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  1. ComradeYang

    Are In-game events rewarding?

    Instead of actually trying to balance the game or patch bugs or get better servers, RETO spends their time on cash grabs like this.
  2. Eh, any clue why that's the case?
  3. If anyone sees this, do reply, because I feel like this post has been shadowbanned.
  4. ComradeYang

    are we GOD?

    *Against* Germany? Can I have some of what you're smoking?
  5. Pure and honest feedback. If what I hear about the mods is true, this is gonna get me banned from the forums. Oh well. The last time I played H&G on a frequent basis was in 2017. Back then the game had its issues. Planes were the most broken thing in existence and bipods didn't exist. The previous squad system needed some work, and deploy delay penalties were the stupidest thing I had ever seen in video games. But H&G still had its charms back then. Different factions felt different, and although the game wasn't exactly balanced, it was still better than whatever the hell it currently is. Now thanks to a *certain update*, every game is just becoming StG-44 and M2 Carbine spam. AT rambos back then were annoying, but still preferable to the current AT situation. The PTRD could actually hit the side of a barn, and gave the Soviets a much-needed boost, which is now gone (see my PTRD thread). Tank combat felt much better too, since tanks could actually bounce shots. Armour 2.0 ruined all that. But that's not the most disappointing thing. What's most disappointing is that after 3 years of inactivity, instead of coming back to a better game, I find that H&G has been all but ruined by the devs. The only good things that have been added are bipods, the DT-29, and the removal of the deploy delay penalty. Everything else has gone downhill. What happened, RETO? What have you been doing all these years? This game used to be fun. Now, I'm not even sure if I want to continue playing.
  6. ComradeYang

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    You're an barista who doesn't know how to read, and can't understand what I'm trying to say. Definitely no use trying to talk to someone like you.
  7. ComradeYang

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    It's a what what what? No shirt it's not a sniper, it's an anti-tank rifle from 1941. Yeah it's long and heavy. Way more accurate than it would be IRL? What? It's literally less accurate than the bloody PPD. The *PPD*. Have you read anything that I've written?
  8. ComradeYang

    ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    IGN: ComradeYang Age: 20 Country: Canada Reason for Joining: It's more effective to fight in a unit than alone Do you have a PPSh/PPS/AVS/DP28 on an infantry character?: I have PPSh, AVS, DP28, and DT29. Do you have Assault Teams?: Yes If so, how many and type?: 2x Motorized Guard 1x Infantry 1x Light Armour 1x Medium Armour 1x Recon
  9. ComradeYang

    Rushing ruining the game?

    As the title says. Not really fun queueing for 15 minutes only to get rushed by a bunch of idiots with StGs, who end the game in 5. What are all your thoughts on this?
  10. ComradeYang

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    Ammo being cheap doesn't change the fact that an anti-tank rifle can't do anti-tank properly. And that's why I say they should make the sway worse when the bipod isn't deployed or make it unable to be fired unless the bipod is deployed. Plane hits remain the same difficulty, but AT rifles get better at AT. Which is what they should be good at.
  11. ComradeYang

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    I miss tanks because a ridiculously long AT rifle somehow has worse accuracy than the least accurate SMG in the game. Honestly, just try shooting a tank from range with the PTRD. You'll miss if RNJesus doesn't bless you, thanks to 0.8 degrees of cone fire. And yeah, honestly by this point, a Bazooka is the better option for AT. It has pretty much the same effective range as the PTRD (maybe more because the shots don't go all over the place), does more damage, has splash for anti-infantry, and is cheaper. But the issue with that is, it basically makes the PTRD completely useless, which doesn't seem quite right.
  12. ComradeYang

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    Yeah, but you can fire several shots in succession which is handy against planes. Not so much against faraway armour, though. OHKs are already annoying against infantry, and you can fire them from just about anywhere. With the PTRD, you have to go prone or somehow shoot people with the massive sway. Not to mention that the barrel is really easy to spot, which makes it really easy to get offed by countersnipers. The long barrel also prevents CQC use, since you can't really aim it inside a building. Increase the sway, make it so you can only shoot with the bipod deployed, whatever. Just get rid of the ridiculous cone fire that makes it almost impossible to use the PTRD in its original role - anti-tank.
  13. ComradeYang

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    That's what I'm referring to. I don't see the issue in using it as a sniper, since it's a pretty bad one with a massive barrel and no scope. What made it OP was OHK jeeps, and those are gone now.
  14. ComradeYang

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    Does it? I tried firing like that against tanks at range and still didn't hit them. That's the PTRS where you can spam shots at reasonably close range. I'm talking about missing stationary tanks at somewhat long-ish ranges. I literally said that I miss stationary targets when lying prone and aiming at centre of mass. Have you tried reading?
  15. Haha it's pretty much impossible to hit stationary tanks with the PTRD/PTRS, much less moving planes. Those two need a buff, if anything. Or a rework. Make them super accurate, but only able to be fired when their bipods are deployed.