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  1. Challenger303

    Make me a loadout!

    Model 1934 Binoculars
  2. Challenger303

    UI Nightmare

    I can no longer cope with this I have to make a post about it. I have to tab out away to the main menu to see what resources there are in the battle because I can't stand this. Is anyone planning to fix this?
  3. Challenger303

    Daily Reward Soldiers when Capped?

    Very helpful thank you, but a question to you smikkel is how exactly do the DLC characters act like if you're over Max?
  4. Challenger303

    Daily Reward Soldiers when Capped?

    Interesting point.. though I hope it doesn't mean that it might actually make an already completed soldier go invisible instead. If you skip a reward on a certain day, could you go back and redeem it later?
  5. Challenger303

    Daily Reward Soldiers when Capped?

    I believe the current cap for soldiers is 90, if I'm wrong then please let me know and ignore the rest of the question. If the cap is 90, which I'm very near to, then when you unlock the Lieutenant level soldiers as part of the daily bonuses, can you still get them and go above?
  6. Challenger303

    Gun sounds

    @Reto.Hades Gun sounds PPS sound is the least gun-like in my opinion, i don't even know how to describe it... just sounds like a paintball gun or something Mosin sound is too deep as well, very different sound to all the other rifles and seems out of place to me. Reload sounds Honestly the Maxim-Tokarev reload sound feels like it was just a quick knock-up, combining the MG42 and Browning reload sounds, and even unnaturally forcing the animation to match it (when opening the "lid"). Please give this gun its own reload sound. BAR sounds are also copy-pastes of Kar98k and vice-versa, they need to be differentiated. PPS and PPSh magazine inserting sounds don't seem to have drop off so they are heard ages away.
  7. Challenger303

    sort it out reto

    Hahaha nice that you mentioned that. Nagant also holds my own headshots personal best with 21 kills, 21 headshots. Wasn't particularly going for it either, I was just trying to grind and was more just aiming well because I hate the damn reload 🤣 bottom line is it's always very possible, doesn't always mean hacker. I saw a hacker only once in 5 years and it was very obvious. KD, behaviour, everything... just leave and report. That's it
  8. Challenger303

    Matchmaking times

    I'm wondering if anyone's noticed a sharp increase in matchmaking times lately? I'm queuing just as GE infantry for any match, no filters, and it's taking me a good 5-10 min to find a match. Mainly wondering if this is the result of dwindling playerbase or if there's something else going on? P.S.: Possibly related... if you queue with "Current selected soldier" while being in a faction, does it only queue you for war? I found it is actually only putting me in war matches but I thought it was searching for both war and staged
  9. Challenger303

    Doubts about bots

    I'd say less about farming KD more about it not being fair that deaths are counted from bots but not kills. Straight up just causes a decrease
  10. Challenger303

    Excelent Snow Map

    Snow maps are fantastic, certainly hope they remain in the game in some way!
  11. Challenger303

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    @Reto.Hades 1000000x yes! This was a brilliant thing to load in and see, the snowball throwing thing is hilarious. We had a guy camping the attic of a house, you know the one you need to climb the ladder to get into, we all started throwing snowballs up at him man it was so funny :))) Also, with the new deploy system, I can't remember the last time I deployed paras and planes... this is a wonderful addition and much much fairer to everybody. Will go a long way to increasing playerbase interaction with the war. It's already made me have to consider having to log on at intervals to check on my units because they're all actually deployed now! Fantastic update 👍
  12. Challenger303

    "Processing" after leaving match

    This used to be the case only when trying to stop a match from loading up after finding a battle. Now after the latest update this seems to happen whenever I leave an ongoing battle. I assume devs are aware of this?
  13. Challenger303

    auto cannon seisurific

    Also agree with this... find myself having to look away from the screen when firing for a longer period of time
  14. Challenger303

    Nation Colors on Global Map

    If you think about soldier uniform colour schemes it might make a little more sense. Remember those green little plastic toy soldiers you had as a kid? They were american soldiers most likely Reddish (brown/orange/whatever) for Soviet Union is fine here too. Germans were often gray/green but definitely had more Blue tinges in their uniforms than other nations. Think of your typical German WW1 uniform too, that looks a bit bluish to me...
  15. Challenger303

    Summer Sales ?

    They literally had one like last weekend. 30% off veteran. Might've missed the chance m80!