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  1. Overly Rude Cupcakes Antagonizing Monkeys

    When PS stands for Pure Sh....
  2. Why do you play US/SU?

    SU because without veteran, the SVT is easily the best, most versatile, and accessible gun in the game for me. Then again, I haven't played a match in like 3 months.
  3. Teach me how to use the M8 Greyhound?

    I like: Ghile Gold (+Driver gold if vet) German Scoped Garand 2hk Max ROF Wrench Pocket Pistol Use hills and bushes so you can drive and peek over them with 3rd person view and get the jump on them. 3rd person view is your best advantage in a recon vehicle. Also, remember to turn your gun to 1 side when you spawn. Then before you switch seats to shoot, turn your vehicle sideways so that your driver windows aren't facing the front. Kinda like a battleship. Don't bother to use Greyhound if the other team has a Luchs, PTRD, Shrek with infantry first gold.
  4. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Welp, that definitely needs a change.
  5. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    I'm sorry i didn't read all 20 pages, but has there been any mention to the idea of giving either a lower deploy/vehicle cost or higher regeneration rate to attackers?
  6. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    High end weapons should be powerful, expensive, and rare. Not powerful, cheap, and endless once I put in a few hours. The lower end weapons are not "terribly optimized". Most "vets" just never practice with them because they never had the need to. With infinite access to low repair cost Basilone LMGs, all-around beast ARs, and no-downside scopes being always available for their rifles. It's these "vets" that aren't optimized. They've been relying on their superior weaponry to do most of the work for them. Beast weapons like the iron sight SVT have been around the whole time, but most don't even take a second look at it let alone spend enough time with it to understand just how amazing it is. As a vet, you already have every gun in the game. Your grind for high tier weapons has been over long ago. When there are no more weapons to grind for, it's skills that should be grinded for. Keep in mind, there will be fewer "high-end" guns on the other side as well. You could cap with an SA or T1 SMG before the token system, and that has only been made easier, not harder with fewer high end weapons (and hopefully scopes, tanks, and planes) around.
  7. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Interesting stuff!
  8. Clan v. Clan

    Are there still clans?
  9. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    I'm someone who would much rather blend in with the teammates lol Noooo
  10. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Yaaaay, i have 6 mil to spend! Wait, nvm, no new items and no year long vet to spend it on.
  11. Helicopters?

    AA guns and shreks = insta-rip death traps?
  12. Newbies in War

    Noobs are required in war to increase player base. What needs to be removed is nooby things you are encouraged or forced to do by the game mechanics that completely sabotage your team. Things like capping out empty lines for free xp and credits, Specialist Squad Spam, Noob and Cadet Squad Leaders, no Aux Seats, inability to switch lines..., Etc. But, these are not mission critical things, so... Rip.
  13. Nerf Infantry Slaughter Vehicles (known as ISVs)

    3rd person view is the only pro that the recon vehicle has over tanks. I mean... They are recon vehicles... So, they should like... be able to see...
  14. Good, I heard Germany was lacking players in staged
  15. Surrender Vote Feature

    Surrender menu is in alt+f4. The only experience you lose is victory experience, which you weren't getting anyway. Then, you can join a new game.