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  1. Jmj191

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    HLL also requires a 3 man crew for a tank to function correctly unlike *gasp* HnG where 1 person can do everything in the tank. Agreed.
  2. I mean if you played GE you would have realized this a long ago as even in the NA TZ GE is overpopulated to the point even our random Q with 4 guys could take around 5-10 mins and the best part it would throw us on an EU or an RU server instead of an NA server in our own primetime XD.
  3. Jmj191

    New winning town mechanic

    /M 6359139413912641646 /P 1147673637971064234 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 3216936852827963809 /V 155045 /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=3216936852827963809::Y2G+hH6CmlfbziayemliKMrCOGg" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" Still happening
  4. NA timezone is in decline has been for a while now which is why it's the AR timezone since it's the second lowest player pop timezone playing war with Australia being the first.
  5. Jmj191

    We should cut Reto a break.

    Remade ORCAM fox is gone for the time being .
  6. Jmj191


    AT mines are also faction exclusive as well now.
  7. Jmj191

    We should cut Reto a break.

    Still waiting for another SU lmg .
  8. Jmj191

    We should cut Reto a break.

    Salty Veteran Union soonntm?
  9. Jmj191

    We should cut Reto a break.

    I can say that with 100% certainty you are superior to him. Also check your PM in about 2 mins as well.
  10. Jmj191

    ORCAM (Yeah were back)

    We already caught the elusive @vectorA and he is now one of us!
  11. Jmj191

    ORCAM (Yeah were back)

    We used the original image that we used when we founded ORCAM .
  12. Jmj191

    ORCAM (Yeah were back)

    We are the elitist NA clan that generally does whatever we want and plays whatever faction we want (mainly GE though so were in this section) and we generally only recruit those that mesh with the main core group of us. This post is to also clarify our entire roster of our members as these ar.e the only offical members of ORCAM. Roster: Clan Leaders: Vengeice (Took a ban for the clan) jmj191 (General Operations) Members: Biohazardousgun Hdawg Jaysand Anerian1 Sjf0212 Trace2433 JacksonC76 MasterDillion TheJacksta (Ammo Hoarder) Thesilenttrain D1rtydan Founding Members:
  13. Jmj191

    New winning town mechanic

    /M 3552286181604753292 /P 268966315537242471 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 4171440659352611422 /V 155045 /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=4171440659352611422::vGj7u/cT5D8bEPR7C1GswDAFuRg" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=0"
  14. Jmj191


    Yes while I simply full on run around and Headshot them with a scoped SA.
  15. Jmj191

    Response To Studio Restructuring Feedback

    Of course the faction should never have been added as a standalone faction as it has caused more problems for the game and development of the game SU still has a lack of a playerbase and since autoresolve can't be disabled because the faction essentially dies further proves the point that it should never have been added as a standalone faction in the first place. How you fail to see this is beyond me.