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  1. OC_Ludwig

    cant play .. help me please

    Hi! You should have a look at this article explaining how to set up your firewall settings https://heroesandgenerals.com/support/networking/firewall-settings/ . If it doesn't work, then you should contact Support. Please don't disable your antivirus, it's not a good idea.
  2. OC_Ludwig

    the tank update makes US even worst

    Teamplay is teamplay. Buy a care package at the store! It comes with wrench! And medkits! Where were you when weapon damage and rate of fire was tweaked regardless of real-life statistics? Now Reto has done the same to tanks. And the same will be done to planes. All in the name of... balance. I agree with that change. It gave it an use. My fans only deserve the best shitpoasting
  3. OC_Ludwig

    Antichit will go out for a walk

    He's not a cheater
  4. OC_Ludwig

    Cosas que me siguen sorprendiendo

    Tiene que haber sido un lagazo terrible, con bajada de frames y todo si es tal y como lo describes. Tu compañero habría muerto, el tipo que dices te habría matado, y por tu pantalla no habrían pasado los frames mostrando esas cosas. No es posible usar cheats de teleportación en H&G. Sé que hay cheats por ahí que se anuncian diciendo que pueden incrementar tu salud, incrementar el daño de las armas, teleportación o atravesar las paredes con las balas o hasta con tu propio cuerpo. Pero esos parámetros (salud, daño, posición del jugador, movimiento) los maneja el servidor, no el cliente, y por tanto un usuario no puede cambiarlos con un hack (obviamente, alguien podría intentar enviar paquetes al servidor con información falsa, pero el servidor tiene la última palabra) Salu2
  5. OC_Ludwig

    Tank sights on Panzer 4 are shooting off-center and high

    Hum, there might be two things going on here: The sights, when you spawn, are graded for 200 metres. Don't ask me why, it's how it is. You need to readjust them for shorter distances (easiest way is to go into precision mode, look to the floor and press 'Spacebar'). Otherwise you will miss shots. There are stranger things going on when it comes to sights. The PTRS is also graded for 200 meters when you spawn. Good luck hitting anything at that distance. Reto added conefire to all tank guns when they released the 1.22 update (the latest one at the moment of writing this post). It starts being noticeable at 200 meters. Have you considered any of these @Snow_Sheltie?
  6. OC_Ludwig

    the tank update makes US even worst

    This is the correct attitude. They aren't people. They lack higher cognitive abilities and are unable to suffer real pain or frustration. From my years-long experience, the answer is always the same: F L A N K We all want teamplay until it stops being fun for us, isn't it? Well, they wanted people to flank so they nerfed side armor and buffed the front. Guess who also has the ability to flank? Yep, that's right, AT infantry. Ah, you've got to love those pricks arguing before the update that German tanks didn't need a buff because the King Tiger was OP and that the KT needed a nerf. Simultaneously. It always surprised me that they could say such stuff and nothing would happen to them. Normal people would've gotten an aneurism from that contradiction, but the H&G player always belonged to a special breed. Hehe, here we go complaining about spotting being OP. Meanwhile many players keep asking for an improved spot system or a system to put markers in the map. Even spotting is OP in H&G.
  7. OC_Ludwig

    Se necesita un baneo maximo de cheaters

    El juego no está lleno de hackers. La mayor parte de los casos de 'hackers' que se resuelven en Soporte son de problemas técnicos. Mucha gente con problemas de lag o de detección de impactos. También importa la skill. H&G mete en las mismas partidas a gente que acaba de crearse una cuenta y tiene un fusil semiautomático sin mods y a gente que lleva 8 años jugando y juega 16 horas al día, y eso no puede acabar bien para muchos. La killcam también confunde mucho, ya que no muestra el momento de la muerte sino el lugar donde está el que lo mató a uno unos segundos después.
  8. OC_Ludwig

    Missing paraplanes

    Closed due to lack of replies. I guess @looker3000 wasn't familiar with handling paratrooper ATs. /thread
  9. OC_Ludwig

    Veteran membership broken

    Hi, we can't help you with this on the forums. You need to contact Support and ask the for a refund. /thread
  10. OC_Ludwig

    reto plz read this

    This doesn't belong in the Bug Hunters subforum. /thread
  11. OC_Ludwig

    So I heard the panzer 3 has buffed HE shells now

    It was done on purpose to give Tier 1 Medium Tanks some useability. And btw, Hades said that he'll give the same treatment to Tier 1 Medium Fighters. Source is the Official Discord and date is the 4th of June Also, plenty of people on Forums and Discord were clapping with their butcheeks ears when Reto started balancing firearms while ignoring some real-life characteristics. As long as the hated enemies were getting nerfed it didn't matter, did it? So why all the useless talk about diameters, explosive fillings and all that jazz now? This is what you get when you ask for balance. Y'all should've learnt years ago not to ask for balance.
  12. OC_Ludwig

    Missing paraplanes

    Hi! Can you send a screenshot of the paratrooper Assault Team? Not while they are on the town. What I want is a picture of the right sidebar where all your Assault Teams are listed, showing the paratrooper ones.
  13. That doesn't apply to all clans, and in any case war battles are a minority of all battles. I'm very sure the statistics also include staged. Heh, call me a weirdo but I believe players should have the impression that they get to decide the outcomes of battles. Not the matchmaker. I'm not aware on what Hades has or hasn't done. I can't peek on his mind, nor I have a crystal ball to check that. I'm just giving a reminder to both old farts and forum noobs on who are the H&G developers.
  14. OC_Ludwig

    Free tank

    Thanks Krzysiek, this sounds like the most likely explanation. Not a bug. /thread
  15. OC_Ludwig


    This is feedback and doesn't belong in this section. This is working as intended. None of the grenades work as the old RGD-33 mini-nuke and the other ones used to work. /thread