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  1. Why was the sdfkz 250 added?

    Generally the most skilled members of certain top inactive clans that I sometimes played with or against and had the opportunity to chat about balance topics over TS
  2. Why was the sdfkz 250 added?

    Well that may be but it's the OPINION of the best players in this game that it is the best APC, by a long shot
  3. Why was the sdfkz 250 added?

    I don't agree with your claim that the GE APC is taller. I'm pretty sure it is smaller all around, length and height. Regardless... It has a much better turning radius and speed. Small size, maneuverability, protected DRIVER--these are what make it the best APC in the game because it's all about sneaking through and hiding the APC. I haven't noticed a big difference in hitting lips while driving it, but it may be there since it seems lower. But talking about useless shirt like holding more guys or 360mg as being advantages frankly just makes the people bringing it up look like baddies or at least not competitive players at all. It's no big deal though, all factions have good stuff, and not so good stuff in certain areas. In the other thread the motorcycle vs mines is a very valid con for the GE motorcycle.
  4. Why was the sdfkz 250 added?

    Nope, that's wrong all over. You need to go look at Reto's released "weapon configurations" thread in the News forum where you will find the hard stats for both these weapons. Go enlighten yourself to how much of a joke comparison it is.
  5. That's alright, I'm likely responsible for having cycling bonus nerfed
  6. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Buy new helmets for all 30 soldiers on each faction
  7. The challenge is the enjoyment. And the rage giver
  8. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Yeah, that'd be messed up
  9. Assuming your observation is correct, though I disagree it is a problem because I see plenty of GE spawning motorcycles, I suspect they're not spawning motorcycles for other reasons having nothing to do with the sidecar. It's most likely because they don't have it unlocked or have the credits to pay for it, or they don't want or need to spawn it because they're cheap
  10. Nerf Infantry Slaughter Vehicles (known as ISVs)

    Argue all you want. It's an easymode k/d ratio inflator. The proof is that you can't get the same amount of kills as infantry. It's not unique to recon vehicles. It's true for most tanks and planes too. It's part of the game, so whatever. It doesnt take long to figure out the map bottlenecks and camp in a vehicle that you can't get sniped out of far enough back or in the open you can see people coming up to you so you can kill them or switch to driver to run away, point n click killing infantry...
  11. Nerf Infantry Slaughter Vehicles (known as ISVs)

    Lol ok I could go for that. SU would just have their head stick up a little like a whack-a-mole
  12. So many shirty posts of endless crying over petty insignificant things
  13. And I'm triggered by this level of petty complaining! It drowns out legitimate concerns. I dislike how the motorcycle spins out so easily and I dislike how the US jeep isn't as high off the ground so it hits everything more and goes through water crossings much slower than the kubel and gaz, but hey it's a minor annoyance that can be addressed by playing slightly different. There's pros and cons to each faction and I can enjoy those benefits when switching.
  14. US jeep is slower than the kubel! I can't get into the back country fast enough! /f11's self
  15. Yeah, uh huh, spending the time stealing a vehicle first is faster than just driving the GE vehicle there. Makes sense. Nobody takes GE faction-only players complaints seriously because of posts like these. You guys complain about everything, no matter how minor a difference or how major of a pro you choose to ignore. And you just ignore everything good from severe bias blinders. Yeah, no, living through bike destruction does not happen systematically. I've died more often than not from a motorcycle being destroyed.