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  1. Armor 2.0 ETA?

    Doesnt help me much if the AT rambos can still drive up with 100mph, jump off unhurt and throw stickies, while I am accelerating to 6 mph at the same time. RETO should lower the speed at which you die (not hurt, since med packs are cheap, so you die) of vehicles, so that people have to stop or nearly stop before jumping off (might also stop the spamming of jeeps and bikes for 50m rides if you have to break the last 10m to full stop). Edit: Maybe Vehicle Update changes that...
  2. so 600 battles and soviet w0n

    I wonder what the UD boni would be like if all the GE players in staged wouldnt join the war faction. (Or dont they? I guess they do even if they dont play war.)
  3. Bring Autoresolve back to 30 Minutes

    Basically, that is a rollback to the system before May 2017 when morale-out units went to barracks without losing the remaining resources. (unless completly encircled) Giving the low queues (or stockpiles) it could even work out to reactive that system. I loved the old system when you could undeploy full units when you had no time to play the next few days and hadnt fear to lose them all to AR or quick war process.
  4. Since wars are mostly won by AR these days and we are a long while from RTS update (I guess), can RETO switch the AR rules for a shortterm solution: The change would be simple: All battles were the defenders are FUN, the defenders win. No matter the stacks, defenders always win. Comes closest to @GaiusBaltar suggestion of status quo, while the ATs still lose morale in this solution. But at least battles have to be played then to advance the frontline and not just pushes around be stacking boxes. @GaiusBaltar @Reto.Vashu
  5. This is Why Germany Loses the War

    If I dont have vision in this area, I can't see your troops incoming, and since this town wasn't trapped, I might have queued too. Have seen too many last minute overstacks to trust on it. Or was the next towns all in battle? on trapped cities, I agree it is stupid to actively queue as the winning side on the last minutes.
  6. Badges for AA gun

    Is it confirmed to work with AA guns? Description says handheld weapons, so it works for LMG and such.
  7. This is Why Germany Loses the War

    I wouldn't be sure about AR given we had 200 more infantry, but they had 100 more recons and 50 tanks. Would be a close call for certain.
  8. Thank you Russia

    That explains why my units vanished with 60 morale left, while the battle report said "Germany wins". Sidenote: In such bug cases, you dont even get a surrender notice. I just logged in the next morning and all those units were gone without reward or notice.
  9. Units gaining no XP or warfunds

    No, they dont. I trace my AT warfunds and XP. And in such a case, I get only the FPS XP and warfunds. The units just lose resources and get no rewards at all.
  10. Units gaining no XP or warfunds

    Had it twice now that my troops got no warfunds and xp from a battle. Both were overlong 90+ minutes battles. The units take losses during the battle, but get no reward in warfunds or soldier xp after it ended.
  11. Thank you Russia

    Fail fact: battle was bugged and my units in the battle disappeared without gaining any xp or warfunds. Was the battle bugged in the end? Had that twice now on a battle >90 mins. @Reto.Circinus
  12. Looking for a infantry focused clan

    Main time of activity? What kind of soldiers you have? How many hours of battle?
  13. Germany Wins

    Maybe they wasted all their warfunds without UD and are broke now.
  14. Its only Game, y u have to be mad?

    To be honest that is a reasoning I dont understand. KGB and Waran are sealclubbing their way through our randoms often enough and it isnt like SU hasnt won a few wars lately. If they refuse to fight us now, well, then sealclub the SU randoms. PS: If you can make any SU battle pop, that is
  15. Lost WF on strategic map

    You noticed that US and SU dont get extra warfunds from the underdog bonus anymore? So spamming planes and tanks might hurt your account now. (Just in case you are returning after a break and havent noticed.) If thats not the case, I dont know. I use my ATs as usual and make a pretty certain surplus (using infantry mainly and specialists on rare cases.)