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  1. Axis is fun. I love @AdrianVictus's mg42 build. Thought it was insane at first but lo and behold, its a beast.
  2. 1917's still pretty skookum, 1911 has better rof than both. 1903 beats 1911 as a general purpose weapon though.
  3. love off alt right fuckhead. Y'all talk more shirt than any other group combined. This is coming from a staunch conservative.
  4. Nah, brandon isnt egotistical and has decent opinions. Hes wrong about the stg tho.
  5. What are you talking about? god-emperor RZ is never wrong. His ideas are always in the best interest of everyone. Plus he's uber 1337 in cs and only dies to headshots. Only hackers beat him at bushwanking, he's so good.
  6. probably was his cat... Although dogs are much better players.
  7. Nah, SU kinda gave up trying to win after US won 2 wars, and someone said KGB got banned. GE is loved by queues.
  8. Oh the irony...
  9. New pistols are skookum choochers... But whoever decided to put them in rather than fixing the game's problems needs to see the 370 population of US army chat during US prime time.
  10. ... @d|ng @Jmj191
  11. If you cant aim, yes. But if that is the case, its your fault and only yours. Yeah and everywhere on a Panzerkampyourspawnwagen VI "wehraboowankwagen" II is RNG pen with a chaffee.
  12. I mean, 1200rpm 3hk vs 800 3hk and 1028 4hk. Kinda strikes me as very similar to now, no?
  13. Oh... MG42 was sooo UP after the first nerf that removed the completely fair and balanced 2hk build... [email protected] completely balances to [email protected].. Carbine was bs too but it was never as good overall as mg42.
  14. axis salt will just give you a rusted out engine block
  15. Interesting... Why was I summoned? gl