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  1. d|ng

    Are the tanks broken?

    Working as intended... 💩
  2. d|ng

    Welcome to world of tanks.

    Let the tankers live their selective realism fantasies and easymode infantry killing scenarios with this update, and feel like they're good for the first time ever in a FPS video game, sure, whatever, I don't care, but AT needs to be way cheaper period from a purely gameplay balance perspective.
  3. d|ng

    Great job Reto

  4. d|ng

    New Daily Bonus: 50 % extra experience

    These changes are wanted and welcome. Yeah, of course there are more wanted changes, but being toxic about small positive stuff they do implement doesn't help anyone.
  5. d|ng

    New Daily Bonus: 50 % extra experience

    Nice changes
  6. There are a lot of fast tanks in the game.
  7. yep, explained the current situation accurately. I'm fine with all of this as long as they proportionally lower the costs of all AT to how ineffective they are per shot
  8. d|ng

    AT-Rambos are back

    😄. Yeah but our opinions are not any more valuable then other players'
  9. d|ng

    Tankernoobs are back.

    It's true. All you need is a cap big enough to roll tanks into...lol
  10. d|ng

    Tankernoobs are back.

    I play everything except tanks pretty much except for the stolen ones... But yeah winning matches requires primarily good infantry (or para) players. The other types have a place but don't increase your chances of winning when spammed.
  11. d|ng

    No balance in damaging vehicles

    Amen brotha
  12. Let's do more realistic then. No more operating tanks solo? Stereotypical,Selective,Realism
  13. d|ng

    Instant respawn for gold

    ^^Only thing we'll ever agree on
  14. d|ng

    Is the German Heavy Fighter Under Powered?

    I've been crashing P38s while landing too. Mad skillz
  15. So I think this is the problem--you think that infantry are able to use AT to kill tanks to the same effect and efficiency as before 1.12, when that's completely incorrect. It objectively takes more time, effort, and credits to kill tanks after 1.12. You shouldn't mingle this with the sponge tank vs tank problem where tanks should be doing more damage to each other, which they absolutely should. That should be fixed. But further nerfing AT is a ridiculous proposal after 1.12. Infantry were nerfed in 1.12 by being both weaker against tanks and traveling at slower speeds or trained into predictable roads.