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  1. Mosquit0

    Reto sumiu do mapa

    Não sei se entendi muito bem, mas acredito que fps e estabilidade no servidor não seja uma coisa que deveria dar problema frequentemente. Bem... Pelo menos eu recebi uma resposta...
  2. Mosquit0

    Reto sumiu do mapa

    Pelo menos para mim a reto sumiu. Estou com problemas de fps há mais de 3 semanas, tentei entrar em contato com a empresa 4 vezes. Nenhuma resposta, nem da empresa, nem de jogadores. Só eu estou tendo esse problema? Mesmo que seja só eu, isso é uma coisa que a Reto deveria tentar resolver, ou pelo menos mandar uma resposta. Eu gosto do jogo e paguei por ele. Acho que tenho o direito de cobrar por um suporte decente.
  3. Mosquit0


    Você consegue jogar? Eu estou com problema de fps já tem 1 mês e mesmo tentando entrar em contato com a empresa, eles não deram nenhuma resposta até agora... Sobre o balanceamento: não acredito que o jogo seja desbalanceado a esse ponto. Eu tenho alguns aviões americanos e consigo me virar bem nas partidas contra alemanha. Eu tenho problemas contra aviões soviéticos. Parece que eles são mais difíceis de acertar.
  4. Mosquit0

    Reto, please respond

    This is the third time I ask and it has been like two weeks since my last post, trying to get a response from Reto. Are you working on fixing the fps issues? How long will it take? I am not playing HnG for like one month because of this. My normal fps rate was 70+, now it 10-15. You like feedback as much as we players do.
  5. Mosquit0

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    @Reto.Hades, I'm having fps problems. I had normaly 70+ fps, but now I got 10-15 fps every match. I tried to contact Reto and other players, but there was no response from any side. Please, fix this problem. It's unplayable.
  6. Mosquit0

    Solution to fps problem?

    Hi, I am having some serious issues with my ingame fps rate. I tried to lower the graphics and even to use the console. The last one gave me 30 fps when I was alone, but when I get close to a CP or the woods, my fps drops to 2-12. I don't know what to do. My normal fps rate was 70, dude...
  7. Mosquit0

    HnG war app

    Hi @Reto, Last year, the SEO said that the war app would be a project for this year, but I didn't see that in the development overview on trello. Did you delay the project to a far future?
  8. Mosquit0

    Holyshit this game turned bad!

    Dude. Five years of development for a big company is a really amount of time, because they can do a lot of stuff in this period. Reto doesn't have a big staff and can't do much on five years. They must have priorities on the development program. That's why they will just fix the gravity and make a bipod this year. Because of the priority they thought was the best for the game. Not everyone sees it, but they are making progress.
  9. Reto, please, fix the fps issue. It's unplayable at the moment.
  10. Mosquit0

    Enabling console

    Is there a command line to change the graphics, so I can get better fps?
  11. I got that problem too. But actually I don't mind not having chat on lobby.
  12. So a possible solution could be: anyone that deals any amount of damage, gets assist xp.
  13. If I not mistaken, when you get a kill assist, you recieve the same amount of xp than the killer does. I don't know if they changed that, but as long as everyone recieves the same amount of xp, it's fine. The only problem will be KS.
  14. Mosquit0

    Dismissing from squad

    It's like I said, if there was no squad seats available, then another squad would be formed. The one who was kicked would be the leader of it's own squad. I know it's not such a big deal, but even so it is xp. I don't actually know the amount of xp bonus we can get per match.🤔
  15. Mosquit0

    MG1919 is soooo OP.

    I don't think WEAPONS are unbalanced (vehicles are) and there are more importante things than balancing weapons right now. First we need server, matchmaking and optimization upgrades. Of course there are diferences on weapons from each factions, but they have pros and cons. All of them.