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  1. There's a way to get around this: try matchmaking with a player in a higher matchmaking group. Send him a friend request and ask him to invite you to his squad.
  2. The game isn't broken, as many players (like me) use the Steam client without any of the problems that you're complaining about. I bet it's either your drivers, your computer, or your game files. Also, notice that this is not Support. The players that have replied to your thread are doing it on a voluntary basis, and the least that you can do is to try and test the solutions that they've suggested to you. Here you have the link to the Standalone client. I suggest that you give it a try so we can gather more information about this issue.
  3. Hace falta pegar muchos tiros
  4. You've got a very low matchmaker level, which means that there are very few players matchmaking for the battles that you can play, and that means that it longer for you to join a battle.
  5. A la stamina, es decir, la barra de debajo de la de salud.
  6. Gracias, gracias Hoy mismo la he actualizado a 1.07.1. Le he metido la info de los nuevos precios de los explosivos, un apartado para modear la Modelo 1934 después de preguntar a varios veteranos y un link a un screenshot de Steam que vi el otro día para los que no me creen cuando les digo que si ponen nombres nazis a los squads les puede caer un baneo. También le he hecho un puñado de retoques a las demás secciones. Hay un link a la guía en mi firma del foro.
  7. 500 467 En las páginas 5 y 6 de la vieja Guía de Reclutas de División Azul tengo una descripción más detallada de todos los precios.
  8. This is specifically a Support issue, so please contact support. /Closed http://Support.heroesandgenerals.com
  9. Moved to the Russian subforum.
  10. GER US SU Minas antitanque 124 124 124 Granadas antitanque 190 380 190 Minas antipersona 782 782 782 Granadas de mano Sh24: 154 M24 FS:184 154 154 Bazooka / Panzerschreck : 180 créditos + 5 por reparación del arma H3: 260 créditos
  11. Not exactly, and I don't think that any of these two are bugs. They're super-annoying though: This happens if the user wants to leave the vehicle in a location where a vehicle can get through, but a foot soldier can't, that is, some small bushes and shrubs. So, it is intended. This is due to the same game mechanic that prevents you from leaving a vehicle while it is in mid-air. It's there to prevent you from dying or taking fall damage. In this case, the wheels of the vehicle aren't touching the ground, so the game believes that the car is floating and doesn't let the players out. Again, this is also working as intended. Closed.
  12. Same rule applies to Anti-Personnel mines and (some) Anti-Tank grenades, as stated in the Changelog. I'll lock it because this is working as intended. Closed.
  13. Meter una animación de nieve no sería muy complicado. Ya había un efecto muy cutre que se podía activar con la consola. Aquí lo malo sería hacer que el juego "aprendiese" a distinguir entre interiores (de edificios) y exteriores, que sería muy difícil. La niebla que hay hoy aparece dentro de los edificios, y si meten nieve seguro que también nieva dentro de las casas
  14. Same rule applies to Anti-Personnel mines and (some) Anti-Tank grenades, as stated in the Changelog. I'll lock it because this is working as intended. Closed.
  15. ¡Hola! ¿Puedes subir una captura de pantalla con el error?