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  1. arent we supposed to have one dev stream today, as it was said in the last stream?
  2. hahahaha, this shirt still, is producing: man, there where so many lies, and misinformation and straight up stupidness here, that it could perfectly be a Donald trump or Hitlers speech
  3. man, it took a great harvest, to carry all that salt, I still remember when I just feed that troll and let everyone else deal with it, packing all the salt I could, but still, this was far more salt than I could ever predicted that I would get
  4. I like yellow people

    well, no, and maybe you probably don't understand that you are saying the same as I am, but you are getting it in a wrong way, invincibility does not equal victory, it just equals to no defeat, both you and your enemy can be invincible at the same time, both of you won't lose, but both of you will not win, you are both *invincible*, the art of war says that as far as you set your self in a position the enemy can't attack you and defeat you, you just will have to wait for your enemy to made one mistake giving you the chance to defeat him. invincibility is in defense, is not been possible to be defeated. Victory is in offense, it is defeating the enemy. both you and your enemy can be invincible at the same time, but only one of you can be victorious, the vulnerability that gives any of you the victory will depend of the other, and the ability of staying in combat undefeated depends on you, on your positioning, intelligence and counter intelligence, the misinformation that you can give to your enemy , your ability to stay undetected, etc just any ability that can keep the enemy from defeating you and that regardless of the size of the army you have, it can be archived by using the correct tactics for the situation .
  5. they do, but still the M1/M2 vaporize enemies hard
  6. I like yellow people

    well, that is literally what that principle of the art of warfare states, your invincibility depends on you, and the enemies on them, if they fail, in securing that they can't be defeated in their current positions, then you can defeat them, if they are well positioned, you just have to get an invincible position your self until they make a mistake
  7. the part where the quoute was saying that if AT rambos where such a threat tanks would have evolved with more MGs around them to counter infantry, but instead they evolved to reduced the amount of Mgs and increase the armor thickness and the main gun size to counter other vehicles, while sun leader pointed out that no one weares full plate armor to stop swords, which is literally other example or armor vs weapons, taking a different evolutionary path since one weapon is not effective against it any more, (or never was), confirming that tanks are not weaker/vulnerable than dude with bicycles, a shirty butt explosive and some glue
  8. this is a not a good argument in the sense that many of the things that we have in game for one soldier are multi crewed weapons and vehicles, including various MGs and yet, because having to use them between various players will make them very boring and frustrating, we leave them to be use by just one player in order to make the game fun and interesting, so asking to have 1/3 of your team inside a weak piece of shirt that can be killed in less than 1/50 second by a single mindless guy in a bicycle without anything that the tank crew could do about it, is just shirt, and an excellent way to lose a battle, this is the kind of shirt that use to happen when people spawned a T28, and fully crew it. try to use a MG-42 between its regular crew of 2 to 5 guys, it ain't fun isn't it?.
  9. well, they have to fix some thing about 3th person view in generals, but every one else has this, except tanks, and that makes them super weak and also they should have them because of the many, many view ports that tanks have for this reason and the 360* vision that the commander copula offers.
  10. pffff, that trust on reto, LOL, if all games that have explosive spam problems compared to does that don't have it had teach us, over the whole history of video games, is that unless you have to ready up a grenade or any type of explosive before using it, it will be OP, and will be used as a cheesy tactic against everything else, think like Bf1, even if they can only carry one nade, the grenade spam is ridiculous, same happen in halo (even tho the high health and relative low amount of players in the map, made it less noticeable) and other games of this type, even if AT rambos had to aim, they can basically throw nades so fast that they don't even have to correct aim in the second or 3th throw, because it stills been instantaneous, besides they most of AT rambos stick to H3s, since they are even easier to use, and deal more damage, and still they will not have to aim them, more than 2 times somewhere in the side of the tank to neutralize it, as always since there is no animations for explosives they will keep been OP as love in this game. look at other games that have animations with proper times that prevent throwing nades fast, like insurgency or day of infamy or pubg, do this games have any nade spam problems?.
  11. like if the M1/M2 didn't vaporize hard all enemies in front of it in its current state, lol.
  12. I like yellow people

    ???, so you say I (and Sun Tzu, which I quote) am wrong, by giving an argument that supports, my statement?. because if an army is ineptitude, was the cause of its defeat, that ineptitude, will be the part that the enemy didn't take care of therefore making it self vulnerable to its enemy, so indeed its own invincibility depended on them, but they where incapable to make them self's invincible due their own mistakes.
  13. I like yellow people

    any place that can conceal you is good for this type of warfare, "your invincibility depends on you, your opponents invincibility depends on him" (Sun Tzu said)