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  1. Binson

    United Defense Rangers - Elite

    I don't get to game much nowadays but I still think about this roster of hall-of-fame gods and great friends super often. Such amazing times. Hope you're all doing well and all the best in 2021, wherever you are! Cheers, - Binson
  2. Binson

    "stg is as bad as a grease gun"

    Some things never change
  3. Binson

    Stop killcam from providing hate

    Getting a t-bag and whistle is a true compliment. This person came all the way out into the open from the safety of the bushes to share their location with all your teammates because you made them salty.
  4. Binson

    Infantry scopes

    This is what we've heard for years now. For something they simply requires changing some values. So, I'm sorry, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear that stacking 10-15 deep with tanks and planes on a single-line defense against random foot infantry isn't working for you anymore.
  6. Binson


    Yup, this system was fine as it still is nice to have additional soldiers to be able to switch faster. But, it doesn't completely limit newer players to a single loadout. Now, if you are a new player and you go in with a Greaser but need a Garand, or if you went in without AT, then GG. It just gimps newer players. Vets don't need even more help. We need more productive new players.
  7. Binson

    Restrict H3s to Germany only.

    I honestly have no problem with H3s being GE only. Just have AT unlock at the same level across factions. What I don't get: Why is the zooka (the first launcher) unlocked at a higher level on SU than on US and GE? It should be the same. Why does GE have much easier/cheaper access to AT compared to US and SU? You can easily buy out the first levels of the AT ribbon on GE, while you actually gotta grind up to level 5 on the other factions. They should all be the same here.
  8. Binson

    Restrict H3s to Germany only.

    Restrict bullets to SU only. As they had soldiers who were given only bullets. So, bullets were SU only weapon. Happy new year @vengeice and @Vengeiceismine
  9. Binson

    Free Afonso from Gulag

    Isn't he the reason we have the spawn trucks or AA trucks? I vaguely remember Kraken saying something like that when they were released lol. Maybe he has become immortal, like his trucks.
  10. Unfortunately, this is just as unlikely to have an effect as asking players to leave GE and join SU.
  11. Binson

    German Recon Camouflage...

    Stock camo best camo. Can't beat blending in with your teammates.
  12. Binson


    And so close to the Holidays. All the best to those talented players and forum contributors who have left.
  13. Binson

    Switch sides in WAR

    I have no alts. They are all my mains.