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  1. basically this, yep They're not going to undo this shirt since the flood gates have opened. So no point complaining about it anymore I guess. Valheim awaits
  2. d|ng

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    Ah yes, this will remove all the complaining and bias about weapons people in this thread (and others) claim. Meanwhile, in reality land, all one has to do is look at the newer activity posts in this forum to see that BS point thrown completely in the trash. tards
  3. d|ng

    New update not cool

  4. d|ng

    New update not cool

    yeah probably not, those are the homer vets I was talking about. They shouldn't reward that behavior but they did
  5. d|ng

    immersion update???

    Reto immersed us to our eyeballs. Immersed so hard
  6. d|ng

    New update not cool

    compare this to starting a soldier from scratch on the other faction. It's definitely less effort it's really not that hard when you've already been playing the game, getting to heavyset gold with your first soldier, and picking up enemies weapons a bunch on the way.
  7. d|ng

    New update not cool

    They're going to be a lot of vets like you and me who are old and grumpy and hate this change wondering why tf we spent all that time (perhaps thousands of hours) playing all the factions to build out full sets of soldiers, and appreciate having different weapons being used on different sides (like it was in WWII; some resemblance of reality preserved) and then there's going to be the newer players who don't have buildouts on the other factions that can now access their opponents weapons with much less effort than before and then there's the vet players who have refused to play other factions for years and years because they're total biased homers who are going to love this shirt because they can continue to homer on their faction while finally using the weapons their opponents killed them with that they always thought--usually incorrectly--were OP and they're in for a rude awakening when they realize they're not really that OP and they still suck at the game . Ultimately I guess it's a question of will the exodus of immersion vets players be surpassed by the the newer players and homer vets. I don't think it will. Death nail in coffin IMO.
  8. Care less about gap between vets and noobs, though I agree that's a problem this encourages. I care about immersion being ruined and removing the purpose of ever needing to switch factions. Removes a huge part of the game for players because there's now no reason to switch faction and spend time building out soldiers. Many people stuck around this game for years solely because it was fun to grind and work towards unlocking weapons and building soldiers on each of the factions. I know plenty of folks who quit this game after they basically had full loadouts and soldiers on all factions. This just makes that end-game happen way way sooner. It makes the game boring way sooner.
  9. literally sounds like someone just recorded a snare drum
  10. d|ng

    New update not cool

    game is officially broken now
  11. d|ng

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    this ^^ though with staffing/leadership changes it makes sense game direction and philosophies will also change
  12. it's just the number cutoff/truncated thanks, I'm happy near the bottom of the list since it just is a measure how much you play this game and with one soldier and nothing else
  13. d|ng

    Dt29 or Maxim ?

    if you don't mind a slightly slower aim to sight, and like hipfiring LMGs the MT is good. If you need fast aim to sight because you're a rushing type of character then DT29 is better for that.