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  1. The more I think of it the less I want to talk about weapon balance in this game anymore 1.Changes are most likely set in stone already anyways and this whole thread was an attempt to get confirmation for changes that were not going to change anyways 2.Even if we were to change with enough backup ( which by the way is nearly impossible because of how split and small the community is ) It would be done by the same people that think the mg42 in its current state was good to go , thats not even the first time of completely overshooting a buff by 3000% .... hell its not even the first time for the mg42 TL;DR whatever gets discussed here is pointless anyways since we have been buffing and nerfing the same 4-5 weapons over and over since the beginning and reto purely looks at the statistics without any slightest understanding on why the numbers change At this point its a total quack operating on a corpse - throw a bit of the colorful pills into the mouth of the corpse and see what funny things happen with it Edit : prediction for the next weapon balance patch , AVS is going to reek even more - reto: suprisedface.jpeg well lets try again in 2 months !
  2. horrific

    Remove bots from Assault!

    can backfire a lot tho , some maps are just spammy bot maps ... factory in special - the other day I was leveling my new SMG dude and I simply could not kill them fast enough to keep the cap empty I had to swat away 20+ bots till eventualy I was able to cap , just because the bots spawned so close to the objective As a side node , the bots are better than most players because they tend to oneclip you through the bushes faster than their unmodded weapon even allows as for the people saying " just play war than " War is barely playable if you are not flavor of the month win faction or randomly playing GE solo
  3. Thats a bummer I thought if I just stick with it it eventualy gets better but under those conditions I might aswell put my pilot back onto the shelf again I really wish reto got rid of those meta conditions ... peformance caused or number wise
  4. that was before the new planes
  5. yeah im sure thats why there are 6 of them at any time and the enemy pilots usualy dont even lift off anymore - they just all value the good balance right ? after all germany is known to be the faction with the most balanced equipment *cough mg42 *cough *
  6. out turn , out climb and out damaging the yak , LA is still a flying brick but the damage is better . sadly the fw190 can just weasle itself out of line of fire instantly is there ANY way to compete with this atrocious airborne aids automat ? because its getting really really boring to always be outnumbered 6 to 1 because every fritz knows that this shitstain on the balance chart is vastly better than any other plane I can easily deal with the 109 but when I see the fw190 I just straight up leave the battle
  7. horrific

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    the problem here is that the recoil of the AVS with anything but stock or only sights is already pretty hefty , recoil managment gets incredibly tough when you have to pull the mouse down the entire mousepad while also maintaining accuracy horizontaly this goes especialy for any bullet build - its going to become nigh impossible to tame the recoil in a realistic firefight unless people macro for it since the recoil is straight up its just going to invite this behaviour even more If we made the characteristics of assault rifles to a simple concept f.e the m1m2 shoots fast , the stg has a 99% headshot rate on a bad day and the AVS has a bullet build with lots of accuracy , we probably have to adjust this after the balance attempt to : the m1m2 still shoots fast , the stg 44 is still the reason im cringing everytime I see a headshot and the AVS is the memegun that loses the target out of its sight after 2 shots because it recoils so hard that it breaks your nose TL;DR 10% is like you said nothing in the current state of the AVS and its probably going to get amplified by the increased recoil - while it also runs in danger of making bullet builds unviable and therefore costing the AVS 2 distinct characteristics , the accuracy and the higher damage compared to the others , the AVS already has enough drawbacks f.e the complete lack of hipfire and the small mag , also I still dont understand why hades considers a milder nerf a buff
  8. horrific

    90-100% CPU usage

    HG is very CPU intense - and that 3,5 ghz is pretty much the bottom of the barrel in that regard A few tips that *might* help is closing down background programs such as your browser , or other updaters , messengers or w/e you dont really need for gaming Other than that you will probably have to invest in another CPU or if you know what you are doing OC it , but I wouldnt suggest such a high OC either I run the game at 4.2 GHZ and it barely runs stable HG is just really badly optimized because the devteam postponed the proper cleanup for so long
  9. the same wonderful statistics that say the AVS is still better than a stock mg42 ... and that also has no record of wether or not its a captured AVS sealclubbing new players in staged with WinGERmany I can run a pretty decent KD with an unmodded g43 on germany .... does that mean that the g43 is meta now ? no - it means that the team with 15 people and a mix of STG44 and Mg42 in staged can probably better support someone leeching kills with a unmodded g43 Is the same problem as always with those reto stats , we have no clue how they are evaluated , we dont know how they precisely get interpreted and therefore are worthless to us as a community as you could litteraly write anything and we have no way of counter checking it Heck , maybe the unmodded g43 is the best gun in game but because its also the GE starter weapon it might get heavily skewed by a bunch of people not knowing how to play it is really always the same problem , hard stats are absolutely useless without soft stats like collecting feedback from players through surveys or through observation in game Only looking on the stats is a really shirty habit in terms of balance if you dont have a way to interpret it in a meaningful way A meaningul way you could actualy do is giving players the opportunity to test it on the test servers and actively encourage the playerbase by giving away like 5000 credits for participating or something , or set a milestone to "stress test " it on the test servers per amount of players that actively test Only looking at hard stats is really not the way to go , considering that the mg42 right now is probably a whole lot better than the AVS but the trend hasnt cought up yet because there is hardly anyone playing SU right now so the AVS stats come from the few people that actualy have the money to buy it on GE ( see bandwagoning sealclub problem skewing the data )
  10. horrific

    exploit? bug? hack ?

    even if they corrected it there is a 90% chance they will "uncorrect it " later on as always with reto And yes , its rampant right now , to my suprise its rather easy to pull off - this has been going on since the original leak of the exploit over some russian paysite that had an infamous video up - the real kicker is : it also works on certain walls in game , aswell as the bunkers on airfield etc Can be done by modding the graphics drivers via nvidia inspector to pull negative LevelOfDetail levels for transparent objects , process is almost 1:1 the same that got infamous with BF5 for a while , with some very slight variations that everyone can figure out by trial and error Battle eye is probably not detecting it because its on driver level , the same way it doesnt really detect macro users as its part of the mouse hardware/software I doubt that reto has the manpower right now to fix it , or in fact do anything about it , I could write a report but in order to do that I would have to actualy get invested in HG again and I bleed out of my eyes and ears everytime I think about this game so ... if anyone wants to go on a hunt - be my guest
  11. horrific

    Tanks stuck on pre-1.22 rocks

    Rocks to stop tanks from spawncamping is like trying to open your car with your house keys tank spawnkilling infantry is still incredibly common because vehicles can not traverse open field anymore in fear of getting stuck on a rock aswell , this means the already slow vehicles offroad have to drive even slower ... guess who likes slow moving vehicle targets ... tanks and recons Roads are complete suicide aswell because they are extremely easy campable and provide no cover at all not even going to talk about the rock spam problem that pilots constantly face - some maps are so littered with random garbage rocks that you cant land which is extremely nice when almost every single hit on the wing can disable it Rock spam in this game is shirt , funnle type mapdesing is extra shirt with shitsauce ontop Flanking should not get punished by random shirt , flanking is playing smart , running towards the enemy like you have to right now is dumb meatgrinder gamedesign that is fun for nobody Anyways I dont see them removing the rocks anytime soon since there are only 2 active developers left and they would probably cause the map to have those damn ditches again because nobody knows how to work with maps in retos current team
  12. horrific

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    I bet the AVS nerf is already set in stone anyways like always when we get asked something Mark my words , after that nerf "reverse buff" the avs is going to reek even more than now , it already has recoil riavaling that of LMGs with bullet , if the recoil gets reto'd ( completely overshooting the intended effect ) its going to be a meme weapon only played by either new players because they saw mouse macro people playing with it more recoil = R.I.P bullet builds R.I.P the only thing the AVS is still good in
  13. horrific

    in-game voice talk

    you dont want voice chat in this game ... trust me , for your own sake we have enough toxic people in this game ( including me ) that dont need a stage to vent their anger HGs community is so overly toxic that it would be bad for litteraly everyone , especialy new players since this game has no matchmaking and throws new players in the same pool as all the veterans As much as I would want voicechat for myself to verbaly abuse AFK teams that sit in the bushes while the enemy has 3 caps already in staged Trust me when I tell you, you dont want voicechat ins this game There is a way to communicate - use teamspeak or discord , plenty of people there searching for people to play with
  14. horrific

    I would like to know what I'm shooting

    Should be changed , HGs guns are like old fashioned muskets I dont know why but they keep re-adding that smoke and other view blockers everytime - than they remove it and add it again
  15. horrific

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    according to hades nerfing a weapon less than the other 2 is also a buff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so they will add even more recoil to the AVS which is already the worst out of the 3 assault rifles but not as much as the STG and m1m2 .... I still dont understand the logic behind nerfing a weapon that is already at the bottom of its category ( b-buh-but ! its only 3 % he said ! thats not that much stupid horrific ! ) considering that the AVS was apparently ontop of the assault rifles by a bit a smaller nerf would have done it probably but not only did the AVS lose its " best in class status + advantage , it also dropped from first to last with 3% difference which in its entirety is quite a massive drop but than again im no 5000 iq balance genius and im 100% sure that this is not going to massively backfire in any ways , especialy not in faction population