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  1. Don't be salty cuz you got rekt by people younger than you (you will be salty at the end) Stop looking your TS and start learn to play (or just stop HnG its the same)
  2. No cuz still less RPM than johnny, AVS and all good weapon like that. I want my STG 3hk at 654 rpm (with green bullet and full rof mods). Like that its balance ( johnson with better accuracy and more rpm/damage/TTK)
  3. Np ))) you can always ask me for gut german weapon mods
  4. Wut ? Wut ?
  5. 50 kg of tru mayonnez by yak axaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxxaxa ))
  6. Elle est très bien la MP 40 ^^ Sinon oui je me souvient de cette game et pas de soucis ajoute moi in game.
  7. Like the P-38 actually ^^
  8. P-51 for US (insert a MingLee here) and yes 262 is confirmed (check my signature) I hope a horten 229 for GE heavy plane.
  9. Ask them to get some skill
  10. Yes its not a secret @AfonsoQQ where is your artwork with circinus ?
  11. Then how you talk in US side? Btw you still loose more than you win with every weapon you want.
  12. Yes check my signature
  13. German and soviet don't take seriously what US say anymore How we see US : *take reta.rd voice* oh my god johnson is not OP, its just over used Ofc some of them are not like that, @puppepongo for example.
  14. Everything is against GE : The weapon The RTS design (for example you can see US and SU can attack by A line like 75% of time) The camo (price and how it work compare to other) And many other thing. The only good thing we have is tank