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  1. I have a question about Assault Teams.

    That is normal for defenses. Attacking troops normally retreat planable back the lines they came up.
  2. German story

    Even the opposite is true. With this resources stack, german side had at best 9 infantry players. No surprise they lost. But in this case, it is the generals fault to stack specialists like that on a attack.
  3. German story

    Where is the story?
  4. Fight SU again!

    Come on guys. Stop playing Kindergarten and at least fight the SU again. It becomes boring to redeploy any 48 hours without a chance to deploy the higher queue units like medium tanks, mech recons or paras. At least play the battles the russians are staffing. With 9 good players you can give a KGB team a good fight.
  5. K98 or G43?

    I use a double rifle setup as infantry sniper, so he has both G43 and Kar98.
  6. ATs not moving at first order

    I have the following issue a while now and I think it might be a bug. I select like 40 units at once (recons, mech inf, mot guards, light armor, medium armor) and move them to a city. But it seems, not all branches execute the order. Often, the first 3 branches in the list (recons mech and mot and mech inf) stay in the city and I have to give the order again.
  7. Double APCR Tank Rounds

    Where is the glitch? It is standard for the Luchs. Don't see the advantage on a Panzer 3 though.
  8. So now we're back to SU handing victories to GE?

    Don't worry @Zoaron. The war started this morning and will end in like one hour.
  9. Need a Nerf

    This is a joke. What's the point of winning wars if 70% of our players had no chance to play to qualify for the war victory ribbon? Not to mention that now I have to redeploy after work and won't have any ATs to play this evening.
  10. Please at least set the retreat penalty to 0 during that test, so part-time generals have a chance to take their units off the frontline.
  11. Yes, please. Just change the mechanics like it is now when the original selected capital is lost. Units go to queue and when they are full, they show the ready to deploy button and you can select the destination.
  12. Recon queue

    Join as infantry with sniper rifle and recon aux seat.
  13. Vasily Zaytsev wannabes

    Yummy. I hope those Germans were clever enough not to win quickly, but farm every one of them. (Edit: Normally they are not)
  14. Pls help at Istanbul

    And here is where we need the mobile app...
  15. Add a new underdog bonus.

    No man, this underdog / underpopulation bonus was the mistake in the first place. What exactly are the disadvantages of the underpopulated factions? 1. They can pick their battles, because as soon as they queue in one, matchmaker sends in a group of german randoms. 2. They still fight in 18 vs 18 battles, so in the battles itself, it is balanced. 3. They can spam all availabe units instantly (SU only) due to stockpile mostly instead of queue (takes me 3 days now to deploy mechanized infantry). Therefore, a normal battle is german infantry vs all kinds of units on the opposite side. 4. Even if they take higher losses, they still win more warfunds due to UP bonus. 5. If they waste all resources in a unit, they go back to point 3 and repeat, while GE and US has to refill morale or wait 2-3 days for new infantry. 6. The battles they dont (want to) play or cant fill, they autoresolve. I am tired of this crying. In the past SU said: "We dont need WF bonus, you just have to coordinate better". When it was said, that Germany should win more wars because of most battle victories, SU said "Yes, but that is only because you are only defending." Now it is: "We dont deploy anymore because we lose WFs when we spam specialist units all day" and "We have not good equipment and worse randoms, thats why we cant win battles." I tell you what: I have been playing without veteran and UD all time and it is damned hard to break even with ATs, even when you play only infantry. And all of my german setups, I could copy to SU equipment without loss of efficiency since I dont use LMG or SMG setups, so dont tell me about underperforming weapons. So, learn to play the RTS like it is without the golden net of 70% extra warfunds or leave the game.