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  1. new reporting for the forum pages

    Asking to buff forums? Reported for snowflakism.
  2. Sorry, BattlEye is not enough.

    A demolition is destruction of a building. Duh.
  3. defending nerf

  4. Sorry, BattlEye is not enough.

    What is so hard to understand about the fact that you can be both for what you quoted (essentially better anti cheat and reporting), and against the attitude of people who will never consider the fact that someone can in fact be that much better than them? This is basic stuff. -- I'm talking about people who will continue to accuse others of hacking even after they have been verified a million times over multiple anti-cheat systems, show video footage of their gameplay, and are still around. People who see hackers everywhere. If you want, you can continue reporting them. But, you should realize that that is on you when you don't acknowledge the results of the findings. If you don't believe the anti-cheat or Reto/Battleeye, why even report them at all? What good will the best possible anti-cheat and reporting system do for these people who will never be convinced otherwise? Yes, there are real hackers. But the mere existence of hackers/hacks does not mean that everyone playing better than you or hit an insane shot that you can't hit is instantly a hacker. -- Essentially, for people who see hackers everywhere and continue to call vetted players hackers, what will convince you that those you have been accusing for years are not in fact hacking, but are actually just better players with better x, y, and z from the list above? Is there anything at all? If you are not convinced of the system's findings, is having the best anti-cheat and reporting system possible confirm that they are legit even enough to change your mind anyway?
  5. Hopefully GE dominance will return to 2015 levels by the time I return
  6. Sorry, BattlEye is not enough.

    I did. I also read the content of the post. Guess I r not smart enouf 2 dcyfr bocaz top sekrit kode
  7. good pilot

    It's exile40
  8. Sorry, BattlEye is not enough.

    Please see Is Dis mean I r smart man? Wanting good anti-cheat and acknowledging that people can be much better than you and that there is much you can improve on is not mutually exclusive.
  9. Sorry, BattlEye is not enough.

    It's less maybe you're a noob, and more maybe there are people who are just better, a lot better than you. This is a very possible reality in everything in life. You can be one of the best players in the game, and still, there are players much better than you. You can be one of the best basketball players in your country all your life, and not be able to cut it in the NBA. That doesn't mean all NBA players are taking steroids. If you think someone hacks, feel free to report them. Feel free to do so as much as you want. If they're still here years and years later, have streams or video for you to see for yourself, maybe, maybe, consider for a second that no matter how good you are yourself, there can be people much better than you are. Maybe, there are things you can learn from watching how these people play and asking them questions. Taking their advice, putting it into practice. There are tons of good players who are willing to tell people how they are doing so well with what they are using. Maybe ask them nicely for tips after the game rather than just send them some salty messages. People asked for better anti cheat, they got it. The thing is, the people who regularly get accused also are happy it is here. No one is against better anti-cheat and better reporting. People here are against the attitude that no one can ever be better than me without cheating in some way. In life, we have to accept the fact that there are almost always going to be people better than us at what we do, even if we are supremely good at that thing ourselves.
  10. Sorry, BattlEye is not enough.

    Maybe they: 1) play with good connection 2) best possible PC and Monitor 3) best possible Mouse and Keyboard 4) have played FPS all their life 5) have played this game nearly every day for multiple hours for many years 6) have 100 times more experience with a weapon 7) warmed up 8) built up muscle memory 9) know the maps and spawns 10) check corners and behind them routinely 11) don't sit completely still or move in a straight line practically ever 12) know how to peek corners 13) have quick reaction times... 14) Can Flick Shot 15) Can control recoil 16) can quick scope 17) can burst fire 18) use sound 19) bait friendlies 20) use skill multiplying scopes and automatics 21) luck was on their side 22) on ez mode defense 23) can anticipate movement 24) can lead targets 25) can click fast for short periods of time Maybe you: 1) Do the opposite of any or all of the above or at a lower proficiency than them 2) are not even aware of some or all of the above and your ignorance and pride leads you to think it must be macros and hacks Anything else to add, anybody?
  11. New Role for Recons

    Black Tula so sexy. Yummmm Legolas duel wielded up close tho, sooooo double korovins? Lel
  12. New Role for Recons

    Recons can also use SMGs, SA's, Pistols and Grenades. This is what I mean. It will actually make sense to have more than 1 or 2 recon builds if they have an actual purpose on assault.
  13. HnG Battle Royale...

    Would not mind a WWII themed BR.
  14. New Role for Recons

    Spotting is just an insufficient addition to Recon. It further solidifies their useless campy non-versatile playstyle - especially on Assaults. Hey, team, here's this thing that I can't/am unwilling to get rid of. You guys take care of it. I'll keep lying here on this mountain just watching this thing from a mile away. And you want Recon to also go cap empty lines? Is this a troll post? Come on man. Recon need to be more useful and versatile, especially on Assaults. They need things like being able to spawn ahead on assaults and actually you know, be Reconnaissance. Ex. If an assaulting team captures E4 on Town, Recon should be able to spawn slowly across the river in that house spawn between O1 and E4. Another addition should be for Recon Cars to act as a mobile spawn for a few friendly Recon. This will promote more versatile gameplay and create an actual purpose for Recons on assaults. This means more useful players, and an actual reason to create multiple recon for different roles.