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  1. flashbacks to the chaffee and hellcat 2 shotting tanks, every tank came with free HE, AT rambo hell, noobs golding the kingtiger, ptrd+binos magic stick, poor t38 drivers being shredded by machine guns those were the days
  2. Acckron

    Winter Sales (PROBLEMS)

    ah yes "the grind"
  3. Acckron

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    this is a crippling blow dealt to all pre-timoshenko chars at the bloodied hand of reto how else are you supposed to confuse noobs with a ppsh in a ge vs us match this is absolutely the dismantling and destruction of our valuable game history !!1!11!!!!111 intolerable, absolutely intolerable
  4. Acckron

    How is this a thing ?

    it could be worse, it could be the old factory spawns
  5. Acckron

    What better way to go than with a bang

  6. Acckron


  7. There are still people with the MMO Bomb and Curse MP40 that play. But those are more of a prize skin + RIP alder g43
  8. Acckron

    Increase the AT income

    clearly you havent heard of the glorious strategy of AT para
  9. Acckron

    Why should I wait to get out of the fight?

    id rather have crutches than none at all 😛
  10. Acckron

    I don't understand

    a tank shell doesnt come in through one hole and out the other end. or at least it shouldnt (or should depending on who you ask)
  11. Acckron

    Why should I wait to get out of the fight?

    This usually happens to me when the battle has ended and you are still stuck loading in. Restart game should fix the problem.
  12. Thats quite harsh on new tankers where they could be lucky to even spawn more than 3 times per match and having at least 50% of their game time playing as the class they queued as, guess how thats going to affect progression, I would suggest maybe limit this requirement to the end-tier tanks. Or you could implement a system of points where you gain points by doing objective stuff (capping, raiding and defending) and expend those points to spawn as special class.
  13. Acckron


    oh yes i totally forgot about that your observation is spot on (unfortunately)