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  1. The Dominion Clan - (International) The Dominion Clan is an Elite German Clan in Heroes and Generals WWII, known by many world-wide The Dominion Clan has gone International, get applying for a spot amongst the best! Dominion's primary playing faction is Germany. However we've implemented a 'Faction-Vote-War' to allow all DOM members to vote for their factions that they'd like to play for war, majority of votes at the end/start of the next war will be chosen automatically with the most votes deciding the poll. Dominion is looking for all-rounder’s who are battle-hardened infantrymen that are skilled enough to frag solo and understand the meta of the game. If you have solid FPS experience and would like to get better at H&G and understand how the game plays out, Dominion is a great place to learn how to engage with fellow-members and understand how the game works and plays out. Dominion is registered as a Official German Clan for Heroes & Generals! Click here for Wiki Link - Dominion Wiki Clan Name: Dominion Founders/Contact: Janisarry DiscordTag: Janisarry#8795 Established: 16/05/2017 Faction: Main Germany, occasional switch to U.S or S.U (decided on faction-vote) Language: English Only Geographic Region: International Rules as a Member [Exceptions may Apply] #1 - Abuse towards other players, including out of clan will not be tolerated. #2 - Hacks, exploits and or any other type of game modification will not be tolerated. Refer to the Heroes and Generals link below: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/63009-statement-about-cheaters/ #3 - Absolutely no tolerance for leaking information. Whether this be clan details or war info, it will not be accepted. #4 - All members are to be treated with respect. Any kind of disrespect towards the senior leadership will be faced with disciplinary action (in extreme cases this can even lead to dismissal from the clan). #5 - Refrain from disrespecting other clans and other players in game. There is no need to let the H&G community know how you feel about another player. #6 - Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Conditions as a Member [Exceptions may Apply] #1 - A minimum age of 16 years (Exceptions may apply) #2 - Access to the Dominion Discord will be required #3 - An operational microphone is required #4 - Must have previous experience with first person shooters #5 - Must have the ability to hold a positive K/D - All our members have minimum 2.0, can YOU beat that? #6 - A strong level of maturity, loyalty and respect #7 - The Golden Rule: Respect others, how you wish to be respected If this sounds like something you'd love to be apart of and you live in the Oceanic Region, feel free to apply here - Dominion Website Kind Regards, ✠ Generalfeldmarshall, Janisarry
  2. Janisarry

    [International] - The Dominion Clan is Recruiting!

    Hi @OC_Ludwig, If you may kindly please remove your post as Dominion is back after taking a 'break', that farewell post was mainly coming from @Tricksho[T] and his experiences with the clan at the time. Dominion never died and will never die, its a clan that has a active base with other games too not just H&G. His farewell message does not apply for the whole 'clan'. We're back in action and inviting all international players to trial out their place in Dominion. Thanks, Normally you'd receive an email for a formal and official acceptance into the clan via email and roles granted on the website. Before that, you'll be active and trialed out within Discord anyway, so you'll be notified via Discord first. We're back from taking a break, so feel to re-apply if needs be. 😁
  3. Janisarry

    H&G Select Server Option

    Agreed! Please respond - @Reto.Hades @Reto.Splixxen @Reto.RedBjarne
  4. Janisarry

    Game Server Locations

    Ah well this is helpful, thanks @Jmj191 😀
  5. Janisarry

    [International] - The Dominion Clan is Recruiting!

    We've gone International!
  6. Janisarry

    Huge Problem For AUS/NZ Players

    +1 Agreed 110%, great post comrade @Tricksho[T]!
  7. Janisarry

    [International] - The Dominion Clan is Recruiting!

    I'd rather not.
  8. Janisarry

    [International] - The Dominion Clan is Recruiting!

    No, not quite. The OCE servers are starting to kick off again, especially WAR due to some of our DOM members creating some cool methods to allow AUS/NZ players to pop war battles. Not sure how one will call a 20v20 green ping WAR battle "dead" but ok.
  9. Janisarry

    [International] - The Dominion Clan is Recruiting!

    We range from 6-15 active elite clan members daily, it varies everyday. We often organize scheduled days that allows clan members to schedule ahead and we receive heaps of clan members for wars.
  10. Janisarry

    Silent 7th New Teamspeak Address

    Teamspeak? huh 21st century much