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  1. Suihkuunkusija

    Overpowerd weapons

    Walker update RUSSIAN WEAPONS ARE OVERPOWERD!!!!! what is that????? from the SVT and the Mosin Nagant two shoots ? only two shoots??????????? ........ very great,,,, VERY GREAT,,,,, to make a game that have cheat and OVERPOWERD weapons!!! WOOOW... i can play that game and need two shoots to a enemy, I AM 15 years old and I can play the game WOOOW.... PATCHED THIES!!!! and BALACED THIES!!!!
  2. Suihkuunkusija

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    The reason why I stopped playing war matches. I play other games, I have a life, I dont have the time for clans. And there is no fun getting steam rolled by one over and over again
  3. Suihkuunkusija

    Returning... Maybe

    I havent played this game for some time, stopped playing when they added bots in the staged matches. Whats New since then? Any New maps? Is the game still dying or did it manage To grow in playerbase again? Is It worth it to play again or should I just stick To Post Scriptum and BFV for my dose of WW2 Theme
  4. Suihkuunkusija

    How is the game now?

    Stopped playing after they introduced bots in the staged because that was like putting a last nail to the coffin. What's new since then and is the game still downhill or did they finally make some good changes?
  5. Suihkuunkusija

    Looking for Finnish clan or people. Us faction

    Pelaako tätä peliä vieläkin joku? Meni kokonaan mielenkiinto kun tuli botteja stagediin
  6. Suihkuunkusija

    Finnish community Discord Heroes & generals

    Ei jaksa pelata enään tätä kuollutta peliä
  7. Suihkuunkusija


    Flamethrower would downgrade the game fps from a slideshow to a notebook flipping pages
  8. Suihkuunkusija

    Tanking in BFV is more satisfying than in H&G

    One of my favourite tanks to play. There is a Valentine Archer vs Tiger I quite early in the video
  9. Suihkuunkusija

    Tanking in BFV is more satisfying than in H&G

    I play only breakthrough and grand operations so no clusterfuck there. I agree conquest is clustwrfuck and Thats why I dont play that game Mode. Its much nicer To have an actual attack and defense lines going on in the battles. Iwo Jima is awesome on breakthrough
  10. Suihkuunkusija

    Tanking in BFV is more satisfying than in H&G

    H&G tried To be original but the original part has always sucked, talking about the RTS part. Auto resolve, over population, A attack line, noobs wasting your warfunds, parAbuse You can bash as much as you like, but I personally have enjoyed every aspect of the game more than I have in H&G, and I have been here since before SU was added. Also in BFV I dont need To read cyrillics in every single match, which is a big bonus
  11. Suihkuunkusija

    Tanking in BFV is more satisfying than in H&G

    It doesnt have the super realistic armor systems of War Thunder, but some components can break, tracks, engine, turret ring for what I can tell. If infantry gets a jump on you from flank or rear, at close range, you have slim chance of surviving. So its important To keep an eye out for surroundings AT cannons are very effectively against tanks. The balance between infantry and tanks is pretty good and I can say that someone Who plays both roles
  12. ...Which tells a lot about the bad balance between tanks - infantry- planes in Heroes&Generals So I bought BFV from the black friday sales ( not that the game cost much anyways now ), and I gotta say, people badmouth this game a lot without even playing it. And don't come talk to me about historical accuracy, H&G doesn't have it either anymore. I wasn't big fan of the game when it came out, I hated the first trailer with the robot arms and british soldier with a katana, so I passed on this game until now. I also don't like the women soldiers, but to be honest, after playing the game, I don't really notice/care. And such minor graphical things don't really bother you when the gunplay and vehicles feel so much better. Oh, and tanks don't get stuck on every little rubble on the way, GASP. #inbeforepeoplecomebashBFVjustbecause
  13. Suihkuunkusija

    Do I need to add captured tanks, planes, weapons to the game?

    I know him, he gets triggered by everything and thinks that his opinions are facts
  14. Suihkuunkusija

    Ban xyz

    Did you kill him with your HE spamming tank many times, so he fed up with you and ran in front of your tank? TOPKEK