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  1. cokolator

    Why is there no UK side

    Funny how people get triggered here. I played this game since 2014. I know RETO's approach towards new ideas. I know the reality, my friend. I played with the best, I won and I lost with the best. There is a thing called learned helplessness. People learned to dismiss any idea here because they think it will not be considered. I understand that. I know how RETO operates. But even if it is pretty much impossible to get another faction from that little team, it will not stop me to throw that idea here from time to time. Maybe someone in there will wake up someday. This is just a forum, relax. I remember when I used to get emotional here lol.
  2. cokolator

    Why is there no UK side

    I am expecting my bank account to go fat without smoking. That suggestion was for developers not for people like you.
  3. cokolator

    Why is there no UK side

    Progress, not perfection. Nothing will ever work as intended. US faction doesn't work as intended either.
  4. cokolator

    Why is there no UK side

    I am going to have to agree on this. The British army is a rock-solid element in WW2. For years people were saying that creating 4th faction in this game isn't ideal. Well, there is never a perfect time to do anything pretty much. I think the exact opposite here. People thought Bitcoin and other cryptos doesn't have a future. Look where it is going now. Creating a British faction would be absolutely perfect for this game. ASAP. It would bring more options on how to play The War. It would bring in more players too. With 4 teams it would be also possible to merge, axis vs allies. The US, GB vs GER, SOV. I'd love to see an RTS map with 4 different colors and play war only on one front. West vs East? That's of course just one idea. Merging 2 factions as allied would require some time to develop. It raises also a lot of questions about resources and teams and how everything would work. Merging resources in one match? I say yes. Being able to change faction soldier in a match if 2 merged factions play together in that town? I'd say yes. If you enter a game as Soviet then you shouldn't be able to change to German unless there are resources in a town for both factions for particular classes. Having a US tank with a British soldier as a gunner? Absolutely awesome. Having a German tank with a Soviet soldier as a gunner? Absolutely awesome. Seeing 2 different uniforms fighting together a common enemy would be a lot of fun. Another question is, do we want in this game only US, GB to be allies? I am open to mix and match faction in war games from time to time. However, for authenticity US, GB vs GER, SOV makes more sense for the game. Creating more main cities on the map may be necessary. For stage games, I would keep it simple stupid. 1 faction against another. No merging or 4 factions against each other in stage. Not expecting positive feedback on this from people that can't zoom out.
  5. cokolator

    I wanna apologize to everyone

    Love hate relationship towards the game. I don't feel sorry for being toxic in the past.
  6. cokolator

    Rules of Engagement

    This is a strategy game.
  7. cokolator

    Bayonet unlock for some weapons

    Good idea. it would still take extra eq point but you wouldnt have to scroll or mess around pressing numbers to change weapons. this way it would be quicker and more practical. that is the purpose of the bayonet. practicality.
  8. cokolator

    Soldiers list order

    I'd like to have little toggle there on top to ''Sort by'' Rank or Name. You have control over naming the soldiers. Or simply be able to adjust priority of the soldiers.
  9. cokolator

    Being able to SELL

    Sell for 50% of current original price of credits whether you paid in gold or credits. So many weapons many players will never use...
  10. cokolator

    Remove F1

    Please just remove that classic F1 tool for reporting. Player is stepping out of the vehicle when I am making a turn and he dies. I get that stupid buzzer because he feels grieved towards me as if that was my fault. It was an accident. Or tanker is about to be killed by AT rambo and you save his butt by killing the rambo but also you damage his armor a bit. You get reported for damaging his armor. So am thinking what is the point of helping each other? Wouldn't it be better if he would get notification on the screen that his team player just saved his butt instead? So he can say thanks. The moment people get the chance to press F1 they would without thinking. Is their jeep perhaps being shot at or a shrapnel hits them yet you kill another 2 enemy. If a shrapnel won't kill him he should never get a chance to report it. But the attacking guy should automatically get notification that you ''Hurt your team mate'' same as you get little notification in red '' Team kill -10xp''. We do not get notification that we hurt our team mate which would help. Buzzer won't do it. Or a road kill ffs. A guy gets accidentally ran over by a tank that can't see very much and tanker gets a buzzer. As if he couldn't hear the tank around and couldn't pay attention could he? Instead if you do get road killed you should never get a chance to press F1 unless you have been hit twice in the same game by the same person. If that hidiot jumps in front of me and dies how is a buzzer going to make me a more careful driver? What is this a driving school? He jumped in front of me. Pilot is being chased so you help get that enemy pilot but accidentally hit your mate, You get the buzzer. Yeah you welcome mate.
  11. cokolator

    Feedback after a long break

    I massively agree with this only on first 3 cp (A1,A2,A3). Because it will always bring battle closer to the centre O1,O2. Often battlefield is way off from O1,O2 and attacking team does not have a chance to progress because they are picked off before they even get to their cp to defend. However we should never spawn in O1,O2,O3 even if it is not contested. That would spoil the fun of battle in centre. Reason why several APCs needs to be spawned is because if you go one by one in some games you don't have any chances to cross the river. So you spawn 5 and if tanks are overlooking a river then it makes only sense to spawn that many and hope for sneaking at least 1 across the river. Crossing a river is a nightmare with so little water crossings on these maps. It is easy to pick up 1 APC at the time and destroy it. This way attacking team shave some chances to use their resources wisely. And if defending team is overrun that's because they didn't defend well enough and didn't think of getting flanked.
  12. cokolator

    I have quit 7 games in a row

    Quitting because of not having any vehicles I could have some chance against entire army or scopes while crossing a choke points makes a player a nab because it is clear that there is no chance of winning in attacking battle. When defending and not having much resources left is much easier than attacking. In fact I enjoy defending against better equipped team and focus on holding O1 O2 because all I need is infantry to hold for 30 minutes.
  13. cokolator

    I have quit 7 games in a row

    I think you missing the point that this is a team work based game. Forgot to mention that I also quit when people are shooting my mines for no valid reason and destroying apc's. Because like mentioned before by FukSheet it's about having fun with a team that beats another team. Love challenges in game too
  14. cokolator

    I have quit 7 games in a row

    and people will be capping the wrong lines.
  15. cokolator


    Rock up vantage points with great view only. No infantry has a need to go the area like that in a mountain. Few larger rocks across the map for infantry cover are good and that's about it. Like mentioned before a good tanker will get anywhere they want.