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  1. I don't often say this and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but this is much more of a git gudd problem. If I see an enemy first and they still shoot me first, that's on me, not on the game. Hats off to the enemy.
  2. Future of infantry scopes?

    2.5x cannot come soon enough. Same with + Equipment points for scopes.
  3. New helmet covers for infantry soldiers in 1.10

    For all infantry scopes. It just takes some time to get used to the T-Post. Remember that it's the intersection of the two lines, and I use the thin horizontal line more than the thick middle line. Great for leading targets and leveling for head shots.
  4. New helmet covers for infantry soldiers in 1.10

    Any chance the 2.5x scope change comes in 1.10?
  5. US TeamSpeak down for 24 hours

    Skype calls ftw
  6. Reduce cost of alternative infantry vehicles!

    Also, the spawn costs should be lowered for these alternative vehicles. (Except for the t-20)
  7. That's a better one lol thanks haha
  8. An Ideal Medic Setup..?

    I would definitely use fast healing as my badge. It is so good. You can do G43 + 2 Big Med Packs + First Aid kit/Bino's/PP/wrench
  9. Clans disappearing?

    What Allied TS? It's back up?
  10. Guess whos back?

    Sorry lol, it's just so catchy and we'll edited haha
  11. Guess whos back?

    Where's my Berandaro? Also, looks like the #SaveTmoe campaign worked
  12. The man literally advocates for STG buff and 1919 nerf all over the forums and is even documented for doing so at the Summit. Still = US biased And then you put out this random bs about him wanting 2hk 1000rpm drum mag Johnson. Is this supposed to be a joke? Not even sure if you want people to see you as a joke or to take you seriously here. This is another profound attempt to argue against a title rather than the person's points. People see a title under someone's name and mistake them as "Reto employees/Reto employees to be" without understanding what the title actually means. It's just an easy way out for when these people don't have any good arguments to make against the person's points. I'm all for petitioning Reto to publish more weapon stats than just TTK. I've asked for this before as well. But, even if Reto were to publish every single stat possible, would you even believe them? Or, would it be a US conspiracy still?
  13. I don't see you making this assertion about other people in this thread and requesting official sources from them. If that's your standard for data, I'd be thrilled with that. But, it doesn't look like you hold yourself and everyone to these same standards. Not looking very objective there. If you don't want to believe someone with almost 55k Garand Kills and 11k G43 kills who 100 percent will choose the Sniper bullet every time for range, precision, and bullet travel? Sure, that's fine. I have no problem with that. But instead of just seeing my name and hating on anything I'm saying for whatever reason (the opposite of being objective), maybe, just think about basic physics. What needs to happen in order for a bullet of the same calibre fired from the same weapon to be able to fly in a straight line further (aka increase range)? (Hint, it's not painting the tip of it green)
  14. Except it clearly does... Grinded up 5 G43's and 5 M1G's from scratch this past month. Such a huge difference in accuracy and projectile speed for both guns going from stock bullet to sniper bullet.