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  1. Lt.Smit

    Medium Fighters Glitch

    this is happening on russians servers mostly.. and sometimes Europe servers
  2. Lt.Smit

    Medium Fighters Glitch

    dont know if these are bugs or something related to ping.. But if it was ping, then this should have been happening before as well..
  3. Lt.Smit

    Medium Fighters Glitch

    yup!! wingtip and stutters and loses the line.. needs some fixing!
  4. Are you guys noticing a sudden glitch in medium fighters or is it just me? Its happening since yesterday, that m flying and my plane jerks and turns suddenly and is at some other location than it is suppose to be. Its not ping issue or fps issue. I wish i could record it, but.... never mind. Me and my team mates were facing similar issues in the matches we played. And it happened only with the medium fighters. Are you guys facing it as well?
  5. Lt.Smit

    Mobile Command

    wow!! then i feel the game needs marketing! its really a great game keeping in mind that its free to play.. no doubt people pay for gold and other stuff.. but it really needs to market itself.. but first it has to fix alot of things on fps and rts part ?? thanks for your insights.. i did not know that the peak is around 10k.. its too less considering the no. of registered players..
  6. Lt.Smit

    Mobile Command

    i agree 20% is the highest that i can think of.. but 1% (80000 players) is way too less.. considering the ration of amount of players leaving and joining per day is too sad.. sooo... or maybe you are right.. m not well versed with the number of hng players..
  7. Lt.Smit

    Landing gear and Xp

    you wont get xp untill and unless the other pilot who is being hit hears beeping sound in his plane.. and no you wont get xp though you have rekt it completely but it crashes the ground before its plane starts to beep.. well everyone thinks the other pilot rammed soo.. its a never ending discussion.. when it comes to spawn camping, yes i will agree that germans do it the most cos these days yes you will find alot of germans pilots than the SU or US pilots.. i play all faction, and when m playing US or SU pilot this happens.. so its human tendency that everyone wants the kill.. and that creates spawn camping.. sad but truth is this.. agree.. die and kill.. very effective.. reduce the number of spawns or tickets.. and let them rage.. its effective
  8. Lt.Smit

    Mobile Command

    thats y i took only 20% of it lol.. i know there are alot of alt accounts and banned accounts.. i do my math. afterall m a mathematician
  9. Lt.Smit

    change of flight controls?

    sure bro you're welcome.. just use debug key and press W and S for pitch down and pitch up.. and debug with A and D for barrel rolls to your left and right respectively.. Happy flying.. and you can add me if you want (Lt.Smit my ingame ID).. cos I'm a dedicated pilot in HnG.. i like flying alot.. cya around mate
  10. DoYouEven Reto? thats a B I G question...
  11. Lt.Smit

    Mobile Command

    We totally understand that you do not have the resources for the same but here is the catch.. When you said that not many uses it, it is a matter of marketing your product.. and if you say that you have 8million HnG registered players, lets say only 20% play the rts part.. with is 1.6 million now.. and out of that, 20% should use your mobile app, which comes to 32k and thats not bad!! If you start making marketing campaigns for it and make the app more user friendly, and promote it every now and then, I m sure almost every RTS user will want to use it.. after all they dont want their troops to fall in trouble right? and a PC with HnG installed everywhere is not available.. but you always have your handheld device where players could see whats happening around the map..
  12. Lt.Smit

    Landing gear and Xp

    there are no controls for landing gears currently.. it has always been a topic again in piloting.. so you have slow down pretty well before landing. for take off, if your speed and altitude is not above the limit, then the landing gears stay.. so you wanna gain some altitude with more speed.. about xp, (btw did you mean plane by vehicle??) if you damage the vehicle pretty enough end if someone else blows it up, you should get the assist.. if not then take it as a punishment that next time either you dont leave it for your team mates, or if you want to, then damage it more.. and you wont get xp if it crashes.. period!
  13. Lt.Smit

    change of flight controls?

    use and hold the shift or ctrl key.. it acts as debug.. depends on how you fly and how you want to fly.. and once in debug mode, you cant control speed easily unless you have a gaming mouse.. as the mouse 4 and 5 key are for accelerating and deaccelerating the plane.. But if you leave the debug key, speed controls will be back to W and S and A n D will act as strafing.. in debug strafing is done with mouse so you cannot ignore mouse completely.. also you gotta shoot with mouse soo ?? basically debug key inverses the controls.. so use debug for plane moves and maneuvers.. and mose for strafing and shooting.. but again piloting is more than this soo.. you have to adapt and evolve
  14. Lt.Smit

    Grind Dogfight Ribbon?

    Hi @AidenRicks you can add me in HnG.. my ID is @Lt.Smit n m from asia as well.. and yaa you will find good number of 109's these days idk y.. it used to be more of yaks before.. but we can always squad up and play.. Cya on field man.. and remember one more thing.. Grinidng the Tactical Bomber ribbon will give you Boms Away badge, and Ground Support ribbon gives you Flak Jacket.. and these two are the most useful for pilots.. I peronally like the Bombs Away for 109 cos we only have 1 medium bomb.. If you have veteran membership, then you can consider equipping both the badges that i mentioned.. it really helps..
  15. The point here is, why would someone become a recon or buy a recon cos even infantry can 2hk other HSG guys with their BA rifle??? LOL reto... well i think here are a few changes that could balance out the game: 1. keep scopes in assault rifles and SA rifles (upto 2x for all factions). 2. no scope in BA rifle for infantry. 3. no buff or nerf needed for recon BA or infantry BA rifle if the above 2 criteria are satisfied. 4. no buff or nerf needed in HSG badge if the above 3 criteria are satisfied. It is totally A-OK to have HSG badge else BA rifle users would be too OPAF.. especially Recons with that chrome molly barrel. But also think the other way round guys. Recons only have 7 equipment points.. so they cant carry much. But that is again compensated cos they got "armored recon vehicles". I am a recon myself and i know there are many other recons as well especially when it comes to stagged. So if the BA rifles are buffed or the HSG badge is nerfed, there would be a havoc on the field caused by BA rifle users.. I also do understand people asking for complete OHK with mods (for an example like SMK hart ammo, heavy bolt spring and chrome molly barrel on k98) at short range, but then again.. if you wanna play short range, why play recon!?? but its upto you if you playing under 100-150m as a recon.. i prefer playing +300m when playing as a recon.. atleast in maps like town, mountain town and airfield. It is only annoying that even the infantry BA rifles have scopes.. specially the k98 with 4x zoom(dont worry i play German only but m speaking of balance here) instead they should only have iron sights so that BA for recons would be of some use either playing at short lange or at long range. P.S. – this above mentioned comment is my point of view. so if you agree or disagree with it, doesnt matter much unless you are Reto. So answer this.. are you reto? ? And ffs!! stop comparing BA to SA. i understand they are 2hk for HSG but look at the accuracy and damage range for BA and SA. But again.... my point of view.... Cya on the field guys.. ?