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  1. Bob_Stephens

    Quick fixes for small arms balance

    Totally fine with this if it puts people on the objective. But also, they wouldn’t lose their meaning if they lost sway. Then all the OHK campers could aim for headshots if they had the skill or else have a very solid 2hk (like now with heavyset) Semiautos need a penalty with the scout barrel too... Weapon mods should be a tradeoff, not 100% positive.
  2. Bob_Stephens

    Quick fixes for small arms balance

    BAs losing OHK would be great too... Too easy to farm noobs with them. They should have no sway and do like 70 damage but not OHK. How so? They can literally just copy and paste the STG stats into the carbine section of whatever they have weapon stats stored in and make minor tweaks from there. Not a perfect solution but it changes the carbine from an OP CQC gun that’s shirt at range to something that isn’t the best at any range but is usable to midrange. They should also swap the irons to the garand irons.
  3. Bob_Stephens

    Why are Germans and Americans so op?

    Nice bait bro
  4. Bob_Stephens

    Devstream format suggestions

    You may find it boring, but not everyone does, and part of the reason is because RETO is answering so many half-baked twitch stream questions with half-baked, on the spot answers. My suggestion is to allow RETO to know in advance what the forum population wants to know, and think about how to answer the most pressing questions quickly and effectively. They could also compile a list of questions and answers so that the same questions don’t get answered multiple weeks in a row.
  5. Bob_Stephens

    Leaving Penalty

    Sure, that would be an issue in the short term. In the long term, however, I think more new players would see that the game is actually pretty fun despite its annoyances once they weren’t being shitstomped by COL level dudes in staged. Especially with the scope changes inbound. Also, I wouldn’t mind waiting a bit longer to get into a more balanced game. Well, make war more attractive then. Add a vehicle requirement for attackers and buff production. Make it so that A-line town assaults are more likely to pop than E-lines. Give people a credit boost in war. Add squad level voice comms so the randos have some level of coordination, and make the game more attractive for clans so that they have other clans to fight.
  6. Bob_Stephens

    Leaving Penalty

    Yeah, at least at first I agree with that statement. But I think that with the upcoming infantry scope changes and (hopefully) weapon balancing, that getting enough new players to stick around would be a lot easier. Grinding up my SU and GE alts were fine for me because I know the game, weapons, mods, camp spots, how to get credits, etc. But as a new player, starting out with no heavyset and stock semiautos vs. rank 17s with max modded weapons is just not fun. Facing other players with similar skill levels would fix that issue. Another issue is how to get the staged sealclubbers into war. Credit bonuses for war could be an incentive. Maybe even just rename staged to training, and give war a bigger slot on the battle selection screen. Redefining criteria for fun battles to include vehicles for the attackers is also a step in the right direction. Of course, this would require a buff to vehicle production to avoid screwing over active generals.
  7. Bob_Stephens

    Small Arms Ballance

    I’d also like to see them change heavyset to only work against BAs and finally truly balance weapons. Should STG be a 3hk or 4hk? I don’t know, but it shouldn’t 3hk new players and 4hk vets. Another solution is to restrict infantry OHKs to iron sights only, limit recon numbers, and change the function of heavyset.
  8. Bob_Stephens

    Devstream format suggestions

    So I think the last devstream was pretty solid, with a lot of positive news for the FPS. At the same time, a lot (too much?) time was spent on soldier specializations and Q&A was pretty short, without answering too many deep and important questions. Lots of stuff on the RTS could have been covered but wasn’t, for example. My suggestion is to post a forum thread the Monday before the devstream to collect forum questions. 1 question per user, and the top 5-10 most upvoted get answered. That way, RETO can have an honest, informed conversation about issues that actually matter to most of the community. Maybe you can post a short transcript with times at which each question was answered after the streams too. Don’t stop answering questions from the stream, but instead split Q&A time into forum questions and twitch chat questions.
  9. No. These zoom levels need to be hard locked at a very low level, such that scopes are basically just an alternative sight picture for those who don’t like a weapon’s iron sights. No more noob farming from 400m away with camo badge as infantry
  10. Bob_Stephens


    Whatever hotfix it was that had memory optimizations almost eliminated crashes for me. I still get them every now and then but it’s more like every 4 hours rather than every 30 minutes.
  11. Bob_Stephens

    Small Arms Ballance

    First off, dump the Adams conefire, reimplement the pre-Adams system, and turn on the skill-based matchmaking that is currently just gathering data, but reputedly pretty solid. IMO the scope imbalance (and even their presence on infantry) is one of the most gamebreaking parts of the game. Each class of weapon should fill the same role as its counterparts on the other factions; not like how it is now. Asymmetrically balance them thru reload time and minor differences in recoil, etc, but leave scope zoom the same. Didn’t really read the BA section in depth but again the scopes kill fast-paced, skilled gameplay. On LMGs it seems to me like you’re suggesting making them into the OP laser SMGs they were before. This is bad and will lead to spam. Bipods are actually pretty nice now, with benefits and drawbacks but they definitely don’t turn your LMG into an OP gatling gun. If anything, I’m relieved to see an enemy use their bipod because it makes it easy to pop a headshot. 1919 3hk is fine, balances well on paper with MG42’s 4hk at 1000+ rpm. In practice though the 1919 mostly got visual recoil, while the 42 got actual random sway, so switch the 42 to be more like the 1919, which is still competent but not spammed any more. DP not being 3hk stock before was BS but now it feels like the best LMG, though not by much, and with the new ones coming out I’m sure that will be looked at. Yep! Nice to see a non-toxic, constructive thread for once. Lots of different opinions but that doesn’t mean we have to hate each other for differences of opinion over a video game.
  12. Bob_Stephens

    Why did everyone hate armor plates?

    This should be the end goal. But refunding all infantry scopes now with gold would probably not be very good for RETO’s margins. Sort of like having to give everyone back their war bonds after the (GDPR related?) changes last year. That said, I could see another community hotfix type update that fixed spawns, terrain, buffed RTS production, removed infantry scopes, etc. bringing back enough vets to cover that cost. In any case, ironsight zoom needs to come back so that the scopes are basically just an option for people who don’t like a weapon’s sight picture. For heavyset, I agree with you about its impacts on CQC, but that doesn’t matter when you can’t get on the point because of some sniper sitting back 400m. Remove scoped OHKs from infantry, limit recon numbers, and balance out cqc/midrange stuff. Make heavyset only apply to BAs.
  13. Bob_Stephens

    Leaving Penalty

    +1 Adding a vehicle requirement for the attackers for the battle to be considered fun is the simplest thing that comes to mind. Skill based MM second, clan MM third. Buff production for all factions, GE especially... Maybe then they would win some wars. But foot assaults just suck. @doodiee your name is very accurate... Never seen you on the war map in 3+ years, just seen you moaning on the forums.
  14. Bob_Stephens

    Small Arms Ballance

    Yes and no. TTK, range, and handling should be similar for all weapons of a certain class, whether that means higher damage, lower ROF vs. lower damage, higher ROF (old m1919 vs. old mg42). But that doesn’t mean they should be copy-pasted, and they should be based on realistic stats (ammo capacity, etc.) One way to balance this out (looking at you AVS) is to decrease reload speed of weapons with smaller mags. Another fix is for AVS users to realize that maybe it isn’t a great idea to engage 5 STG/1919 users looking right at them. Heavyset has a huge effect on automatic balance; it needs to apply to OHK BAs only so that reto can finally, truly balance out cqc for the entire playerbase. Should the STG be 3hk or 4hk? I don’t know but it shouldnt 3hk newbies with no HS and 4hk people with HSS up.
  15. Why would I need tight grip with the AVS? Fast reload and heavyset are all it needs. And I never said I was an authority on the AVS or any SU weapon (Don’t put words into my mouth), just that the claim that they all suck is pure BS and not even worth entertaining. Sucks for them, then. It’s way too inconsistent these days. Still a CQC shredder but not worth too much outside of CQC. Max ROF, no bullets, stainless barrel, sights. Might be a bit outdated tho, haven’t really played around with the lower ROF bullet builds on it or the 42. I’m not basing it on extensive testing, just that the 42 felt like a downgrade to me with the same modding. If the clan scene was now what it was at that time you would see AVS spam just as bad or worse than mg42/carbine spam.