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  1. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Here I was wondering why I made way more wfs when I switched to GE compared to when I mained US roughly a year or so ago but, considering I played way more aggressive on the US side because of a lower Q and more defenses/defensive on GE because of the bigger Q. Indeed this is completely broken never making an assault in the RTS again.
  2. war at the moment

    Sadly they are generally 1 steam PM away .
  3. A 5 year old bug

    If all we need is people to not play to get actual updates out than maybe by the end of the year we can have the spawning in the air as a para with no planes fixed to .
  4. war at the moment

    Literally everyone I use to play with on US/SU moved on from this game gradually. RA hasn't played since late 2016 beginning of 2017. BAD stopped playing seriously 4-6 months ago oh and a lot of my zbV friends have also moved on to other games so it doesn't come as a surprise that the 3 top clans from each factions side respectively have all generally moved on with the lack of content, updates and lack of clans to fight because all the other factions clans run away when they see one of these 3 clans.
  5. war at the moment

    Can confirm it was HAX and not DB . That's a real shame then cause those veterans literally must be some of the worst players in the game because my K/D continues to go up regardless of what faction I play and I solo Q against clans or Q with a clan to face clans all the while were always outnumbered most of the time. Coincidence that the weapon re-balance was done months ago when US/SU were still active and playing where GE was still losing every war? Oh if you had actually followed the US/SU Teamspeaks activity like I did because I play all faction + still go over to them to talk to friends when I'm on GE you would see that it has been declining rapidly over the past 4-5 months yet somehow they were still winning all the wars back then and GE was unable to win. Meanwhile you want to sit over here crying that US/SU vets are whining and on a strike/boycott when in fact they just arn't even playing lol.
  6. Why you mad?

    Quoting you from a couple days ago during a match had a friend on the GE side.
  7. Why you mad?

    And I'm a no life.
  8. I am quite known to use AP mines when I'm in the mood .
  9. Ah but you see it was an O1 assault from C//D/E without Aline or Bline being able to be opened plus we never had any fear of anyone going to o1 so we ended up getting bored and sitting atop church with mg42s and spraying at the attackers on d4 .
  10. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    This is cute coming from a guy who’s not only his clan but most GE clans have been inactive for 2-3 months all magically appear back after many US/SU clans have gone inactive. Not only that but some magical rumour about a boycott going around is taking fold. Please stop trying to be all elitest and high and mighty.
  11. Why you mad?

    You summoned the bias guy? P38*
  12. Infantry 2.0?

    Fixed that for you
  13. No I can assure you it is quite dead.