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  1. [Forum Game] Granting wishes with drawbacks

    You are now sleeping in a coma. I wish someone would send me a Fortnum & Mason basket to have nice things to eat while at War.
  2. I mentioned my 16 characters to show that rank means nothing, It doesn't matter if the character I'm using is level 9, 12 or 17, in the end it's the same OC_Ludwig pushing the buttons and moving the mouse, regardless of the rank of the character. In this game you have characters that have level 17 and no unlocks, just because they are "command point bots", that are levelled up by moving Assault Teams in the war map and have never been used in a match, and level 0 characters that own everything Mom's Visa could buy. I wouldn't support to get the ranks removed from the scoreboard if it wasn't for the fact that there are players around that harass those who are using low level characters, assuming that they're bad players. And then there's people like YOU who assume that players who are performing well with a low rank character are cheating.
  3. Afonso's Cartoon Corner [H&G Cartoons]

    These days, if you want to enjoy Afonso's humour, you need to go straight to the source. And since I'm feeling generous today, there's goes one of his memes:
  4. You can't tell whether someone is cheating or not because of the rank (in fact, you can't tell whether someone is cheating or not at all. Only Reto can with their Support tools). Your reasoning only makes sense if you are a newbie players who only own 1 character with each class. You aren't taking into consideration that Veterans will own many characters. Only in Germany (which is my preferred faction) I own 16 characters, half of them infantrymen, with many different weapons, loadouts and ranks. You can buy level 12 and 15 characters in the store, and those characters will come with the same stuff as level 0 characters: an unmodded semiauto or bolt action rifle, a machinegun tank or a pre-war airplane; and 0 ribbon unlocks. These characters might look in the scoreboard as high rank soldiers, but they don't necessarily need to have unlocked powerful weapons or badges yes. In fact, some people suggested to remove the ranks from the scoreboard, to prevent vexing against players who are performing well with a low rank character.
  5. Evidently, the more the moderators remove Gringo's toxic and derogatory remarks, the more respectable he will look like. I saw those posts in this discussion that Valorous has showed as screenshots, and they don't show the nicest side of the OP. Now the German stuntbike is stable? Thank God I came to the forums, I wouldn't have noticed otherwise... The fact that this subforum is labelled "Soviet Army Talk" doesn't mean that this is only for players who identify themselves as Soviet. SU issues are affecting everybody in this game and all players, regardless of the faction they play, can have a say on that. Why not applying this magazine size logic to the extreme, and then concluding that the Soviet SMGs are then even better than the StG and the AVS? Since they have 71 bullets, that's enough to kill groups of enemies (and their families if necessary). What I want to say with this is that you can't claim that the 15 bullet magazine size of the AVS makes the gun bad because, if anything, that's the way Reto has to balance it. Same stuff as the rangefinder for the M1919, or the sway for scoped rifles.
  6. [Forum Game] Granting wishes with drawbacks

    You are now the last member of your family. I wish I could play the guitar.
  7. Wrong Penetration Value on Pz-IV-H

    This is not a bug, this is a feature. The tank is working in the way the developers coded it. You should check the Reto Reference Regiment subforum for more information on the tank reworks that should be upcoming this year. Closed.
  8. Main cities

    This no longer seems to be an issue. Closed.
  9. empty town - not empty at all

    This is a very old Flash issue. The only advice I can give is to restart the game from time to time to force the game to update the map and remove ghost ATs. Closed.
  10. Bug on Colmar Hamlet - Wrong player count

    This is a known and reported issue, but thanks for letting us know! Closed.
  11. Problem with server

    This is not a bug. Closed.
  12. War was won by All Factions

    Fixed in Hotfix 141110 – [03.01.2018]. Thanks for your help! Closed.
  13. paratroopers jumping into death

    This is a known issue and has already been reported many times, but thanks for the heads up! Closed.
  14. Bicycles floating in air

    This is not a bug. Floating bikes are a weird thing, but that's how the code has been made. Closed.
  15. My account is BUG

    You need to contact Support. Closed.