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  1. Wrong badge model (Freefall silver)

    Hmm weird because i have my m1/m2 carbine on and its a gold matchmaking weapon
  2. Wrong badge model (Freefall silver)

    And i'm no noob who just started playing i have been playing this game since 2014 so i know my way around and i'm very good but i got into the silver matchmaking group after i got a new inf guy and started leveling him on depot map and then i got thrown away i mostly play war so i don't know these are my first staged matchs for a while now as i mostly watch the war map and play war, Maybe it has to do with it?
  3. Wrong badge model (Freefall silver)

    I know about it and got it alot of times before but the props here i was in the Gold matchmaking group and now i'm playing with silver matchmaking noobs and the badge is a silver free fall badge and there is no variety in this badge there is only bronze we don't have silver or gold!
  4. Hello guys So this bug shows that i'm in the silver matchmaking group and look at the badge its a Free fall SILVER badge! There isn't a free fall silver badge this guy had a gold fast reload badge on him And the matchmaking why is it silver i used to be gold and i'm a very old player and i'm really good at it then why am i silver group? I restarted the game and its still the same here is a link for a steam screenshot: Thats all
  5. Yeah but what can they do my USA MOTO inf sit in the queue for 3 hours while i take out 3 mid tanks and 5 moto inf on the soviet side in 5 min And oh no if one of my USA ATs dies in battle i cry because of how much time i had spent in the queue while on the soviet side one dies i don't care i only need to wait for moral to get back up then its all done i can send them again
  6. Yes you are its pretty addicting you see that you can heal yourself in a cap point you get addicted on it and can't go to battle without one
  7. Rename Underdog bonus

    No not really it drives vet players to the underdog factions and drives noobs to the uberdog faction so its good and bad at the same time and i think RETO should fix it
  8. if reto wants to go for the arcade side they should reduce the damge but if they want to go realistic way they should increase the damge but decrease the accuracy and make it so that if you got shot in one of your limps your gun will shake or shot your leg you will walk slowly but for now its fine the way it is tho reworking the hitboxs would be nice for now
  9. Is this just another coincidence?

    i see people with a ping 120 and they do really bad here i am sitting playing with 300 ping and kicking a** in war battles
  10. SLI support gone?

    i have a gtx 1080 sli one of them is being used so yes i think they removed the sli support
  11. Warfundincome is too low

    before the xylander update you could've made more then 100k warfunds in one day now you barely get 10k
  12. United Defense Rangers - Elite

    Yo you still looking because i'm interested i'm bored of playing alone i have every thing on every faction but i play mostly USA at war i have a mic and i'm 18
  13. thats all i have to say
  14. A big bug after 1.04

    if that don't fix it try to upgrade if you have an old system
  15. A big bug after 1.04

    i still have some tricks up my sleeve download a program called msi afterburner and look at the cpu heat while you play if you see overheating put a new thermal paste on your cpu