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  1. m1919, garand, johnson...

    Ahh, bias, qq, and flaming. Great job guys. I applaud you.
  2. Autoresolve hypocrite

    Thought this was gonna be another dora's butt post...
  3. Very good game 300+ ping

    Europlebs complaining about 120 ping, isnt that cute...
  4. proposal: only rank 6+ soldiers in war

    And only 5- characters in staged... I could live with that
  5. I'm having very serious trouble and so bye for now!

    Silly Canadian, guns are for 'Mericans
  6. German Army Total War Event II

    Thats why...
  7. RTS idea to reduce alt account abuse

    If only you would apply the same logic to the removal of infantry scopes... smh
  8. German Army Total War Event II

    Germans never stole an Iowa... done with cyka blyats?
  9. nationalist and communist

    Ok, then tell me why unemployment has gone down under both Obama and Trump? And hundreds of thousands of jobs have been created? Right, like the illegals who drive the fruit production in SoCal? Have fun paying for food if they all get deported. If they're willing to work as hard as they do for what they recieve they're much better for the country than your sorry butt ever will be. If it's under the table farm work then no but many get a fake SSN to work at legitimate jobs in which they pay taxes but are ineligible for any government services. And for the most part they are pretty close to those percentages A symbol... Like the Maginot Line and the Atlantic Wall? We both know how well those worked out. I'm not a boomer, bud. You're so ignorant of the US and the world. It'd be great if you would think for yourself and stop automatically assuming trump/alt right=perfect and hillary/left/moderate conservatives=the devil. It's a lot less clear cut than you like to believe. "Your generation" is the millenials and also happens to be my generation and 95% of everyone here on the forums' generation, and I have equal disdain for hippies. I'd love it if politics still put country over party like in the days of Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, and Bill Clinton.
  10. nationalist and communist

    Thats what they say all the time, that automation will kill all the jobs, but it never works out that way. With new tech comes new opportunities for employment, hell, new tech gave us the greatest economic expansion in history after WWII and grew the middle class. Look, if someone is willing to work harder, smarter, or better than you and you lose your job, then they deserve that job more than you. Illegals pay the same taxes as you if they're working the same job and they won't get the benefits that they payed into when it comes time for them to retire, or they're picking fruit for well under minimum. While I'm no fan of affirmative action or any program giving anyone preferential treatment, college students are still mainly white by a wide margin. Building a wall won't do jack shirt, you've gotta address the underlying problems that drive millions to risk their lives to come to the US. Please do a little reading before you start spewing shirt everywhere. Alt right bootlickers give all of conservatism a bad name. Just be glad you don't live in Europe.
  11. Biased Devs

    I mean it would still give you eye cancer, maybe a bit less, but that still looks a lot like the one in game. M48 is literally a post-WWII k98 made in Yugoslavia with a slightly different action, even fires the exact same round.
  12. Looking for U.S. Clan - Who to join on TS?

    Thanks Axe Like many other clans UDR took a big hit in activity, most of us like to play the underdog and so have been mostly playing our GE alts, although tonight we had a decent team going. All shows the state of the game when 2-3 months ago we had 20+ active easily, now a decent team for us is 6-7, and 5-6 for a GE squad when we've got the NA ZBV playing with us. DB seems to be a lot more active recently though, so might be worth looking into.
  13. Biased Devs

    Nobody got any buffs, ge got nerfed and US got nerfed but had a weapon almost as good to replace the carbine, but no piece of us gear has been buffed for a while. THB I agree with a lot of the core things you say but you put it in such a nitpicky, toxic way that you can't expect any support from anyone.