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  1. Baswaldo

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    People wanting historical accuracy to the extent of skin colour, but the goal of the majority of players is that Germany wins the war. That's my chuckle for the day sorted.
  2. Baswaldo

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    If this is a genuine post, and you really are losing 9/10 exchanges Vs m2 and avs, needing a 'MEGA BUFF' to stg, then your name, "super killer man of death" is probably the most poorly chosen name ever.
  3. Baswaldo

    Actual good build for G43

    Whether it's better or worse is immaterial, but Vs ger it's massive advantage, like all captured weapons, is sound association. Many players won't suspect anything hearing their own factions weapon around them.
  4. Baswaldo

    Actual good build for G43

    As if it was common place for soldiers to personalise their weapons in ww2? A guy with a SA rifle and bazooka picks up a mg42 and swims across a river like it's nothing, and you want to nitpick about a bullet?
  5. Baswaldo

    War battle without being in a faction?

    I was hoping it was a real thing, to ensure war battles got played. Certainly war skirmishes.
  6. Just lately I've noticed I'm entering staged skirmish and playing in war battle even though I've not selected a faction. Is this a thing now? WFs for staged again, bonus.
  7. Baswaldo

    Captured Mods

    I don't overly see an issue here in terms of immersion. Not a lot of difference to players picking up OP weapons. It's not like its the first time an opponent has shot me with my factions weapon. It does however get tedious to just constantly hear the same OP weapon all the time. The most likely complainers are going to be the faction with the OP weapon of the times. That will change around, each faction will get its turn to have THE OP weapon. It's the new money spinner.
  8. Baswaldo

    What's the point of 6min matches?

    Not what I meant. I was replying to them having a lot more than 10 people They use the squad system better than anyone else. I've played with many SU clans using the squad system and never once seen them using Alts. Not saying it doesn't happen, of course it does. But not as much as people think. But all factions do it. I recall a now defunct ger clan that used to alt to waste APCs in clan battles.
  9. Baswaldo

    What's the point of 6min matches?

    It's an illusion. In my opinion the Russian players(people, not faction) are the best at playing the game. They play the system better than any other group, irrespective of what faction they are playing.
  10. Baswaldo

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Why do they use it?
  11. Baswaldo

    shirt game.

    Here's work around for you then. As soon as you die, leave the battle.
  12. Baswaldo

    shirt game.

    You want realism from a computer game? Just think about that for a minute. The fact that you respawn after 'dying' is not real? The fact that you are playing with a keyboard and mouse is enough of a clue that realism is not going to happen. Especially when you go get a packet of cheese puffs and a fizzy drink while the battle is loading, a real experience is way out of reach.
  13. Baswaldo

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Nerfs cost players. Don't nerf the stg, bring other weapons up. People have spent real money buying it, people have positive gaming experiences because of the weapon giving them their intend result. Nerf it and they leave.
  14. Baswaldo

    Let's make it done with MG42

    The game HAS to lean towards the Germans. It's business. That's where the bulk of their clients are. Edit: are we to assume otherwise that the majority of society chooses the harder player experience over easy/easier?
  15. Baswaldo

    Let's make it done with MG42

    If you want to know what's OP, look at what captured weapons are being bought. As for the weapons clannies use, in the accidental event of clan Vs clan, see if they still use the captured weapons. Its science right there.