.
  18. jamesgjt

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    if that is the case, you can simply throw an AT grenade to infanry and acts like normal grenade since it doesnt have decrease in dmg. Anti tank usually use shape charge (except the ST but is OP as faq since it penetrate 170mm of armor in this game compare to 23mm in real life) yet the Shape Charge works as a pointy hot molten metal to penetrate an armor. This can be EASILY defeated by space armor like the on on Panzer 4 (yet in this game the side armor are for show and for suicide) putting a weak armor will cause shape charge detonate, and the space between the thin skirt to the real armor acted as cool zone and when the molten metal hits the real armor, the effect is lessen by large margin and this is the added armor in Pz3 front, side skirt of most pz in the nazi does, similar to the frontal armor of sherman Jumbo. That is why if the range affect doesnt count in AT grenade, The side armor is useless, the space armor is useless and the reason of tanks has a turrent basket and internal compartment is also useless (since they are metal to contain the damage within one zone rather than spreading all the way).
  19. jamesgjt

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    I try that all the time and the previous has problem due to immense health the tank has, but thats all!!! It is not about the damage or weapon you use, it is all about health of the tank as I mentioned!!! yet the fix they do is like changing few lines of code and which is totally unacceptable NOT to mention that if your ammo or fuel tank broken, then you go repair and when it hits 50% mark (i did it on my E8), there is an animation to set the tank of fire again!!!!! this is so broken. Who ever make this tank model thing deserve a slap on his face.....
  20. jamesgjt

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    M9, 4 shots 1 light tank, super fast reload and flat - too good and OP as faq Ampu - a motor with no accuracy... slow to reload - crap panzer 39 - same as ptrd with better sound and sight - crap also with these: - Half damage on penetration is absorbed by armor unless the armor is worn down- Lowered max amount of armor surface can be worn down to 1/5th- Lowered total hitpoints of all by vehicles by around 50% (this does not result in vehicles dying twice as fast)- Lowered internal component hitpoints for all vehicles by around 50% (this does not result in vehicles dying twice as fast)- Increased amount of damage from ammunition and fuel by 30%- Components remain broken until they have been repaired up to 50%- Several changes to anti-tank mines to make it less effective to put them next to a tank and shoot them- When triggered by or attached to a vehicle dmg falloff over distance is disabled (both anti-tank mines and anti-tank grenades) overall: half damage on penetration is absorbed by armor unless is worn down: it means m18 thin armor can absorb 88m first hit with only half damage, same goes to a much thicker m26. (just remove this stupid thing and make it as a SCALED damage based on armor thickness) .... you guys really flavor US fraction lowered max amount of armor surface to 1/5th: Again, armor is not repairable, flavoring speed and US fraction lowered hitpoint on vehicles by 50%: is ok and is supposed to be increase fuel and ammo damage upon destroy: why not destroy fuel cause fire to reduce engine speed for a brief moment (simulate extinguisher), and only ammo dmg increase? components remain broken until 50%: why use boolean for BROKEN or NON BROKEN, why is this thing not SCALED? engine 100% give 100% speed engine 0% give min speed. anti tank mine less effective: bad idea anti tank grenade dmg is all range 100%?: seriously bad idea Also, you need to fix the bug where light vehicle crash without taken damage. tank should destroy any vehicle by rolling over them, the destroyed vehicle should have no collision Tanks should treat going uphill better especially for slow tanks. fix all tank reverse speed ( I am pretty sure the KV, chaffee, hetzer.... have much faster reverse speed). All these physics are broken and should have use war thunder as a reference. The 20mm deal no damage and a single hit does not kill even a soldier. Increase the 20mm damage as the Panzer 2C holding <100 ammo and it takes like 60 rounds of 20mm to kill a light tank. So it can not even kill 2 light tanks... Just play the game against players and ONLY use tanker also for EVERY tank. YOU (RETO team) need to experience how bad is this. play at least 5 matches for each tank and then you really know your broken 2.0 upate
  21. just let you know the current implementation of armor 2.0 is basically like what I said... is a system where the round AP or HE create a cone that damage the ammo, engine.... behind the armor. It is depicting shrapnel that is damaging those things behind the armor. So it is not stupid at all as the M2A2 use 50cal that has same effect. But the effect just extends to whoever is driving or seating inside the vehicle instead of vehicle component.
  22. first size != mass; small != massive same size of tungsten and iron has different mass 2nd, mass is linear where as velocity is exponential. that is why german late 75mm has massive penetration compare to US 76mm or even to soviet 85mm rounds. also a bigger != better since the bigger the round is, the more resistant as it goes. that is kinectic energy works third. PTRD can penetrate 30 - 32 mm of armor, this means it must go through a 15 mm armor with shrapnel damage in a cone direction to whoever sit behind the point of impact, Also the bullet will continue to damage more by 1) direct damage after initial penetration, 2) bounce inside and destroy whoever in the way with its front or side. This is enough to kill anybody even for bouncing inside at such high speed. Engine, it is known that a 50cal can destroy the engine with 1 or 2 shot as long as it hits vital part. The 20mm is bigger and the chance of destroy the engine is much higher since engine's cylinders, chamber, shafts are tightly fitted. one shot to the engine will disable the car So, as i said, if you use PTRD to shoot the engine, it should disable the car, but if you use ptrd to shoot passenger compartment or near the driver seat, it should kill the near by person. and you can do watever to the car later. But as i said before, NO such implementation in this game so to counter this, it should just treat as vehicle destroyed since they will be dead anyways if shot to the armor near the driver or passenger sit. when you said the shrapnel is not enough to kill you, this is completely wrong as most injury or casualty in wars are by shrapnel. bomb, grenade, they are all killing you by shrapnel. you can try putting a aluminum foil behind a glass and hammer or shoot the glass to see how powerful they are. There are issue saying that even wood can kill you, the US with m1 garand video shows that even you are behind a tree, the 7.62 can easily penetrate it and kill you by bullet or severe injury you with shrapnel..
  23. I guess this has been suggested for many times and so long ago that a simple confirm purchase that will do the good for the laggy UI This is not the second time for me when I click on an icon (like to browse my ammo) then the UI become unresponsive and cause me to click the second time and it accidentally purchase progress instead of looking at the stat. I seriously you can just put a confirm purchase screen just to prevent such error in the future. Again the current UI is simply not professional enough and "purchase" game item flow is worse even when is compared to a mobile game. (or at least give us the option in the setting for confirm purchase) just a simple pop up is sufficient and why bother to change the useless background pictures, layout when those pictures just doesnt look like the one in game? seriously, I am pretty sure I am not the only one who clicked or dropped the mouse to purchase something that are not we wanted.
  24. it is an Anti tank rifle that used to kill the crews inside the tank, destroy engine, ammo or track and is being less effective as the war goes on but is used to destroy infantry vehicles and become what is today like the anti material rifle that is used to destroy infantry vehicle. only 1 or 2 shots is enough to make the vehicle disable (on the engine) and is enough to penetrate the light armor and significantly damage the people behind it or basically behind any cover such as concrete, metal plate even trees. Yes, it will not blow the entire vehicle up, but will kill everybody on board, this is same for any APCR or HE rounds on any infantry vehicle. A single 20mm can basically disable a jeep and severe injure the person. and yes, even you shoot 3 to 4 rounds if it is not hitting the fuel tank, it will not explode. but this game is like this, the driver will not sustain any damage even the jeep is hit with a 85mm that supposedly able to make a hole from front to the end. when you flip your jeep the gunner will not die and go through the ground. so using the ptrd to pop the tire will not kill anybody even they suffer from fatal crash. So the point is, unless they have implement those features (which they wont), the PTRD will never be good and is useless. The easier solution is basically like what it used to be, that blow the entire jeep/vehicle up to mimic what is going to be. 10 is good, it takes more than 10 37mm for light tank. and for the panzer 2 c, it will take 80% of its all 20mm APCR round....
  25. First, the offroad speed, reverse speed of any USA tank destroyer is ridiculously off the chart. The hellcat is 18mph.... The tiger tank is Tadaaaaa.... 16 mpg!!!!!!! 2 mph less than a hellcat now see the game offroad of hellcat is like 48mph..... During ww2 the hellcat's speed is ONLY useful to get around enemy ON ROAD (not offroad) and sneak up behind enemy (sneak not rush).... well any tank can drive fast offroad but hellcat cannot drive fast especially offroad that is because its paper armor and the torsion bar cannot travel that deep to handle it. The crew once state that if hellcat travel fast, it will snap the tank and render it broken, crew will have serious injury by the bouncing inside and stuff falling over... the m5 stuart is also 18mph offroad, the m2 which the m3 uses almost the same hull also should be 18mph.... Dont worry guys, this game only favor the US tanker, US weapons, US planes.... LOL join the US fraction now!!!