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  1. XMAS Skins

    It would be nice to have the chance to buy those again. I didn't do it back in the day, and I still regret it. X stands for the Greek letter Chi. In Greek, you write Christos as ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ. Contracting Christ as XP is pretty much as old as Christendom itself, and Xmas goes on the same logic.
  2. Reclutamiento Clan ARGENTINA SKUNK - Alemania

    Era uno de los oficiales, y sí, conozco. a Nk. Buen tipo, con iniciativa y entusiasmo. Le recomiendo.
  3. Best Para Loadout?

    I have 3 paras with: FG42 P38 + Stickies + Panzerwurfmine Lang G43 with scope + medkit These pretty much represent the 3 kinds of para that I often come accross, a para with an auto gun (MG or SMG), an antitank para and a sniper para. Now, some people might want to put more ammo in the scoped rifle instead of carrying medkits or binos, or prefer carry a medpack instead of a second set of AT nades, or replace AT nades with AT mines, or will try to run Hoarder in the automatic weapon so they can fit a medkit in their loadout. It's up to you.
  4. Adolf's painting skills

    Because the paintings are meh. For example, check the people in the images, he didn't know how to paint human figures well. His paintings were good for postcards, for decorating the living room or the office, but not much else. They aren't really "art", they're cold, they don't transmit anything. Compare them to one of the paintings of a guy who made it into the School of Arts and Crafts of Vienna that same year when Hitler applied:
  5. Totenkopf insignia

    It could be a matter of caution, to prevent people from claiming that "the tankers are carrying the SS skull !!!!!". Everybody is mentioning the thing with the jaw in the skull, but I doubt that such a detail could be appreciated when looking at the in-game uniforms. There's still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the German tanker character, though.
  6. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    Just... what would be the point of playing as an infantryman then? I've been always under the assumption that Infantry is the best and definitive class, since it can do all what the other classes do, but with less powerful equiment (less poweful explosives than those of planes and tanks, weaker BA builds than recons, etc). Infantry exclusive weapons are LMGs (which I think were mentioned in an earlier stream as candidates to give spawn delay), assault rifles (which everyone assumed here to have delay as well) and rocket launchers (which are likely to have spawn delay too). Other than that, if I get spawn delay for spawning with a G43 rifle with T-Post, why not spawning instead with a recon with G43 German #1 scope? It might have less waiting time, assuming that scoped rifles are mainly a recon thing. Why using a StG44 when I can use a FG42? Why planting SMines as infantryman when I can plant PMKs as Recon. Why would I want to use 10 equipment points in a loadout when adding more stuff to said loadout increases my waiting time? Couldn't it be possible that after all this Infantry becomes an obsolete class?
  7. Este juego va cada vez peor!!

    Deberías hablar con el soporte de la Retomoto http://support.heroesandgenerals.com, sobre todo si tienes abono de veterano que no puedes utilizar por la mala conexión.
  8. Busco Clan español, faccion alemania

    Poca cosa puedo hacer. De los españoles que jugábamos en División Azul que yo sepa sólo seguimos activos y jugando como alemanes @hectorhfm y yo. Hay un par de clanes latinos, pero de españoles no queda ninguno. Puedes añadirme de amigo si quieres jugar con alguien, y si te apetece charlar podemos ir a alguna de las salas comunes del TS alemán. De todas formas, me sabe mal no poder ayudar más, así que te dejo esta guía para compensar
  9. he regresado amigos

    enuZi Members - Recruits 1 post ¿Cómo puedes haber regresado si este es tu primer post? El server de Brasil lleva años en el juego. Y si no puedes jugar ahí, ya se encargará Reto de mandarte a jugar al de la costa oeste de EE.UU.
  10. Not huge bug, but still not supposed to be there.

    I guess the message is fine. Remember that Academy trained characters bought before August 2016 and all chars after that date can still access the General career, and that the rule still applies for legacy soldiers. Closed.
  11. Unable to equip enemy AP mines

    The first part of your post is working as intended. For captured pre-Timoshenko PMK-40 mine, apply the same rules that you'd use with captured DP-28s, PPSh-41, S.T.N. 74 and RPG-43s. Those characters who unlocked and bought them can keep them, but new characters can't equip them. I suggest you contact Support and ask them to remove those mines from your character. About the second part, that's feedback and it doesn't belong to this section. Closed.
  12. Pedido - Imagen mapa Fabrica -

    Más viejo que esto no lo vas a encontrar: Para leer información desfasada y consultar imágenes de cuando Reto.Gargamel todavía tenía pelo, nada mejor que la Wiki.
  13. Read this before it's too late!

    Totally agree. I'd even add another point: dying in this game because of "silly" reasons is really easy in H&G. Teamkills due to poor communications (fragging, bombs dropped by friendly planes or HE shells, running over with vehicles) happen all the time. Spawncamping still happens, and is probably an inevitable thing (there will always be one spot where players can be camped after respawn, and since we don't agree on where the spawn area finishes there will always be someone who feels that he has been spawncamped). The frustration of not being able to participate in the game while respawning, the feeling of not being able to be proficient enough to play against other players (especially if they're in a better position than me), the inability to compensate a lack of reflexes, a bad Internet connection or a PC setup with hours and more hours of grinding top tier gear could be one of the things that will definetely drive me away from the game.
  14. Duda con los lotes

    El skin es inseparable del arma (no puedes poner el skin especial del Garand en otro Garand). Los mods del Garand se pueden compartir con otro Garand (o incluso con otra arma con la que sean compatibles, como la Carabina M1/M2) y los que ya tenías ahora los tendrás por duplicado. La única excepción a esta regla de los lotes y los mods es el cerrojo ligero del otro lote de subfusil. Ese es el únco mod incompatible con otras armas.
  15. malos graficos por actualizacion

    Es un bug, y parece que es cosa de los ordenadores de los afectados, porque algunos seguimos viendo las cosas como antes de la update.