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  1. the ironic thing is that US war assessment on tank on tank fighting was that in between US and GE tanks the one to win a fire fight would be usually whom ever shot first which comes from the point that if you land a hit on an enemy tank and you don't penetrate it the first time, your crew will have no issue in to loading a second round and firing again, while the crew of the tank that got hit, would be scared and would likely try to rush the shot which will result on the failing to hit the target which in turn would mean they will very likely hit again, and so on until, the tank is inoperable, some external factor changes the situation or the crew abandon the tank in fear. right now that kind of happens in game but for other more BS reasons.
  2. true, I cant even my self to play the game with sounds as they are right now.
  3. well that is your opinion against the opinion of most major clans for more than half a decade. just type HSG in the search bar of the forum and have fun.
  4. that is the point HSG is the most OP thing ever, everyone in clans have to use it to stay competitive so it is out right mandatory so if it had drawbacks people would be prone to to use other things which will balance the game more.
  5. the armor its supposed to be changing heavy set from badge to equipment points so it would be the same as spraying a heavy set soldier as live right now.
  6. non of those affect TTK or how fast you die, it doesn't matter that match that you can reload faster if you die first, sure it would save you in one or two occasions while fighting mutiple enemies which is already a hard thing and they need to not hit you as much for you to even use the thing. infantry fist and iron fist yea they are definitely raw power but right now they are kind of useless, so I get it but its too late for them. bombs away will help you go back faster to the bombarding but it doesn't affect that much the fight, for the other side planes dominate the ground and that is a bigger concern at that point. healing faster ok, but you cant heal mid fight unless you break the line of sight for a while, which goes back for been useful but not raw power hoarder, etc they are utilities they dont affect TTK, thus killing is the same but with HSG it literary makes you harder and slower to kill so it screws everything .
  7. I will actually love that. so people would had to chose in between a ghillie suit or a handgun. but as HSG the real issue is that it is raw power and that is way more than the simple utility that other badges offer really. just a side note, please just dont try to roast with that point just after literary saying that your side can't compete with out heavy crutch silver/gold
  8. it will take equipment points and a weapon slot significantly reducing the power of the loadout
  9. heavy set will be reworked
  10. -1 HSG is a crutch and it breaks the balance of the game, removing it will just balance the game not break it more for anyone.
  11. how about reworking the M1/M2 carbine to act like an M2 carbine, instead of a 30 round PPSH?.
  12. SK1M3R

    Nerf Wrench

    It does help reto to kill the game faster
  13. the only things more inaccurate than the PPD is the PTRD and PTRS, that is it, bipods don't matter when only RNGsus determines where your bullets go regardless of physics, logic, skill or anything else
  14. SK1M3R

    AVS and STG OP now ?

    if they had they would be more "OP", the M2 recoil per bullet is quite low, but at its PPSH fire rate it shakes quite a bit, I just which reto have the PPSH its historical fire rate.
  15. it is just like any pirate canon, just drive straight to the side and shoot the tank at close range, also when the enemy tanker pops up to see what the heck is happening you charge him with the AVS bayonet as if it was your pirate sword.