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  1. haseebafandi

    War in the motherland! Krepost encounter (1.13)

    hey the map design it good offering camping and CQC combat both but it gibs me shirt fps so thats another matter
  2. haseebafandi

    War in the motherland! Krepost encounter (1.13)

    Great map design 10/10 tho it stutters alot for me might be my shirty windows having its last breath but still stutters alot
  3. haseebafandi

    The case for tanker protected 3PV.

    how about adding a function like pressing *insert key bind here* to get into cupola view where u cant control the turret but can use ur mouse to rotate ur field of view from inside the cupola ,you know like actual tank commanders used to do,,,,,, plus it will be easier to implement on RETOs part
  4. haseebafandi

    Tanks are loved

    i think communism only works in the soviet faction XD
  5. haseebafandi

    King Tigers armor values wrong

    then my SU-100 should have been able to pen that KTs turret since the barrel was touching the turret face
  6. haseebafandi

    What has become of tanking

    it was like that on the first day of armor 2.0 i think i managed to knockout 5 tanks in over a minute but i think they increase the base structural values for some reason
  7. haseebafandi

    King Tigers armor values wrong

    well the armor 2,0 BS is another thing but the actual armor value for tanks are another
  8. haseebafandi

    King Tigers armor values wrong

    its not about realism its about them lying about the SU-100's stock ammo being able to pen King Tiger
  9. haseebafandi

    King Tigers armor values wrong

    LOL so your basically saying that RETO is lying when they say that the stock AP round for SU-100 can pen 188mm while it cant (it says that on the description of the round in game) well that clears it up
  10. its also called bad game designing
  11. haseebafandi

    King Tigers armor values wrong

    SU-100 doesnt have a APCR round it has APHEBC and APHE and the APHE round is said to have 188mm of pen and the APHEBC round is said to have 211mm of pen while the turret thickness of tiger2 is 185mm so it should pen but it doesnt so either the rounds have false pen values or the turret of KT has false armor values check this table for pen values of 100mm
  12. it has been present since day 1 of armor 2.0 and hasnt been fixed and will never be fixed i think
  13. XD sorry was just joking TBH this is only a minor problem compared to other things being able to flip ur tank Like grenades from example
  14. the ramming part is quite realistic really since in the early stages of the great patriotic war for the USSR many soviet tanks were not supplied with anti tank shells so they used the ram the enemy tanks
  15. Currently it seems the frontal turret armor of king tiger has wrong values since it should be somewhat 185mm but it seems its somewhere above 185mm as the SU-100s stock AP round cant pen it even at straight angles further more the armor value for the lower front plate is also wrong as it should be 100mm its either this or the value for the stock AP round for SU-100 is wrong