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  1. Great Update

  2. Decreasing headshot multiplier ?

    Since you brought it up they're going to raise the multiplier again despite it not changing the current ohk headshot just to troll. There was some talk at the summit about partial protection from helmets... Like small arms protection for shots not to the face and impact angle considered to determine deflection. It was just talk though, not sure if they want to go anywhere with it.
  3. AVS build...

    Your numbers show why the recoil is better on the JPH. It has less vertical recoil, less horizontal recoil, and less variability. Coupled with the urah barrel it does 3hk at 81m range to HSG and is far more controllable while using a scope. It's the "TTK doesn't matter build" You are right about the worse conefire though, and it's noticeable, but I don't like using 7N1 with a scope usually due to the extra recoil. The 7N1 iron sight, full ROF build is also nice and surgical
  4. Help! BAR

    But the best is the 1919....
  5. stop blaming players for team kills

    I presented the teammate blocking your fire already. In RTCW it often turned out that if you saw the enemy first but your teammate is in the way, you kill or damage your teammate but kill the opponent... In how it's currently setup I find it really annoying because of waiting to shoot after your teammate dies or moves is often enough delay to get you killed while the opponent kills the teammate in front of you and you behind because it's already lined up and any surprise you had is gone. Sometimes your teammate has to die for the greater good At least in RTCW you then could revive them.
  6. HnG Lobby simulator 2018

    That doesn't describe what every match is like, common. Don't complain to complain. For war, join a clan or group to combat the other tryhards. Or give up and be content on what you can achieve. Or, if you get tired just go play another game and come back when you get the H&G itch again. No game will be everlastingly entertaining. It's nice to take a break. When I get put into crap matches I just quit out and try again if I'm not in the mood.
  7. stop blaming players for team kills

    Well the current system is a good compromise as I said in my original comment. It's still training wheels, but that's OK since Reto probably doesn't want to work on an elaborate auto kicking system
  8. HnG Lobby simulator 2018

    Getting used to losing while focusing more on grinding your own soldiers is the way to go. It lets you care less. Also cycle playing other factions
  9. stop blaming players for team kills

    As I said, it can be implemented intelligently. There can be tolerances and some happy medium between total amount and frequency of occurrence for both team damage and kills. So if a headless chicken runs into your fire unexpectedly, you won't get kicked necessarily. But if you're reckless and don't adapt for other player's stupidity you would eventually. Again, it's adapting play to predict your teammates potential movements and have that factor into whether you start shooting or not. I played a lot of this game and others. There's plenty of headless chickens everywhere. Back in RTCW I'd sometimes TK through someone to get a threatening opponent because the guy is oblivious and the badguy is going to shoot through the guy anyway and kill me too. I'd take a hit in score but wouldn't be kicked for it as I'm not doing it often enough. Right now your oblivious teammate can get you killed because you can't shoot through him at a enemy he doesn't see.
  10. mouse input locks up sometimes

    ANYWAY PROBLEM FIXED IT WAS MY MOUSE. @ValorousTF thanks m8, also @spaceix called it out over TS too.... Other G500 users apparently had similar problems over time according to other forums I bought a new mouse, G403. The super rainbow color emitting one to irritate my gf more when I play. Win-win
  11. mouse input locks up sometimes

    does your mouse have a button? Then it's potentially a macro mouse! Derp! And the g500 is a very common and old mouse that many use, including reto staff since I borrowed it from them at the summit during the play session
  12. stop blaming players for team kills

    Not sure why it should matter if it's F2P or not. Return to castle wolfenstein is a game it worked well in. Auto kick and escalated auto match bans based on amount and frequency of TKs or team damage. Can be implemented in an intelligent way. New players will learn really quick to be less reckless, and if they don't the rest of the players wont have to tolerate their retardation since they will get autokicked or completely removed from joining the match again if they want to keep doing it after rejoining
  13. stop blaming players for team kills

    Yeah getting auto kicked and votekicked or matchbanned would totally be open for trolling It has been successfully done in other games.