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  1. As I mentioned in my original post in this thread, I have met some terrific german players who know these things and work towards winning. Since I've been on GE, I've played with and made friends with many who I used to play against on a daily basis. What is truly unhelpful, are the negative echo chamber propaganda Germans, who are purposely working against the German faction from within, or are willingly not using the strengths in the German arsenal to cover the weaknesses, just so they can play victim in hopes that one day soonTM, Reto will remake the STG into MG42 2.0. Regardless of what you do or say, these people will just stick to their talking points so they can further their agenda. Believe it or not, there are also people with good intentions who really do not know these things but want to do help and do well. My efforts, hopefully, are helpful to those who want to help win, and to those who may not know these things yet. The real question is: What type of player do you want to be on the German faction? Positive? or Negative?
  2. Ok, you must be trolling. There is no other way that you can be a GE vet and think that the G43 has a faster fire rate than the P38. The numbers are right there. P38 - maximum of 597 RPM G43: maximum of 331 RPM 582 > 331. Even though it is 3hk vs 2hk, It is so much easier to fire quickly with the P38 due to the max rof cap, much better hipfire, handling, and recoil. With 3hk to HSG at that rate of fire, it's pretty much just a semi-auto in name. Nowhere did I say that the P38 had better range, damage, or ammo than the G43. I specifically state that I pair it with the G43. Please, this should be basic stuff for someone who says they have used both these weapons. Point it out to me where I said this? It certainly is one of the best weapons in the game and the best of its class. A bad analogy is a bad analogy. Let's talk literally and deal in facts. Your analogy was completely incompatible whether it was meant figuratively or literally. I overestimated your knowledge of the GE arsenal. I really expected you to know the stats of the GE faction's weapons and not think that the G43 had a faster fire rate than the P38. I mean, to me, anyone who owns both these guns and grinded them up even once would know. I was wrong to assume, and I apologize. Maybe you weren't playing victim, you just didn't know.
  3. It's totally different. 2hk G43 in cqb is much harder to use than P38 3hk. You didn't even know the P38 was 3hk. And from your comments, it is clear that you just have some vendetta against using one of the best guns in the game just because it's a pistol and doesn't have the label of automatic. It fires so fast, it may as well be an automatic. You're just splitting hairs to play the victim. It's so much harder to hiccup on P38 spam than G43 spam that it just makes it clear you have not even given it a legitimate try just because it's a pistol - or you have, but refuse to use it just because you want to play victim. Good lord. It is not at all the same as tanking. A The p38 can pen a Johnson user no problem with no shots bounced. Your analogy does not apply at all. This is troll levels of inept logic.
  4. Unparalleled.
  5. The P38 is a 3 hit kill to heavy set gold with just the Engel Ammo. I also use the Match sights, Hair Trigger, and Lightened bolt for best handling/lowest recoil. This really should be well known by axis vets by now. So many ask for a 3hk gun to HSG. We already have one but most people don't even know this on the GE faction. It literally has one of the top TTKs in the game coupled with elite handling and can fit in your inventory with any other gun. You don't have to go for headshots. You just have to point and spam LMB at them like an automatic and watch them melt away in an instant. Mp40's great. There's no question I choose it with a bad connection. I understand the pain of having high Jitter and playing on horribad ping. But when I have a bad connection, I don't expect to win consistently against equal, better skilled, or even normally less skilled players. I am playing with the understanding that I'm likely going to die a frustrating death many times due to poor connection. On a good connection, I have to disagree that even semi-decent players cannot spam the LMB 3-4 times quickly for a kill with a gun like the p38. It isn't like the SA's where the timing is more critical with their low ROF and higher recoil. The SA's, I can understand are not for everyone. For the p38 with its much higher ROF, almost no recoil, and friendly hip fire, however, it takes 30 seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes testing out the click speed and you'll know just how fast you can go. It has almost twice the breathing room for overclicking error compared to the SA's. As for 8 bullets, it's mostly going to be paired with another weapon you can use as your CQB secondary (for me, that's usually the G43 or STG). 8 bullets for a 3hk is good for 2 body shot kills with some breathing room for 2 misses or arm hits. It has a good reload time at stock and the reload is just ridiculously fast with Fast Reload Gold. It's a gun that fits with any other gun. I could even carry 2 P38s with my G43 and first aid if I had veteran membership. No other faction has an option like the p38. We have to start using it more to our advantage.
  6. 100%. When I'm in a house, u're gunna see me with my p38 out as primary. It's straight up beast.
  7. Get 2-3 tankers. Tanker 1 will have the Luchs or 38t, Pz3, hetzer, Tiger 1 Tanker 2 will have the pz1 (can swap out for the 38t or Luchs once you unlock the Tiger II), Panther, Stug, Tiger II. Tanker 3 (optional), will have the rest of the tanks for lulz. Why I'd do it this way is because it is great to have options of cheap, and expensive tanks. Tanker 2 has all the expensive tanks except the pz1 because the pz1 is the best for grinding up armor assault to unlock the higher tier tanks. If you wish, you can switch that up later but it isn't really necessary. If you do that, I'd suggest a third tanker just for the pz1. It's a great tank against infantry and soft targets. Probably the best at that.
  8. This is exactly the wrong approach to look at it. The word pistol has a negative connotation for some reason on the GE faction. It's a beast of a weapon that you're not using because of whatever bias you have against the word. This is exactly what I'm talking about in my post. The weapon has been right under your nose this whole time. It's more like they'll have to use Johnsons to even have any chance to counter my P38 in cqb.
  9. A handful of UDR and I have been on GE the last month and a half and we've met a handful of likeminded, good German players who intend to do well and help the faction succeed. We may or may not agree on what Germany's biggest issues are, but we work toward the same goal in the end of playing to win and using the strength of the arsenal we have currently at our disposal. I have no problem if we have opposing opinions but can work together in a positive way. The biggest problem with the German faction in my opinion, is not the handful of the players mentioned above, it is the overwhelming number of German players purposely sabotaging the faction with negative propaganda, refusing to use or even acknowledge any of the strengths of the GE faction's arsenal, and roflstomping in staged with fully decked out soldiers against fresh meat that just reached silver matchmaking instead of playing War. Queue is no longer a problem. It was a legitimate problem that hit Germany the hardest. Germany has the best queue out there now that the AFK mega-whales have been surrounded into oblivion and something has to be done about these staged only players still counting in Germany's underdog population calculation so that it at least somewhat accurately represents reality. The complainers really want there to be 1 gun for Germany that will save them all against the Johnson/1919/AVS, and they are focused on wanting it to be the STG. They want it to 3hk HSG (and/or be able to snipe people at 150-200m). We don't know if this will ever happen, or if they will ever make the MG42 good to use without TGG again, or if the Johnson/1919/AVS will ever get nerfed. But, we already have a gun that dominates CQB and for whatever reason, very few vets use it. We have the Walther P38. It's a complete beast in CQB that has no equal on the other factions. Another thing is that it can be used on practically every loadout imaginable. I have it paired with my G43 char, my STG Char, my MP40 Char, and my Pistolero Char. It's a pocket Johnson with elite TTK, very low recoil/sway, terrific accuracy, great sights, and best possible handling. It 3HK's HSG up to 18-24m and has 1hk headshot range up to 48-108m on HSG depending on your mods. My builds are not badge dependent as I don't have Vet membership on BinsonGE but I can just imagine how much more powerful I would be if I could have a 2nd badge with my loadouts above, and an extra inventory slot. With a 4x G43, P38, Medkit, and Fast Reload, there is literally no range where I am not the top of the class in terms of killing power, accuracy, vision, and agility. If automatics are more your thing, the same can be said for the STG from 10-15m up to just under 80-100m depending on your mods. We need more P38's out there on Germany. It is a huge positive that more than covers the CQB downsides of the STG or G43, and adds more range, killing power, and reload protection to the MP40 if you are a non-vet player. I don't use the Johnson or 1919 and I've tried to remake my US characters with my GE loadouts but it just is not possible, even with veteran. Let's get the word out there and use our advantages to our advantage, GE.
  10. I was in that game and I don't know if they were alts, but they definitely were purposely working against us. They wanted SU to win that game, they said so in chat, and did things purposely like sitting 5 ft outside the point not even shooting at the enemy when it's 2-3 on 01. Aside from those guys, it was a fun match.
  11. You need APCR. It's the biggest performance jump from AP to APCR possibly in the game.
  12. If this is true and intentional, wtf. This was possibly the best mechanic added recently.
  13. I actually think this is probably the best time ever for active GE whales. For once, GE has literally no queue on everything except Paras and Recon. The unbearable queue was really what started all this. We're at the point where all the losses have made the AFK GE super whales not deploy anymore so the good generals and people who actually play can finally play properly now. We may not win the war just yet, but we can certainly win battles, make cut-offs, and replenish our troops to continue pushes - something that was not really possible with the old super horrible queue.
  14. Thanks! Yeah, definitely only a GE pistol thing. Best range, accuracy, and best TTK against heavy set. Have to enjoy them as much as possible while I'm GE
  15. It's the scope.