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  1. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    South/North American Clan Recruiting (SE:VH)

    Português (Portuguese): Nós somos a Sturm Elite: Vaterland Helden, um clã que joga no modo War (Guerra), e estamos recrutando. Temos um discord dedicado com um sistema de patentes e diversos canais. Somos mais ativos no período da noite, mas sempre temos jogadores online a tarde também. É obrigatório jogar de alemão no modo Guerra, APENAS no modo GUERRA. No modo Staged, pode jogar do que quiser. Se interessado, responda ao tópico. Aceptamos personas que hablan español también. English: We are Sturm Elite: Vaterland Helden, a mainly War clan, and we are recruiting. We have a dedicated discord with ranks and multiple channels. We are mostly active during nighttime (-3 GMT), most of our members speak english, some broken, some fluently. It is required that you play as German and German only in war mode. You can play as whoever you want in Staged mode. If interested, reply to this topic.
  2. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    Why Reto Devs dont listen players

    They probably took a shirt on a blank page and this was the result.
  3. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    German Tier 2 LMG ?

    I use my MGs however the f* I want. I find it a very good gun for Close quarters if used with MAX Rof + SMK Hart
  4. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    German Tier 2 LMG ?

    Some people are just Dense. If you can't get a good kill streak or think that the MG42 is currently bad, then learn 2 play kiddo. I have a dedicated MG42 character and I simply destroy the enemy team with it. Stay in close quarters and use it as a MG not an Assault Rifle. And Reto, pls buff every single weapon in the game. Thx.
  5. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    The ultimate solution to FIX(save) this game

    That's not the subject of this topic. Completely agree with you. Forcing people into war mode is not a solution. Making equipment cheaper, more accessible and cheaper to maintain is. Also, new tutorials, including a tutorial for war mode. Make AT's cheaper and easier to get. We need new RTS players (please ppl stop calling eachother generals, you're just players). Increase the warfund gain by 100%. Gaining 300 WF after playing a long match is pathetic. As for H&G dying, I don't see it happening soon. Many have said that when BF1 came out, Post Scriptum, BFV and CoD WWII, but none of these killed H&G, and I don't think Hell Let Loose will. H&G is different. Reto just doesn't realize how much pontential this game has.
  6. You're missing my point. You're constantly asking for Reto to nerf german equipment. No, german tanks should not break down etc. You want realism and historical accuracy in a game where a soviet pilot can jump from his Pe3 while going 200km/h, open his parachute, land, and kill americans, while these same americans fight germans. You see, there's no historical accuracy or realism in this example. The game isn't supposed to be historically accurate nor realistic. https://youtu.be/AzLcDo4Wpbs
  7. Stop asking for nerfs ffs. This game will never be successful if the community stays childish asking to nerf enemy equipment and vehicles. "Balancing" like you proposed would make hundreds of players ragequit for good. But if you give us 1-2 kilometers wide tank only maps like Kursk in War Thunder, and just for the sake of historical accuracy remove the aiming scope on certain T34 models, and put all tank models against eachother in the same battle, then yes, I do agree with this proposal. What really pisses me off is that you hate RNG Headshots with SMGs (I've seen you ranting about it on other threads), but you're asking for Reto to add another RNG mechanic. Stop being so hypocritical.
  8. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    PTRD Fixs.

    Give the germans the Panzerbüsche and replace the PTRD with the PTRS. Solved.
  9. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    US brave warriors

    Who said I'm OK with alt abuse or cheating? I didn't. Stop accusing me. I simply stated that there are no heroes, soldiers or generals in this game. There are players.
  10. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    US brave warriors

    Just because I didn't express my opinion on cheating doesn't mean I approve it. Don't try to pull that BS on me.
  11. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    US brave warriors

    Where did I mention cheating?
  12. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    US brave warriors

    Oh god. People are starting to treat this like Real Life. C'mon now... No need for shout outs or anything... They fought those battles, won, got their reward (WF and Credits). Besides, they were probably just having fun during afternoon playing H&G. No one in this game is a "Brave soldier" nor a "General". It's not a roleplaying game nor an accurate simulator (unfortunately). Furthermore, these guys are just like all of us; People seeking to have fun, "fighting" with mouses, keyboards etc. They are no soldiers.
  13. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    FIX the Soviet 85mm apcr Pen.

    That's the unfortunate truth.
  14. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    FIX the Soviet 85mm apcr Pen.

    Soviets shouldn't have been introduced into the game in the first place. The game was pretty well balanced before they were introduced. Which is why I think reto shouldn't add the british. It will only make our situation worse.
  15. TheDogeChannel(BR)

    PSA - Why Tankers complain about AT infantry

    One possible temporary solution would be to increase the amount of AT nades or rockets needed to kill each tank depending on it's category: Light tanks: 2 AT nades/rockets Medium tanks: 3 AT nades/rockets Heavies: 4 AT nades/rockets TDs: 2 AT nades/rockets What do you guys think?