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  1. SU needs a buff

    How much rate of fire difference does it have because the tool doesn't indicate there's a difference. I'm sure it's small and insignificant if any at all which makes your argument petty--just like the 3 extra bullet argument. The sights are fatter on pps43 than mp40 and thus more vision is blocked. Both recoil about the same, but the sway on the pps43 makes it rock around whereas the mp40 is pure vertical, extremely controllable recoil. mp40 is very close to my top kills per hour weapon--I play a lot with it. It's an absolute sex laser out to like 40 meters. It's the best SMG. I'm not even a SU main and I can see how unfair SU SMGs are treated. You're biased hard man.
  2. SU needs a buff

    sorry, I didn't know the price was increased
  3. SU needs a buff

    nah man, my point was just that it wasn't and isn't a big deal to spend credits if you wanted the extra CPs. GE stopped deploying because people stopped caring and they were losing WFs by getting encircled like crazy (and high GE population made all the battles pop). When the whales cared they locked out GE stockpiles for days. Now it's the opposite problem--nobody deploys ATs. Reto should have changed the RTS a long time ago so the stockpiles wouldn't get so big and making AR so powerful by rewarding the lowest populated factions.
  4. plenty of noobs don't get on points and scatter around anyway. Killing people on points is more valuable, as well as having a body on the point for capturing or defending, which planes can't do (well they can during the short flyby ). You kill me sometimes out of spawn or whatever a few times, but it doesn't matter. I just respawn and find another way to the point without you killing me. Once I get in there there's no way you're getting me out--your poor teammates have to do it. It's just not as effective as a top infantry player most of the time. There are those occasions planes can break a tank defense and turn the tide on a 1 line assault, but you're bragging more about total kills and lack of deaths while flying around uncontested. ZzzZzz
  5. lol or maybe just as disturbing ...
  6. LeadBoards is FAIL

    Yep, I was thinking the exact same thing. They need to do two things: #1 make it independent on whether you use multiple soldiers or not, and #2 introduce rate-based performance parameters, like Kills/headshots/destroys/assists/heals per hour/day/week or whatever. Currently the leaderboards are just showing who is unemployed and plays this game insane amounts while all on one soldier. Zzzz Zzzz
  7. Camping in a bush with 1 shot is almost equivalent to what you're doing with the plane, which is equivalent to sitting on a hill far off camping in a tank. It's all pretty close to pointless, except for you making credits--which I fully support btw--I'm only chiming in with a reality check because of the bragging. I think you would make more of a difference playing infantry versus playing as plane. The thing with your plane kills is you are not really killing people who matter. People are going to be capping points while hiding inside immune to planes. You wont kill enough people sneaking or rushing to the points. Yes, killing APCs matter, but you're not bragging about killing APCs here, are you?
  8. SU needs a buff

    that damage difference is the difference between 4hk and 5hk against players using HSG, and a significant difference in 4hk ranges for close combat. The mp40 is simply the best SMG. It doesn't make sense for SU to have an extra SMG yet they are all inferior to the mp40. Sure OK, keep the lower damage, whatever, but the sway I observe on the PPS vs the mp40 is significant... It just shouldn't be there. The 3 extra bullets can balance against the PPS having worse/fatter sights than the mp40, how about that? It would be nice for SU to have a little less sway on their SMGs to go along with the control buffs that US and GE had. It would be good for balance... just like slightly buffing the StG. Be honest with yourself man. Find the zen. You should have been around when all the wars were won by GE. As a US player during that long period of time we also just sucked it up and paid for it. Not a huge deal.
  9. This is exactly it. A lot of his screenies are losses, so this tells you a lot about what really matters. I remember a match I was in that he went like 70-1 or 70-2 that his team lost horribly and convincingly. Nobody on the ground cares, especially the good players. Nobody sends planes against him because nobody cares. They just go win the match completely ignoring planes. His flying doesn't stop infantry from winning games like great pilots that come to mind. I thought he was being really clever posting this all as a smart way of telling Retos planes need nerfing (or conversely that AA needs buffing), but no, he's just trying to feel good about himself, thinking that these scores and kills matter. Sorry, but it needs to be said: It's 10 million times harder to play infantry capturing points in this game, and yet campers and uncontested planes are rewarded the most. Hell, I can rotate soldiers and screw around all match and get more reward than going after objectives while killing the entire other team in some kind of epic frag video. After leading my team to victory or ultimately failing as a tryhard I'll have maybe a few thousand credits of earnings. Whoopie poopy. @Aust1n46 No offense man, but don't compare yourself to infantry players like bfine. Watching you pat yourself on the back like this just makes all the good players in this game feel uncomfortable and awkward for you. I would have no problem with you doing this and making those $$$, because stick it to the man, right? But the bragging... This thread is literally a guy wanking in front of a mirror.
  10. who had the idea?

    I understand him. I feel cocky too until I gave a match against @brjbzs who has 1 bar ping most of the time and hands my butt to me on a silver platter. I'm really good but it's foolish for me to think I'm the best and auto blame ping and equipment.
  11. who had the idea?

    I like the cocky aholes who think there's nobody better than them in the world and they must be losing because of ping and equipment. There are people in this game that will make you look like caca dispite ping and using weaker weapons. I'd put my money on Harmless.
  12. SU needs a buff

    Maybe it's time I play with it again because I didn't think it was that bad. Not bad compared to the PPS anyway.
  13. SU needs a buff

    There's like no sway on mp40 and Thompson. I really think the PPS is being screwed over. I see the ppsh41 as less of a concern because of the huge drum size giving it special useability perks, and it's not the top tier smg. The PPS should be better as the top tier SMG for SU. It's pretty close to mp40, but lacks in damage and most importantly sway. The sway on it sucks. Maybe that is because of modding ammo on it, I dunno, but the mp40 doesn't have that sway at all and has better sights. PPS should be better than the mp40, or it needs to be cheaper.
  14. lol, I thought this was a thread to highlight how broken pilot scoring is and how OP planes can be when uncontested. bragthread confirmed
  15. I agree, they are hands-down the most powerful infantry weapons in the game.