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  1. War hardcore mode

    Try Day of Infamy.
  2. Medkit on pilot

    Need to add health crate too planes
  3. (Mountain) Factory

    Reserved this space to make fun of the person who reserved the first post. Can't get to it now, but I'll get back to it sometime Asap.
  4. Foot assaults and other unfun types of battles should be removed from War in order to facilitate the the merge of players that just press join a battle to get put into a random game through Matchmaker. Randoming for War should be effectively the same experience as randoming for Staged currently. Adding daily objectives for War down the line will also help. For example: - Win 1 game for an extra 5,000 credits. - Cap O1 for an extra 3,000 credits. - Successfully take or defend a capital city for 10,000 credits. - Take an airfield for 2,000 credits. -- Infantry wise, Practice Mode should be for practice and training new soldiers. Therefore, only characters using unscoped BA's/SA's, pistols, and T1 SMGs should make credits and xp in this mode. If you want to use top level gear here, that's fine, you just won't make credits or XP here. -- Just a few things this will help improve: 1) Improve the experience for randoming players 2) Increase the number of battles that get played rather than auto-resolved 3) Allow a space for newer soldiers to be trained 4) Consolidate the player base and allow better skill based matchmaking. 5) Let people who want to use their maxed out characters against new characters do so while detering them from doing it too much, as they will pay for it in repairs and will not gain and xp or credits while doing so.
  5. Well, this is exactly what I mean. Look at it this way: What is the goal Reto is trying to achieve with scopes? In the end, will Infantry still have access to the 3.5, 4.0,and 4.2x Scopes? Or, just the 2.2 and other even lower magnification scopes? If the goal here is to have scope parity across the factions, and / or decrease the effective range of infantry scopes, then it should be as easy as I mentioned. As for why it is still a debate/undecided, I don't quite understand. But, additional scopes and correct scope modelling (the time consuming cosmetic part) can be done after the MC stuff is done. However, you can take a big step toward the final goal here in less than a day, IMO. What's even better, is this is an easily reversible change when done this way. Make the magnification change, get the test numbers you need to see if you like it and if the community likes it. If they do, then make the modelling of the low magnification scopes an item after the MC updates. If not, just change the numbers back and you saved the money and time it would've taken to model all the new scopes first before testing.
  6. I get the mission critical stuff taking priority over other longer term projects and things that would have to be redone again. But, why does changing a few numbers have to wait until after that? We don't care if the model is still the 4x, 4.2x, or 3.5x for now. That can be changed after MC stuff is complete. But just the numbers? Why does that have to wait for months when from our perspective, it can be done in less than an hour? Ctrl+f all scopes that are not 8x, delete the current magnification number, type in "2.2". Then, change their description in the UI accordingly. Even if it's something that actually takes 1 day, it should be moved ahead of something that takes months. --- In short, can the things that can be done in a day or less be moved up before mission critical stuff as it really doesn't delay the mission critical stuff by much? Things that can have a huge improvement on player experience and are just changing some numbers. Off the top of my head: 1) Making attacking battles require vehicles to be "fun". 2) Scope Parity 3) Remove Elite branding from War.
  7. Help! BAR

    Match 72, Sight, Trigger (Optional), Lightened Spring, Stainless Barrel. And most importantly, Quickdraw Badge. Hammerless and Meds to round out the Loadout.
  8. Factory Map Update Incoming

    Well, a 5 line map doesn't mean it can't be just 2 lines that are open. We have many of these currently where not all 5 lines are able to be active in a certain town.
  9. Stop deploying

    I don't agree with all of the OP's points, but I haven't played much in terms of full-scale RTS campaigns in over a year now. And, I don't think that will change until Reto realizes that War battles have to be improved so that each side has to have enough resources for the battle to be fun (in both the battle director's terms and real life game experience terms). Foot assaults against tanks, snipers, and plane spam are the quickest way to send war-ready players back to staged, where most will quit shortly thereafter. There are so many positive ripple effects from doing this. Changing the war experience for matchmaker randoms is the best way to consolidate war and war-ready staged players (both are mainly matchmaker randoms) and allow the game to become what it was meant to be all along. Out of tens of thousands of monthly players, there are probably only like 50-100 people who are capable of initiating a full out combined RTS and FPS campaign. We are pretty tired of either 5 min wins, or hour long+ waits. The rare competitive battles we get are against enemies that we have faced a million times already, have become friends with, and know in and out. So, even these battles are troll battles where we run around with knives and tier 1 equipment and the other side tries to run us over with kubels. It's like the last game of the night at pick-up basketball where everyone is tired, just shooting with our off-hand from way beyond the 3 point line, playing fake defense, throwing stupid alley-oops, laughing at each other doing things we would never do in a real game situation. Imagine if the whole night was like that instead of just the last game. That's what HnG has become for me in 99 percent of games. War mode needs changes now, and changes can be made quickly. It should be escalated to the top as this is what makes or breaks the game moving forward.
  10. American or Russian recon?

    Please. I have been asking for 1919 nerf for years, asked for M2 nerf, asked for Johnson nerf. Asked for buffing Soviet Tanks (especially back when they had no gun depression), buffing PPSH handling, buffing PPS to 4hk HSG with stock ammo like MP40. Look beyond the surface, man. What about you? Have you ever advocated for anything but buffing your own faction and nerfing others? Saying the 1917 is 100% better than the Nagant Pistol simply because of its ability to kill non-heavy set is being completely ignorant of how the game actually works. I state in my first post here that the 1917 is better against non-heavy set than the Nagant Pistol. Did you gloss over this sentence just because you think I'm an American main and you need to push your Soviet agenda? Against any type of heavy set (Even Bronze), the 1917 becomes a less accurate, lower range, lower velocity, lower ammo count version of the Nagant Pistol, with a 3.3 second reload that cannot be interrupted. Tag a HSG guy at 30m+ with your Bolt? The Nagant Pistol is much better at finishing them off. Before you say bullet velocity, range, and being able to interrupt your reload is useless, it isn't. Also, if you're reloading just a few bullets, it's a faster reload than the 1917. Just see 2:35 for a quick example. If you're unbiased, the whole video's full of examples why the Nagant Pistol is the best for accurate shooters. By comparison, you can see how much further you have to lead with the 1917: Compare that to the lead I did with the Nagant Pistol at the very beginning of that video. Even if I hit that same 100m shot with the 1917, there is no build that would have killed him. If one has trouble killing a player that doesn't have heavy-set of any tier with a 3hk super accurate pistol, and cannot 1hk those who don't have heavy set with their bolt action (it's literally the biggest part of the body to aim at), I'm afraid it's not the gun that's the problem.
  11. American or Russian recon?

    Against non-heavy set at extremely close range, yup. But, you already have a 1hk BA. The best weapon possible against non heavy set. This makes the 1917's powers vs non-heavy set redundant. You want a pistol that has range with great accuracy, bullet velocity, and damage over range. That is where the Nagant wins over the 1917 by miles.

    I guess this is a valid tactic now lol