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  1. Tharek_Tolemac

    Sorting of soldiers

    really? How useless is random?
  2. Tharek_Tolemac

    Sorting of soldiers

    I started playing again after 2 years and noticed a strange issue now: in 2018, the soldiers in the list were first sorted by rank and second by name. Now it seems, the second point is broken. I havent found any criteria besides the rank that sorts the soldiers. Is that bugged or what is the sorting criteria now?
  3. Funny that there was no option for Germany with London and Edinburgh...
  4. Tharek_Tolemac

    Issue AT orders for after battle

    Has been asked for years ago, was a good idea then and still is. Just guess it wont happen, RTS has no priority.
  5. Tharek_Tolemac

    ALts popping battles proof

    You know that the AR timer is 65 minutes? In the pictures, I think the timer was 4 mins and such, so you are wrong, that they were 4 mins from AR win. And still, I dont think it is a bannable thing to pop battles. I do that often enough when working at home and popping battles SU would otherwise AR-win. There can be also reasons to pop these battles like above said: Making sure own units are used / freed from battle block, general idea to make circles by popping (and maybe winning) certain cities while others arent popped...
  6. Tharek_Tolemac

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    I wondered if we can make another test after this one with some changes in parameters, but not in the overall system (until we get RTS overhaul): I wondered if we can resemble the Status quo mechanic of Gaius in the current system and I think it can be done pretty easy: Set the AR timer to 10 minutes for all battles. Set the attackers AR power to 0. (Since I think recons have a parameter that makes them >1 in AR compared to infantry, I think it could be done easily. Or even easier: In the calculation of the AR powers, just make it [sum of attackers values]*0 Set morale impact for both sides for these AR to 0. (Since skirmirshes have no defender, those are resolved randomly after 10 minutes) With this, the defenders always win AR (given fun condition reached), so it is status quo without wasted morale. Also, even fun parablocks would last only 15 minutes, because attackers always lose unless the battle is FPS played. At the same time, the number of active battles would be smaller, making it easier for currently active generals to get their battles played, while at the same time, disengagement is given after very short time. @GaiusBaltar@Reto.Robotron3000
  7. Tharek_Tolemac

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    Jup, AR is active again. Clusone just ARed after 1:05:26. 1.3k vs 489 infantry there.
  8. Tharek_Tolemac

    what is going on?? loss after loss...

    I am playing war on german side for 3 years now, but I also stopped it now. Being a part-time general, I need a few days to play my units empty and a safe retreat between evenings. That isnt given anymore, so I dont deploy anymore. (I tried to set up a deep defence once against SU, half units surrendered with a total loss of 60% warfunds for a xp gains that was like 2-3 battles.) Germany has no big generals left to play AR war against SU. (Note that I dont mind losing ground to organized SU clans, even if it annoys me that they can select their battles given the current population.) Each day I log in, we lost another 400 something towns, while SU gained like 80 battle victories (and US maybe the same). So even if you assume GE is totally defending only, we still lose more towns to AR than in battle. Until RETO is unwilling and/or unable to change the system to one where wars are won by FPS battles rather than AR stacks, I dont see sense to play RTS anymore.
  9. Tharek_Tolemac

    Allow paratroopers to deploy on the ground

    The same sense as using paras without planes. If I just want to retake a tank in the field with my tankers or the city is trapped and all tanks are used up (or the enemy is in town already and spawning tanks doesnt make sense - for those in armor squads with a bit sense), then it would be useful to use them as infantry. PS: Also useful if you want to grind SMG as tanker in staged and dont have to spawn at the entry point with a noob tank each life.
  10. Tharek_Tolemac

    Allow paratroopers to deploy on the ground

    Also, tankers and pilots should be able to spawn on foot. It is annoying that I have to spawn a soldier when I am killed at my tank just because the tanker can only spawn a new tank ,but can't spawn on foot on a nearby spawn. also, when all tanks are used and tickets run out, why not use up the last tankers as infantry too. Without tanks in the AT, they are gone anyways after the battle.
  11. Tharek_Tolemac

    Armor 2.0 ETA?

    Doesnt help me much if the AT rambos can still drive up with 100mph, jump off unhurt and throw stickies, while I am accelerating to 6 mph at the same time. RETO should lower the speed at which you die (not hurt, since med packs are cheap, so you die) of vehicles, so that people have to stop or nearly stop before jumping off (might also stop the spamming of jeeps and bikes for 50m rides if you have to break the last 10m to full stop). Edit: Maybe Vehicle Update changes that...
  12. Tharek_Tolemac

    so 600 battles and soviet w0n

    I wonder what the UD boni would be like if all the GE players in staged wouldnt join the war faction. (Or dont they? I guess they do even if they dont play war.)
  13. Tharek_Tolemac

    Bring Autoresolve back to 30 Minutes

    Basically, that is a rollback to the system before May 2017 when morale-out units went to barracks without losing the remaining resources. (unless completly encircled) Giving the low queues (or stockpiles) it could even work out to reactive that system. I loved the old system when you could undeploy full units when you had no time to play the next few days and hadnt fear to lose them all to AR or quick war process.
  14. Since wars are mostly won by AR these days and we are a long while from RTS update (I guess), can RETO switch the AR rules for a shortterm solution: The change would be simple: All battles were the defenders are FUN, the defenders win. No matter the stacks, defenders always win. Comes closest to @GaiusBaltar suggestion of status quo, while the ATs still lose morale in this solution. But at least battles have to be played then to advance the frontline and not just pushes around be stacking boxes. @GaiusBaltar @Reto.Vashu
  15. Tharek_Tolemac

    This is Why Germany Loses the War

    If I dont have vision in this area, I can't see your troops incoming, and since this town wasn't trapped, I might have queued too. Have seen too many last minute overstacks to trust on it. Or was the next towns all in battle? on trapped cities, I agree it is stupid to actively queue as the winning side on the last minutes.