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  1. 1919 as intended

    I find that the time it takes you to line up the 2nd shot, it already is more time the trigger would have helped you anyway. So really the trigger is a backup for faster hipfire use.
  2. 1919 as intended

    The dual SA build is more of a joke/troll build, but yeah I use trigger on the unscoped SA since it's intended for CQC. It's not very good now with the advent of medpacks--it's so much more useful to carry health and the P38 pistol is the best pistol in the game, so there's no reason to use a unscoped G43 over the P38. And yes, when I'm JUST using G43 with nothing else I still don't put a trigger on it. I find it's way more important to land your shots than to spray shots faster. There are plenty of other people who put trigger on their scoped SAs, I'm just not a fan of the decrease in stability and cost.
  3. 1919 as intended

    Then you're horrible because I murder the crap out of people with the G43 and they can't do much to react, and I don't even use trigger on my G43 (hint: it makes it too unstable and you wont fire fast enough for it to matter while scoped anyway). Only thing they may have time for is to dodge/strafe to make the 2nd shot more difficult, but we're talking split-seconds here so usually "they" die. "They" being the most noob players in this game and also the best players in this game. Yes, the recoil is better on the M1G (less readjustment after shot needed) but that's a fair tradeoff for more bullets and being able to see everything all over the map with ease with that 4x scope. It will be interesting how they reconfigure things with 2.5x coming, I agree.
  4. Sorry to hear he's still holding out on this. If only we had more beer and time! I think the majority of vets/clannies think it would be fair to add the FG-42 to infantry, but without that happening then the StG should be slightly buffed to help it compete better against the AVS and Johnson. I gave my summary during teatime at the summit and emailed a brief summary to Circinus. --Equipment points should be adjusted because it is unfair that the US has 6 equipment points for both the Johnson and the m1/m2 (the same as SMGs) when GE's StG and SU's AVS both have 7 equipment points--This is really important because it is more fun for players to make more combinations of soldiers and that can be done on the US easier than the other factions. --The StG could have a slight increase in stock damage and a higher rate of fire, or just add a "close-combat" ~6 damage modification option for the StG so it can be tailored for that function at the severe cost in range, stability, and accuracy if the player so chooses.
  5. depends on how many bullets land on target (not just if your aim is bad, just because the bullet spread is so much that you can't easily hit targets farther out/is random) The m1/m2 for instance definitely is a killer on the bank because of the amount of bullets you need to shoot. Bolt-action rifles, especially oldschool unscoping, results in many missed shots especially when targets are moving perpendicular to you... You see far off targets that your weapon is built to shoot at but you can't hit them because they're moving and it needs to be just right. So you miss a bunch but with hair trigger and fast reload you're pounding out the rounds and getting a bunch of kills. Then you'll go to your summary at the end and find out you have zero credits gained after the repair bill. I'm talking the 70+ kills games (~30 min game) where you decide to just use the m1/m2 or a bolt-action.
  6. 1919 as intended

    This is like you, me, and @WarDaemon hanging out commenting about this video game I also live in fear!
  7. Sure the m1/m2 can get kills with other builds, hell even using bullets and lower ROF (very much not recommended), but in a competitive setting full ROF is most definitely required to spam your enemies to death due to the low damage per shot and the very very poor accuracy of the m1/m2.
  8. You haven't used a scoped full ROF m1m2 then
  9. Fun misleading fact due to obviously the volume of bullets being spewed out in battle are far far different. M1/m2 is the most expensive weapon I have used between US and GE next to rapid fire BA rifles.
  10. 1919 as intended

    I would say no, by a long shot. Pun intended. SAs outperform basically everything in this game that isn't close quarters due to the 2hk and headshot accuracy Yeah, it does work good everywhere, that's true. But the thread topic is a false claim that 1919 is more accurate than SAs. It's dumb trolling.
  11. 1919 as intended

    It is when you realize the G43 out performs those medium range and beyond.
  12. GE is STILL over populated even if they don't deploy their ATs. Weapon nerfs?Nah man they enacted the stockpile cap so GE couldn't steamroll their superior amount of ATs over the war map all at once. That's what made GE stop winning wars, not because of the mg42 nerf. Waiting 3 days to get your ATs out and then waiting for matches to pop that never do because the other factions have less people is the crap that really killed it.
  13. Basing your opinion on the whole staff based on what one employee said back whenever is really dumb. Cool, name a developer at Reto who is in a clan.
  14. With these kind of threads and toxicity comments I would screw over GE just out of spite. Stay classy, and sane. The tinfoil hat "all the devs are US bias" is not constructive, not correct (based on insider summit and reto staff roles).