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  1. haseebafandi

    servers need some work

    i know but it was somewhat bearable 2/3 days ago but it seems it has escalated quite alot now
  2. haseebafandi

    servers need some work

    Currently IDK why but the servers acting weird for me even at the lowest ping i get it feels like i am playing at 300+ ping ,every time i go into a cqc fight enemy infantry turns into goku from dragon ballz and teleports from place to place Reto can you guys do something about the servers plz ? in every match this BS happens
  3. haseebafandi

    Realism = More damage.

    it works somewhat like this
  4. haseebafandi

    Realism = More damage.

    HEAT does not explode after penning a tank it travels like a HEAT jet in somewhat of a straight path the only round that do explode are only APHE and its variants
  5. haseebafandi

    Super Pershing for U.S Heavy Tank

    i just found out a M3 lee can pen the front turret armor of IS_2 ???? really why would anyone design such blasphemy
  6. haseebafandi

    Mg42 vehicle damage

    so APCR should do more dmg than AP cause it has more pen ? okay how about we add APIT rounds for P-40E than well see realism
  7. haseebafandi

    M1/M2 carbine

    well it is not as stable as a PPS but its still far more stable than a PPSH and in my opinion its a PPSH for US
  8. haseebafandi

    M1/M2 carbine

    M1/M2 is a SMG its what a PPSH would be if it had the stability of a PPS
  9. haseebafandi

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    due to the new sound system it has become quite hard and again he can just place it and shoot it and it will immobilize me IMO every vehicle does have alot of health and needs to be toned down by half atleast but some AT weapons like mines need to be fixed and free panzer fausts needs to be nerfed
  10. haseebafandi

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    what do u mean ? so ur telling me that i am staying stationary to fight a tiger in a T34 and a dude walks up to me and places mines near my tank is me being idiotic ?
  11. haseebafandi

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    ehhh considering it only takes 2mines to destroy 1 tank(u dont even have to drive over them even if they explode near you they cripple you) i say its balanced
  12. haseebafandi

    Is Armor 2.0 Good for the Playerbase count or Bad?

    I think the base structural health of every vehicle should be toned down by half
  13. haseebafandi

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    A MG-34 destroyed my T34-85 XD
  14. haseebafandi

    For Your Fun & Funny Bones

    Pe-6 they added new plane in game ?