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  1. Ugh, maybe you should actually consult Sjf on this one... but OK, I'll send you a friend request and join in on your game sometime.
  2. Last time I played you several months ago you tree fairied while your team got rolled and I tapped your 8x scope face with a 2.2x m1g among mowing down your team. You were nothing special relative to most of the players in for example zbv. It's fine but don't come at me in forums when you're not even in the same tier of FPS players. Maybe you're better at other stuff?
  3. Score screenie invalid. On same side as doramass.
  4. First off, you came at my post like a prick at the beginning, so remember that. At the beginning of this I made a neutral post that simply stated it comes down to what kind of game you want: insta-death counterstrike or more sustained gunplay like return to castle wolfenstein with 3 headshots needed to kill someone. Second off all your text described adding handicaps to the gameplay, which is exactly what I covered already in my previous post...so it turns out you were full of sheit as I thought. People in this game hate the handicaps that are already there (sway, recoil, blocked vision), you want to add more? Slow people down? That ruins the arcade feel and reduces a practiced skill of shot avoidance learned from classic FPS games like Quake. Realistic games like ARMA suck and is obviously not the direction RETO took this game. I'm not sure what scrubs you play against, but outsmarting people in CQC is how you win against good players. Cornercamping, listening for gun noises and footsteps, fast flanking, assuming where players will typically be (knowing where people are camping), knowing when people are reloading, and brute hand-eye coordination for snapping headshots. Making headshots harder to get doesn't change what I said. Players like myself will still find a way to make those headshots and ruin your fun, no matter how hard you make it to score those headshots. Maybe increasing the amount of shots it takes to the head might give you a better chance? (that's what I described already). Sounds like you're playing the wrong game.
  5. RZ2000, I hope you think I'm 10 years old because a 10 year old destroys you. You're downright terrible in the FPS part of this game and most of the time I just tolerate your posts as a less-skilled player's input/opinion. I contributed to this thread actually and this guy came at me like a douchey jerk and he will get the appropriate reply, just like you did here. Go find a StG whine thread to circlejerk to and a good GE player to coattail off of.
  6. Uh, no. So to be clear, by saying synergy-speak I'm saying you're full of sheit, and that last reply was so douch-ey it reinforced the sheit spewing. You can make it harder to aim at people in a game by adding handicaps, but nobody likes it ( everyone loves sway, random bullet spread, and blocked vision so much in this game, the forums have confirmed ), but in games you actually want to play, it comes down to how fast weapons can kill someone, headshot or not, and what your preferences are for how fast that is.
  7. Not really, but I'm willing to give your theory a chance if you give a more specific example and not use synergy-speak.
  8. Depends what you want as far as gameplay. If you want longer gunfights then less powerful weapons are more fun. If you want CS then yeah, keep everything buffed.
  9. Good advice list. Guys replying about not needing vehicles, capping out points for xp, or only using stock m1g are contributing to the famed noobness that is the US faction. Don't worry kids we'll keep carrying you.
  10. Take the johnson first because your 2nd soldier can cover the longer ranges while you grind to 1919 with the m1garand+greasegun for fast reload, then BAR to unlock the 1919. BAR and m1garand cover the long ranges that 1919 will cover, meanwhile you have your short range/CQC johnson character.
  11. Sometimes it would be nice to tell matchmaker to filter out 200 ping matches
  12. Yeah no doubt it will only be worth it for the single player. Last dynamic addicting multiplayer Activation had their hands in was return to castle wolfenstein...
  13. Funny, that's how I describe you when you complain about the StG
  14. M72 ammo for scoped. It helps hit your targets. No ammo needed for unscoped ROF build. I don't see much difference in the effectiveness of the 3 SAs. Modded with the exact same logic they all perform surpurbly to the point that user skill is far more of a difference maker. Recoil on G43 and SVT is not magically way worse, it's increased scope magnification, which again, is really not hard to control or master the rythm between shots. SAs are incredibly similar yet GE forum warriors being it up like it's what's keeping them back from doing well.
  15. Yeah, no, you're a moron. Your link to scores is not impressive. I'd destroy you based on those results. It maybe shows you're a decent player, but doesn't excuse saying scoped SA are for noobs. I love playing unscoped BA and unexpired SA for shiets n giggles, but scoped SA against _good_ players running HSS or HSG is superior at ranges maybe 30+ meters out. It's plainly way more competitive.