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  1. Defend and earn more experience

    I think they should have retained some bonus for cycling soldiers. Maybe not as much as the original 80xp, but something because it's actually a really fun thing to do and it was nice to have motivation to do it. There's already a hard cap on the max amount of soldiers you can cycle through (30), not exploitable, so why not have a bonus?! I have been getting really bored with the game now because of this. I kind of just cycle anyway even though it doesn't give me any benefit anymore The 10xp defense addition doesn't make up for it, not even close. They should add more to the bonus of killing people on points, whether you're attacking or defending.
  2. Extremely imbalanced game

    I don't have problems with the StG either, because it headshots like a mf, bypassing ttk concerns nearly all the time. Objectively though the johnson is harder to control and you see less while having more conefire, more damage and ROF. Doesn't matter what we feel since the stats are there now Yea it's dumb to try to balance weapons with blocked vision, but it actually has a result on the gun performance because people miss more, delay more, and track targets differently
  3. Is Heroes and Generals dying?

    Video killed the radio star
  4. Thank you Russia

    Farmy mcfarmerson
  5. AP Mines: Why Bother?

    Eh, I meant still have them blowup, but not kill the teammates who triggered them. This is because I hate them
  6. AP Mines: Why Bother?

    The problem is sometimes they are placed by your teammates around corners or walls or whatever and you can't see them until the very last second and by then it's too late. So, I agree, probably should make them not TK anymore.
  7. STG44

    StG is objectively (based on stats) one of the easiest guns to control in the game due to its small and predictably vertical recoil, so no man, that's not true at all.
  8. Nerf AT Gear

    Nah it's already expensive, actually, especially shooting ranged AT. Killing light and medium tanks are total credit drainers. Most people don't want to waste the money but have to sometimes to win a match. The current dynamic is cancerous for everyone. Must mean it's sort of fair.
  9. STG44

  10. Extremely imbalanced game

    Performance stats showed they don't perform as well. Not everything is about damage and rate of fire in this game. Many other things that affect whether you kill your target first or not. In the case of sights on the 1919 and Johnson, you can easily lose your target by the blocked vision and firing animation due to recoil, especially when people use them at full ROF, and the ladder sights on the 1919 can make you miss something important pertaining to other targets
  11. Nah, if war had encounter matches (because obviously range) I'd be in war while grinding SMGs, sometimes I do anyway. Staged is the only place with encounters typically though. War already gives the ribbon bonus which is noticeable. Also I don't feel bad at all beating other players while using beginner weapons.
  12. I like having a place to grind for fast reload though, so I'd prefer weapon caps over player caps. Or cap xp/credit earnings for higher rank soldiers in staged. Or allow top tier weapons in staged but don't give any credits or xp for it.
  13. So interesting, I had the same opinion with the potentially unfair spawn sides and posted it to Reto until I played the map a bunch more (grinding beginner smgs) and have had plenty of matches--probably roughly an equal amount--camping the snot out of the non-bridge side. It easily goes both ways And I would know since I'm a spawn camping ahole
  14. Who is BobtheBear?

    He plays the FPS. Or at least he did before he started quitting out after I join, what happened?! GeneralDecker and Bobthebear take their FPS anger out on the RTS trapping my ATs. Jolly good times Also Reto told me there were bigger whales than him but wouldn't tell me who
  15. HnG Bullshittery

    These are savage