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  1. qutaiseli

    Gargamel plays PUBG

  2. qutaiseli

    Letter from the CEO #4

    bring back battle picker
  3. qutaiseli

    BattlEye checking problem

    same problem Win 7 x64
  4. qutaiseli

    Defend and earn more experience

    cant login, is it only for me ?
  5. qutaiseli

    very Bad Feature

    i guess hes typing as Irish accent
  6. thats why i have switched to Assault Teams tab
  7. since clicking notification "AT surrended near x city" redirects to exact same city in war map i dont think it would be problem nice idea though
  8. my unforgettable moment was also in 3 way battle too in Mountain Town map so SU 85 was shelling our spawn point switched to AT guy flanked tank and was about to Shrek suddenly US guy with Zooka appeared next to me switched back to G43 but for second we stoned and looking each other then simultaneously decided to Shrek SU 85 both penetrated armor and it exploded in millisecond we exchanged whistles with each other and went our ways, wish i could record it dont know hes nickname but if you read this add me
  9. qutaiseli

    RTS Masterclass for (aspiring) German generals

    @Axe late reply but is it ok if i join?
  10. qutaiseli

    Is it possible to modify audio files for your own?

    @littlepancakenoob was about to translate lang.xml file on my language but was told its bannable.. so dont touch any file except client.cfg
  11. qutaiseli

    OP-stuff :)

    US 1919 GE STG (sometimes swapping MG34) SU dont play, but never miss chance to pick up AVS and DP
  12. logged in 2 days ago wanted to deploy but no sense no one to play, no one to cover your ATs, no one to send counter attack after won battle for now partially deploying and sending some reinf to randoms not sure how RTS 2.0 (proly in next decade) will look not sure how it brings back old whales but still staying on positive side.
  13. qutaiseli

    Buff STG 44

    id prefer DMG mods rather then ROF on STG honestly //and i dont understand why RETO cant divide Staged and War battles i once asked Splixxen and he told me theres flag for every battle which identifies is it war or staged so whats the problem why is it so hard technically to split these data??
  14. thanks at least someone mentioned it thats one and only reason i cant play shows green bar but when i hover mouse on it is 120 ping for nearest server how about expanding servers i understand its not cheap but since everyone complains about moscow server how shirt its maybe add new location for example in Romania or Turkey?