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  1. I really don't come on here to make friends or stroke egos. Players leave, let them go. they left for whatever reason but they left quietly The game isn't dying, war mode is suffering I will concede that, but it still has a lot left. Too many want this game to die because it's got too hard for them and they want to say "told you so". As for people despising me on here for saying they're a bit yellow bellied, they are only going to be 1 type of person and I couldn't care less about them. Bring them, if they showed as much fight in game as they do on here Axis would be worth playing.
  2. I just can't understand anyone turning away help. I'm pretty sure 99% of the Axis player base didn't even know that US clans had come to help out. I see now in the ingame chat how Staged heroes come into war battles only to tell randoms that all clans and vets are on strike and they should also do it, yes you know who you are. I had players from 1.Armee tell me to leave Axis and go back to SU, yes you @Duhmi89 while I was trying to help them against ORB. They can't cope but they don't want help, there is the problem with Axis vets/clans. The random players overall are very inexperienced but there is good players among them, I friend request them to form bigger squads and most requests are rejected. This hardly ever happens on SU. The Axis problems have nothing to do with Maths, RTS, Weapons,tin foil hat theories. It's problems are flat out player driven and too many poor quality vets that don't have the belly for hard mode coming here/in game/twitch telling anyone who's willing to listen that it's Reto's fault Axis needs to change its mindset not its weapons.
  3. Not sure what this is. But those Vets didn't leave because the others have slightly better weapons, they left because the MG42 got nerfed. Simple as that. Look at it like this. They all moan now that the stg in rubbish, the mp40 can't compete at cqc and so on. So what were they using before if they weren't using the stg? They were ALL using the MG42 that was ridiculously OP. I still use it and still think it's the best all rounder in the game, But I have to use TGG. Big deal, so it's badge dependant. So is Johnson and AVS with their small mags. Lets not make excuses and lets start figure out what we can do to turn this around. I'll squad up with any willing players, as I did last night with @zaerius and a friend of his, we didn't lose a battle.
  4. I've seen this theory before. It's just not the case. Town map does not always have the same composition, so moving in a straight line from town to town means you won't always have the same line to assault. The first town I took to check your theory is Wittstock near Berlin -assault WITTSTOCK from NEURUPPIN and its E line -Assault WITTSTOCK from WENDISCH and its B line -Assault WITTSTOCK from GROSS PANKOW and its A line ****the following is my opinion not universal fact**** As for weapons being inferior thats debatable. Axis I agree are no longer OP in the weapon front but I'm more than happy with my MG42, Mg34 needs heavy modding like DP but it's good, STG is the poor relative to Johnson/AVS but I use it, MP40 is best smg in game for me, Gewehr is good SA no complaints, All BA are for faeries so I couldn't comment.
  5. You're right but Binson has a point, I've been owned many times against that thing. In the right hands like you both say it's savage.
  6. The Axis player base is pretty poisonous at the moment. What I suggest you do is invite as many good players as you can off your friend list into squads, a squad of 4-6 good players squading up using the command system is very effective. Good players don't need TS/Discord, though it does help they should know what to do. There is nothing wrong with the weapons, reto could help a bit but the community needs to do it's bit first. Treat this as a clean slate, Queue is no longer an issue so play the game how you've never been able to before. Longer toothed Axis community members need to learn to play all over again, no more ability compensation, no more clan dominance, no more following the leader. You current Vets are the future, time to set the example.
  7. Let's not turn this into a whine thread. Another one. You not interested then please just leave it alone. I would like to play axis and I'm asking if others can please come help thede guys that are still trying to make it into a viable faction. I'm not asking for why you don't play or not why people shouldn't try. If any randoms or come overs wants to squad up or use discord/TS I'm more than happy to do that. I can't offer you victory, I'm not that good but I offer you enthusiasm, an ingredient definitely in short supply it seems.
  8. Not sure if we're talking about the same thing here, Im asking random vets/players, not necessarily clan members or clans. Just to help bolster their numbers with a bit more experience.
  9. I wouldn't say a few vets off the forums leaving SU/US means there is no one left to fight. Do want to play or just AR everything. Thats what it comes down to.
  10. Axis main vets/clans need to either play and figure it out or change factions for good and move on. No more one foot in staged the other in Axis war, it's massively detrimental to the guys who are trying through tough times. They're in or they're out. Basically it comes down to how much content they have in their spines.
  11. SU are holding their own, their randoms are probably the best in the game and there are enough vets squading up to give clans headaches, this I know from personal experience. And clans like ORB are really quite potent and well attended now. On a side note. SU players regularly use the command system in games, regularly squad invite. I have seen neither yet in Axis from what I've encountered. I asked for orders and got kicked from the squad twice already. I tried forming a squad from my friend list last time I played Axis a few wars back and never once got a squad of larger than 3 together.
  12. That is great for the benefit of everyone but I think they need help long term. Ive been in battles where the highest rank is 10 and they just seem clueless. No fault of theirs, experience does come in a ribbon booster. Just having people talk them through it that doesn't involve calling everyone noobs and "go play staged" will help the faction keep good players. Small steps. The few clans they have need to maximise their PR opportunities. Clans win wars, randoms decide by how much, they need one another. Overnight wins don't help in the long run. Just being a consistent force will build them up better.
  13. That line was intended to hit a nerve, I have enormous amount of respect for Axis players who are still playing Axis through these hard times. But they aren't the ones being petulant so they should take no insult from what I said. It's the ones who play staged and those that have moved factions only to prove some point. Whatever category you feel you fall into is up to you, though I do see you as an all factions type of player so why you'd get heated up about it I can't say.
  14. As we all know Axis is very weak atm. This game makes little sense SU/US fighting it out for victory and Axis just getting mauled. I have gone Axis to try help the few Axis main players that are still there and I'd like to ask all random vets/experienced players to perhaps consider helping out too. Particularly the 'all factions' players. The weapons are fine but I've seen first hand how poor the current player base is, and I'm sure we're all aware how petulant their non playing vet players have been of late. So love 'em, lets at least try get this faction respectable again War is the only part of this game thats worth playing and without Axis strong enough to at least defend itself it's just not cricket.