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  1. d|ng

    1.13.1 UPDATE - New Anti Tank Weapons!

    I thought costs were balanced pre-1.12. After 1.12, costs were made ludicrous since tanks turned into sponges needing more AT to kill them. They slightly reversed it here I guess: maybe 1 less AT will now be needed on average, maybe?? Makes you wonder why one should even bother playing if taking a risk to attempt to kill a tank in a match (and spend all the credits to make a AT-specific soldier to do so) when there's no reward--actually--there's a punishment, for doing so. It's like they want you to just lay back in the weeds and hide and not do anything because not doing anything will earn you your soldier salary while not spending credits trying to win an objective that doesn't f'ing give anywhere close to enough XP/credits for capturing. No reason to bother... They want everyone to play encounters in staged until this game finally has the poor attendance of the prototype server. They need to rebalance costs and/or adjust rewards. It's turning into a racket.
  2. d|ng

    1.13.1 UPDATE - New Anti Tank Weapons!

    GE biased much? oh great, that's fantastic... did anyone check if AT costs remained the same?
  3. d|ng

    Need More Realism

    sup harry!
  4. d|ng

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    see you in Scotland lol
  5. d|ng

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    yep exactly my thoughts as well and not sure why people can't ever meet in the middle. I'm afraid 1.12 empowered tanker-only players a little too much... it's like they forgot the years before 1.12 of tanks just being an annoying afterthought.
  6. nah man, the dark days for tankers were the years before 1.12 where it only took two H3's to kill lights/mediums and three to kill heavies, or three bazooka/shreak shots for lights/mediums, two for APCs etc. Any minor rebalancing after the massive vehicle bias exhibited in the 1.12 update is welcomed. Tankers are still far far better off today then they were pre-1.12. Gotta keep things in perspective!
  7. d|ng

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    4-shotting what with what exactly?
  8. d|ng

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    >Tanks insanely buffed after 1.12 armor update, concludes development history of tanks in game has been "constantly gimped" r/iamverysmart candidate right here
  9. d|ng

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Reto replaced Circinus with his cat They aren't necessarily looking for balance testing by letting people play the proto.... they're looking for bugs. haven't tested it on live yet but I tested it a boatload on the prototype and RPG43 & Stickies were still weaker than H3s (I had dual handheld AT loadouts to test against tanks; had to do it to my own spawned tanks in many cases to test it). SU and US are kind of screwed now against heavily armored tanks. Mines are probably better against them still even at half damage because they wont move fast enough to run away while placing the mine, but still an effective nerf to SU/US in my opinion. 😂🤣
  10. OK, that's what I thought. Everyone wants to play with the new toys. It'll probably die down once people see their end-match credit earnings.
  11. d|ng

    1.13.1 UPDATE - New Anti Tank Weapons!

    Yep, that's true, but I care about faction/game balance and not just myself. Anything that screws over new players pisses me off
  12. d|ng

    1.13.1 UPDATE - New Anti Tank Weapons!

    SU's AT grenade is the worst to use IMO as it's likely you will hurt or kill yourself when chucking it at a tank (has to just be the right distance). Stickies and H3 you can deploy safely, and both stickies and SU's AT grenade are less penetrative than H3s. The new launcher on SU does the most damage by far for ranged AT but had a really long reload. I would guess this AT will be effective only if multiple people are shooting at the same tank with it. It gives so much time for the tanker to figure out where you're shooting at him from with that long reload. So I guess I agree about how it feels like a nerf.
  13. d|ng

    1.13.1 UPDATE - New Anti Tank Weapons!

    I haven't tested it on live yet but when testing the prototype extensively AT was not killing tanks that well, so either they tweaked it more before it went to live or you're exaggerating but I agree with you on the Tiger... lol I'm going to probably just play GE now for the H3s.... this is totally true. The explanation is the industry philosophy of new content driving free to play games.
  14. This thread topic is fakenews if all they did was push prototype to live. I tested AT and tanks plenty this time around in prototype and it still took a ton of AT to kill tanks. I blew all my likes for the day in this one thread...
  15. d|ng

    Tanks Are Overpowered

    cheapen AT too