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  1. S.T.4.L.K.3.R

    Existuje tu este niekdo??

    HnG sa dlho spoliehali na to že boli jediná poriadnejsia ww2 FPS game ale to už dávno neplatí od kedy tu je post scriptum alebo hell let loose a mnoho ďalších hier oproti ktorým je HnG proste sra***... A to nie len graficky ale všeobecne balancom hry, bugmi a tak ďalej a tak ďalej... Pokiaľ fakt neurobia poriadne zmeny v hre tak si osobne myslím že do roka končia...
  2. S.T.4.L.K.3.R

    Existuje tu este niekdo??

    Osobne sa čudujem každému hráčovi ktorí ešte stále hraje túto pi******.... HnG som začal hrať asi v 2014 už vtedy to nebolo nič extra ale dalo sa to... Hra mala svoje problémy okej ale aspoň išla nepadala nonstop, FPS sa držali celkom a potom prišli tie slávne updaty ktoré nevyriešili vlastne nič a celá hra išla do puče... Dal som HnG ešte jednu a poslednú šancu s updatom Armor 2.0... Tak som zapol hru vošiel do bitky zobral tank ale to bol vtip... Nevedieť zničiť auto tankom na ranu alebo tank s tankom sa odstreluju dobre že nie minútu tak som to rovno vypol a vysral sa na celé HnG. Občas si pozriem forko ale to je asi všetko. Táto hra je dead kým podľa mňa nezmenia celý dev team... A to ešte ako je hra pay to win o tom ani nebudem hovoriť.
  3. If you like to fly or you like tanks try war thunder... I move on war thunder where is it at least balanced and game doesn't screw with you like here HnG... 😬 I played HnG for like 4 years it was awesome... I was hoping that this update will bring some good changes 🤞 but I was wrong... I started the game play for like 10 minutes and instantly quit the game because it's just a crap... 😬 People already posted a lot of problems so I won't be mentioning them... Developers are just making fun of us.... 😬
  4. I also agree. Me410 is worst heavy fighter... That so called ,,advantage,, because of your speed is good for nothing. Even if you can run away from enemy he can just return to battlefield support his team and when you finally want to come back and do some job for your team enemy will just wait for you there... If you can be outmaneuvered it means you are dead. Me410 got nothing with skill it's just shirty plane. Of course you can have good games in it when you got your friends covering you but sometimes you want to play alone... Why when I am playing alone in my P38 or even Pe3 I don't have this kind of problem... I just really don't understand why they still didn't fix this problem...
  5. S.T.4.L.K.3.R

    I'm leaving...

    I already started playing war thunder... Don't have nerves for this shig anymore.... But if you want to try something like HnG you should check post scriptum it's looking great ?
  6. S.T.4.L.K.3.R

    estimated time of deploy

    I am not sure If I even want to see that eternity that I should be waiting ??
  7. S.T.4.L.K.3.R

    Návrhy do hry

    No takže dakedy na konci roka 2018 jak poznáme RETO Ak vôbec...
  8. S.T.4.L.K.3.R

    Návrhy do hry

    A kedy majú prísť tie nové médium fightre tieru 3??
  9. So when the attacking team will be full of clan members fighting against defending team full of randoms the game will be finished even more faster... It's not good idea to reduce spawn time for attackers... I don't have any other solution at my mind at the moment.. Maybe better spawn locations for attackers would be better idea...
  10. Do you know how long it will take to gain back those points for example I spent 500 points for HT so how long I will be waiting for new 500 without spawning my INF??
  11. S.T.4.L.K.3.R

    IS-2 Feels like garbage

    Then why not add double zoom with 5x sight like GE and US have and problem will be solved... Nobody is getting anything extra and they will be equal in case of optics.
  12. S.T.4.L.K.3.R

    IS-2 Feels like garbage

    For me the worst feature of this tank are optics... Armor, speed and other stuff are in my opinion okay... It's not something extra but still it's not paper as Pershing...
  13. S.T.4.L.K.3.R


    LOL 750K credits for that you can buy 2 nice German camos and you are done... And also I don't think there are people who are paying gold for camos because it's just waste of golds...
  14. S.T.4.L.K.3.R


    It's a bad move?? Then tell me why is WoT profiting so well and you can always sell anything for credits... And still players are buying gold and wasting money like crazy on premium tanks... RETO just need to give us something worth of gold because nowadays there is nothing really worth of it.... And it's not a free credits ? free credits are those that you get without really earning them... This selling option is like partial refund for your hard grinded credits.
  15. S.T.4.L.K.3.R


    Oh yeah I forgot about that option... That's also nice idea... My intention was just to suggest that we could do something with those useless guns laying in our inventories for ages untouched.