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  1. Working ad intended
  2. i confirmed i love to come on theyr own game and kick theyr butt so hard
  3. Me and @Champi0n rekted 4 US tryhard rank 14+ eazely so... 2v4 eazy
  4. ME-410 and PE-3 get a buff now we remove flying tryhard. Call me if you need help
  5. Damn its too good to taste the FFL salt with TIO
  6. i don't like that because you loose rof, so you get rekt by johnson and other LMG because they 3 shot like you but shoot faster.
  7. Thanks to irmeh who show me a new build who was realy effective.
  8. TOP KEK !!
  9. don't forget to look the update of every build i give, MG-42 is different every update
  10. Oula ouai c'est compliquer a comprendre quand tu ne connais pas ces meme internet de renom. En gros la grenouille c'est le (ou top kek en fonction des situations ) et le sel, Salty en langue international est la signification de la tristesse et de la rage (parsque il y a du sel dans les larmes) Un artiste du forum anglais qui est AfonsoQQ en est friand (de ces meme et des FFL )
  11. Yeah its a good kebab remover =)
  12. yep the first build i showed up is a beast at CQC
  13. If you know how to read i said "feel" not "is 2hk"
  14. Its me or reto reduce panther shell velocity? if someone feel the same or can do a slow motion like @Reto.Circinus