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  1. THIS: give each class of weapons its own damage and accuracy, use recoil and rate of fire and add handling (how fast one can run with a type of weapon and how fast one can aim down sights) as balance parameters
  2. Slanesh42

    Nerf the skill-less crutch that is HE.

    Absolutely no, making a .50 HE is quite hard but most 20mm airplane guns of the time were equipped either with semi-AP shells (meaning they are AP/HE hybrids) or HE shells (see Minengeschoss shells used by german autocannons), completely solid AP rounds are useless: they just pierce the airframe and won't do much unless the airframe is completely torn apart by sheer quantity of bullets recieved or a critical module is damaged. There's a reason why british planes started using 20mm autocannons instead of a boatload of 7.7mm machine guns. Anyway a 75mm HE direct hit would literally blow to piece an airplane, especially those with light airframes such as recon planes. I don't see this happening in game hence HE are underpowered. I wasn't talking about limiting classes, rather what I meant is: anyone, no matter what class was used to queue for matches, can't spawn X (be it plane or tank or recon car) if there's already a certain amount (I'd say 3 for tanks, 2 for planes) of X in match, one can still spawn as support tanker or as 2nd pilot on recon plane but can't spawn the vehicle itself.
  3. Slanesh42

    Nerf the skill-less crutch that is HE.

    This thread is totally missing the point: the issue is not HE power which, if anything, is underpowered, but it is the tank spam. If tanks were limited to 3 max per team at any given time everything would be better: less HE spam (you've got less people to spam it) and more people in the objective (hopefully, you've got less people in tanks anyway). Regarding HE power: I say it's too low because if i shoot a plane or a truck or a car with a 75mm HE I wanna see the loving plane/truck disintegrated, instead all I see are planes with destroyed wings or engines still able to fly as long as they like, as if they just took a pistol bullet. The other thing that could be reworked is splash, I believe that is totally wrong because I either get totally obliterated by HE (even if partially covered) or the cover completely negates damage to me, there should be a better damage gradient allowing me to get a bit of damage without dying, so that I get scared and hide better.
  4. How about you absolutely DO NOT TOUCH the MG13? The thing was already way OP on birth (so OP it was better than basically anything else) and took ages to correct, a comeback is not needed. Just buff MG34 already. What I've said previosly about buffing instead of nerfing still stands, but with this addition: touch the least you can, do not over-complicate by swapping MG13 with MG34 and DT with DP, on top of needlessly nerfing DT. It should be an easy practice: you got something that underperforms, you address the issue by just reasonably buffing that underperforming thing, you do not need to nerf anything and you do not need to over-complicate everything by swapping this and that around. It's common sense, not even game development.
  5. Slanesh42

    Gun sounds

    I like M10 TD gun sound, probably only tank gun sound I geniunely like: the rest feel weak. BAR sound gotta be changed: it's the same as K98, if it's gonna be like the one in the vid I'll be happy. Other sound to change is Maxim-Tokarev / 1919: again, the two guns have the same sound or very similar sounds.
  6. This and also: why nerf DT when you could buff MG34 out of uselessness? I really don't get why, when you gotta choose between buffing A or nerfing B, you choose the nerf. The more good weapons we have in game the better. I'm not gonna make other examples because I wanna avoid starting the usual "x faction OP" train, but this is a good example: you got underperforming MG34? Just loving buff it, it's not hard. DO NOT TOUCH DT: it's fine as it is EDIT: STOP TOUCHING ASSAULT RIFLES, if you don't know where to place SMGs then it's an SMG-related fault, ARs have nothing to do with it, the only thing I'd like ARs to have is a better 1st bullet precision, so that I can shoot meaningfully in semi auto without hoping for random headshots
  7. Slanesh42

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    So true, they gotta get their act together: it's either worthless so they won't mind everyone having FG-42 or it's too strong for us to have it.
  8. Slanesh42

    K/D Ratio is Bugged

    It's always been bugged AF, sometimes when I open the STATS tab all the numbers are doubled except K/D (obviously, for math reasons), close the tab and open it again and voila the numbers are back to normal. It happened that kills and/or deaths count after a match was wrong, say, for example, that the battle report shows 15/10, not considering assists, but in stats i get +12 kills and + 11 deaths, as if I did 12/11.
  9. Slanesh42

    Best weapon after Update 1.2

    What the actual F? It's like saying "nerf STG cos it's better than MP40" STG and M2 are supposed to be better than the SMGs OVERALL, even in a purely game-wise view. The only reasons you should choose an SMG over those two guns is that an SMG is more compact (not that true for thompson because it weighs almost double the M2) and because it's more stable (it fires a lower powered cartridge). In this game weapon weight means absolutely nothing (plus, again, why would you run with 4-4.5kgs of thompson instead of 2.5-3kg of M2 carbine?) and recoils are all over the place (STG shooting as straight as MP40, just to name one). SMGs now are useful only inside an obj or at very close distances, any SMG is at least a tiny tiny bit better than M1M2 in those situations right now because M1M2 precision is still on the garbage side of things. (Yes, now I can see, I can see i'm not hitting who i'm supposed to) BTW, just to be clear, I'm okish with MP40 having low recoil, the issue is STG having as low recoil as MP40. Regarding SMGs I say it's fine as it is, I doubt reto get their stuff together and actually code proportionate recoils among weapon classes. Want a reason to use other US weapons? M1M2 is still garbage past 40m, use SA instead, or BAR or JMG (whatever you like the most); annoying people with SA is fun, do that; mod M1A1 SMG for damage and rush into houses, it's still better than M1M2 in that situation because of lower recoil. If you feel like trolling use modded 1911+ modded pocket pistol + Medpack. Not gonna tell you to use 1919 because i feel its precision is now close to zero (somehow i'm getting continuously headshot by standing MG42 users, but this is a whole other topic), not gonna tell you to use M3 grease gun because thompson is just better, not gonna tell you to use revolver only because its RoF is too low now. The only differences between 1919 and MG42 are precision for the first couple of bullets and RoF, I'm kinda ok with RoF being higher on MG42, I'm absolutely not ok with MG42 having higher first bullets precision. Side note: gotta love GE mains saying that 1919 is better than MG42 just to get their kicks. I bet they're the same who were saying MG13 was totally balanced at launch, even tho it was clearly better than any other 1st and 2nd tier LMGs and incredibly even better than AVS (and maybe STG, but this is not a fair comparison).
  10. Slanesh42

    Best weapon after Update 1.2

    As US player I'd rather use JMG instead of 1919 right now. STG and SMGs all are rather annoying due to laser precision up to meaningful distances yet I also feel that miraculous headshots with M1M2 are increased a bit (maybe it's just that i can actually tell when to shoot because now I can see, my vision is not impaired by thick clouds of smoke anymore) I'm still mainly using SAs anyway.
  11. Slanesh42

    Effects of the weapon mod changes

    I'd like to discuss the uselessness of SMG barrel mod, I agree that the lower multiplier for SAs has no apparent reason to exist, yet it doesn't matter that much because base values are already high. The issue with SMGs is that they have now such a short range, so short that a 1.13 multiplier won't do basically anyhing: the bonus on range is negligible because the multiplier is too low with respect to the inital values, currently the range-near bonus is between 1 and 2 meters, what's even the point of having that mod in game at all? Pistol RoF values are also an issue: US revolver is way less viable because it's too slow to be spammed, even at max RoF and it's got a too long reload. 1911 is just above minimum requirements for usability (40 rpm lower and it'd be totally cucked)
  12. ah ye I agree it's not bad as implemented for APCs but nowadays meta is so far from scoped BAs and SAs that the timer for them is useless
  13. ye the idea is not bad, but it's implemented totally awfully. Strong weapons are barely affected while weapons that are already far far from meta are punished. As with many other things Reto is trying to sit between two chairs. They allow the players to "play with the toys they want", but then they back down a bit and make it annoying to do so, by putting in spawn delay. It's a cock block if anything. In the end it's what @Tumult_incsaid, especially for weapons not deserving a cockblock EDIT: tried to correct the mess with quotes, didn't manage to
  14. Slanesh42

    (UPDATE) fix found for high cpu/low gpu utilization?

    Yes yes I got that, but in my case ( a 5 years old non-gaming laptop), that is not true, settings are as they were before i changed the .ini, I'm not even surprised of that considering my laptop: I've heard this thing that sometimes it's better to have medium-low graphics instead of super low. so that the GPU works a bit more instead of letting the CPU handle everything. My point is that it won't and in fact can't happen to me due to my laptop. Game's not optimized that well to allow my setup to yield 45 fps on any setting. I did apply your point to a some other games (I found a kind of sweet spot in settings by trial and error and it's not everything at low but more like mid-low) What I can't understand is why, under any setting, my pc can run this game almost as badly as it runs AC:odyssey.
  15. Bibor's right, soin the end your complaint can bee seen more as a complaint in regards of poor map design compared to spawnable resources, mind you, it's a totally fair and just complaint. Regarding spawn delay, I think it's utterly stupid on other counts: it's just useless, what's the point of having it if a modded MG42 has less spawn delay than a modded G43? It should affect stronger weapons but in the end the only delayed weapons are modded SAs and BAs which only some idiots (like myself) use, and they're not, by far, the strongest weapons.