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  1. OC_Ludwig

    The Team Player

  2. OC_Ludwig

    The Team Player

    20. He will be the APC's "shotgun". He'll blast bazooka rounds on crossings to remove mines and jump out to deal with AT rambos so the APC can escape. 21. He will take the time to clean enemy mines from the spawn. 22. His death from AP mines won't be in vain. The team will get to know about them. 23. He will reply to questions from noobs in chat asking whether they should buy this or that weapon. If Reto won't teach them, the players will have to. 24. If told to press F2 and refrain from capping the last point until enemy blocking troops arrive, he'll do both things because he understand how RTS works. 25. He will carry supply crates on his vehicles, health ones if possible. 26. He puts a camo on his APC. Camos for APC aren't important, but new players trust those who have played long enough to afford them. Trust is important. 27. In war, after surviving a crash with his plane he will undeploy. Pilot tickets are too valuable to waste. 28. He will not spawn a vehicle in the last minute of the battle if the result can't be changed. He knows those are for the next match. 29. He will own finely grinded infantry support characters. He is a master of explosives. He can produce any type of gear the team needs, be it an antitank rifle, a recoilless rifle, a wrench or a bandage. He might not be the best player, but he has planned for every contingency the enemy can throw at the team. He may die, but the enemy won't catch him unprepared.
  3. Fixed as of 03/03/21. Thank you all for highlighting this issue.
  4. OC_Ludwig

    Cierro el juego y se vuelve a abrir

    ¿Has probado a reinstalar?
  5. OC_Ludwig

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    PPSh-41 sights are bad and MG42 isn't great at hipfiring. The M2 Carbine does well in both areas and is arguably "the best SMG in the game" (just like the Puma is the best light tank in the game). Disclaimer: Same here. Although I'm not really "excited" to drop it, the MP40 feels obsolete after the patch. But the meta is the meta.
  6. I've been checking your post history, and this is a problem you need to bring to Support. There's nothing we can do in the forums about it. For your knowledge, updating your tickets will put them at the end of the queue. If you have open tickets do not update them: updating tickets makes them take longer to resolve.
  7. OC_Ludwig

    Gun names!

    Nice to see you back! Mah boy Kimmo is now really happy since someone finally found mods for his Suomi SMG.
  8. OC_Ludwig

    Gun names!

    The 15 character rule for renaming is discriminatory against German players. There's no way to fit Selbstladekarabiner 455 (a) with such few letters.
  9. From Reto.Hades on the Discord. Saying that "I'll discuss", "if", "take a while" and "in that case" doesn't make me very confident that we'll see modded infantry FGs, with scopes or whithout, at any time. It doesn't mean it won't happen, and it'll be nice if it happens. But we can pretty much forget about it for the time being.
  10. OC_Ludwig

    Missing Soldiers in the action game

    This is annoying, but this is how the game is intended to be. The 30 soldier limitation per faction is not going to go away. I suggest you consider promoting some of your existing soldiers to generals or request Support to remove those soldiers. Alternatively, I'd suggest not redeeming the daily reward if you don't really need the new soldiers. Working as intended /thread
  11. No, no, no, no. It would make them look even worse. And even more unrealistic. The Germans didn't repaint captured weapons. If anything, captured weapons that were issued to troops were stamped with special markings to show that those were standard issue weapons and not war trophies. And I think some also got markings on which ammo they used, to avoid accidents. Anything more than that will reduce immersion even further.
  12. The game doesn't distinguish between battles "on land" and battles "on sea". If the issue is that it took an hour for the skirmish to start, that's a feature, not a bug. Working as intended. /thread