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  1. The Chaffee? Remove 2hk. Make it cost less.?IDK why you moan about hellkitties so much as it has no armor, can get one belted by pz1s and 222s, 2hkd by a Panther, etc. but oh noes guys it can go fast. Good? Yes. Out of balance? No, stug is competitive and better at range. SU is good but doesn't have anything going for it. Don't get me started on the king tiger...
  2. Yeah it ruins the balance, that's why it needs to be accounted for.
  3. E was the last time it was updated but besides F build, which added more tanks I don't think they touched tanks.. Who knows, maybe another ninja nerf.
  4. Same dmg as an E8, check ReDemoN's spreadsheet, and it reloads faster but it should be the best medium.
  5. @Binson both good ideas, especially the second one.
  6. Still skill is not a question when random sway is involved. Damage nerfs can be compensated by better aim. No matter how good your aim is if massive sway is involved there is no way to effectively compensate it. Nerf damage, nerf ROF, give more recoil, but don't give more sway. That just makes weapons unusable.
  7. Argument's still valid, skill is not a question with random sway. Try a 900rpm carbine and a 900rpm ppsh, or even a carbine at 720rpm. the carbine has much more sway. In CSGO recoil patterns are not random, so someone can memorize and compensate for them. In H&G recoil is random and thus impossible to compensate for. And really cornercamping to the extent of proning is a stupid tactic that will get you killed when facing better players.
  8. Small queue which means all possible ATs are deployed and Germany should be able to make pushes. Germany has some very good generals but most just leave their stuff in Rome. I am playing GE this war and even with my 6 ATs I'll fill in holes near the frontline and make sure battles within ~5 towns of the frontline are fun.
  9. Skill isn't an argument with random sway. No more OHK headshots vs HS? Fine, I can hit their head again. Less ammo? Fine, 300 rounds with one pouch was too much. But those combined with the sway most certainly do not make it require more skill. It just makes everything dependent on luck, just like the MG42
  10. Check on GE queues now... Bet inf is within 500, only queue on mediums, planes, recons. Germany doesn't have a great starting position but German generals are more to blame... look at Rome now, everyone pulls back, screws the faction and other players.
  11. Huh... will have to try with my colonel... I try to go for most frags/minute, which tends to be expensive even with a CQC Garand, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.
  12. Yeah old system and class limits was much better. And still no comment by devs on why it was removed.
  13. Just use an mg34, mod for max ROF with green tip or chrome lined barrel and patrone ammo. Have also heard that 800rpm on the MG42 is a good build. DP28 isn't OP it's basically a minimum ROF MG42 4hk vs HSG with much more recoil at 3hk.
  14. So rank doesn't matter any more in salary?
  15. More worried about paraspam and its effects on the RTS.