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  1. GE HE pilot - which 109?

    For me D1 is the best, its slower than E4 so you have more time to kill people, snipe gun and fast reload.

  3. New skirmish map ‘Khutor’ in Update 1.11

    Oh guess i gonna spam my allmighty johnson.
  4. I like to fly and listenning good music before switching on EFT
  5. I don't really play the game anymore, but i mainly play US.
  6. no lol, it will just fix the MM. Anyway i will no longer reply to you, its a waste of time. US biased forum warrior aren't good for any change.
  7. Forum vets

  8. US don't play the P40 so they will be able to play the P-38, GE don't play the ME 410 so they will be able to play the Bf 109 against P-38. it will resolve this, ofc limiting the number of plane is a goo thung aswell, but if their is a limit of 4, and one of the side just don't have pilot... it will change nothing. It will fix the tier spam balance.
  9. you really think you are funny? or something?
  10. Since you guys can't read anything, we can't help you in any way. I said it could save a part of the game, sorry for you but staged player are more important for reto because they spent money. I know a lot of people who leaved the game not because of the RTS, but because of the MM. But anyway if we listen such people like you... this game will become great... bias doesn't exist at all in you.

    Pour avoir déjà tester en war et en staged, même avec moin d'allier (oui c'est rare en P-38) tu gagne quand même. En faite a partir du moment ou l'avions est supérieur en 1v1, si les deux pilotes en face ont les même skills, alor en 3v3 ça revien au même. Sauf que le ME-410 est encore pire, parsque tu prend un très bon pilote avec, contre un pilote avec peut d'expèrience, et bah le me 410 va quand même perde parque tu ne peut pas tourner. A ce niveaux la c'est pas le MM le problème, c'est juste que PERSONNE ne veut jouer le ME 410.
  12. P38 Lightning Overpowered issue

    Like i asked for...
  13. "Mine spotter" badge

    A really good idea, no one thinked about that lol
  14. @Reto.Robotron3000 you should merge the planes before armor 2.0, i want to see how it can be before the new physic. And player will stay longer on HnG. What the point of a new update if no one play the game anymore?