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  1. Unreliable armor? LOL, your dealer really needs to be locked up slowest by 2kph Largest but ambush DB makes it invisible Hull down? Yes Not hull down? Nope Hull down KT goes through Pershing gun barrel, massive turret cheeks (x2) b/c mantlet is improperly modeled, or cupola. Not hull down KT never fails to pen. My dog could use the thing and reck face with it. Yeah he has some kind of complex but then again you need to take into consideration the wehraboo effect.
  2. If you have a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. If you're a wehraboo, everything german starts to look underpowered.
  3. Oh the irony
  4. Add random rotation of towns on the campaign map so lines are different every war
  5. Lol he always has a fun night when he joins allied TS, most bans I've ever seen in one night @sLyoo
  6. Bots vs bots instead of ARs?
  7. Regularly get into moscow ping matches from US East. 150-170 ping minimum, least stable gameplay. You can deal with it.
  8. "How hard can it be" -Jeremy Clarkson
  9. Playing against guys on your friendslist is bad? Leads to clan fights which are 10x more fun than 6min rando sealclubs. Oh the horror!
  10. Which is as it should be, as tanks are situational.
  11. Thing is, heavies are pretty much nonexistent on the war map. When they do pop up, mediums club them, be it pe3, me410, or p38. US gets the short end of the stick with the worse but ultra common medium, and best but ultra rare heavy plane. Kinda like king tiger vs Chaffee, both are the best in their class by a long way, but the Chaffee is very common, while the king tiger is not. In that situation GE gets the short end of the stick.
  12. +1 nothing more to say. Germans have tons of SS squads too so always a fair amount of reporting for racism vs Germany.
  13. KT has just as much chance as IS2 to bounce shells off its smaller weakspots. And were you using AP in 38t? Might be a 5hk then. Tried Chaffee w/o APCR and a few times it just set a luchs smoking w/3 shots.
  14. I also can't blame the community for being toxic either. It's a nasty, vicious cycle.