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  1. Buff p40 and me410. Balancing a game by having one faction vastly outperform in one aspect while sucking in the other is not the way to do it.
  2. We heard you the first 50,000,000 times... saying something 50,000,001 times is not going to change anything.
  3. Playing on wifi? That happens to me in every game I play. I really need wired internet.
  4. Never seen him on the war map. @Mastah is a top competitive player who knows how top weapons feel and manages to give good feedback without being toxic.
  5. They nerfed standing and crouched sway on every gun aside from SA rifles, not as hard as MG42 but you definitely notice it. Johnson has noticeably less sway now.
  6. Jackson is a TD. Johnson is the LMG. I prefer it to the 1919 because Reto is determined to add sway to every single gun and the Johnson has the least sway of any LMGs in the game now. Reto balancing FTW. Nerf hard stats not handling.
  7. But that's the thing. They should absolutely know the ins and outs of their game. Circinus does, but he doesn't have enough time to constantly be monitoring the forums. Too much political BS between Reto and the community.
  8. Surprised nothing from Reto yet after almost 40 thanks... Really says something when that many people provide constructive feedback yet the devs continue to do nothing. They've probably been too busy moving development related feedback to completely unrelated sections of the forums.
  9. It's not even the arcade thing that screwed if up. How do you balance a 1200rpm OHK MG42? How do you balance OHK Garands vs OHK K98s? The arcade isn't the problem. The main problem in this game is heavyset and balancing some weapons so that they are limited in potential vs vets. Honestly vs non heavyset enemies I love using german weapons. The STG especially is possibly the most fun gun in the game vs up to silver heavyset. Overall I prefer most german weapons to their allied counterparts but the balancing of everything around one faction having OP LMGs and the other having every other infantry weapon being slightly better but struggling in clan fights vs LMG spam isn't great. Plenty of arcade games that did it right and play excellently, where everything is balanced around tiers and in some cases such as with Dirty Bomb using the exact same (slow TTK) guns. And some, like Days of War and Day of Infamy using guns with high TTK.
  10. Only $10??? vs over $100 into H&G over the years.
  11. Johnson @ 600 rpm should have been the US AR. Would have been much easier to balance for CQC and range.
  12. Reto hasn't cared for some time... Pretty obvious with how they treat the community. I personally will be off to other games once they are released. Too much reto.logic is a bad thing.
  13. Yep this year they're going to have to deal with competition. It will either save the game or kill it. In any case I plan to be off to battalion as soon as it releases. I have no problem dropping $70 for a game like old H&G and the devs in their early, passionate days.
  14. For No. 2 I meant increasing TTK of certain US weapons. By reducing ROF. And also reconsidering the way MG42 was nerfed, nerf its ROF but don't make it sway randomly. In response to your edit, look at 4hk MP40 vs 5hk Thompson. P38 3hk vs 1917 3hk, 600rpm vs 480rpm. MG34 720rpm vs BAR 600 both 4hk vs HSG both 3hk vs no HS, 30 more rounds. Look at BF109 vs P40. Maybe king tiger vs Pershing would be a good conversion starter for GE bias? The game isn't perfectly balanced by any means but it's nowhere near as bad as some claim. Nerfing ROF of US weapons and giving everyone 2x scopes would solve most of them.
  15. zbV is one of the few fair play clans left. OBS and shadowplay are both free the latter requiring an nvidia GPU. Most of zbV are EU so probably some of the things you describe are ping related. Like @Caboose05 said they are a very skilled group of FPS players and I might think a group that did as well as they do is hacking if I hadn't heard of them/regularly fought vs them. OFC the same could be said of other clans too... Most of the UDR guys have also been called haxxors at some time or another.