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  1. karenin

    Adding H&G Profile to AMD Radeon Settings.

    Open the overlay with alt-r while in game (FPS part, not just War or Soldier overview) and it will create it automatically.
  2. Not too shabby, he came over the bridge without crashing into sandbags.
  3. karenin


    Exactly. Bad part? I am actually from Baden Part of BaWü, so me liking these creations from Schwaben is considered highly treacherous with my lot here 🤣
  4. karenin


    Maultaschen 🤤
  5. Oh we go that way? So where is the superior handling of the Lala/YAK below 4km height? Both had much better accerlation below that as well? Or Instant energy bleed when turning hard (actually, doing anything hard with it) for FW? The FW in game is probably the farthest pc of equipment there is in game when compared to real life. Its by a very far margin the best in everything (i dont really care if its not in some arbitary unimportant tertiary stat, which simply do not get into play in a normal plane vs plane fight.) But eh well played Reto. Two times "nerfed", GE majority can point fingers "its already nerfed two times", and still go dominate to the same extend like on its introduction. I hope it at least pays for them.
  6. Yes. But the main problem JMG (and many other guns) have, is the horrible sights. In my eyes there should simply be no gun that gets balanced trough bad sights or aynthing that hinders the player in using it as a gun. Like: fight vs the gun, not the players. This is prevalent trough the whole hng experience and makes it a pretty bad one if you arent using a "skill compensator". And even then, looking at DT29, its still not fun to use it. It makes its job very good, you get your kills and all, but even the few deaths i have with it are mostly because of how horrible the sights are, not because i feel the enemy "deserved" that kill for me, and exactly that needs to be adressed (not only DT, JMG, the new russian tank sights for some, KAR, for me even the SVT, MP40, MG34, AVS and G43 are bad in that regard), because it also "undermines" the whole community, like a built in toxicity generator when you never feel outplayed but stumbled upon the gear so that you get killed.
  7. karenin

    M1/M2 damage question

    Not really fun, but wrong and never was right. Whole SMG roster bar MP40 cant (also TT33 and Korovin). Out of those, the M2 is actually the best SMG (If you consider it a SMG like i do). Its only 2hk head for gold user but has nearly double the rpm compared to MP40. While PPSh cant even kill a bronze one with a single bullet to head...
  8. karenin

    Top soviet tanks worth it?

    You mean "what the game designer expect of soviet tank", while Real Life starting with S53 equipped versions they actually had a good 4x Sight along with good FOV (low FOV for a scope = using your mobile cam on full zoom without a picture stabilisator. Look up firefly shermans for a bad example on that), and with the 44 Version (the one in game) the Commander got similarly access to good (well, compared to Tiger 2 rather "sufficient", but still better than say the Pz4 Version we have in game and most of the early 76 Shermans) Battlefield Obersvation stuff. Along with your very true statement about its survivabilty (one shot into front, center mass, mostly means 3/4 of your modules are gone) exactly this is the main downside, for bumrush 76 T34 is much better (cheaper since you lose it faster at close range, but also more mobile, turret traverse is similar or even faster compared to bigger one, 85 high gun damage is not that important anymore if you know how to hit weakspots, and higher shell load is even better for cqc inf), given how the smaller one fills its role already very good, the 85 should be more like medium range Sniper, but its totally ill equipped for that with that zoom and bad depression, which makes it completly redundant compared to T34/76.
  9. Hinder the player by physically hurting its eyes and basically discriminating anyone with bad eyes, isnt really "making it harder"..
  10. Its too small. And im saying this while playing on a 32" 1440p Monitor.. A little more scope wouldnt be amiss, to at least stop the frequent squinting thats necessary..
  11. He doesnt want more FOV, he wants them to be physical "bigger" on the screen while maintaining the FOV (or Zoom).
  12. @VenstreDjevel What version they are is moot given how the game limits most of it trough itself (engine, physics etc). The problem here is how they picture f.ex. a better accerlation compared to a better turning. The plane versions do not matter at all (and should not, we have basically no variety compared to real life, where basically every LaLa or 190 had a version for a specific task). Which does not mean that a 410 suddenly should be a 10sec turning plane. What i means is that it probably is the worst turner, but not by the difference it turns worse in RL compared to f.ex. P38. And thats where they constantly fail, not only are the strenghts pictured with different weight, they are also not uniformed into a given and always applied scale. But thats not even the biggest problem, that one is that many "numbers" they use (lets say sway for old mg42. Or PPSh.) are simply not fit for the engine to handle it. I can basically picture how the one that makes the stat database distributes the numbers perfectly fine, so that it paints a picture of strenghts and weaknesses, but has no clue to what it actually transforms in game.
  13. True, hard to say. But what i consider "band aid", or "with no vision" or, as said, without bigger picture in mind, are changes that fix something short term "on its own" to get it statistic wise in line, but dont consider the item in the faction wide sense (and not even in the faction arsenal sense - M1/M2 as an per se SMG instead of the needed midrange thing). Or the the reto classic, "fix" something and break another thing "in the big picture". F. ex. MG42 made pretty annoying while all other LMGs didnt get that treatment. PPS nerf back then is a good example too. Or for a more recent example: T3 planes are basically a game of its own compared to T1 and T2 Mediums. While the balance within T3s (P51-190-La7) is now a little better (Wouldnt consider it good when one plane still takes 9 out of 10 stats the top place, and what changed are only the stat difference from place 1 to 2 that got smaller), yet the balance of mediums overall even got worse T1 <T2<<<<<<T3 basically. Edit: P38 is actually a very good example, with a "big picture" balance, or at least a take on balance with the game meta in mind (and not just "change random stuff to get statistics in line by any means necessary" which was and probably is the current take on balance), there wouldve never been a single equipment that wouldve danced that far out of the "known" game borders.
  14. Id consider that "marginal band aids" because those stuff was done on its own without a "bigger picture" in mind.
  15. Man i still miss TB. Also, why are there still balance discussion all over forums. 5 years now, and except something was really out of bounds (looking at 190 not even then), they only "balance" trough adding new stuff, old stuff only gets marginal bandaids.