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  1. maybe it wont be a problem if maps didnt have places in the edge of the map that actually offer a clear view of almost 40% of the map and allows KT to exploit its ridiculous armor + sniper cannon to rekt with all impunity the enemy team in the line, and some of this places are not only in mountains but also at the side of the attackers spawn so you can have one friend camping around looking for rambos and spoting the for you to rekt them before they get at less than 300m from you, and thanks to the BS armor there is no counters for this. aside of that some day heavies will be stop been rambo food, and for that day it would be nice to have good balance among them
  2. a more powerfull gun that always manage to have the same performance of the panther guns, both 2HK, making any little extra damage worthless because it is not enough to do the difference like: 2HK heavies which would give it something of value out of it still been performing in similar way and it is not a real advantage. panthers gray for some reason gets to blend extremely good in any shadow, and T34-85 manage to fail in that task as the green of the forest is of diferent tone and its straight lines are more pronunced than the panther ones, and gues what the game is full of forests . 2HK is 2HK, the panzer 4 can basically give the performance of a T34-85.
  3. I say equal or better, because the panzer 38T, is a copy of the T70 in almost every aspect, and perform almost equally when fighting each other.
  4. what about Spain fascists division ?
  5. SU t34-76 swarming and reducing the panzer 4 and below, in to burning piles of metal and meat
  6. This will certenly nake the t28 troll viable as a AT infantry counter, if they alow the bots to use the tank mgs
  7. but one thing is for sure, it was not functional, even the ones who report it was tested said that the gun was not functional and that the engine broke down. and the facility was abandon when the Russian troops arrive.
  8. it is because it was functional, the maus by all means was not functional. it didn't even advance a few miles with out falling apart.
  9. mmm KT vs other heavy tanks deflecting shells with its rear, so yes, it some cases (GE BS tanks) it matters, or against the chaffe because you can shoot first, still he will win, as a legit tank cheat. not a prototype, it was mass produced, but never saw combat in time, just got there for the victory celebrations.
  10. so sad that we cant have the T44 and the IS-3 for "balance"
  11. I am saying that they should balance all vehicles on their own category, and dont justify one OP vehicle in one category with another OP vehicle in another category. balance the p-38. give gun convergence to the P-40 and the German plane. you forgot the 50% of chance to deflecting shells with the copula of the Tiger 2
  12. maybe because regardless of tank, is you pick SU you will always end up fighting against a far better tank that is the same tire than yours, or a copy of your tank at its best. t70<chaffe t34-85< panther t34-76 < panzer 4 SU-86< hellcat/stug IS-2<KT KV<jumbo< tiger 1 etc.
  13. why a pistol, when you can carry one SA rifle?
  14. you still killing tanks in less than one sec, even faster than killing infantry.