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  1. I think that's up to the individual. But, for players for whom 95 percent of games have become an easy walk to 40 or 50+ kills with their weapon/vehicle of choice, why not switch it up? How is it even fun at that point to play a game that has become so unchallenging? Especially in easy defenses when the enemy already has absolutely no chance. You get to have more fun, and the enemy gets to have more fun. It's a win win.
  2. I wish more Vets would play with things that a new player will only have access to. Iron sight sniper ammo build SA's, 2hk iron sight BA's, pocket pistols, and starter SMGs. No badges, bicycles only. Especially on easy mode defenses. It's the only way to have fun for me these days, especially on NA primetime where there is likely only 1 or 2 good players on the opposing team, if that. There's got to be only so much you can take of running up 50-100+ kills every game without even trying. Much more satisfying kills, much more skill affirming to have a good record and get wins this way while using similar/inferior weaponry to your opponents. Join me in the Noob Loadout revolution!
  3. Step 1: Join Germany Step 2: Equip 4.2x scope. There you go. 10 slot sniper.
  4. SU needs a buff

    I would say buff PPSh by making it handle less like an LMG and more like an SMG, make it 7 equipment points for infantry (I would also make infantry Johnson 7 slots and heavy MGs 8 slots) and give it back it's pouches of extra ammo. The PPD I actually use over the PPSH because it actually has surprisingly good handling. Quick turns and accurate moving hipfire inside houses (what I like my SMGs for) is much more manageable with the PPD. I was quite surprised at this when I grinded up my SMG character during the summer on BinsonSU. The PPSH needs deadeye to fulfill what I want from my SMGs so I'd rather run Hoarder with an SVT. Yes, PPS should be cheaper.
  5. I mean, it's almost as if sending your troops into war, you have to expect that you can lose them all.
  6. 42 buff not enough

    Said this for a long time. 1919 should not behave how it does now. Give it 100-150 rounds, make it not possible to ADS unless prone (or at least triple the time it takes to ADS to simulate bipod), and give it godlike prone fire. Then, do the same with other heavy belt fed LMGs like the 42. Even John Basilone was not shoulder firing his 1919.
  7. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    It's even better?
  8. What makes H&G get dull to you?

    Haha, I'm sure some basic detective work will reveal some possible suspects who fit the criteria
  9. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    It's better, especially as a CQB gun with some limited ability to about 50-60m (Talking DEG with full RPM). Anything over that, I'd rather not shoot at with an M2. And that's fine. People, MG42 only playstyle is back! Aren't you glad all the lost GE players can come back now?
  10. Having a good machine and good connection is certainly a factor. When I had bad internet, it was impossible to play, especially using non-automatic weapons. I don't know how that can be changed in a reaction based online video game, however. Under tournament type circumstances, those tech related disadvantages are much less prevalent. --- I would agree with lowering the headshot multiplier with heavy LMGs, as those can Headshot people at pretty much any range while shooting many bullets very quickly before reloading. The ability to fire many rounds very quickly and for a long time should be enough of an advantage for those guns. The ability for precision headshots should be given to slow firing guns like Bolt Actions, Semi-Autos, and Pistols. I don't mind SMGs maintaining 1hk status in CQB, as that is where they should shine, and they already lose 1hk headshot ability outside of 30m, just like most pistols modded for CQB. I would much rather have SMGs as they are, than to bring them back to being pure lasers you could use to kill people at 100m+ (as LMGs like the 1919 and re-buffed MG42 still are now). The fire-mode should play an actual role here too. For example, if my STG is set to Semi-Auto, my first shot should be more accurate than if it were in automatic mode. But, it is just the same accuracy as automatic mode. Perhaps automatics set to Semi-Auto should have 1hk headshots and increased accuracy, while going full-auto decreases the HS multiplier and decreases accuracy.
  11. What makes H&G get dull to you?

    The repetitive echo chamber of bias and hypocrisy that allows a small handful of dedicated individuals to purposefully manipilate 95% of forum readers using meme warfare, sheer post volume, and misinformation. That and the inability to play War as it is meant to be played during NA prime time since there is nobody to play against.
  12. To a certain degree, yes, "luck" is fun (examples below). If luck is "chance", what do you call the people who have the ability to improve their chances? Is that skill? Or, are those people just somehow usually luckier than others? Another problem is, people also often mistake skill for luck just because they got head shot. Nobody ever says it's a lucky body shot. Why is that? The problem here is, people often think that every time they die to head shot, it's all luck. It's not all luck all the time. That's perceptional bias. If dying to a head shot angers you, why? If you are a good player, it only makes sense that you die more often to head shots than body shots. That's because a head shot is much deadlier than a body shot. So, of course you'll die more from head shots. If one is ever emptying their whole mag at 1 enemy, I'm about to blow their minds. There's this new technique going around called burst-firing. It's all the rage. Hmm, I'm not sure what you mean here? So, I'll refrain from commenting on these two here until it's been clarified. ---- Ok, let me illustrate with some examples: Example 1: I made a mistake Could I theoretically have gotten the 5th guy? Yes. He was standing still. The reason I didn't was because I screwed up and didn't peek the corner, but just waltzed straight in where I had a poor angle to shoot. Whether or not I died at the end there by head shot is irrelevant. I messed up. Good job for him on killing me. This is a learning experience regardless if I was head shot or body shot. I had a chance, but didn't execute properly. If he head shot me there, doesn't it sound ridiculous if I come in and complain that the game is no skill when I just came out of that fight with a 4:1 KD instead of 5:0? All because I died to a head shot? Example 2: Mostly Luck - Video Link -> 5:10 In the equation, I'd say that was mostly lucky. Sure, it took some ability to lead, but even I was not expecting that to hit. It's not something I expect to do regularly. Was it fun? For me, hell yeah. If I were on the receiving end of that, I would think it was pretty funny too as a rare occurance. Using this example, see if your experiences of luck fit this description. Without these lucky things being possible, the game would be much less fun. Example 3: They messed up, Video Link -> 5:00-5:05 That guy "had me dead to rights". I was looking the other way in my binoculars, but he shoots me in the body instead of the head, and allows me to turn around and shoot him in the head. Now, he has the choice to say the following: 1) Oh, I emptied my entire clip (like 10 rounds in reality) and RNG didn't give me the kill, then that guy turned around 180 and 0 skill all luck RNG hip shotted me in the head. Game is broken. OR, 2) They could take responsibility and realize that they were the one who messed up first in not shooting me in the head with a burst, and then acknowledge that it was maybe not all pure luck that resulted in them being head shot in return. Now, which of the 2 is the more reasonable viewpoint to you? For me, viewpoint #1 is false, sounds very entitled, takes no responsibility for ones actions, and gives no credit to the opponent whatsoever. In sports, that's called poor sportsmanship. I'm not saying it was all skill on my part, luck certainly played a part, but to say it was all luck, especially when someone can do this with some level of consistency? Come on. Example 4: Headshots with inferior TTK weapons vs. weapons with superior TTK If headshots do not do more damage, then those with the better TTK will always come out on top if we spot and shoot at the same time or later. Look at these examples below. 3:01 2:32 2:12 If pistols did not 1hk in the head, they would not be a weapon that allows skill to dictate the outcome. ---- The only thing preventing headshots from automatic weapons from being super OP in the hands of a skilled player (like with the old SMG's and MG42 pre-Adams), is the cone-fire. Cone-fire is not perfect, but it is a better system for automatics than laser-fire. It allows SMGs to play their role in dominating CQB, while limiting their effectiveness at range. Yes, it also allows someone with less skill and an inferior weapon to kill you once in a while. I'd argue that for the sake of the game, that's a good thing.
  13. Stop the vehicle before you get to the point and then approach point on foot rather than crashing straight into it. Firing small arms from a moving jeep though, that would be interesting.
  14. Recon Builds for staged

    Semi Auto Rifle with the recon exclusive German scope. Great for headshots and works for any range. On GE and SU, I don't use a pistol or fast reload since the mags are big enough most of the time. So, I'd run a med kit, or a wrench and first aid, or AT nades. On US, if I don't have fast reload on, I bring my Hammerless and binoculars or first aid. With Fast reload, I just run med kit.
  15. Lol, remove AT nades, implement the throwing of wrenches into the gears of tanks!