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  1. I voted yes because at this point I take anything , I know it sucks big time for guns that rely on their cheese headshots *cough cough* stg44 ... m1m2 But to be honest those weapons should have never been balanced arround cancer headshots anyways , its the same thing people kept saying - dont take lopsided RNG as balancing mechanism I respect lycan and I like his videos , I even understand the point hes trying to make I think but at this point this headshot spamming has gone one so long that people simply dont care about what gets done as long as it gets done ... this can be dangerous especialy when undemanded changes like the heavy set one get used to push people into a direction I have to be honest and say that im not sure myself that this is the best option but I also think that reto is not capable of dealing with this problem any other way because it probably is like people have always said something they simply dont know how to fix So basicly my vote is for yes with a lot of *'s behind it - I dont think that this is a perfect solution but something HAS to be done We also have to consider that this is not set in stone , if it gets proper testing ( and not the 2 day bug preview treatment ) and proves to work without completely destroying SMGs and other automatic guns than it can be kept , if it doesnt work ( which I expect because of how already by both factions explained its a hitreg and server problem ) than it should be reverted I am fully aware that it might suck hard for SMGs but to be honest in this shirty setup we are at its EITHER-OR With the headshots automatic weapons are too powerfull because it constantly happens that they outsnipe weapons that were really meant for those ranges with using stupid RNG outdrawing I would not mind if the sway gets toned WAAAAY back aswell as the random cone but I think the way reto is currently off financialy as result of said problems its the best we can get partialy also because weapons have been balanced arround RNG headshots making up a good amount of their kills , which like I already said should never have happened im the first one to agree to a SMG buff once the headshots have been dealt with because ... imagine this ; even I , as a below average player score those cancer headshots ALL the time and honestly I dont notice when I do , often times when I look back at the scoreboard tho I end up with a headshot ratio arround 50% depending entirely on my choice of weapon ... I dont get suddenly worse everytime I equip a non fully auto weapon , its just straight up easier to get headshots with those weapons and that should NEVER be , I know there are players who actively go for headshots but the problem is the majorty doesnt anymore because they are that used to RNGesus taking the wheel to be honest , unless the headshot multiplier gets lowered too low it shouldnt be a problem for SMGs to digest the change because its still a massive bonus in damage which means that any body damage after that will probably still kill the target in below 300 ms TTK which is still competetive compared to other weapons I would also argue that if you go for headshots intentionaly you can pull off a headshot twice or a body shot followed by a headshot with a high RPM weapon The only scenario I can imagine beeing negatively impacted by this is people spraying willy nilly and unintentionaly scoring a headshot Im going to say it again , I dont hate the people who disagree with my opinion , its just my opinion you can have your own but something has to be done because in the same way that people say that 2 hit kill headshots are unfair for SMG or assault rifle users I would also beg you to consider the other side because getting killed in a single hit when the enemy doesnt have to aim for the kill is just as unfair - If this gets put on the test server I think reto should motivate players again to participate on mass like they did prior to armor 2.0 and take really good note of it ( preferably more than they did pre armor 2.0 )
  2. I gave it a go again - first battle I got headshot 29 times in a row in the first bullet I had bullets miss that should have not missed the head because I was rested and aiming at his head I headshot people that I didnt even see I headshot people that I didnt even hit I headshot people where only a tiny bit of the foot was visible This headshot meta needs to die in a cancerfire "hurrbluh bluh I always aim for headshots , RNG headshots are not a problem hurrrrrr " game is litteraly unplayable for me because of the rampant headshot HIV in this game its a question about logic too , either HG has the worlds highest density in absolute bonafied MLG pro players ( which even with suspension of disbelief is a stretch of the imagination ) Or this game that has been broken in the past more times than I am able to name sober and without the help of a 10 people elite emergency psychologist is straight up broken I wouldnt even be suprised if its some dumb shirt badge again that got bugged somehwere along the line and now automaticly grants headshots , you never know with this game TL;DR I loving hate the restarted headshot spam in this game and no matter how many times I try the amount of baseball headshots that some people score I will never reach in a 1000 year training time nothing to improve in in this game other than RNG - love skill when you can just get a cheap gamblers high P.S the same filth that used to complain about 1hk snipers back in the day is now the ones leading in headshots with like 30-45 headshots per match
  3. horrific

    Moskow Server

    funfact : they changed the servers from the old host to a new host that is still as bad as the old host ! For some reason reto insists that the data center *has* to be in moscow no matter how bad the infastructure is ... why the main EU server has to be 3000 km away from central europe nobody knows ... however ... fear not , there are some "slight tweaks " you can do to your firewall / router firewall / static routing insider your router to get rid of this server once and for all You wont be able to queue on the moscow server anymore aswell as the matchmaker wont put you in those battles anymore Now wont give you the excact method because reto still doesnt like it but lets put it this way the reason for this is that they dont want empty servers , its rather easy to find out which IP address is linked to the moscow server , however if I were to give you the exact method I would end up on the Chopping Block and I am a Rule abiding forum citizen and I insist that you dont try to play with the IPs otherwise your might be getting fired out of a cannon into a brickwall
  4. or how about we dont do that and actualy give semi auto and bolt action rifles their accuracy back like they should , there are plenty of high ROF options in game already and the SA rifles apart from the g43 have enough ROF aswell ROF does jack shiet if the guns dont hit half of the time , I know they are supposed to be fired in ADS but its just completely restarted to get outsniped by high ROF weapons or the unholy trinity of AVS/STG/M2 because the only shot you have time for doesnt even remotely land anywhere near the crosshair I know im probably the only one with this but when I think ww2 I dont think anyone has a high RPM spray gun or LMG with him Rifles need accuracy not more ROF , ROF meta can die in a hole as far as im concerned but since SA and BA rifles are not affected by the cancerous RNG headshots that are so persistently ignored to death giving them a few more RPM is absolutely pointless SA and BA rifles need accuracy , not even more spray and pray ... we already have more than enough of that and to be honest everytime I line up a headshot and still dont get it because my bolt action rifle decided right than and there that the bullet should go about 60 cm to the left of where I aimed at I want to commit suicide by gnawing through my own wrist with my teeth you know what , scratch that , its never going to happen with how broken the hit detection is , keep on buffing and nerfing the same 3 weapons till you finaly kill the game for all I care , have fun with your mediocre call of duty clone with about 16 players combined
  5. horrific


    on behalf of the cummulative 5 infantry players left in this game let me answer that with a Hearty "no"
  6. horrific

    State of the game

    Im starting to think that the AVS gets purely nerfed because of script users , the recoil of that gun is straight up - super easy to use any recoil macro on in theory This is also further fortifying my suspicion when they talk about modded AVS beeing better ... it is straight up better when you dont have to worry about the absolutely atrocious recoil with basicly any ammo mod on the AVS I cant for the life of me hold a ammo modded AVS on target no matter how much I try to compensate , this is probably a me thing but every time I pick up a modded AVS its from someone who didnt put up any resistance at all because he litteraly couldnt hit me in 20 m distance because of the recoil
  7. horrific

    Great servers there , reto

    Just tried to remove a tank that was farming us across the river on mountain town , shot at his tracks - shot dissapears , shot at his tracks a second time , shot dissapears again , shot him in the back , shot dissapeard again , shot the same place a last time and destroyed a component I didnt even aim at If this is what a 20 ms server looks like in your opinion , you can keep it fyi the tank was stationary the entire time Great servers - yours truly , a big fan of your 50 cent discounter trash servers
  8. horrific

    State of the game

    I own most of the cancer guns on most of the factions aswell , I have all the LMGs except the MT , all the assault rifles over different accounts and I can say as somone who has used them for quite a while over the years that RNG headshots are stupid I also stand by my point that conefire COULD work if it was implemented properly and would have been improved on which reto simply didnt for over 4 years Again , idea is idea - whats created upon it is the thing that counts in its current state its 100% trash , again because basicly nothing has been done to improve it for over 4 years and now they dont have the resources to do so sometimes you have to take what you can get within the limits , I wouldnt expect reto to throw out a hit detection like CS:GO but even within their abilities the way it is right now is garbo and thats 100% due to massive neglectance as already admitted by hades
  9. horrific

    State of the game

    reto started the RNG headshots , an idea is an idea , the implemention is the thing that counts , the best idea in the world is worth nothing if the execution is halfassed and than stagnates that way for 4 years prime example : anyone remembers the HUD cap icons thread we had ages ago with like 15 pages of positive feedback ? the idea was good ... what happened after that ? you still only have the options to either see the cap icons and be blinded by them or not see them and never see when caps are getting taken or a friendly mine is up ahead im gonna say it and I will probably get a lot of shirty hate for it but ... any system can work if its properly implemented , if its not ... and more than everything ... also never revisited for improvments its going to reek
  10. horrific

    State of the game

    auto weapons are completely restarted currently tho because of that cancerous headshot spray We constantly hear about how rifles should not work in cqc from the BRRRRT spray crowd and everyone is fine with it The fact that you can get outsniped by half of the LMG roster in this game because of those cancerous lucky headshots doesnt bother anyone tho Im with schilli on this one , RNG headshots in this game need to die in a cancer fire , at ranges where you dont even see the head you dont need a headshot bonus , rifles need to have their range just as cqc and LMGs need to have their range , those alpha omega cancer weapons that Play cqc better than any SMG and still headshot people like 50% of the time on range are just stupid Simple experiment - would anyone be cool with it if we gave BA and SA rifles a 50% headshot ratio no matter where they aim at ? NO , the whining would be so loud that the forum collapses into its own black hole Until RNG headshots are fixed there will be no balance because you cant balance RNG , and before anyone gets a kindergarten crying fit again - no I dont mean ALL headshots , if you can point the pin on the head in a range where you can see the head you should get the headshot - period Aiming at somones feet , getting the headshot and 2 more headshots from the people walking past in 40 m distance on the other hand is pure AIDS
  11. horrific

    Recons feel extremely "meh"

    its still probably a faster kill just by the amount of RPM , the double tap with the SA is insanely powerful and when you use the SA recon modded with 4x scope the SA pretty much wins even if you miss with more than 1 shot I still think they are extremely medicore at range with even the most stable 1hk loadout ( precision ammo scout barrel) because of the cone fire that still affects them , even more since its Sway+ Cone of fire working in unison I would argue that recons are going to be played no matter what - there simply NEEDS to be a limit for them , but once that limit is in place I would also vote for a sway decrease or at the very least remove the conefire effect for bolt action rifles for recons I understand why SA rifles and other high RoF guns need some inaccuracy , but with bolt actions I really dont see why , even if that means that they would lose their 1hk potential in my humble and unimportant opinion it wouldnt be too bad if there was a class limit for most special classes ( maybe excluding paras as basic infantry ) but there should also be less random baseball that can make the gun range from 1hk to slowest weapon in the game 2hk modded guaranteed higher RoF ( not by much , SA needs to be faster imo) Class limit Would be a place to starts , until than I still stand by my point that they feel very " meh" ... area denial is hard if the enemy can sprint behind cover and bandage up while you chamber the second shot
  12. horrific


    I just got outsniped 3 times in a row by a LMG headshot with my SA rifle because he hipfire headshot me so fast that I didnt even had time to ADS at a range where I could barely see him without a scope All 3 of those headshots were in the first bullet and from the hip at at least 100 to 120 m distance its so common right now to get outsniped by LMGs because with BA you have to fight the cancer sway so hard that by the time you finaly have the crosshair on target he has headshot you , and three of your teammates This "feature " is absolutely broken and reto refuses to fix it properly in favor of cancerous stuff like the flamethrowers that are going to destroy the FPS But than again , prioritizing litteraly anything but balance , performance and bugs is kind of retos thing I mean ... Why produce a playable game when you can just sell toys to children with A.D.D Im so sick of them finding excuses why they cant fix bugs , its never their fault , its always " we are a small studio " when there are game projects of 5 people that do more bugfixing on a weekly basis "we dont have the resources to fix headshots anymore " because they litteraly burned through a 5 million euro investment with barely any progress Also so sick of them saying that they dont have time / resources/ personel for bugfixes when they litteraly put time resources and personel at changes either nobody asked for excuses excuses excuses
  13. horrific

    has how to optimize the graphics?

    Game is unoptimized , reto refuses to optimize it or is unable to Its probably going to stay that way because they are either unable or uninterested in improving the optimisation sooooo ... unless you want to spend big money on a gaming rig just to play a game that looks and plays like battlefield 1942 does you are out of luck Anyways , take a look at the development overview - see the flamethrowers in there ? If I was any of you guys .. I would say goodbye to the rest of your FPS in advance
  14. horrific

    We always lose.

    I think for that to happen they also need to take a look at some of the arm and leg damage multipliert because quite frankly , as much as it sucks , without the headshots those SMG would probably not perform nearly aswell as they should in cqc Dont get me wrong , RNG headshots are aids , but having to 6 hk someone or more because mysteriously the arm and leg hitboxes take up 90% of the body when they really shouldnt is just as aids Once we got rid of the RNG headshots the next thing that would have to follow is a performance re-evaluation of body damage
  15. horrific


    I do enjoy grind too , to a certain degree , some grinds in HG are just agonizing tho - also I belief that enjoyment in grind is an actual aquired taste or its people actively trying to be stubborn I remember way back in the day when I started I had to actively force myself to play HG and more than once I sat here asking myself " Why am I so shirt at this game , im decent in other FPS games " that caused a spite reaction that kept me going ... something I would assume not a lot of players will even consider when there are better game titles readily avalible ( for me at the time it wasnt )