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  1. freemanolimit

    [Discussion] - La fumée

    Hello, Je pense que la fumée dépends aussi de la configuration de l'ordinateur. La fumée des armes ne m'a pas souvent dérangée. Je ne parle pas de quand j'utilise le tir à la hanche car cela n'a pas d'impact mais quand j"épaule cela ne m'a jamais dérangé. De plus, j'ai entendu des joueurs me dire qu'en changeant de configuration (config plus puissante Proc + CG il n'avait plus ce soucis. Donc à voir si la configuration n'est pas très haute et que cela gène les joueurs il faudrait réduire cette fumée qui n'ajoute rien au réalisme du jeux. Cordialement, Freemanolimit.
  2. freemanolimit

    problem squad name

    This is the only game where racism is not punished... Players named "Hitler" or "Adolf" with some words game... reported several times never any actions. Report in game is a black hole so just don't pay attention to it as nobody cares.
  3. freemanolimit

    Even more headshot than before?

    I agree, I do too many HS with MG13 now
  4. freemanolimit

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    @Reto.Hadeswhy nothing has been said on the Gold ? You changed it, the 19.9€ pack is now 4800 gold instead of 5100 before... Why you don't details everything you change in the logs ? Can you details the +200 / +800 / +3000 / +10000 ? I dont understand it.
  5. freemanolimit

    balance faction please ?

    enjoy the lose
  6. freemanolimit

    balance faction please ?

    This game is a joke... GE have been so OP today this is pretty crazy and unplayable. Well done Reto 15 clan member VS random + 3 vets GE => Lose... I play GE from tomorrow
  7. freemanolimit

    balance faction please ?

    My topic is stop giving so many advantages to GE compare to other faction and especially US. Why do they always play 20 vs 17 ? overpopulated yeah in stage that makes sense but in war it's unfair ! Why on their moto you can spawn 4 players on it while 2 on moto US and SU... (More XP, more players on the point...) Stop talking about the french this is not the topic...
  8. freemanolimit

    balance faction please ?

    @mambooman pls check the difference between Kubel and Jeep... pls !
  9. Another post on the balance of this game ! Can you a day balance a bit more the faction or do you prefer to have everyone playing GE ? I don't get why vehicules are so bad in US ? The moto is just a joke, so slow on backward so fast to control... and so un-stable ! just why ? where is the fun ? APC is making so much noice that it can be heard at the other side of the map... So are you going to do anything against this ? It s almost Xmas so I am adding the Santa's wishlist to have a game with more balance 😛
  10. freemanolimit

    CHANGELOG 1.16.1 - HalloWar Update

    Thanks @Reto.Hades for clarification in that case I totally agree with you this is a good hotfix !!!! Again, I was having issues for understanding the hotfix, which is why I was asking more details Thanks for answering and giving me more details. I think it is positive to push more soldiers to go in WAR, very positive hotfix to me !
  11. freemanolimit

    CHANGELOG 1.16.1 - HalloWar Update

    I agree it s fine with the 25% bonus... but still I don't understand the choice for affecting WAR and not only staged... Why punishing players that go in war on and ONLY staged one ?
  12. freemanolimit

    CHANGELOG 1.16.1 - HalloWar Update

    anyone know if this will be applied on Staged AND war or just for Staged ? it makes sense to apply it only on staged. I find already so stupid to lose credits when you play a full moded weapons in war so losing more would be just more stupid ! You spend hours to grind mods on your weapons, to remove them at the end because you don't win any credits by playing them... I don't get the reto logic in this.
  13. freemanolimit

    CHANGELOG 1.16.1 - HalloWar Update

    so reto push new / noob players to be more in war than before ? And reduce the salary for vets... like for mobile phone : attractive for acquisition but nothing for loyal customers... Amazing choice ! The idea is good but the choice is not very fair. I understand reto is against vets playing in staged with fully mods, but what about vets playing war ? does it apply too ? Why not reduce the salary only in staged for high rank ? I totally agree with the logic here but just wondering what about the same scenario in war ? is it reduce too ?
  14. freemanolimit

    CHANGELOG 1.16.1 - HalloWar Update

    Adjusted Soldier salary. Increased Credit earnings for lower ranks and adjusted the increase per rank Can we have some details here ?? it s used to be this :
  15. @GaiusBaltar I was jocking I know that you have been spamming the forum with your ideas !