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  1. Fega, we've gone through this already: you're defending a type of player that doesn't even exist. There are no good recons playing H&G. All players that are concerned with winning the matches play as infantry. All players that are good at recon play infantry anyways, and players that are recon mains have the intelligence of a flatworm (sorry, that's the nicest thing I have for them). And, come on, paras are über-nerfed: They have a compulsory badge (occupying the only slot available for non-vet accounts). Para's choice of weapons is extremely limited. They've got such a low amount of equipment points that mostly prevent them from carrying secondary gear (medkits, grenades). Paraplanes are vulnerable to fighter planes and their flying patterns are bugged, leading to random crashes. The animation to exit paraplane is so slow that if there are too many players trying to leave the plane at the same time they end up scattered around the map. Para ATs in war are so broken they're mostly used to do tricks like blocking cities with thousands of troops with 36 paratrooper tickets, and because of their abuse it's so rare their supply and price restrict their use sooo much.
  2. OC_Ludwig

    Game is disappointing

    I didn't come to leave feedback, kiddo. I'm here because the forum needs a Scarlet Pimpernel, a John Galt, a Swamp Fox, a man of mystery.
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    How do Generals earn their combat badges?

    Charismatic leader is on the Battle Ribbon, so it can be earnt by sending ATs into war matches (it's also earned by playing FPS war matches). About Logistics Expert and Battlefield Commander... Yep, pretty much that. There was a small scandal years ago when the badges were added, and a lot of promoted characters into generals didn't have progression for Tactical or Chauffeur.
  4. I don't think the data is available since this tool by RedBjarne was dropped (it ran on Flash, so it doesn't really work anymore). There's a Discord where I am where people discuss strategy for the German Faction on the RTS, and they have kept the track of the wars since War 934 (March 2020).
  5. OC_Ludwig

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    With the amount of weirdos we have met over the years, we're more like the dork side.
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    Game is disappointing

    >be Schilli >go on forums >make terrible suggestions or justify the unjustifiable (Adams lol) >earn antipathy >blame veterans for that antipathy
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    does armor works like in WOT?

    It's an old habit. In the old armor system you'd get "impact angle too high" or "armor too thicc thick", but that's not how it works anymore. Nowadays shots will either degrade your armor or pen and damage some component or make the tank lose health.
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    Missing warfunds

    This can be related to two known issues and one feature: The war server takes a while to update the player profile, so it can take some time before the player stats are updated and progress, xp and warfunds appear on the client. Sometimes the earnings just glitch and you don't get anything. It's rare but it happens from time to time. If an assault team is attacking (not defending) a city (that is, in an assault match, not encounter or skirmish), and the defenders push the attackers all through the line and capture the access point (kicking the attackers out of the match) then the attacking assault teams get -20 morale and all the resource losses from players spawning, but they don't get any AT experience, general experience or warfunds. If this has happened because of 1 or 2, then it's a known issue, and if it was 3 then it was working as intended. If there's something else then I'd advise contacting Support. /locked
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    AI shooting enemy tanks even after being stolen

    I don't think this is a bug. I believe the way it works is that vehicles have certain tags attached to them (friendly, neutral, enemy). Despite the fact that the tag of the vehicle has changed from "enemy" to "neutral", in the "head" of the bot it is still an enemy tank. It's not optimal, but it's probably done to keep the AI as simple and less resource consuming as possible. Working as intended. /thread
  10. OC_Ludwig

    settings not saving

    Pretty much that. The game has terrible memory, but it eventually remembers the settings. Locked for being a known issue with a way around. /thread
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    Is Flamethrower really worth it???

    Impossible to tell for two reasons: You don't repair the primers, you repair the fuel consumption, and fuel consumption can't be tracked easily like shots or explosives thrown. You can't play a full assault or even skirmish matches with this thing, the range of the weapon is too small and you're going to be outmatched all the time. You can hardly assault points. You can roast bushwarriors and campers, and camp in corners. It's not a coincidence that you rarely see flamethrowers, they're perhaps the most situational weapon in H&G. I've ran experiments to see what's most effective way to fire this thing in Colmar village against the starter bots (short burts, long shots, how does the thing handle when turning, etc). I ran into 1000 and 2000 credits for matches that lasted 7 minutes, but I also easily killed between 20 and 30 dumb bots, so I can't extrapolate to regular matches from that. In a regular match I'd have killed less, died more, etc.
  12. OC_Ludwig

    Is Flamethrower really worth it???

    It's fun. You set enemies on fire and they die. They also make horrible noises in the process. But it's not worth it and it's a meme weapon that costs +300k credits. The range is very short. The gap between the flames stop coming out and you can shoot again is too long. Assaulting is hard because, as you walk towards the enemies, you catch fire on your own flames and die. It's mostly suited for defending in CQB. Smart enemies will walk away, wait until your flame extinguishes, then shoot at you while reloading. Smart enemies are a rarity in H&G. Repair costs are expensive. If you already own different infantrymen with rocket launchers, machineguns, scoped rifles, wrenches, etc., then go for it. If you don't then you should prioritize stuff that is more useful. If you want it for the memes then go for it, but don't complain about it being useless. Fast reload works on the flamethrower. You might want to carry medkits and a pistol or grenades with your flamethrower. If you have veteran, consider removing one equipment point and use Hoarder so you can carry more secondary gear (don't worry about running out of primers, you'll most likely die before that happens). If you need to get close to an enemy shoot the flames diagonally. It will shrink your range even further, but at least you won't catch on fire. There were plans to buff the range by 15% and the damage by 10 % but those seem to have been scrapped. You don't deal damage to vehicles at all, but you can cook alive APC and recon car users if you aim at the hatches. I own the German one, it's the best one as it carries 10 primers and the reload time is short. The American one is perhaps the second best, reload time is relatively short but you only have 5 primers. The Soviet flamethrower has 10 primers but the reload is painfully slow. The Soviet flamethrower is shaped as a rifle, which should help disguising it but so far I haven't seen anyone fall for it. I think this sums it up, there's nothing more to say about this weapon.
  13. OC_Ludwig

    Devolution of a once great game

    I feel you, it isn't optimal. They made the system while ignoring the needs of players from underpopulated areas.
  14. OC_Ludwig

    Devolution of a once great game

    How about queuing as infantry? Unless you're from outside North America, Europe and Russia you don't need to queue with every soldier.
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    Faction balancing

    I am engineer in Minecraft That's not a thing. In fact, many clans tend to fight others as they try to capture capitals and other clans go and prevent them from doing it. You have to look at the bigger picture, not just what you get to experience.
  16. OC_Ludwig

    pilot to sniper

    On the deploy screen, press the grey diamond button to switch soldiers. As long as the resource is in the battle and you own it, you'll be able to change soldiers.
  17. OC_Ludwig

    Next round of weapon balancing

    This shows that you are a noob that only plays with that level 14 infantryman, so what "little" experience you acquire gets assigned to that character. "Leaderboards" are useless because they track statistics per soldier instead of per account. I'm ranked the 12155, but that's because I own 22 soldiers in my favourite faction (13 infantrymen and 9 specialists), which means that the experience I gather gets spread around. My highest scoring soldier according to the leaderboard is a recon that carries an SMG and drives SdKfz 222 and Puma, but that's because I use that toon to grind credits.
  18. OC_Ludwig

    Winter camo disappears when taken off

    Yep, tested with the three variants, all work well now. Case closed, thanks for highlighting the issue and helping prioritising it! /thread
  19. OC_Ludwig

    captured vehicles

    But no ability to put mods on it, that would be "too powerful". Confusion of da highest orda!!
  20. OC_Ludwig

    RedBjarne & devstream memes

    Does anyone have the sex-change gun clip? I haven't seen it in a while.
  21. OC_Ludwig

    Devolution of a once great game

    It had to do more with the UI and with the false idea that many players had that infantry was a meh class and specialists were an "upgrade" (it unlocks later so it must be better, duh). What happened was that little Jimmy would blow all his credits to turn his only infantryman in his favourite faction to things like pilots, recons or tankers. Then he would discover that either: He couldn't fly (classic controls were the only controls), so he kept crashing until he went bankrupt. He still had to buy the boltie rifle for his faction AND the mods, which he couldn't afford. He owned guns with his infantryman that he couldn't use in his new paratrooper career ("Ludwig, can I use my MG42 as Para?, I've seen that they carry an MG42..."). When playing as tanker, he could not switch to other classes if he was being spawncamped (back in the day there was zero spawn protection and you could mine tank spawns so they could be instakilled) and he was forced to quit. In all cases players preferred to quit the game rather than playing the other factions to earn back the credits to revert their soldiers to infantry. A good solution could have been insisting on the specialties of the infantry class (the use of cars and APCs, the exclusive access to machineguns and rocket launchers, etc.). They chose to dumb down the game instead. Problem is, some class unlocks (particularly recons) are still aligned to infantry activities as it reflects the old unlock system rather than the new situation where specialists are always "born" as specialists. Hence the "recon capturing points with an unmodded boltie" meme.
  22. I don't have any problem with that. Besides, what is "lightning speed". It takes a while for matches to prepare, and if you're playing Germany you might not even get it to start as the matchmaker can prioritize other matches. Most people don't know that winning matters on a larger scale, and without picking battles and prioritising some areas against others the war can't progress. They restricted queuing on specific battles 4 years ago and it brought the war to a halt. Players at the time learnt the lesson and stopped asking for this broken feature. Then people left and forgot, and now we're back at the fight to prevent the mistake of forcing all players into random queuing from happening again.
  23. No, you didn't understand anything about what I mentioned. I'm not some guy wanting to hoard his precious planes from the randoms. What I'm talking about is a group of players, getting together to talk, banter and have fun, getting together an amount of resources and deciding to push towards a certain direction in the war map. Putting up together some troops and deciding to push towards a capital, or push back another clan getting through your territory. Sometimes even more ambitious stuff (like capturing Sevastopol from Northern Turkey with paratroopers) can be arranged. You can't push through a certain front if you can't pick your battles. If you can't pick your battles then War is just staged with 50% more xp. If you can't pick battles then ATs don't matter (except for gaining experience pasively), and only the generals with thousands of ATs get to enjoy the game. Hence what I say about the "unholy alliance" of big generals and randoms. Randoms want to play War without the inconvenience of playing War, and big generals want to control the war without the interference of smaller generals getting their say in the RTS by playing and winning their own battles. Damn them both.
  24. No? And in fact we have mechanics like the production queue to reduce the power of big generals?