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  1. You're making an issue where there isn't one. Nobody cares what you and gaius are doing usually. People using alts to play a battle like they want to win is not a problem or even just goof off in a neutral way. Bison was using his alt BinsonGE during that match and I play for SU with an alt. Problem is when they are trying to make the whole team mess up and do outrageous stuff to make their team lose.
  2. See binson's comment about what was going on. k/d is not the issue.
  3. You and gaius using shovels to screw around is not what this thread is about.
  4. Yeah, saw your message in TS after the battle was over. Whoops
  5. That battle outcome ended the war, and that was what I was saying, obviously dummy. I also did well in that match with a 150 ping. Your name doesn't even show up on the screenshot because you were so low in the scoreboard on the SU side. Even the alts I reported had better k/ds scores than you. That's ultra pathetic. Your SU teammate's arms must be so tired from having to carry you around so much. Not salty about the war outcome at all, or even losing that battle. I wanted to public shame people for being so desperate and sad that they use alts in a videogame to win battles.
  6. Played in the war winning defense just now of Rome and there were two people (with useless scores/ k/ds) calling on people nonstop to do the exact wrong things like take pointless lines when the objectives were contested, or keep attacking when objectives were obviously being taken by SU paratroopers. They were spamming things like Heil Hitler and good going Comrades (generally trolling). Multiple SU clannies in there on the other side from Red Scare etc. Really pathetic and desperate to use alts like that guys. You probably could have done it without alts, Yes? Or are some of you too lacking in confidence even while on your own pings?
  7. people losing interesting RTS = death of this game
  8. such a dumb thread. lots of ways of obtaining XP that are not logged on the scoreboard. Long range shots, repair, healing... you name it.
  9. Look, now even Reto is reminiscing about back when their game was good! Just kidding, you guys would be fun to hang out and have a beer with. This is an excellent trailer and gets to the core of why people are interested in this game in the first place: RTS + FPS interaction. Hint: FOCUS MORE ON THAT
  10. Agree. Points for capturing and killing while capturing and defending need to be greatly increased.
  11. it's how you lose the war that really matters!
  12. common the StG aint THAT bad I know you're probably talking about the RTS situation: if everyone came back it will be immense AT queues with ATs not moving again being sandwiched by US & SU.