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  1. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    True but, again numbers can always be tweaked according to what reto deems is good for the game and you've provided them with a decent guideline on how to to do such things.
  2. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    It would diversify the battlefield at least weaponry wise until they do weapon reworks/implement new weapon lines like for example new SU LMGs.
  3. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    Oh yea crap just realized only did the calculations for the t1s lol. But in order for the SU lmgs to be done we kind of have to wait until the implementation of the t2 SU Lmg at least cause the dp28 is kind of a tier 1.5lmg as a tier 1.
  4. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    I never said which tier LMG I was more so thinking for the T2 ones they would cost 178 t1s can cost the original 143 (with rounding).
  5. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    Correction but LMGs are unlocked at infantry assault 9 so it would actually be 75*1.9= 142.5 so using your 25% penalty it would cost in theory 178 tokens to spawn a stock lmg.
  6. Is the South-Korean server gone?

    8* server locations .
  7. Overly Rude Cupcakes Antagonizing Monkeys

    Keeping our leader @vengeice entertained.
  8. Hi, Yes and I would also like to know how to use the binoculars to 0 in on the distance so I can adjust my BA rifle i'm sitting with in the bush to the correct distance so I can kill my target. Many thanks in advance.
  9. P-38 Lightning Issues

    This infantry first use to work with AA guns a very long time ago but was patched out quite quickly after it was discovered.
  10. Remove the AA guns on maps

    You really wouldn't like flak guns cause let me tell you no one would be flying again against GE (88mm Flak cannon when?) . Oh and yes GE did use mg42/mg34s against planes very unconventional and never really shot down planes but they did use them. The US also used 50cals to shoot at planes again was useless but they still did it on the occasion that no other AA was viable. As an example of non-viable just look at the AA guns in HnG 99% useless which is why people use the mg42/ptrd/1919 cause it's going to get better results than the AA guns and AA trucks.
  11. Many have become toxic due to those being toxic towards the game generally being correct and it wears you down to the point where you become one of them.
  12. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    Not The Webcams ! (Lotr theme is already taken )
  13. Overly Rude Cupcakes Antagonizing Monkeys

    A standard ORCAM A4 push happens everytime . Haha yeah those are our members making new accounts so they can play the other factions and do their trolling they like to do. But as for us were semi-active most of our oldguard is off playing PUBG it's mostly a small group of 6-8 of us playing every now and again when battles pop we can do stuff on the warmap.
  14. Eh I wouldn't use greentip if the 42 didn't need TGG cause it is indeed as you say hard to control but it has less RNG sway with the greentip than without.
  15. Was just saying if reto was able to for example get an update out that brought players back + made changes to the RTS returning players and maybe newer ones would be more likely to stay which would increase the overall population of all factions making war more enjoyable/playable again without these AR wars we have now.