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  1. Staged War same thing at this point
  2. Germany just can't seem to win one ;^). Finally managed to get GE a win for once .
  3. Jmj191

    Insane ques

    Dis ;^)
  4. Нет реального мира танков. Играл до этого . But I was US main before playing GE even played enough SU to have everything but, no new recoil update wont save this game from this crappy armor update.
  5. Jmj191

    So whats the boycott for this time

    Just let this dead horse die already ;^).
  6. Я больше не играю. Я играю World of Tanks снова.
  7. Jmj191

    R.I.P H&G

    Well now you have it since no other clans are playing anymore you can play against the randoms just how you envisioned it instead of having to fight opposition you got what you wanted. Since you know you hated fighting ORCAM when they were active and only wanted to play them once a night and go back to playing randoms well... since it was impossible for us to pop battles on the war map you can guess what happened our group stopped playing all together. Which also means no more FPS group to push around with on the map and no ATs being deployed by them on the RTS map but, that didn't seem to be an issue 5-7 months ago now all of a sudden people not playing is an issue?
  8. Jmj191

    RTS competely broken?

    Can't be an organized boycott if your not playing the game as your not forced to play this game but, be careful reto might take action against you if you don't play ;^).
  9. Jmj191

    R.I.P H&G

    War will never be active when staged is the main point of this game if you find it boring well that sucks for you 90% of the player base finds it fun so it will always be the main point of this game.
  10. Jmj191

    R.I.P H&G

    I personally don't see how SU/GE players are ruining it for anyone? Theirs a ton of SU/GE players playing in staged which is where the game is designed and intended to be played around war was already on life support and no AR brought some back but, than they turned AR back on and pretty much killed off all those that were deploying again so by the time the new update hit people were already fed up enough that they just moved on to other games like I have aside from the occasional staged encounters ill play.
  11. Jmj191

    What is going on?

    It's best just to let war die and play the game as it was designed to be played in staged.
  12. ^This is the part they seem to have never comprehended yet nor it doesn't look like its time either maybe by the end of 2019 or 2020 they might though.
  13. Vengiece already had his deleted since crap 4.0 or 6.0 dropped I think can't remember what were at anymore these days.
  14. Pretty much like everything that's already been said 100% and bring back selecting what AT to spawn from in battle which would bring back limits to specialist like it used to be.
  15. I think it's safe to say 90-95% of the veteran player base would rather play any kind of pre 2018 HnG than what we have now....