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  1. Léwt

    Alternative Armor Tier list and Vehicle Analysis

    ^This! I would put the Puma in S tier too. The MG and the amount of shots is a blessing. Additional to that its the most agile vehicle. Speed and acceleration are superb. And the komsolet is a spamable jeep-ressource.
  2. Increase the spawntime of infantry with AT equivalent to the power of tanks the team has. And that should also apply to the tank spawntime. Last week I killed 3 Hellcats and 2 M10 with my Panther and still had a 3 minute spawn time. Spawning my AT inf would be instant. All the infantry-only-ret*rds are complaining about HE. But what should I spawn after I lost my Panther? A Panzer 3. And I dont hunt tanks with a Panzer 3, I load my HE and start spamming.
  3. Thats because of the ret*rded Tier system that values a Panzer 3 equivalent to a Panther and Reto thinking its funny to fight HTs with MTs. And no tanker should choose a Panzer 3 to fight a Pershing. That doesnt justify the OP AT-tankers.
  4. I dont even know why they changed that. Now you cant spawn in the APC as soon as a single nut is visible to the enemy.
  5. Yes please! The Sd. Kfz. 251 is a joke. BTW: I still dont know why people want the M3 Scout Car. It just has a front MG like the 251. Its garbage and just a waste of ressources. Maybe they will become usefull if Reto decides to split the ATs into different spawns instead of the Tier system.
  6. Léwt

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    Can be subjective but I have more problems with AT now than I had before Armor 2.0. Probably because everything up to HTs are a 2 or 3 shot with my Bazooka or Shrek anyway. But I could survive one shot and still keep going. Now I am crippled to death against AT. And the normal tank vs tank fight was pretty fast compared to the sponge fights now. You could easily kill higher tier or category tanks and relocate even if they hit you.
  7. Léwt

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    And you still didnt use a single argument against my original claim.
  8. Léwt

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    Top 10 kills: 9 infantry, 1 sniper. Top 10 medium tank kills: 8 tankers, 2 infantry. Top 10 scores: 3 tankers, 7 infantry. Top 30 kills: 1 tanker, 2 sniper, 1 para and 26 infantry. Yea, but HE is the problem of a class that can be killed by literally anything on the battlefield. Even bikes. How about you get some arguments?
  9. Léwt

    PLSSS NERF ANTI TANK or buff tankers

    AT was always a problem as a tanker. But now its even worse. Pre armor 2.0 you could oneshot jeeps and other stuff with a medium tank and HE was more powerfull. Now you cant even oneshot a civilian truck with a medium tank if you dont hit the engine. The Panther was the very best medium tank. Its just a loot pinata now. Same with the Chaffee, STUG and other tanks. RETO wanted to decrease the HE spam with Armor 2.0. But the meta is again HE spam. Nothing else to do as a tank. There is no reason to spawn a Chaffee if you have access to a Stuart with HE.
  10. Léwt

    NERF AT's

    The fact you choose to switch to AT to kill tanks instead of a tank just shows how OP AT actually is. No need for tanks, just spam AT and spawnkill the tanks.
  11. I agree with every point you´ve made. Although I have to say it actually got better over time.
  12. Léwt

    v 1.20.1

    As much as I love this change, I still dont know what the new stance for tankers is supposed to bring.
  13. You forget that tanks dont spawn with infantry. If you fight for C4 bridge and need a tank it spawns at C1. And not every tank can work with infantry. You cant use a Hellcat and play it like a KT or Pershing.
  14. Léwt

    Experienced tankers - credits farming

    Just use a T1 tank. But dont use a GE or SU tank. And if you want to kill tanks, just use AT.
  15. Léwt

    Heavy set - Bolt Action Rifle Debatte

    I would love to see HS gone. Removing HS and lowering BA´s to like 90% dmg while removing the sway would actually buff BAs. But it would change nothing on the situation. Body-shots would still do 90% dmg like they do now. Headshots would still kill you.