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  1. I think they've already said there won't be any class restrictions. But this is a sign of a game out of control.
  2. Interesting, I didn't realise they'd said that. Pity. So their job now should be to get to a point where AR isn't needed. Increase war numbers without a monetary loss on their side, so extra credits would be out of the equation. But as fiakpanzer suggested. It's a cash cow now as it is, I've had that thought now for a while too.
  3. There a lot in that entire post that I like, I clipped it for neatness sake. Making war attractive is a must. WF mean nothing, only 2 types left in war RTS. The haves and have nots. Nothing in-between. So WF means nothing as an incentive to either group. Filling the war with staged players perhaps isn't the best idea. The main issue is bringing vets back or turning the current new players into knowledgeable vets. That's the biggest challenge for reto.
  4. Baswaldo

    Nerf the germans

    Spare a thought for those of us non Russian SU players then. But we do okay. you kind of get used to it after a while.. Other option is queue for US battles that just never seem to pop....unless things have changed in the last year I last queued against them
  5. Baswaldo

    PTRD versus PB 39

    Overall its accuracy is better than the ptrd. But I'm happy with that. Now Ge can feel what its like to lose battles because some cabbages want that 1hk moron stick. I lost count of the battles lost in the PTRDs wonder days to these morons. I recall a thread once where someone wanted a scope on the thing!!! HAHA that is desperate stuff and a clear indication of a person operating on sub 60 IQ can still exist in a virtual world. Most likely on a diet of Dr Peppers and cheesy puffs.
  6. Ah, right. Makes sense now.
  7. Um, or, Ummm, is a thought when not knowing the answer. So I ask you, what is 'depo'?
  8. UM What is 'depo'?
  9. "Soviets have nothing going for them" I disagree with that. It's personal taste of course. Smgs are a nightmare. PPS is good, though nothing outstanding, in fact I prefer the mp40 very slightly, its too hard to get and too expensive for most new players to bother with. Unfortunately with SU though is it's more a fun novelty faction. Big mags on shirt smgs. Nice steady, odd looking lmg, that can't compete against any tier 2 lmg, but it's fun to use. AVS is the darling of SU but there's that mag issue that gives it that love hate relationship we all have. She carries the same thoughts most women have, "if only you had a little bit more in there, you'd be perfect! Oh, hello, nice Johnson Mr US" And the rest is just quirky, T20, party tank, floating gun nest. It's a fun faction if you're not russian not take yourself/the game too serious. Ge/US are just too boring. What it says about each respective player base? who knows?
  10. Baswaldo

    Pick your favorite AR

    These polls are a waste of time. No self respecting player is going to vote for his own factions weapon. Most of the forum is Ge, my hunch is johnson or AVS will run away with it.
  11. Baswaldo


    Oh, the drama! Bye bye now. No idea who you are, doubt you'll even be remembered tomorrow
  12. Baswaldo

    You brought AT rambos back

    Personally tankers(and recons, but that's another thread for another day) have always been bottom feeders. Tanks spamming HE from the furthest hill requires nothing in terms of "skill", gaming is NOT a skill but I'm sure you know what I mean. So understand this, Fire 1 HE shell into a cap zone or spawn, and you have to expect to have your invulnerability tested. I'm not into this whole salt farming BS, but I do take a certain amount of pleasure in seeing Tankers whining.
  13. Baswaldo

    Is it now enough?

    Problem I see reto having, is coming up with a solution of low US/SU war numbers. One solution could for example be that if you join war you can't use that faction in staged. That could possibly entice more player to actually play war. But it would only compound axis problems even more. OP weapons isn't the answer. Possible novelties like sub factions within those 2 perhaps, but that would be short term and cause an awful lot of tantrums among axis players wanting theirs. It is not a simple solution. Basic fact is. People want to be the bad guy in their alternative online persona.
  14. Baswaldo

    English speaking clan?

    If all else fails use your friends list and discord. I'm sure people on the forum would squad up if you asked
  15. Baswaldo

    Looking for active comrades

    @McRoth @JolloN? These guys from ORB might be able to help.