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  1. Is H&G Dying?

    Would you put your faith in a company so detached from its product as Reto is to rework it? I wouldn't bank on it. My days on HG are done, I was one of the biggest fanboys out there. But I finally lost hope. Gameplay wise I struggle to think of a properly implemented update they've managed. I have a feeling the true HG brain within Reto left the company sometime in early beta and the rest of it has been a gradual downward slide. Just my opinion though.
  2. Soviet 2nd lmg

    Ok , I'll go to bed now and you'll be ok, you can go to your "safe space".
  3. Soviet 2nd lmg

    Really, did I? Or maybe you want to stop being so precious and maybe you need to read my post in context. loving snowflake
  4. Soviet 2nd lmg

    @Fegaris You quote me twice meaning love all. Say what you want to say. You think those wannabes in the chat really can back up what they say?
  5. Soviet 2nd lmg

  6. Soviet 2nd lmg

    You mean all those same nerds that would look at their feet at the first sight of trouble?
  7. 100% agree, it shouldn't be better than the mp40 or thompson, different but similar, as it is now. But for that reason it should be unlocked alongside the ppsh as a 2nd different option for the same price as the MP40. Its grind is currently 1.5x longer and assuming you don't buy the Ppsh it costs 67k more when you get there. If you factor the price of the ppsh to ease the grind then you're paying 225k more than it's Ge/US equivalent, bit harsh for a like for like weapon for new players, I think. In my opinion the smg situation and grind is a huge problem in SU recruitment. SMG's should be the bread and butter weapon and SU new players just don't want that hassle if it's easier on another faction to get the competitive SMG.
  8. I think this got lost in translation. What does that mean? "and your head"
  9. "Join the war", I only watched about 3 mins but you seem to be playing staged.
  10. Solidarity with SU

    @GAIUSkiBALTARovski I think you need to calm down, that "neutral point of view" and "more relaxed game style" you were talking about just flew of the window. You like salt you said, well you seem to be harvesting it on yourself. Looks a bit silly
  11. Incentive to play Russia

    Adding a new weapon is pointless for attracting new players as it will be unlocked somewhere down the line of a long grind. The problem with SU is at the ppd. Players buy that early enough in the journey to realise they don't have the patience to grind to the PPS, so change faction or leave the game. Make the ppd the strongest T1 smg and the numbers will grow. It's just human nature.
  12. KV85

    As a SU tanker its more about positioning and less about the tank. If you're not a good tanker with mediums you won't be a good tanker with heavies basically.
  13. Dev Posts

    I am more than capable of making drama all on my own without inventing anything. But if thats how you see it I'm more than happy to go along with that. So let's assume I did it for the drama, now what?
  14. Dev Posts

    Did I mention I was "told" or did I imply it was removed because they didn't like what I said? Does your post look like a question or a statement? So need I answer a statement? Or do you believe that because you have spoken I should listen? (? signify a question btw, you post does not have one)
  15. Dev Posts

    Really? Thanks for that. Bye bye now.