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  1. Yep
  2. Not to derail this completely even though it's a flame thread essentially so who cares. I agree GE has enough tools to win and it's RTS causing war losses, with the nerfing of the mg42 breaking the camels back emotionally for skilled competitive GE players. There's still skilled players around just far less quantities. That issue is separate from the guns being unbalanced, which they are. GE has the best SMG in the mp40 with great hipfire, accuracy, range and 4hk damage if you don't headshot, but that will only help you so much against AVS and Johnson. You'll be screwed past 25m or so because even though the range on the mp40 goes past that damage wise, it's a little harder to headshot when your opponent can 3hk body shot no matter what badge you got. So that's what you have short range, and the StG is better option than mp40 for mid range, but the Johnson and AVS are better midrange overall. StG is great for headshots but again it sucks having to rely on that or you're toast against heavyset. IMO Ease of use 1)StG 2)johnson (bad sights, range, clip, reload) 3)AVS (bad recoil, clip) But overall effectiveness considering damage, accuracy, and recoil: 1)-2) Johnson or AVS.. .. . 3) StG.. by a longshot unless you're facing non heavyset users, then great.
  3. Yep, the mg42 nerf screwed the pooch hard because the StG being subpar. GE bandwagon in, then GE bandwagon out Wait what? I thought the P38 was literally the undisputed best pistol in the game
  4. You must mod it with bullets if you have recoil problems. Run it with just: sight, lightened spring, chrome barrel
  5. The Vietnamese win again!
  6. Was easier to be a US fanboy when we were the underdog. The biggest threat to US these days is being AR'd by SU.
  7. This just in, SU now gets a new mini-PTRD! Top secret leaked photo below...
  8. except the guys who control it in close encounter bursts like maniacs like annefranksmother... have this + use Nagant modded for long range. Total trolls and lawls using a revolver for long range and big AR for only CQC I'm just joking of course. I agree with scope/sights + ammo or no ammo and that's it
  9. Absolutely! So much nicer to ADD things than to nerf or subtract things!
  10. Question: Following your previous stream discussion on headshots, have you considered decreasing the hitbox size for headshots as an overall method for reducing the probability the random bullet spread pattern will result in a headshot? Reasoning: Even a seemingly minor reduction in the hitbox shape or size may have a huge impact on achieved headshots. If your headshot detection system is not configured this way, perhaps consider simplifying it if you have not already. Thank you! (I totally stole Binson's comment format) They covered this previously. It was because they thought it was unrealistic to take a bullet to the head from any weapon and survive. The x4 to x5 resulted in making every weapon able to headshot-kill people, including the new pocket pistols.
  11. The weapons are still close enough and would give more options to GE by adding more builds, which they're lacking (6eq points ftw). Most people are using HSS or below anyway, so it's really a step in the right direction. AVS doesn't 3hk HSG unless modded with ammo either and that thing absolutely wrecks in war, (my favorite is just slapping a T-post on it stock). Based on the stream Reto will never add FG42 to infantry, but they're being super contradictory with their given reason of "unique para weapon" and it really should be done. Even if StG was buffed like it needs to be you'll still have the lack of variety of build options on GE.
  12. Agree Contradictory reasoning to give Johnson to infantry but then say "paras need a special weapon" for just GE. Totally illogical of Reto. . . If anything give SU paras something special too
  13. Which makes it really good for lining up distant shots....