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  1. I mean it would still give you eye cancer, maybe a bit less, but that still looks a lot like the one in game. M48 is literally a post-WWII k98 made in Yugoslavia with a slightly different action, even fires the exact same round.
  2. Thanks Axe Like many other clans UDR took a big hit in activity, most of us like to play the underdog and so have been mostly playing our GE alts, although tonight we had a decent team going. All shows the state of the game when 2-3 months ago we had 20+ active easily, now a decent team for us is 6-7, and 5-6 for a GE squad when we've got the NA ZBV playing with us. DB seems to be a lot more active recently though, so might be worth looking into.
  3. Nobody got any buffs, ge got nerfed and US got nerfed but had a weapon almost as good to replace the carbine, but no piece of us gear has been buffed for a while. THB I agree with a lot of the core things you say but you put it in such a nitpicky, toxic way that you can't expect any support from anyone.
  4. mg34+k98/g43, not as good as mg42+k98/g43 but still tons of fun and very good vs vet teams.
  5. But Twotapes told me fps doesnt matter if your hacking
  6. hmm I like binson's loadouts, wehrabob needs a new set of gear... mg42 not included bcs I'm a pleb and need my health haxxx
  7. wehrabob reporting for duty sir!
  8. Lol okay, you contradict yourself many times and still wonder why nobody listens to you... MP34 shoots faster and literally has the best hipfire of anything but pistols, yet M3GG is a direct upgrade? MP40 has better accuracy, mv, dmg, less recoil, all the things that matter at range, but thompson is still better because it's US? SA is subjective and depends on playstyle but I sure wish I had a g43 most of the time with the number of campers. LMG balance should be obvious.
  9. Hah I knew jebzorg was a gaius alt... lol
  10. Yes that's true, but using patrone and chrome lined barrel meant that there was almost no penalty for that build. Even vs HSG vets it was literally 50% better rof and TTK.
  11. Lets think of it this way: Thompson is E8 and mp40 is panther, which would you choose to shoot down a plane? Panther, because it has the best projectile speed. You can literally see the shells flying out of the E8 but that doesnt give it any advantage vs planes, infact it disadvantages it. Try playing a thompson on high ping. Spoiler alert, it ain't fun. That's not even mentioning that the mp40 doesnt need ammo to 4hk hsg, which costs more and wrecks the thompson's stability. But you would know that if you played all factions competitively.
  12. reto logic ftw
  13. Yeah it got pretty cancer being sniped across the map by someone you couldnt see. Even more rage inducing vs planes. But I agree, all the qq posts are entertaining.