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    Or we can look at it as a gesture from a new CEO trying to rectify past issues with an angry playerbase and move his company in a positive direction. Companies that focus on the customer rather than the profit always end up with more in the end, and I think Reto.JM recognizes this.
  2. STG Mods

    Nah, that was me who called you bad, sweetie. Get that straight.
  3. STG Mods

    Does Nebraska have @Binson on his friendslist? Long story lol.
  4. STG Mods

    Clearly in the screenshot Jmj was fighting clans, BAD on the US and ORB on the SU side. Both of these clans are notorious for using johnson and AVS. As seen in the screenshot, Jmj was using an STG and getting very good KDR while still playing the objective. Lets have a little thougt before calling others dumbasses, please. All you accomplished was proving my theory.
  5. STG Mods

    Proves people who know how to use it can use it, even vs top tier stuff. There’s a common trend on these forums... The ones that suck the most QQ the most.
  6. STG Mods

    Funny, he was fighting vs an SU clan, tons of AVS there. Find a new excuse.
  7. STG Mods

    Don’t use it, it obviously shares every single stat with the grease gun. /s Run just scope. Hitting headshots with a 4x is about as easy as hitting bodyshots with irons, so it’s great for midrange. It’s not a miracle machine but it can dabble in everything fairly well. If you want to own cqc, run mg42. If you want to own range, run g43 or k98. If you want to own both, take mg42 and k98. But if you want to have a chance at cqc, scaring off the sniper camping your spawn, and dispatching the tank HE spamming the point, run an stg.
  8. The real reason people play for Germany

    Turkmenistan, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Kenya, Mexico, China, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, Panama, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, South Korea, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia, ... You bore me.
  9. The real reason people play for Germany

    Well deary me... You said Germany has the strongest economy in the world, which it doesn’t, only the strongest in Europe. You can see what I’m saying, right?
  10. Is there even a point to playing War at the moment?

    +10000 great thread Funny how the guy who thinks Europe is the center of the universe can’t even make an adult argument.
  11. The real reason people play for Germany Huh... I know it’s against your worldview, but Europe is not the whole world.
  12. m1919, garand, johnson...

    Ahh, bias, qq, and flaming. Great job guys. I applaud you.
  13. Autoresolve hypocrite

    Thought this was gonna be another dora's butt post...
  14. Very good game 300+ ping

    Europlebs complaining about 120 ping, isnt that cute...
  15. proposal: only rank 6+ soldiers in war

    And only 5- characters in staged... I could live with that