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  1. Binson

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    @reto.mcfly told me to put this here: Please add the ability to switch lines as an individual. It isabsolutely game breaking to work for 20 minutes to capture o2 from A line only to have your random squad leader switch you to E2 and all you can do is watch as o2 gets lost as well as all of A line. At least let people switch lines on their own if they leave the squad. Thank you.
  2. Binson

    Players leaving the game

    Just do everything you used to do as an infantry, but in a tank. Why drive jeeps when you can drive tanks to the point and sit in the cap with them. Literally the whole team can do it. If you die, you can spawn on your squad mates' tanks right back at the point. Much fun, much skill, problem solved.
  3. Binson

    Still Dying 90% to Rambo ATs

    ITT: Tanker drives over mine, lives, is not happy because he took damage but is still alive and can repair - Infantry OP. Tanker sits still for long enough to let an infantry drive all the way over to them with these new vehicle physics, h3/mine around him - Infantry OP. Tanker had to watch 1 side to prevent 1 guy from coming for him and feed him 15 free kills - Infantry OP. Next update can add godmode command to console for tanks only and some of these tankers would still think infantry are OP for being able to walk and drive in the presence of tanks.
  4. Binson

    Still Dying 90% to Rambo ATs

    Why should tankers die at all?
  5. Binson

    A few words

    Rip self _perm ban. Best of luck bud. See you in half a year
  6. Binson

    Screw faction bias, I am infantry biased now

    The problem is not really how good tanks are, it's that there are endless millions. The problem is not really how good tanks are, it's that there are endless millions.
  7. Binson

    Screw faction bias, I am infantry biased now

    Next level tactics: 4 man squad, all switch to tanker, roll up to the point, anyone who dies can spawn on their their squadmate's tanks as if they were APCs for their tanker infantry.
  8. Binson

    Where is Reto.Kraken?

    Also a moment of silence for Reto.Chuckle and Reto.Typhon.
  9. Binson


    I'm getting deja vu here. Is this 2017 pre-insider summit?
  10. Binson


    Please add: Ability for individuals to change lines so they don't get stuck on a useless line thanks to their random squad leader. Thanks!
  11. Binson

    Trigger the user above you [Forum game]

    RNG headshots are skillful
  12. Thanks! I don't know whether starting at the 1's or 3's would be better. More free XP starting at the 1's I guess
  13. Binson

    Best Supply Crate For M8 Greyhound?

    Faust, to kill any dbags on your team who hog your gun.
  14. Binson

    Defenses are the way to go now

    And the one time I cap O2 after 20 minutes of struggle, I still get switched to E line by random squad leader. Still can't switch lines when I leave squad. Lose O2, lose A line, GG. How is this still not a priority fix...