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  1. Bob_Stephens

    Reduce headshot multiplier (round 2)

    dude, this game has always been arcade. War isn’t fun; trying to make a 100% realistic fps fun is an exercise in futility. Go play that walking simulator Hell let loose if you want that. I’m not even going to comment on HS multipliers bc I havent played this game semiseriously in months but I think Ding has a good opinion on this. Really the crux of the issue is weapon balancing around random spray conefire.
  2. ever heard of a hyperlink? Not like they’ve been around since like 1995 or something, eh?
  3. Thank you for enlightening me to the error of my ways. I might even subscribe now! Yeah I’ve played vs clans a bunch, either by myself or with @d|ng and others and have almost always been on the point. Also if you want to make youtube videos don’t consistently miss easy shots.
  4. welp, glad I skipped thru... 30 minutes of you sitting in bridge tower on an e line defense is not worth my time, especially with the number of missed shots... Maybe try aimlab?
  5. Bob_Stephens

    New UI idea

    You’re literally the only one who I’ve heard say that UI is the best... You realize by saying that many other players like that best you’re using the same tactics RETO uses when they say something is changed based on “silent majority” opinions, it’s completely unverifiable unless they start speaking up. I’ll eat crow if that happens but I haven’t seen anyone else love up on that UI like you do. I personally think that it looks like something you would play on windows 97. My favorite HnG UI was the one just before G build that screwed up the spawns. Ursake’s idea looks close to that, not too flashy, and intuitive. But what do I know, only been playing since 2015. Also, no offense, but you greatly overestimate your skill and you’re a huge hypocrite, every time I’ve killed you you’ve been in a bush with the scopes you proclaim to hate and I don’t think I’ve ever sen you go better than a 2-1 vs randos. See what I did there? 😉
  6. I feel like they decreased somewhat, but not as much as I would like to see. That being said, both of our opinions are based on personal anecdotes rather than hard stats. Also, what is the incentive for reto to BS the stats? What about decreasing automatic HS damage so they aren’t a one shot on a full health player?
  7. Bob_Stephens

    Badge Rebalance Discussion

    That would mess up balance and encourage OHK campers. The minor annoyance of having to run heavyset is much better than getting OHK’d by everyone and their mother sitting behind a tree. If OHK was no longer possible then I’d get behind removing HS, but I think it should stay for now, potentially only decreasing BA damage though.
  8. Bob_Stephens

    E Line Town Attack

    Yes please, it’s especially bad when defenders have D line or to an extent, A line. Please consider allowing players to spawn on uncontested points, move the e4 spawn across the river, and potentially disable defenders from spawning on lines where there isn’t an attack.
  9. Bob_Stephens

    When are you going to balance the US devs?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing all ROF modding stay within 10-20% tbh. I think the way it is now means that it’s pretty hard to balance specific weapons like the carbine which sucks at range but dominates cqc. Throw in hsg and that really complicates the equation. I just think all of the faction biased crying is a little over the top, game balance feels pretty good all around and nothing feels particularly OP.
  10. Bob_Stephens

    Bring back running battle list

    How would that cause any issues? Surely there is client side data about what battles are running (which come from a central server of course), couldn’t they just take the same data they use for the pictorial war map and compile it into a list that is easy for players to use?
  11. Bob_Stephens

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    In other words, I lack FPS skill or the interest to learn and want to sit back 500m from the battle with my high explosive sniper which can’t take damage from bullets unopposed by those pesky peon infantrymen.
  12. Bob_Stephens

    Not exploding nades

    Top players don’t spam frags
  13. Bob_Stephens

    Bring back running battle list

    I mean, they have to have a list of all the currently running battles somewhere along with who’s in each battle and what resources are present. I don’t get how this wouldn’t be technologically feasible. @Reto.Hades any clarification would be great. Couldn’t that be done client side with existing data?
  14. Bob_Stephens

    US weapons

    How do you figure?
  15. Bob_Stephens

    US weapons

    The axis brains trust deems them OP, who am I to argue with such superior beings?