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  1. are there any big axis clans?

    Interesting angle you took there. Stealing credit of the new generation of Axis up and coming future vets. As this thread is about how no clans exists really anymore on Axis and that Axis clan community is all but dead in war, how can you as a staged clanner, seemingly here to represent the TS clans, suddenly take credit for those victories? Those victories are probably largely based on random vs random, them leading the way where you staged heroes have failed, because lets face it, Axis clans are loved(rhymes with ducked)!
  2. are there any big axis clans?

    The game's reliance is on Axis clans. Its just makes sense that Axis is the enemy, from a US/SU POV. But saying that, the Axis TS must be one massive cesspit of negativity with all those world class whiners and that MASSIVE victim complex. What the game needs is for that TS to die a death and someone new takes over and starts from the ground up as SU did in 2015 or people break away from this faction TS system. Each clan would have been better off in their own Discord channel away from the defeatists and just enjoyed themselves. Once there was this drive for communal TS's all went south.
  3. Over the years you and I haven't seen eye to eye but credit where its due you are one of the better generals in the game and I don't recall ever seeing you over stack another SU general, but there are others that do. Last night I saw a battle pop with about 800 infantry, very nice return for the generals in there, by the end it had nearly 3500. I'm fairly certain I could name a handful of players and I would have named the culprit that threw all that in there. They do it all the time to ensure the lions share of XP/wf's.
  4. 42 buff not enough

    What I find odd about the TTK fans is that they feel they are being outdone because of 100th of a second, The truth is that positioning far outways ttk. I die far too often because I run into a house like a smackhead at a crack convention as you know and pointed out to me. I die because I'm careless and get outplayed. As does everyone else.
  5. 42 buff not enough

    Not since mini buff but after the nerf, yes I did. A lot. I did a few wars as GE because there were no GE clans to fight against as a SU player, so I fought the SU clans and groups.
  6. 42 buff not enough

    Sorry to be the barer of bad news but if you still can't use the MG42 then you just need to change factions. Because that thing is a savage again. I used it in the skill compensating days, I carried on using it post nerf and I tried it again post mini buff. Its not quite the compensator it was, true, but it's the best LMG in game again. It's again too easy to use. A 7 slot SMG with a 50 round mag.
  7. deploying atm is a waste of time. All battles on SU are ridiculously overstacked, normally by the same few people. Which might explain why no one is replying in this thread. I can't remember the last time I deployed anything and I know a few others who feel the same.
  8. KGB one of SU´s best clans

    Since Axis took to condiment storage. Seems they're no better at that than they are playing a HG on hard mode.
  9. Update 1.08.1 - Weapon Tweaks

    I'd put at the top of the list. By far the best weapon in game again. Nearly the accuracy of the johnson but with clear sights, the range of the 1919 with no sight issues, the speed of the M1M2. Whats not to love again.
  10. Update 1.08.1 - Weapon Tweaks

    exactly the same as you did there. Prenerf was like playing with a hack. Now all I found is a very slight rise to the right. Very easy to compensate. I emptied a belt, no short bursts, on a car full that was driving and killed 3 of the 4 easily while it was moving.
  11. Update 1.08.1 - Weapon Tweaks

    MG42 yes, with no Tight grip. Its an amazing weapon again. It was a staged skirmish so no real opposition but I could kill from anywhere at long distance and only died once when I ran out of ammo. VERY accurate again.
  12. Update 1.08.1 - Weapon Tweaks

    If this is what is takes to bring the easymoders back then so be it. At least we have someone to play against. The alternative is the endless whining. I'm all for the return of the compensators being back if it helps.
  13. Thank you Reto, Again!!!

    As mental breakdown rants go this was one of the funniest I've read.
  14. You cant stop them .

    "you can't stop them" I think those pesky Afghan poppy farmers will tell a different story.
  15. Not the smartest idea. So a new player plays his backside off to get a top end weapon, all his hard earned credits go on it and he gets spawn camped. Because he has no other character he has to sit waiting for some timer to count out? I get killed by a Johnson while using my AVS and I have to then enter with a 3 hk svt while my AVS regens itself? My T34-85 gets Panthered and I spawn a T28 to hunt it down?Not good I'm afraid. Don't see the logic here. As the cool kids would say .......GTFO!