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  1. _Mrmafia_

    Global Changes

    Xd Fk little troll
  2. _Mrmafia_

    Global Changes

    for all veterans ur noname some new players and stay with it all be good 😃
  3. _Mrmafia_

    Global Changes

    haahhahaha very funny dude =)go to watch this 😃
  4. _Mrmafia_

    Global Changes

    Maybe need more play in war mode and stop farming stages =)some new player dosnt know me but all veterans yes it is =))) hmmm interesting )
  5. Hey bro.thx for dosnt forgetting me 😃 I completery agree with u and support ur opinion. i think a couple of such "Wonderful" updates and there will no clans left in the game at all =)))))
  6. _Mrmafia_

    Global Changes

    I belive GE or US ru clans too nothing to know about this ) Ur think in SU teamspeak u find only players from russia ? Lol... https://vk.com/heroes_and_generals And this group ur buy )) And i never see u in war ))
  7. _Mrmafia_

    Global Changes

    What is Russian-speaking community?no one know about this from offial soviets community teamspeak ts.soviets.red and other playble discord SU clan so i dont know who is this Russian-speaking community ^ ^
  8. 3.6 nothing to change.best choice its 2.0 .......
  9. GE Faction after mg42 UP and celebration event started =)))
  10. Az ma kashur? Best tanks in game?=Tiger 2 + Panther =GE FACTION Best plane in game?=Focke Wolff=GE FACTION BEST Lmg in game=MG13+MG42+GE FACTION BEST SMG in game=MP40=GE FACTION And i afraid start talking about US side.is totally broken faction if ur take carabine with tigger\ light bolt\ scope u get -1000+ credits per battle ) but if ur play with full mode stg\mg with bullet ur easy farm ) another + to GE faction ) and i can resume and resume )
  11. mg13 opened for 1-2 hours ) And i know one guy who have 1 solder for GE with mg13 and he dosnt cry =)))