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  1. FIX the Soviet 85mm apcr Pen.

    That's the unfortunate truth.
  2. FIX the Soviet 85mm apcr Pen.

    Soviets shouldn't have been introduced into the game in the first place. The game was pretty well balanced before they were introduced. Which is why I think reto shouldn't add the british. It will only make our situation worse.
  3. PSA - Why Tankers complain about AT infantry

    One possible temporary solution would be to increase the amount of AT nades or rockets needed to kill each tank depending on it's category: Light tanks: 2 AT nades/rockets Medium tanks: 3 AT nades/rockets Heavies: 4 AT nades/rockets TDs: 2 AT nades/rockets What do you guys think?
  4. How will the Lee Enfield be balanced for the UK faction?

    According to Reto.Circinus, the UK will be a separate faction. A 4th party.
  5. FIX the Soviet 85mm apcr Pen.

    When War Thunder players come to H&G forums and think they're masterminds of tank engineering etc. Lol
  6. PSA - Why Tankers complain about AT infantry

    This thread shall not be closed unless I ask for it to be closed, or someone here inflicts the forum rules.
  7. Either/Or

    Reto has already stated in one of their Q&A's that they won't hardcap special classes. Out of the capzone? What a f*cking miracle. Or did you mean spawns?
  8. FIX the Soviet 85mm apcr Pen.

    War thunder is praised for how good it's physics are, and even on that game, panthers, panzer IVs and Tigers penetrate the soviet tanks like hot knife through butter (from the front, right under the turret). Soviet tanks were not that armored nor did they have armor angled enough to bounce a Panther's 75 mm shot from 200m, which is around the distance most tank engagements happen in this game. Long story short: Soviets are still gonna be penned by american and german tanks Americans are still gonna be penned by soviet and german tanks Germans are not gonna be penned by americans and not much by soviets cuz kruppstahl. Lol
  9. Close to 90%

    What would the point be? Oh let's make an alt account on the forums, and make it so it has the same nickname as one of our Co Leaders? Doesn't make sense tbh, maybe in your head it does. lol
  10. M18 90-mm Gun Motor Carriage (or the M18 "Super Hellcat")

    We all know that in some instances, flankin is nearly impossible, if you're playing against a clan or a well organized team.
  11. Close to 90%

    You might be biased, judging by your followers.
  12. Close to 90%

    1- I'm playing H&G since 2015, but started to post in the forums very recently. 2- Most of the time we play on the Brazilian servers. That's where we encounter noob clans like the FnC and "LAT ARMADA ROJA". That's why you don't know me/ have never seen me. Have you ever heard of or seen the clan "Sturm Elite: VH"? Well, I'm one of it's Co-Leaders. You might not know me, but he surely does.
  13. Close to 90%

    "Forum Alt" Never seen "TheDogeChannel(BR)" together with "FISTNN" absolutely destroying your clannies? C'mon you know me. If you want to speak portuguese feel free to do so, since your english is so broken. You're the founder of the FnC clan. And from what I've seen, you guys are still pretty active with more than 5 guys per battle in War mode.
  14. M18 90-mm Gun Motor Carriage (or the M18 "Super Hellcat")

    Tier 3 TDs? I wanna see you penetrate any Tier 3 German TD with that from the front. Germans are gonna get either: A- Jagdtiger (128 mm gun - late war 88mm) B- Elefant/Ferdinand TD (88 mm) C-Jagdpanther (88 mm) All have more range and armor than the Jackson TD or any other TD fielded by the allies.
  15. "The Mützelburg Manifesto"

    I just love how no one from reto has replied to this document. I love it.