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  1. SK1M3R

    Add AVT-40

    more equipment points than LMGs?
  2. SK1M3R

    King Tiger

    and replace it and keep it going while the other side starts screaming and blows up their tank effectively knocking it down permanently
  3. SK1M3R

    King Tiger

    not really, even when they got damaged they got usually field repaired, but the german tanks for their side many times just couldn't be repaired nor extracted and got blow up, besides when there so many more SU tanks than german tanks then that is bound to happen specially with the reliability standards for tanks in those times, and you also didn't add that the "wonder tanks: been the panther, tiger and king tiger had a way worst reliability ratio than any other of the German or soviet tanks, specially the KT, that thing basically just broke as soon as you made it move a few miles. fun fact in the battle of kursk half of the panthers that GE brought that in the battle where broke before they even saw combat.
  4. SK1M3R

    King Tiger

    In paper is that hard to penetrate, in real life just fire a HE shell to the turret and see the ammo depot blow up in the turret knocking down the tank. Or well if they decided to run without the ammo on the turret just fire at the lower part of the upper frontal armor plate and watch the transmission vreak without a penetration, or if you feel particularly cruel you could just shot high caliber HE shells to the frontal plate and the low quality of the metal, well.... Lets say it wont be nice to be the driver or gunner in that situation.
  5. SK1M3R

    Balance the planes!

    with the current lack of proper flying mechanics it is just not possible to balance planes, because they cant turn eternally without losing speed or going in to a spin, the massive amount of Gs doesn't even affect the pilots, and they can also really slow without falling from the sky, almost like helicopters LOL.
  6. after shooting 2 fuel tanks and one ammo depot of a Panther with a 76mm and shooting 2 fuel depots with out killing it and then the engine out of a tiger with a 100mm and it surviving it I must say that the difference is so small it can be ignored because ne tank should survive 2 direct hits on the fuel or ammo racks, the TTK of tanks should be like the old mediums and heavies, 2-3 hits on the components right now the time to kill is so high that skill and tactics doesn't matter as the cant compete with just spam.
  7. Yeap, that is true, I liked when the effects on the plane modules were more harsh at least if you could take down the ruder or the wings before they bombed you they were very likelyto crash and die too.
  8. Why use a bomb when the mgs and cannons do the trick?
  9. you should add a truck with workers and materials to build a temporal bridge for the rivers.
  10. When you reduce the tanks total health, you made the armor take 50% of the damage, then you buff the damage of destroying fuel and ammo racks by x2 and then cap it to such an small value it basically is where it was before the patch. If you reduce the health by half and then divide the damage by half, you keep the same proporcion which results in the same TTK, which right now is massively high in tank vs tank combat, so you need to remove this damage caps to actually do something about it, or you can keep doing this pointless changes that get undone by other changes in the same patch.
  11. pfff clans of all factions are basically playing staged now, you see packs of sealclubbers just running around and spawn camping random teams for stats farming all the time.
  12. unless everyone in the crew except the tank commander is AI and the tank commander thru command keeps control of the tank as he does right now, it is not going to work.