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  1. [APP] Heroes & Generals Weapon Statistics Visualizer

    Lol you loved up your answer bad internet i guess?
  2. [APP] Heroes & Generals Weapon Statistics Visualizer

    where is the grease gun?
  3. Weapon Balance

    @lucasdb14 they changed your title once again
  4. If Reto added boats

  5. New US vehicle!!

    Lol bang bus magic
  6. Weapon Balance

    i play germany cuz i like their stuff during WW2 (like STG, MG-42 or the tiger but they suck now ) but i don't give a f*ck about 1940's politics. (on this game atleast) and these german march song boi...
  7. Weapon Balance

    np mate, i can understand it. but first of all in HnG we play werhmacht who isn't the nazi army (like Waffen SS) but the regular army from germany. Then like you said its a video game, not the reality. Ofc some german player are really rascist/fascist but its a little part of the german player base.
  8. It's friday

  9. Historical Moment

    Is this possible ??
  10. Weapon Balance

    Btw i love these title
  11. Well-fried

  12. STG44

    For you, what can be a good buff for stg?
  13. Medic pouch question

    Yes if you take the big one.
  14. Nerf the Yak-9, It's OP the way it is

    Yes and no. P-38 is the best plane in game but yes yak 9 cost less credits/warfund. They have same turn. (Yak and 109)
  15. Weapon Balance

    No please don't call that biased guy