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  1. d|ng

    Tank killer

    Bring your wallet
  2. d|ng

    C'mon reto FFS

    You can hop on my sack too, it's so ginormous it can fit everyone... ...good players who carry games, like gromes, hell even just decent players, in this game agree that armor2.0 is F'd and needs more tweaking and/or the costs are uneven. Tanking was made into noob easymode broken spam with a huge cost and skill disparities between tank & infantry. The only people who like it completely in its current state or want to see it taken further are 1) troll accts or 2) bad FPS players who have strong ego opinions on the forum but are complete trash in the game. When you look at their stats or watch them playing you instantly break into laughter at the ignorance. Are you one of those baddies, or are you decent and do you get that players are still upset that the system is so broken? It's so broken that even tankers are unhappy with the boring clickfests. Tank AP should be better and AT costs should be lower, or some other tweaks. Or number of tanks simply reduced.
  3. d|ng


    I wish it was easy for them to tweak armor weapons and AT prices. Oh wait it is and they think everything is fine.
  4. d|ng

    Panzerfaust crates

    You being able to park on a panzerfaust crate as a tank in a capture point is a prime example of why this game is toast for infantry players. I have faith in the intelligence of the guys I met in Copenhagen in that they can recognize this kind of trolling and do not take it seriously... Yet, they still allow it in the forums and state there will be no more changes to the armor update despite endless feedback from the players asking for more balance tweaks.
  5. I concur. I guess they decided to draw in more tank players by making them sponges yet shooting tanks forever in sponge battles is not entertaining unless you're a gerbil. Leaving AT costs as high as they are while still allowing tanks to be spammed pretty much ruined the game for me, so I'll continue to stay away until it's fun and rewarding to play infantry again. The so called base class of the game is the most difficult to play and least rewarded. Overall that's bad balancing.
  6. d|ng

    C'mon reto FFS

    Wow. With all the buffs to tanks and you're still having problems you are just terrible at gaming bro, try something else
  7. d|ng

    TAW.NET is recruiting!

    Glad to see TAW still going. Hopefully it's less cult-like now. Nice folks though for sure
  8. He has good requests in there actually Only going to work if majority votes it, and they can make the number of votes pretty hard to get to... For example I see kick votes in HLL constantly, but they always fail
  9. I have. Does not compare ADS while moving was aids before the lmg nerfs so it's even more aids now. Needs to have all lmg nerfs reversed and stability while moving buffed to even start being comparable
  10. d|ng

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Nope. Be prepared for someone to ask when face masks will come out or why isn't there furniture in the houses. Would be great to funnel questions from the community and giving Reto time to read and understand the question beforehand so we actually get informed answers.
  11. d|ng

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Sadly true
  12. Now that you mention it, it would be pretty funny to just give the exact current M2's weapon parameters to the ppsh41 then take the carbine towards the StG direction. Swap ppsh41 for PPS43 in the top SMG, then probably nerf the PPS a little somewhere, probably in velocity, and make it cheaper of course. Victory for US and SU
  13. d|ng

    Everyone thank Reto!

    Reducing magnifications would be good--hell it'd even feel better using the StG with a lesser magnification. I wonder what ever happened to Reto considering it? However the conefire needs primary attention right now, and yeah a lot of vets saw this coming before the bipod update. US needs a good conefire option to handle the 30-80m range decently apart from SA rifles. Maybe Reto had something planned? Would be cool to hear from Hades or I guess from the steam coming up.
  14. I'd swap the positions on the ribbons and costs for the BAR and Johnson, can tweak performance accordingly. Yeah, definitely same thing going on with ppsh41 and PPS. I agree with swapping and adjusting those weapons as well...
  15. d|ng

    Everyone thank Reto!

    Yeah this part is more balanced than before for sure... They need to make bipod performance better across the board, but it's more fair in the lmg department now. Something needs to be done for US's mid range though in either the M2 or the BAR... They ninja nerfed the M1G's ROF? Really? By how much?