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  1. d|ng

    Americans LMGs OP

    Cool, this is what I was asking for. Do you mind posting your inf weapon stats?
  2. d|ng

    Americans LMGs OP

    You took what I said out of context and put your own meaning on them...
  3. If it's consistent yeah, probably, but one offs can be just dumb luck
  4. d|ng

    What class are you? Based on Weapons you use

    You like the bar more than the 1919? Are you trolling?
  5. d|ng

    Give us weapon statistics.

    Yah like in 2017 when their released stats went completely against people's narritives so those people chose to ignore or attack the validity of the stats instead of facing reality. I'm sure them re releasing updated stats would convince those very logical unbiased people
  6. Agree. Should just increase rate of fire on ppd and ppsh to make them more effective, everything else is fine
  7. d|ng

    Americans LMGs OP

    I was talking about their personal stats using the 1919. If it's so OP to them then surely it will be getting a lot more kills for them than these puny pitiful SU and GE weapons. Johnson in the stats ranked well but still under STG on short range if I remember right, and then they added more recoil to the Johnson after the stats were presented to basically make it work less well on medium range. So they nerfed the Johnson after the stats showed stg and avs were better... They also slightly un nerfed the m1/m2 and mg42, so it would be good if they revisited the performance stats (edit: actually stg and Johnson tied for first on short range after looking back at my analysis of the presented stat bars) Beautiful man If it was such an OP weapon needing nerfs like this thread is asking for, it shouldnt matter if it doesn't fit someone's playstyle, it should just kick butt with no effort
  8. d|ng

    Americans LMGs OP

    What isn't? That players will pick the most effective killing weapon usually because it gives the greatest likelihood of them getting the most kills? You said my argument is dumb but seriously claiming that people wouldn't use the most powerful and effective weapon if it actually worked that way for them is dumb. People would use the 1919 more if it didn't have those soft balancing factors like slow to ADS and blocked sights. There is a reason everyone spams StGs and that's because it is super effective and easy to use. They made the 1919 super powerful but you cant kill a target you don't aim at. It's the best lmg, yes, but best weapon in the game that omg needs a nerf? No...
  9. d|ng

    Americans LMGs OP

    Statistics play a role in your life whether you know it or not. They're not just for politics... as I mentioned there's science and also health, economics and marketing, etc. Well reto used this in their presentation of stats: 0-30m short 30-100m medium 100-200m medium long 200+m long In practical terms I'd put medium around 40-80m.
  10. d|ng

    Americans LMGs OP

    In other words you glossed over the "make less spammy" part, I.e. a nerf I was talking about changing the weapons to be geared more towards mid range, because US has redundancy short range, so that means nerfs and buffs to change the weapons fundamentally. Way to go you get a gold star in reading. No, I was saying it already has low damage and accuracy while comparing the beginning SMGs, and that it could just use more ROF to be better balanced. Again another gold star in failing at context or I guess trying to bend it to some narrative. Bunch of biased GE mains calling me biased really means nothing to me. No you completely missed what I was saying but maybe I didn't make it clear enough. It was in a thread about US losing 1919 so what can be done to make it so they can have a medium range replacement, otherwise it'll be m1 garands all day every day
  11. d|ng

    Americans LMGs OP

    Ironic coming from the guy GE in his name. I've spent a lot more on GE and SU in the last year than on US specifically to build out soldiers and I switch nearly every war. If I magically got a ton more kills and have more success against good players on US vs other factions I would say it, but that's not the case. There's really not enough difference for it to matter. What about the m1/m2 and Johnson compared to StG and AVS? Yeah, 1919 was shown to be performing better than other LMGs, so what? I'm comparing all infantry weapons available when talking about faction balance, not arbitrary given divisions in weapon types. Fact is StG and AVS was doing better, so how can it be so outrageously OP when statistics are showing it not being as effective? People don't compare softer weapon parameters factors that still have an impact in use. Also remember I'm arguing things are generally balanced for infantry across factions, I'm not claiming US is underpowered. Most of you guys are the ones complaining about your main factions being underpowered (and have been for years). It's time to reflect on who the actual biased people are.
  12. Fair enough. Like I said I like the idea of SU getting wf help again especially if the way autoresolve works
  13. d|ng

    Americans LMGs OP

    Are you serious? Do you play this game or for that matter games on the internet? When there's flaws people abuse the crap out of them. Example spawn camping and camping apcs. Stats have many uses and they can support things or dispute things, which is how I was using them in this case. I'm in the sciences as a occupation and I'll tell you statistics are used a lot .... At a certain distance. Definitely not at medium range. Each faction has good stuff and provises cover for all ranges without relying on SAs. You take 1919 US will have BAR, which is decent but has fundamental issues