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  1. cinko

    Is recon viable in War?

    Every thing is OP that kills me😭 That's why I would say that recon is indeed viable. Still the bad servers make it hard to play recon because if the enemy is time/space skipping you are like shooting a god who's got Michael Jackson moves.
  2. cinko

    Extreme ping issues

    I don't believe it was after the 1,15 update, probably after some hotfix that my ping went from comfy ~50 to 80-100.
  3. So after the last patch the game loads but when I start the battle I get a crash log. Some guy in chat says that's because I use steam. Anyone have the same problem?
  4. why not make the ppd and ppsh more ugly to counter their large mag size?
  5. cinko


    add the french hahaha.....
  6. cinko

    Simple Solution to Scopes

    Aha great idea dude! Binoculars should emit a little bit of x-rays and kill the enemy with DOT from mutated cancer cells toxicity, that stack's with the users forum nagging up to 10 times. Anyway give us back the iron sights default zoom reto! We will all go blind soon, or wear 1 inch thick glasses.
  7. cinko

    Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    Question for the fellow players that probably never visit the forum : Why do you vote for the most stupid-hailmary questions that are worn out and dont represent even 10% problems that plague this game? My opinion is that we should have some poll before the questions part stats, and to some extend probe/sort out what's everyone's opinion about areas that are the worst part. Drawing from that poll its possible to get point of view what questions to prioritize . Not like now 50 people vote "Why germany UP?" "Why uniforms expensive?" What is up with that?
  8. cinko

    French forests

    Too much colors............... the game engine would expload!
  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Its much more efficient to use the mg fire on your tank that HE shells. Reason being that by fairing your main gun you revel your position. I dont get it why some people are so fascinated by HE. Also, to hell with all of the RL statistics and tank this, infantry can do that. Its all about the feels. If playing a specific role doesnt feel right, something must be wrong with the game. For example: constant headshots, camping with scopes in a bush, made the game quite toxic. Is reto doing something about that? They are->"soon". Same thing with the tank gamplay, it just doesnt feel right. Some players may say it great, pure balance achieved, but why is the game getting hollow then? Why are you even on the forum? Should you not be playing the game while its this good, maybe the vehicle update and some other fixes will ruin it for you later? Enjoy the moment they say......
  10. cinko

    Is H&G Dying?

    So true. I play H&G on 100% brightness and I wouldn't mind if it was possible to boost it to 200%. The ingame colors are like a black hole, sucking all the light.
  11. One of the most fun and challenging part of the game, at least for me was the old Hill Skirmish map. I still remember going for the hill point B, crawling on the ground, taking out the snipers on the big rock and taking cover from tank mg fire. That was a challenge and when I was starting, not every troll had AT weapons on him. Now everyone gets butthurt when they get killed by a tank, running without any cover on the open. Ofc, after it they feel obliged to hunt and charge the tank head on like its what you suppose to do. Its gone so pathetic with para AT, tanker AT, spawn camping AT infantry, recon AT. It is mostly reto's fault, but when a team obviously has a skill advantage and can see that the enemy is losing ground and they have anything. By that I mean they have aircraft superiority, their tanks are dominating and their infantry is pushing points. But.... that still not enough, they spawn their AT characters and start hunting the enemy spawn. Isnt that griefing ? Also for blaming this, or that factions for being more or less AT spammers. I get the SU they have that useless AT rifle to grind for, but the US and GER dont. Whats the point of all that grinding ? I see alot of times US losing the match just because 1/3, or more of their team is chasing tanks, even dancing around them in wonder. Really guys, when and if, you see tanks dominating on one side and supporting their infantry, its not magic. Its just that your tankers are bad. How many times did you see a superior para team, or recon win the game by being good at their role?
  12. cinko

    Is H&G Dying?

    Yes, some questionable h&g updates came back to bite them at the butt. I hope that they can finish the vehicle update and the headshot mess sooner the better. So that we can at least have a basic combat thats not frustrating to play.
  13. I dont know if this is related, but I too play mostly staged where my ping is usually around 50. When playing on the war server the ping is unstable and its like my connection is experiencing hick-ups, jumping from 50 in a instant of a second to 70, 100, 150+ ping. I rather the ping was a stable 120 ping than a dynamic 50-70->150 that I get playing war.
  14. cinko

    Ask questions for Q&A & Why #14

    Will reto ever look deeper in the weight game mechanic. Its ridiculous how a guy wearing a rifle, pistol and few ap grenades gets tired from running, and on the other hand you have people with at nades that surely weight in several kilos + assault weapon + Dynamite Lover badge +Hoarder badge, and they are no different then the regular set up. I dont even want to go how carrying alone a bazooka and its ammo and the at soviet rifle is unreal.