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  1. Bob_Stephens

    Adjust Gold cost by region.

    Interesting idea, but what’s stopping an EU player from using a VPN to buy gold at the Mexican rate?
  2. Bob_Stephens

    P38 needs to go

    Aww man, I thought that was me!
  3. If you pull crosshairs, there’s the group of 12 year olds (KiloGolfBravo) that will just use a sharpie and have an even better version while everyone else won’t.
  4. Bob_Stephens

    Battle of copenhagen

    Coming from you, I’ll take that as a compliment
  5. Bob_Stephens

    Battle of copenhagen

    Blatantly false statements like the above are what happens when you spend more time spamming the forums than playing the game.
  6. Bob_Stephens

    Heavies VS Mediums [bad]

    Nah, Hellcat has fancy camo while E8 has base OD green.
  7. Main account is US because that’s where I live, and I love my country. Started playing GE after getting shitstomped by mg42, and joined a small GE clan. Went back to US about a month before H build because some of the German community was way too toxic at the time, then joined my current clan. Made WehraBob sometime this Summer after UDR went GE, then kinda forgot about it until just before the free 30 day vet sale ended. Now I have 29 low rank inf and a tanker.
  8. Bob_Stephens

    Make The PTRD Great Again.

    Please dont... There was nothing more cancerous than getting instakilled by a russian in the bushes 200m from your spawn by that troll gun. It was a troll gun for sure, but it was by far the most gamebreaking thing ever when in its full glory. Nothing like sending an infantry AT vs the Russians and losing 2 inf and 29 jeeps.
  9. No, the players that pick them up are simply better... This says a lot about your knowledge of the game and balancing suggestions. People are leaving US and GE early on too. Why is this abnormal? Obviously SU has a few downsides but there are plenty of upsides to balance them out. T20, AVS, SVT, DP, floating baby tank to camp spawns with. GE has its advantages and disadvantages, so does US. Choose your faction based on your playstyle and you’ll be fine.
  10. Exactly... Whole notion of one faction being unilaterally worse than either of the others is ridiculous.
  11. Duly noted. Must say, interesting to hear coming from somebody who HE spams staged noobs in p38 all day then brags like it’s some type of accomplishment. Also, if staged is worse than war, why are you playing staged?
  12. Bob_Stephens

    more headshot since 1.10?

    Standard craptastic trolling... Making a new topic about headshots every other day isn’t helping in any way, shape, or form. Repeating the same ragepost with the grammar of a two-year-old just pisses people off.
  13. Bob_Stephens

    Pls explain me this

    So what about bringing back the 8-plane ATs, or even making a 4-plane AT? Would be better for the boots on the ground and for generals.