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  1. Binson


    And so close to the Holidays. All the best to those talented players and forum contributors who have left.
  2. Binson

    Switch sides in WAR

    I have no alts. They are all my mains.
  3. I like the idea, but people could do this as well here unless it's a short reload time - much shorter than the respawn timer. Still an improvement though.
  4. Binson

    Impose hard limit of 6 tankers per team.

    I do like the idea.
  5. Binson

    Updated Development Overview - October

    Looking forward to the restructuring overview
  6. Binson

    Remove APCs from staged encounter

    Another game-breaking mechanic that should be low hanging fruit.
  7. Binson

    Impose hard limit of 6 tankers per team.

    3rd guy can play if there are 2 on the other side. A hard limit would not allow that. What you're saying is any limit is a hard limit.
  8. Binson

    Impose hard limit of 6 tankers per team.

    What is a hard limit? One that remains the same regardless of any factors in the game. What is a variable hard limit? That's a soft limit, my man. But w/e, I'm not here to argue semantics. ------ Whatever you want to call it, the outcome is what matters, and the "+/-X" specialists solution brings about both the ability for matches to be predominantly specialist based, while also preventing them from being complete specialist spam vs no specialists. Does it mean that not everyone can 100 percent freely switch? Sure. But, it's also not an unreasonable request as people understand specialist spam is a problem. There can also be an additional factor that limits specialists to, say, 4 lives or 7 minutes before someone who enters a switch line-up takes their spot for 4 lives/7 minutes and they have to re-enter the line when they die/despawn in 1 minute. Why do we even need specialist squads, especially in war? People should all queue up as infantry and switch to the specialist classes as needed. (If it's para only, then para becomes the base class) In staged, it's easy to pair the amount of specialist squads since resources are matching. Also, guess what the +/-x system does, it prevents adding a squad of specialists unless there is an opposing one to match, or unless there are enough others in-game playing the matching specialist class. What isn't working is the completely unrestricted number of specialists possible. What also won't work is a hard limit that will not adjust to current game situations. The problem is completely game-breaking and needs to be addressed in a way that is flexible, yet effective.
  9. Binson

    Impose hard limit of 6 tankers per team.

    It is a soft limit. Therefore, solution that allows both outcomes depending on the situation. You can have games of 18 vs. 17 tanks if you want. But, never 15 vs. 3. Or 5 vs. 0. 2-0 or 3-0 is good enough of an advantage without it being a completely garbage experience for players. Don't forget, the other specialist classes will still be available... So, it's not like you're stuck as infantry if the resources are there. There are at least 2 slots for each type of specialists, assuming the resource is there.
  10. When one tries too hard to troll, one becomes a try-hard as well.
  11. Binson

    Impose hard limit of 6 tankers per team.

    If the other team has at least 2, then the 3rd guy can play tanker too.
  12. Binson

    Impose hard limit of 6 tankers per team.

    Should be soft limit of 2, +/-1 based on the other team. So, you can't have 5 tanks vs no tanks, but you can have 4vs5, or 10vs11. You can be 2-0, which should be more than powerful enough of an advantage (especially since there are virtually unlimited spawns), without being super spammy.
  13. Binson


    I hope that after the December release, the focus is nearly fully shifted to making the game fun and enjoyable. This is what ultimately keeps players around. It doesn't matter if HnG has 14 million accounts registered if only 5000 of them are active this week, 4000 of which will be inactive next week. Then, have 3500 more wander in, and 3495 leave the week after while leaving negative Steam reviews in the process. Meanwhile, 50 vets get bored playing against the same people every match for years and encountering the same game-breaking, fun-killing problems they've seen since they started playing. New content isn't what is keeping the new players around. There is more than enough content to sustain a new player for months, if not years. The improvemeny of the playability and enjoyability of the game is what will keep new players around. Only when the game is fun and enjoyable, can it truly grow.
  14. Binson

    Hit Markers

    I meant to vote no. At least give the options as @fran1111 mentioned.