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  1. Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte

    Working as intended
  2. 1.08 Update sucks for US faction!

    Yup, git gud.
  3. How to grind a soviet soldier

    Help me throw some grenades on this tank !!
  4. We are no longer Germany

    Johnson, 1919 and many other
  5. We are no longer Germany

    He is partialy right, look how many vets leaved after german weapon nerf. That change a lot in RTS and FPS game. Answer that question now : why the only z.b.V member who play H&G these day, play US faction ?
  6. Un p-38 un peu trop efficace ?

    Et non il n'y a aucun cheat ^^ juste un ou deux tricks .
  7. Explain To Me...

    US as intended
  8. STG rate of fire?

    Yeah ofc you can compare a single player to an entire faction (and who play against 70% of random as i see)
  9. P40 buff

    You see how yak is cancer? imagine how La-7 will be cancer 3x20mm gun full noise
  10. looking for fun?

    lol ofc if you fight people who have lack of skill in plane its eazy
  11. looking for fun?

    Its not weak, its better in 1v1 but in 18 vs 18... @Reto.Hades the video ^^
  12. looking for fun?

    ahah it was really great ^^ saldly the lag ruined it for me
  13. looking for fun?

    Some RA will maybe come aswell so wait a bit @Ojys
  14. looking for fun?

    Roger roger
  15. Bf 109 D-1, what i think about it.

    Yeah thats the tier 3 i want, Bf 109 G-14 with full 20mm pods.