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  1. Needs bipods or else the opposite direction of less sway. You on crack
  2. You wouldn't even have to touch the bar and just make the recoil very controllable while in bipod. Add more recoil effect to DP and 1919 in non-bipod use then walla: instant increase in weapon use variety. I'd also reduce sway on ppsh41 and pps43 and increase bullet velocity on thompson. Currently the mp40 is the king smg, and the StG needs more damage to be relevant to the johnson and AVS. M1m2 can continue to be the short range only spam weapon. That's what I'd do to weapons in a nutshell. D|ng for president 2018 Ps drop eq pt for StG and AVS from 7 to 6
  3. Placing bar, 1919, dp, mg42, mg34 on bipods seems logical to me. They all would still have the non-bipod option but be nerfed in that use appropiately. The factions would then still have their run n gun weapons: buffed StG, m1m2, johnson, thompson, mp40, ppsh41, pps43, avs36.
  4. Concur. Good with either option. Assuming StG gets damage buff as well then all three factions will have elite competitive weapons regardless.
  5. Yeah didn't want to touch this thread. Saying all of one factions guns is OP is full restart. You never go full restart. Lol, didn't realize this is his cut and copy part about the 1919 vs his other thread about all US weapons being OP. That thread killed your credibility (claiming m1g, 1903, thompson is laughable and shows the poster is out of touch). Mg42 needs to have less sway and SU need another lmg. The end.
  6. Yeah man I agree. It feels like very little resistance right now. We can leave out ATs and not worry. Whoever cares more wins the wars and we have been tryhards with GE obviously not giving a F. We're still behind in war wins overall, so I guess we're still playing catchup.
  7. what huh? I thought MP40 was 6 eq pts, hence BA/SA + MP40 hoarder combo soldier build.
  8. of course not, go right ahead. I support anything that applies guilt to staged players that they should be playing War more if they can
  9. Your parrot has poor taste in weaponry.
  10. Great idea. Would also be cool to have some kind of message in the staged battle when players are leaving like "so and so player left to go help in the War effort!"
  11. No thanks. It makes the game more boring (less variety in opponent).
  12. Nah, there are in particular 2 GE guns that could use a tiny bit of love to make things more fair, and this is coming from a primarily US player.
  13. OP's profile image checks out. "have you seen this boy?"
  14. Based on the tool ammo already adds 3, bringing 34 stock to 37. It needs to be 40 total damage for 3hk HSG, so actually the barrel only needs to add 3 damage, not 8.