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  1. Jmj191

    The end times are here!

    Kek people think the devs actually care about the game? They’re just trying to milk as much as they can before they finally go under and have to go elsewhere for work.
  2. Jmj191

    Game is disappointing

    Lmao haven't been on the forums in time thanks for the good laugh! :^).
  3. Jmj191

    Casual War

    I have 0 Idea what your talking about. 😊
  4. Jmj191

    FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    And your group loses to 2 guys with a full team.... On Your ping (given blueflare gets BR ping I suppose it's 1 with good and 1 without).
  5. Jmj191

    Snow Uniforms

    Only useful once a month when they run the month long event otherwise useless.
  6. The actual reason behind it is "hardware limitations" Which I think everyone can draw conclusions to why that is (since it wasn't limited before) .
  7. Yes because clan vs clan no longer exist as much as it used to thanks to you know them dying off due to changes like this perfect example not to mention this will just promote more random stomping from the clans that remain since getting into a battle as an attacker vs a clan which results in sudden death will automatically default to a loss now so the clan that has to attack is better off leaving and re q ing to fight randoms. As for hardware limitations you guys are just discovering this now? after what 8 years?
  8. So reto has decided that Timer 2.0 is needed and defenders need an even bigger advantage now especially since this promotes clans to just avoid each other even more for faster battles vs randoms. The reduction in the timer effectively means if you fight a clan on a river line basically 4/5 lines you will have very little time as an attacker to manage to secure the final objective (literally every clan match I've fought usually goes the full 90 mins). It usually results in taking the entire timer just to get 01/02 then you go into overtime which easily goes over 90 minutes but, I suppose with the lack of clans these days to the great updates that continue on since their is less of them it's finally time to put the nail in the coffin to clans actually fighting clans and promoting them to just avoid each other even more since the defending side will now always win just due to time and the attacking side will always lose now. So to the remaining clan I commend to on the random stomping that will soon ensue upon these changes. Forgot to @ some vets for opinions I am forgetting many of course but, word will get out probably just to many names I can't recall and I am to lazy to sit here for hours when I have things to do atm. @d|ng @IdleCleese @Brunoski @Mastah @TerrabyteGamingHD @_Mrmafia_ @Eagleknife4321
  9. Jmj191

    Nerf the skill-less crutch that is HE.

    I’ll raise the bar even higher than imaginable. Add random sway/conefire to tanks/planes/recon vehicles and Jeep mgs and the t20. Why you may ask well why do infantry weapons suffer from these mechanics yet anyone can get in a vehicle and without even having to properly aim they have a laser weapon doesn’t make any sense. But adding the random terribleness we have on infantry can better balance it out no more shells going where you aim no more laser mgs (inf mgs won’t be laser soon anyways after the next nerfs).
  10. Jmj191

    macro mouse users is destroying the game

    Those guns have recoil???
  11. Game was always arcade with a slight mix into realism (with vehicles) and as bob suggested if you want realism feel free to try out 2 of the walking sims that have been mentioned.
  12. Jmj191

    macro mouse users is destroying the game

    Funny how in reality I can average 10CPS 90% of the time 100% of the time it's 8-9 which is an entire garand clip or 1-2 shots remaining n the svt/g43 only after 1 second though, however game has a limiter so that you can't just dump 10 shots in under a second which is to limit the spam 2hk meta. Yet people still can't understand this concept I do believe @d|ng is also capable of 10CPS ;^).
  13. No 2.0 is best option because SA can only OHK up to 90m meaning inf snipers can't kill me anymore and I can absolutley destroy any pleb now as there autos will be 2hk no matter what while my gun already 2hks and ohks sometimes ;^). The ones that also use SAs vs me will also get destroyed as well because im also generally better then them unless its you then we gonna have an epic bullet medkit battle fiesta 2.0.
  14. They could also make heavyset effect headshots again(god knows why this was changed in the first place without any input just to result in the RNG CONEFIRE SWAY HEADSHOTS to become more plentiful because recoil is never the way to balance only making your gun infuriating and RNG random is the way to go) but, you know I know nothing so lets just break the game even more.
  15. Shhh I don't hate heavy springs I used to use them before reto ruined the heavy spring 42 by increasing it's stock rof to 1k (thanks ). I also tried heavy spring carbine for the memes it was actually quite hmmm interesting might need to get me one. They should also add a heavyspring option to the avs and stg .