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  1. Interesting thought here. "All headshots against me are just RNG but every headshot I make is skill". It all balances out. Alternative of course is a predictable cone fire and we make even more head shots.
  2. The battlefronts are going to be a problem with this. Axis is needed to pop battles because of population issues and with such a small Axis front shared across 2 factions we are left with a majority SU/US front that just descends into an AR borefest. I doubt Axis can fight their way out of Scandi with nothing but clans waiting on their small front. Also the low number of Axis battles available will mean A LOT of Axis players fighting to get into battles resulting in their clans possibly struggling to get a fight and Axis folding fast. Unless I'm missing something.
  3. All that looks great but how you look before a fight is irrelevant at the end.
  4. Okay then, nothing more to say on the matter.
  5. Its a sad case but yes I do sound like a broken record, and as long as I see majority of clans going in with 10+ members to systematically slaughter randoms for their own pleasure I will probably find myself saying it again and again. I can not stress how much damage it does to the game when randoms get rolled over battle after battle. How many times have clan members sat there for a few nights in a row playing solo facing clan after clan of 10+? You very seldom see clans operating in small numbers anymore. Using matchmaker for the most part will throw you in with a clan nowadays as the war numbers are just so small. The random populations morale gets broken and they think "love this I'm out". I even see them regularly saying it. There is no need for that sort of selfish carry on at the moment when the war side of the game is struggling so much. Add to that the sheer number of Clans going into staged doing the same thing, probably because of their likelihood of bumping into an opposing clan, once again chasing more players away. Clans will not understand the issue as they don't see a problem, but the very issue of war now being dead and boring is only compounded by their actions. Even clanners are getting bored and leaving because of all the seal clubbing. This is where I think they should tread lightly and make sure battles are enjoyable for everyone, but that doesnt happen. This what I mean about taking responsibility.
  6. That sort of comment is never going to be helpful. The quest for the holy grail for me has always been to get more players in war. Think of something that can help this problem and put it out there. If ppl find a flaw then adapt you plan or rethink it. But 99% of ideas banded about have flaws in them. It's not as easy as you think to get this big old bus working smoothly. But don't just shoot reto down without a thought of your own. You'll be surprised how many ideas have made the game that were born on this forum. Isn't that right @zaerius 😙?
  7. But those numbers are the people that have chosen a faction but most are playing staged. As mobster said, SU certainly are not fielding anywhere near that many in war battles. If there are 35 battles going those 750 SU players would be queued in every battle and no faction does that.
  8. Please correct me if I wrong here, I hope I'm not, because I'm living in hope that war is very nearly doable. I'm not so sure we need that many. Right now I count 37 battles on SU side, other factions are roughly the same and there are very few towns not engaged. So 740 per faction are needed to fill those battles, peaking at possibly 1000 at busiest times, but there will need to be the odd unfilled battles as a buffer so as to ensure limited waiting time for players coming out of battles or extra players joining war, because as we all know ppl don't like waiting. So by my reckoning we could comfortably have the war flowing with very little AR with about 660 dedicated war players per faction. Sounds simple and there appears to be enough players in game, but how to coax those staged players into war seems the problem.
  9. Come on. We're talking staged here. Any clan with an ounce of self worth would/should not be playing in staged in TS.
  10. Is it clever for a clan to go full characters, on TS vs staged randoms? I personally don't see how it's good for the game.
  11. I don't hate clans, not in the slightest, what gets my goat is noob slaying, staged smashing clans. Like yourself.
  12. Yes you can expand but that would require a dedicated long term war population that needed a larger shop floor. War needs to be an attractive option for those that want the harder challenge. at the moment it is not serving that need. But the fault lies with the player base. Reto give us a platform and how its played is up to us, obviously , as its a solely online game. But as a new player thats been bossing it in staged, decides he's now "elite", as the war map states, goes into his first battle and he's destroyed by a noob hunting clan. As I said earlier the clans need to take more responsibility for the state of the war map. As it's been proclaimed so many times, it's their playground, but they choose to play the part of the bully.
  13. you can't do that, war will be horribly overpopulated and queues would be far too long. War doesn't actually need that many more people. 2000 players in total and the war map is congested to a point of you struggling to get a game. So only a few more regular war players, but a huge drive to attract US timezone players,(hence in my opinion the slight bias towards US weapons) and tada, war is great again.
  14. I know exactly how you feel because I have the same issues with US AR everything. But it's not a legitimate or deliberate tactic. It's just numbers, there are simply not enough SU/US guys playing war. But there aren't the number of Axis guys you might think either. We all seem to see the issue existing because of different reasons. We need to establish why the problem exists. As always I put the blame leaning, though not entirely, at the clans. Problem with war is that most randoms don't want to get steamrolled in 7 mins by 10+ clanners, so they don't play war, then we now have clanners playing staged steamrolling, so the randoms just leave the game thinking there's a ton of hackers once they get to a certain level. Clans like to make out this game lives and breathes solely because of them, so perhaps it's time they took a bit of that responsibility. Reto won't give a clan feature but that wouldn't stop the clans from fighting one another, at the same time showcasing themselves to randoms in epic clan vs clan battles. BUT I PROMISE YOU THIS, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Because vast majority hide behind the non existent "making a push on the map" BS. So the problem is not just come and play, I'm sure 10 ppl will have 10 different reasons why this problem exists.