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  1. sani86

    M 36 - Jackson

    39 - 18 = 21
  2. sani86


    It seems you played on the Moscow server.
  3. sani86

    M 36 - Jackson

    Pls. share your experience with this tank destroyer, it's pros and cons and compare it with his Ger and su counterparts. Thanks.
  4. sani86

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    We have learned how to do it from the best ...😁
  5. I wanted to say that paras should be able to open parachute when they want even without free fall badge.
  6. Free fall Badge for paratroopers is so broken. It is tottaly something that we do not need in this game. We had so many topics here about it, but they did not listen. Scopes for infantry is also big mistake, old iron sight zoom was so much better and more fun. Problem with limiting the classes is that in reto office do not know what is better for the game. First limit, then no limit, what is next step even them do not know yet.
  7. sani86

    vs RU

    Well, we know for the fact that in the beginning reto gave SU quicker spawn times. At that time we were saying:"wow, this guys are really like to rush". Then one of the bug hunters counted spawn times and guess what, SU needed significant less time to spawn. Reto was, obviously, silent. Then they gave them 25 % more wfs earnings when they play against other factions, and 2 other factions had 25 % less (not 100 % sure about second claim). Also, when I talk with my friends that are playing German faction, we came to the conclusion about hit boxes. That can be bcs. of Moscow server, but many of us have suspicion that SU hitboxes, if not now, were smaller then other 2 factions. Then you have to consider allowing them to abuse nvidia no bush console settings, black sky also and many other abuses. I understand every faction abuse certain exploits but east Europe players are champions there. SU faction was on of the biggest mistakes among others, that Reto made.
  8. If you exclude Moscow server then you would wait for hours to get to the battle.
  9. Play hellcat,BT-7 or Luchs and problem solved. If that is not good enough for you them move to world of tanks.
  10. Bcs. in the near future, if this game survives, they would be the only one playing this game.
  11. Then go and play against tiger II, then you will see what is broken, and do not forget 222 also, its "broken" for years, but do you think someone is giving a f... Balance in this game is broken long time ago and lot of things need to be balance, but on the forum you can only see that US stuff needs to be "balanced". You are talking about balance in the game when one faction have 4.2 and another 2.2 scope or where one have ptrd and 2 others do not, or where tier 3 smg (pps 43) is not the best bcs. german players were making 2 or 3 forum threads about it every day, where one faction needs tight grip for its LMG and 2 others do not, where one has complete protection for the most important vehicle in the game, APC and 2 others do not, where 2 factions can buy uniforms for their soldiers that cover whole body and other only half and so on. OP that and OP this brought us to the point where this game is dying bcs. devs were actually listening "community" instead of playing bloody game.
  12. sani86

    Alt accounts abusing

    My bet is on silverlik 😀, and no alts existing in this game, that is what reto telling us all the time. Submit the ticket, and with all this crew reducing, maybe they will look at it sometimes in 2019.
  13. @ThatOneMexrican Just like PTRD was till the last update, you could kill heavy plane with 2 hits, ppl. were using it like its bloody rifle. You guys have to stop looking for realism in this game. This is not arma and not WW2 simulation. Those shirty T34s are not having mechanical issues in this game after all, do they?
  14. The biggest problem is the devs were listening "community members" like this. This and that OP, pls. nerf, someone killed me with hellcat 3 times in a row and that can not happen. We can all see where this crying brought the game. Even it is OP so what, each faction have smth. that's is OP and unique and it should stay like that. We are all sick of Moscow server but still we play on it 70 % of battles, but do you think someone gives a f...
  15. sani86

    Hellcat is the God now

    I believe they buffed avs 36 after SU strike, they returned AR after SU strike ... And referring to your post above, everything is OP on US side is that our AR can OHK with headshot even with the jackal bullets, you can not hide from our scope, our SMG is so good that you can "lead" its slow butt bullets, and ofc. again you can OHK with the headshot with regular bullets, we have side protection in our APCs, our medium fighter is better then YAK, our inf. have uniforms that cover whole body, etc.