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  1. Looking for bad players and trolls

    This is in general chat so technically not a recruitment thread. Nothing is clarified though. Did you ever have a day?
  2. Looking for bad players and trolls

    @AfonsoQQ My perception of a troll has nothing to do with psychoanalysis. It's more a case of this is what I think and if the hat fits so be it. My psychiatric abilities amount to "if it looks like shirt smells like shirt and tastes like shirt, then it's shirt". Don't feel bad man.
  3. Looking for bad players and trolls

    You're not upset but start your sentence in a derogatory tone? As if hoping to put me down or possibly in my place? I'd guess I hit a nerve. You're latching onto parts of my troll explanation giving me the impression you felt a slight stab. More truth coming out than you hoped would? Do we need to bring a touch doll AfonsoQQ?
  4. Looking for bad players and trolls

    @GermanSoldier Oh no, I already said, my motivation is different to yours.
  5. Looking for bad players and trolls

    I explained what a troll is, you are a self proclaimed troll. I hardly see the reason for you now to get all upset.
  6. Looking for bad players and trolls

    @AfonsoQQ But I'm not triggered. I'm all for it. I encourage you to do it. I'm asking you to do it. @GermanSoldier
  7. Looking for bad players and trolls

    @kunalp What part of my post gave the impression I'm against what they are doing? My motives are different from theirs, but I'm not against it.
  8. Looking for bad players and trolls

    I'm not going try and stop you! In fact I will encourage it because I love that side of peoples insecurity, where they so brazenly tell everyone that they crave attention, that their egos have got so warped that even negative responses feed it, the narcissist is strong in bottom feeders. The internet has allowed the weak to feel strong. Trolls have almost always failed in the domain they intend to harass, thats a fact, I'd guess their real life is mirrored in these actions, they have no say IRL because of the reality of being pathetic or weak, but here they feel powerful and can do something about yet another failure in their lives and I'll put money on it that I'm right. Which as you can see in your case thats true, you tried to be something in H&G and fell short, now we have this version. I find this version much more fascinating. When the ego is hung out in the open and easily battered. I may not play the game much anymore, but I think my forum count is about to take a sharp rise to play this 'game'.
  9. Looking for bad players and trolls

    And your band of snowflake warriors resembles Antifa. "If it's not exactly like I say it should be I'll love everything up for everyone else".
  10. Pls explain me this

    Its not reto's problem what people deploy. Why should it matter to reto it you choose to field foot vs my everything?
  11. My idea for WF earnings

    Yes, exactly that. They should still earn something, but definitely not the same as someone playing it.For the most part these are the same players that overstack battles making it impossible for new players to benefit and are the reason queues and UD exist in the first place. Casualties of war worth taking if it brings more to war.
  12. I'm open to having any flaws exposed to my idea. But say why and possibly offer an alternative to it. Majority of WFs should be from actually playing in war battles. (encourages people to play war) Battle WF earnings should be battle XP related to avoid AFK, capping carrying the best reward, battles xp ticking down as the battle goes on that needs topping up with relevant actions, actions being like adding sand to an hour glass. to avoid bush campers rushing the first 2 caps then running for the hills doing nothing else constructive. Dog fight kills being the earner for planes and tank kills for tanks, inf kills for these 2 classes adding little to their xp. Anti Tank kills carrying little reward. Playing in a battle that has your ATs should carry a multiplier for your earned WFs from that battle giving you a good earner. Though that should be a fixed multiplier, not dependant an the number of ATs in it.(no point or advantage for whales overstacking new officers who happen to be playing with their AT's) Having AT's in a battle you are not playing in should carry a profit, but small, with the winning faction getting a slight advantage.(discourages people from deploying but heading off to staged contributing nothing to the war effort)
  13. Looking for bad players and trolls

    Well by definition Antifa is the purest form of contradiction, they ooze hypocrisy and admittedly the irony is purely accidental, they are the modern day equivalent of Nasos. "Nazi", apparently meaning "simple minded", would give them, and this set up, too much credit.
  14. Looking for bad players and trolls

    This is great!!! ANTIFA plays Axis!
  15. It's about time to be honest. UD is pointlessly aimed at the wrong stage of the game. Players only see it's worth once they spent all their time building an axis character only to realise they have to start all over again. The way I see it working out though is axis staged slayers will play war again along with a return of a few ezmoders, they'll see the return of the queue, whine that Reto hates them, and leave..... again. Back to normal with SU/US sharing the spoils.