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  1. They will come level it up in war for addition ribbon xp bonus.
  2. Maybe this is the thing that will bring GE staged heroes to fight in the war.
  3. Question: Can we please have more descriptive stats than just RPM, a vague range/damage/cone chart, ammo count, and reload speed for weapons? I think this would be a meaningful change to the Client UI. For stats like Handling, it could be a rating out of 100 to help make the numbers more understandable. Reasoning: Everyone is fixated on the TTK as the only factor that matters and while it's an incomplete point of view, I can see how they got there/were convinced by propaganda echo chamber spammers because that's pretty much the only calculable stat that is widely accessible. More stats like Handling (Hip and ADS), Recoil, Mobility, Turning Accuracy, Range, even Repair Costs, can visually help people understand that there are other stats besides TTK (which is certainly an important factor, but not the only important factor). Thanks!
  4. So you understood just as much as you did with my previous posts.
  5. how 2 leap 2 conclusions? truly kannot b c rios?
  6. You go into the house pistol first. Not switch when you see the guy lol. Switch to MP40 or P38 first, then walk into the house. MP40 or P38 is primary and G43 is like a super secondary in CQC. Especially with fast reload, P38 is straight up beast inside a house and pretty much never gets caught on doorframes, tight staircases, railings, etc. And no, P38 alone is not better than Johnson (never said it was). But pairing it with your G43 closes the CQC TTK on HSG gap a lot to the point where it is really not nearly as much of a problem.
  7. To reiterate once again: P38 (especially with fast reload) to help make up for cqb deficiencies WHILE using G43 or STG. Never said take P38 alone without a rifle and go duel Johnsons at 50m. Nor did I ever say P38 was better than Johnson. That is what some German bias propaganda pros tried to straw-man/meme warfare my statement into just because they dislike me and dislike pistols for some reason even if it's a good weapon you can pair with anything and helps to strengthen the GE arsenal's biggest/only true weakness. But hey, why adjust and compensate when the easy thing to do is just go whine and spam every post in the forums, right? Why acknowledge truths when you can just overwhelm people through sheer volume of posts and spam them into submission with incoherent walls of text? There may or may not be a silent majority, but there certainly is a very loud super minority. We all know, a good German propagandist never admits any strengths of the faction or any weaknesses of the other factions. I'm used to these guys by now. Their persistence in being blatantly biased is quite amusing and tiring all at the same time. Nice try though. Thank you for the mention. @eXtraodrinary -- Mained GE for the past Quarter and there are many other more prominent problems on GE that need your attention but get drowned out by your single mindedness. Mainly, there are RTS and player based problems, like map positioning (finally people understand why GE should take Scandi rather than hole up in Rome), and underdog bonus taking Staged wehraboos and German Chat only ICQ roleplayers into consideration. Also very important is the fact that many people joined GE way back when for easy victories and "Superior German Engineering, yah", etc. They can't handle that the tides have turned, that the MG42 no longer is the best everything gun in the game for everybody, and not being able to just have the sheer number of ATs to overwhelm opponents with on the RTS (though the ridiculous AT Queue was not the right way to "balance" Germany here and did much more harm than it did good). Myself (and many players from GE and other factions) can see and acknowledge that there are real problems. Let's not drown out the GE faction's main problems by over-focusing on 1 thing.
  8. Best of luck BFA! The more clans the better. (Especially North American Clans...) Don't let some bumps along the way get you down. Just because something worked or didn't work for one clan/one person doesn't mean it'll be the same for another. Variety is a good thing to have in the clan space.
  9. It's the number of planes available that is the problem. Planes should be extremely powerful in the right hands, but taking planes out should mean a lot as well. It means nothing to take planes out if there are at least 20-40+ more spawns available.
  10. 3*20mm cannons on the La-7? So... Is it a triple yak? Or is it going to fire a lot slower? Maybe it'll run out of ammo super quickly and have no MG's to fall back on?
  11. If they headshot me out of a plane, they deserve it.
  12. Pretty much lol, 3 on US, 2 on GE, 2 on SU. Was able to get the GE and SU ones thanks to the recent sale I have 1 tanker with all the top tanks, then one with all the cheap/anti-infantry oriented tanks.
  13. Headshots/bullet ratio per gun ploz
  14. Since they're all Mediums, I guess we need to get 6 more pilots, 2 for each new plane. Then, 6 more pilots when the top tier Mediums come out.
  15. Yay! Tank only maps!