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  1. Strobinator

    United Defense Rangers - Elite

    I got kind of bored of the game. It has brilliant moments, but they got kind of few and far between. I never enjoyed things as much as I did prior to squad 2.0. I do miss the guys, but have been busy with other things. Work, band, throwing things for cat to fetch, the usual stuff.
  2. I think Kunalp is bringing up a worthwhile point, but in general the plan seems like a good idea to me. Definitely a step in the right direction. I think giving units some kind of shelf life might be a simpler way to achieve the same thing. Have them go back to supply after 48 hours or something. Call it furlough.
  3. Everyone worth their salt* knows that the aforementioned Teutonic fortitude can be ascribed to equal measures teamwork and coordination combined with a loving spoonful of historical knowledge.
  4. Anyone worth their salt knows it takes two shoots (only two shoots?!)
  5. Strobinator

    Looking for bad players and trolls

    Glad to see @GaiusBaltar's trolling, much like a rangefinder, is always flipped up.
  6. Fully agree with OP. No one should be making data based decisions. Just find the people who complain the most and do whatever they ask for. Anyone who is a naysayer is a part of the conspiracy.
  7. Strobinator

    German faction going MAD

    I would like to applaud a totally novel take on the subject. We all should applaud such a foray into rarely discussed territory. Bravo.
  8. Nice to see that one from the other side! Thanks, man!
  9. Strobinator

    [UDR] Bob_Stephens Frag Highlights

    Not to hijack your thread, but I have been taking some time to catch up on my backlog of other games (e.g. Fallout / Witcher), and to travel. I am alive, and I do plan to be back. Probably when the next patch drops, maybe sooner.
  10. Strobinator

    [UDR] Bob_Stephens Frag Highlights

    Good video, Bob! ::goes back into hiding:
  11. Strobinator

    G43 or Stg 44?

    If you can only have one, keep him G43 until you think you have time to grind out two. I would rather have no STG guy than no scoped G43 guy. Just my two cents.
  12. What he probably means is that it is the only one with standard bullets that hits the 30 damage threshold needed to 1 shot headshot a guy with heavy set gold (or 4HK to the chest). The other point he is making seems to be about the MP40's great hipfire - but while I really like it for that (the most in fact), the others do that pretty well too. It's just the 30 damage for the 1 shot head shot that makes it stand out as excellent for me.
  13. I don't normally rain on your post parade, but exactly how many bullets does it take to kill a guy with heavy set gold vs. a PPS for which the soldier did not upgrade his bullets? Silly question, right? That's because realism, or rather selective realism (because no one is going to be playing mess hall scrubbing simulator), is only something you ask for when you have not thought about it critically enough. I mean seriously, which WWII battle was it where the sides were forced to have exactly the same number of people (18 precisely) on each one. My grandfather never had any deploy queue war stories. The truth here is that trench foot would not make the game more fun, and as the game director has explained many times before, realistic damage models end up feeling a lot like RNG - which is another thing people complain about - some of the same people who want realism. So, rather than holding up realism as some sort of gold standard for video game *gameplay*, maybe stew on that a bit - because this is what everyone including I am sure the game designers are thinking this when you make these posts missing this obvious point. The RO2 mechanics do not necessarily work in this game - and that's just getting more real - not necessarily achieving the full out realism you are asking for. TL;DR version: It is a WWII flavored game, no one wants full realism, and introducing selective realism has huge (and potentially unbalancing) effects by virtue of what you decide to make real, and what you do not (e.g. Tiger II would wreck your average Sherman - but maybe no at a 1:20 ratio - so if you make the tank amaze-balls but keep the ratio 1:1, it makes for a very different war - and this is just an example of the type of unbalance selective realism can create).
  14. Strobinator

    G43 or Stg 44?

    Once you unlock the STG, buy it. Then start a new soldier, give him a G43. The grind to a fully modded G43 is quick, and you can get to heavy set silver pretty quickly, too. Once you have those, you will have a guy for either weapon - and the real end game here is having several soldiers so you have the right guy for the right situation.