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  1. the size of the bolt action rifles normal cone fire in the spread shirt of gun stats is 0.08, the PTRD normal cone fire is 1.2, which means it is basically pure RNG pass 10 meters
  2. they say it is for all the vehicles, and yes, this flying tanks need to stop been god like entities to be once again part of the mortals war
  3. Weapon Reworks, Buffs and Nerfs

    still meh, scope spam will still be an issue, they need to make it only available for special forces, so recons and just remove and give back the money to those who bough them, so they can buy recons, and as recons suffer the restrictions of an special class so instead of having 600 snipers per match they can only spam up to 50 or 70 snipers.
  4. how about a rank based repair cost reduction, like 5% per rank level, so high ranking soldiers pay little repair costs in war thus are encourage to use what they can to perform as good as they can in war, and earn more credits
  5. Weapon Reworks, Buffs and Nerfs

    I have a better one, just restrict scopes to recon use only, infantry should't have scopes
  6. Next update

    and the you wake up and discover that tanks now get more RNG in the shells reto hasn't solve many of the most game breaking issues that the community reports all the time.
  7. Next update

    the game has almost all of the same issues it had in 2014, but don't worry those issues that got solved got replaced for new ones, for example spawn camp for infantry is far worst now than it was before, but at least tank spawn camp was reduced.
  8. Next update

    if we look at the trello board, we can see that the vehicle over haul is the next interesting cange, maybe we will se it in july as for the rest the NEVER SOON ™ is what we can expect
  9. nice post, give this man a PPD.
  10. Top Russian pilot

    it seems that kotton doesn't play this game anymore
  11. Recon Problem of H&G

    I will not stop poking reto about it just because they say they wont fix it, we all know it is broken as hell and it will not be fixed with low power scopes, but only with scopes been exclusive of especial forces, A.K.A recons.
  12. that too, but a plane with flack jacket gold, can take a 122mm shell which impact register without starting to smoke
  13. Not getting salary

    even if you are in the top of the leader board, with guns that had one or two mods at max the repair cost of playing to win is always greater than the rewards, so no if you don't pay repair costs and not get xp, you get more credits than if you play to win, besides if you look like doing something you don't get ban, but that doesn't mean that you need to play to win.
  14. Recon Problem of H&G

    the issue are not snipers, but sniper spam, which is possible because of infantry scopes
  15. Sherman Jumbo, front armor.

    Exelent lies!, sadly you are 82 years late to replace the german minister of propaganda