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  1. Nakkisausage

    Snow blindness

    Ohhh. Just played my first game with clear sky and sun blasting full power. My soldier definitely needs sunglasses.
  2. Nakkisausage

    Snow blindness

    There is a fun new mini game of try and find your mouse cursor in a white and snowfall filled spawn screen.
  3. +1 to this. Also to me all current leaderboard are only player activity meters since they are all based on score/month, not score/playtime.
  4. Nakkisausage

    RTS - ATs Can't Move [Bug]

    Lately seems like every day this game finds a new way to annoy players.
  5. Nakkisausage

    Servers down... AGAIN!!!

    So this will be second time I get my smg ribon restarted.
  6. Nakkisausage

    Servers down again?

    I feel the need to start looking for a good backup game.
  7. Nakkisausage

    Server Issue update - September

    loading plugin
  8. Nakkisausage

    serverdown 29/09

    just trying to get in to battle, and the game decides NOPE you wont be playing today
  9. Nakkisausage

    Stuck in matchmaking

    same here
  10. Nakkisausage

    The 2017 suggestion thread

    I demand submarines added to the game