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  1. plaisir gaché !

    working as intended
  2. Testing STG44

    hmmm no
  3. ah je l'avais oublier celui la, attention le modérateur va pas être content Kappa MDRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  4. Testing STG44

  5. Les headshot sont un problème du "cone fire" et c'est pas un cheat, je prend tout le temps des tête aussi ça vient de la mise "adams" d'il y a un moment. Les cheat d'invincibiliter sont impossible, si tu jou sur le serveur russe tout peut arriver ^^
  6. pilots earn to much

    Other lmg are not 4/5 hk and other lmg don't need tgg M2 also don't need tgg men how the love you play your m2??
  7. Encore un parano des cheaters... comme ont dit sur le fofo englais : GIT GUD !
  8. German players, would you like to see this or no?

    Me-262 >> me-163
  9. pilots earn to much

    You are not an expert pilot i guess or you don't have ME-410 I have more hour in 109 than any other plane but i do better with P-40 Stg is 4hk 578 rpm low muzzle velocity who fight 3hk 700+rpm Other lmg don't need TGG thats the point.
  10. Pilot Tears Appreciation thread. Misery loves company.

    still rekt everyone so i still feels good
  11. Update 1.09.1 – Player Level Adjustments

    only 12k? pleb Kappa
  12. Nerf the Sherman Jumbo. Period.

    Distance don't change penetration value in HnG, real jumbo have 107mm in frontal armor, not 177mm and then, you can pen tiger 2 where it have more than 300mm of effective armor.
  13. pilots earn to much

    I don't see that much 109D lel
  14. Losing credits while playing M1/M2

    I agree the m2 is expensive asf (can't win credits with my own one) but its one of the best weapon in the game so... working as intended
  15. Update 1.09.1 – Player Level Adjustments

    I will still farm everyone at the end )))