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  1. Added option to disable hit indicator THANK YOU (and for the other things too)
  2. MrSimh

    One day lost

    ah I did not know, thank you
  3. MrSimh

    One day lost

    One day of maintenance = one day of veteran lost. What can I do?
  4. MrSimh

    The new spawn system

    penalty for switching is not a very bad idea...
  5. MrSimh

    Foire aux questions.

    Ils donnent un bonus d'xp sur les parties
  6. MrSimh


    Thank you !
  7. MrSimh

    Medals for soldiers

    cant see the ranks in battle too, and MANY details of some uniforms are historically wrong. First, a little uniform update, then ... then .. its an idea but I question the utility
  8. MrSimh


    if I pass a character in general, the camouflages are they lost?
  9. MrSimh

    H3 graphic

    the graphic is broken on the right side
  10. MrSimh

    Voleur d avion ?

    moui et dans les 15 un type à bien de la h3 si tu vois ce que je veux dire
  11. MrSimh

    Voleur d avion ?

    ils devraient faire un seul badge pour le vol de véhicules. au moins il serais assez potable comparé à ce qu'il en est aujourd'hui.. qui joue avec ..
  12. Now, some things apparears needed to me. More than add new content, just update some problems we already have. - allied mines more visible. the brake is often not effective enough to avoid them - see the characters of his friends - no longer be annoyed by the visibility of the blue and red dots on the map! pressing g to see them may be an option) - correct sound bugs (metalic "PING" sound) - display helmet camouflage on characters in menus and deployment - xp when you destroy an enemy mine - Better sounds for pps and few weapons .. realods too why not - put the catch statements behind the player board when it is displayed. - XP systeme for spoting - make optional the hit marker An update with corretifs like that could be better than very big ones very long to go out What do you think ?