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  1. I like the new matchmaking system. At first it pissed me off for many of the reasons stated in this thread. However, I was sold this weekend. I live in North America. Usually is has been impossible to get war games on the weekend because most of the games that are running are full of 'moon pings' - I assume Europeans... Then all of the games that are populating have 1 person, with a moon ping, that waits and waits until the game fills up with other moon pingers. This weekend wargames took 15 seconds to 2 minutes to pop through the matchmaker. VAST IMPROVEMENT!!! My only suggestion would be more time before the games lock out. It is tough to pick a fight, move in your troops on several roads and populate a group and fight in your own battle - before the 5 minutes are up and the game goes to matchmaking only. ColonelMustardGas
  2. CMG0729

    Sub 24 hour wars

    I'm not sure if this was a result of the Xylander patch, or if Reto is constantly tweaking the ticks/stockpiles of faction resources but the last month or so has been brutal. I switched my main faction from German to Soviet a few months back because I was always 2000+ in the German supply que -- even when I would join a new war and try to deploy moments after a new war would start. It was nice for the first month or so, being able to deploy rapidly and even reinforce before the war was over... Now, even as a Soviet, the resource que has become such a noose that it is difficult to deploy ATs and actually make it to the front and take part in a battle with the ATs before the war is resolved. I pay for the ATs, then don't have a chance to earn back the cost of deployment before the war is over and it's time to deploy again. Many of the recent wars (or shall we be honest and call them skirmishes?) me and my friends are just choosing to not deploy because we figure either the que is too long, or one of the factions is so close to winning that it's pointless. IF THERE ARE NO RESOURCES TO DEPLOY AT's AS USSR... I CAN'T IMAGINE HOW POINTLESS IT IS TO PLAY GERMANS NOW??? Maybe the wars are short because there aren't armies anymore??? Just my guess... ColonelMustardGas
  3. A better question might be - Crix0, have you noticed that there might be more casual players are playing on the weekends? Not everyone is going to take the game as seriously as you (thank God). Not everyone is going to make the same 'correct' decisions as you. I can't wait for your next post "Germans that are enemy collaborators and are sabotaging the FPS". All I ever see you doing in the FPS game is trolling players declaring that they really are Russians/Americans and purposely losing the battle for the Germans. I am not a spy. I am not helping the other side on purpose. I'm just a poor schmuck that is getting spawn camped and my K/D is 0/9... ...and the only 'help' I am getting is Crix0 spamming the team chat - telling everyone that I am an alt and that they should report me to Reto. I believe the word 'paranoid' has been brought up? If that is the welcome that newer players get from the veterans, this community is doomed. ColonelMustardGas
  4. CMG0729

    Extremely Long Waits...

    I have all maps enabled and 4 different soldiers that it could make a match with (2 Inf, Armor and a Pilot). Wow, is my place ever gonna be clean if I'm not spending every waking hour playing this game...
  5. CMG0729

    Extremely Long Waits...

    Well... there are about 50 skirmishes flashing on the war map... So its not like there aren't any units bouncing off of each other. I reset my que and I'm almost up to 10 minutes again... CMG
  6. Ever since Walker was released I have been getting increasingly longer matchmaking times when looking for War Battles. Before the patch I would usually get a game in 20 seconds to 2 minutes. My fastest game in the last couple of days has been 5 minutes, and I just passed the 20 minute mark as I am writing this post. Anyone else having this problem? ColonelMustardGas
  7. Hey guys, I'm gonna start off by saying I'm using the browser version through Chrome. Since my monitor is only 60hz, I always aim for 60 FPS(which I am getting in this game for the most part) and I am pretty certain my pc should not have problems achieving that in any scenario. I have tried tweaking the game settings, AMD control panel settings and lately I have overclocked both my CPU and GPU, but that didn't seem to give me any FPS increase at all, so I started paying closer attention to the CPU and GPU load. So I get into this foggy town map, and I get pretty stable 60 FPS when running between buildings in the alleys, but then I found a pretty good spot just outside the church where it dropped to 40 and decided to take a look at what my pc is doing; http://i.imgur.com/sahVYEO.jpg So, my radeon hd6850 was at around 75% load, so it doesn't seem to be bottlenecking anything. Temperature is fine, that's not the issue. However, lowering the resolution from 1920x1080 to 800x60 give me the same FPS and gpu load goes down. So it looks like my CPU has an issue, but it's not being bottlenecked. CPU average load between all cores 50-55%. It's getting enough voltage, it's stable and it was 53C at the time. It's just not being utilized. 8GB RAM, nowhere near close to being capped. So, is the game itself not able to catch up, or is it something I could be missing about my pc? If I am getting 40FPS in this particular scenario, when my pc is ~65% utilized, what do you think I could try next? By all means, this is not a rant. I am just an FPS player who is used to always having 60+ FPS and I really value my framerate in FPS games, especially when you are in an important war game storming an objective. The difference between 60 and 40 fps is very noticeable and it annoys me when I am at a disadvantage because of something I can't figure out. Also weird thing I noticed, the framerate seems to gradually get lower and lower as the game goes on. Almost forgot, running Windows 7 64bit and I also attached my dxdiag.