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  1. try javelin weapon system.
  2. steel, god dammit , phones shirty auto-corrector
  3. just walls of steel, wont save you from modern weapon systems
  4. somewhat combination of the two of them. main battle tanks are not the same as medium tanks
  5. this is the evolution of that concept with modern technology. testing soviet shells?
  6. heavy tanks are not a bad idea, they are just situational, not for all in spam of them, they are usually used in armor clashes to outgun enemy tanks in frontal battles, as their armor and guns lets them by more effective, they usually take some of the hardest positions and also draw so much attention that it allows other tanks to move to flank or just take a good shoot, but this also gives them downsides that medium tanks doesn't have like movement speed and reduced repair cost, in general heavy tanks are not the type of tank that you want to use as the main tank, but having them around proves to be useful in certain cases. (the IS-2 is a armored & glorified field gun). the bad Idea here is to do tall and wide tanks, just make them relatively short and long tanks so the fronr became and smaller target easier t conceal.
  7. what, are you feeling ok? WTF the 122mm has the slowest velocity of all tank shells in the game, followed by the troll tank, and the KT hs the fastes, even faster than the panther if memory serves well a tank escaping and AT rambo?, in what universe? and that is why, kids stay out of drugs, unlesss you want to lie so obviously in public
  8. the internal components get affected, yes, but more than that, if the explosion can in utilize the turret, the shock wave is strong enough to kill the people inside (this is not instantly, prt of the shock wave starts bouncing inside the lungs due the difference of pressure, and this causes internal wounds with chance of lunges collapse )
  9. dont mod use mod if unlocking stuff you want. am I right @Reto.RedBjarne.
  10. if you are in the top of a 50m tall building you can jump from 50m, that doesn't make it a good idea tho.
  11. there are various calculations that are per pixel, so it would be good for your fps if you get to play in only one wide monitor instead of multiple ones, that you probably aren't looking often enough for it to actually worth its cost in performance, after all when concentrated the vision range decreases (not that you literally see less, but your mind tend to not process the parts of at your peripheral vision, only focus on the center of what you are looking at), but indeed this is also a matter of personal preference.
  12. reto mesures damage with barrel size, of course they are completely wrong with that, but reto logic TM
  13. they where leaking graphics memory, if you are not a programmer of medium to low level programming languages you might not know what that means, but that is usually a good way to get fired, and basically they were filling your graphics card viedo ram memory with useless garbage, for not been careful enough while programming, and your graphics car filled with BS does work as well as if it was clean at all, now remember those random people ones calming improvements and the other ones claiming FPS drops, guess which had video card with a big video ram... if the patch notes are right, they where leaking memory every time someone fire gun, sooo, I will guess that maybe the bullets where leaking memory.
  14. the actual panzer 2 destroyer move that the T70 has is the patriotic ram, but aside that its only real advantage is its speed and acceleration but this ones get match by other factions tanks