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  1. i don't know.
  2. dude i talk to divishua everyday, and he use 1200 rpm now
  3. Just mod it with sight, steel barrel and 1200 rpm, realy accurate and stable (more than other build) tested and approuved by Berandaro and Divishua
  4. Les médipack on été confirmer par reto ENFIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN !!!!!!!
  5. Bf 109 G for the win
  6. Nah, its because the physics change and not its too randomized, Their is no justice for people for train a lot and got rekt because they are on 1v4 and can't survive.
  7. Nah same physics, just noise canon.
  8. Im on classic too but not work as intended the physic change too.
  9. For me, the new flying system is bad, the old one (the first) is better because its based on skill, now, the first pilot behind you shut you down (good or bad pilot). I can't no longer 1v4 like before FeelsBadMan Post what you think about the new flying system.
  10. non la STG a 800 cpm c'est suffisant, on aura les même stats qu'une johnson comme ça
  11. Actually fighter speed is about 200 at 250 km/h, a Bf109 go at 650 km/h (in real life) and the futur ME-262 can go at 950 km/h, so yeah, AA will be useless if reto add the real speed.
  12. lol, they are allready good like that (the US one is OP, like everything who come from US) and we don't have medium or heavy bomber yet.
  13. non pas dutout je suis en azerty
  14. Come with us rapty the nerd Kappa