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  1. degie7

    Heroes and Generals Prototype server

    The proto servers are down atm
  2. Im going to kill you if they change it because of you! Why would you even prevent that?
  3. degie7

    Russian Exploiting Clan

    Naming and shaming is not allowed 'franches
  4. degie7

    The Alliance

    We tried before, but that didnt went so well at the end. But for the rest, nice to see clans working together, better than real politicians in Real Life, so thats good, i guess.
  5. degie7

    How to farm XP

    the problem is that you have one guy less on the battlefield and they have one guy more, so the other team has some advantage in the game
  6. degie7

    How to farm XP

    well, you can get banned for what he is doing, Just report him
  7. degie7

    P38 needs to go

    Play for US for a while, play all weapons, you can use prototype server when its open, You can talk again after
  8. indeed it hurts, good we had the free warfundsevent not so long ago.
  9. degie7

    CONTA BANIDAês/ Here you are, but you need to send ticket to support, like Melvinivs said, its not allowed to discuss bans/hacks on the forums
  10. degie7

    What the best settings for my computer ??

    Best option? New computer
  11. degie7

    Repair cost if pick up

    they said in one of the q&a that there are no repaircosts for weapons you pick up
  12. degie7

    More then 1 guns

    You cant sell any weapons in this game, you can open a ticket to support to ask a refund where you must tell them you "accidently" bought it, maybe you get refunded, but be sure you dont use or have used the weapon ingame(the one you want refunded) For the rest a merry christmas and a happy new year
  13. Reto circinus said a couple topics below: The field boundaries had their amount of bushes reduced by 50%. This is an experiment, as the community requested the overall bushes being reduced. We'll now have to analyze whether or not this has had a positive or negative impact on the game and if we want to take a look at the forest areas as well. A plan at least is to make the foliage more diverse, by adding more broken treelogs, rocks and other objects instead of just bushes
  14. degie7

    KingTiger is bazooka/Panzershreck proof?

    Best thing to do is have some friends to protect your tank against anti tankrambo's, because the KT is a very slow heavy tank. Actually i thought the KT was the best heavy tank in this game at the moment? So i find it pretty strange that you cannot penetrate the us and su heavy tank, maybe you need to aim for the hatch?