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  1. SK1M3R

    Feedback Krepost vs 1.12

    just no, the best solution is that tank components actually matter, and that the Tank vs Tank TTK be reduced a lot, by half at least, hitting a tank with 10 shells in vital parts with this not dying is too much, in the first part of the update ammo depots and fuel tanks dealt enough damage to leave tanks near to death if they where hit in one side allowing to kill them and very high, but still more reasonable amount of shells and time, and the gun breach disable mechanic make it so flaking had a good reward for lower tier tanks, that could disable the enemy tank gun by ambushing it and the attempt to kill it, and at least force it to retreat, still the fact that the other effects on the tank modules is so mild makes it so low tier tanks can't flank or out play high tier tanks because this last ones will just turn on a dime as soon as they get hit and obliterate the low tier tank because their armor will take enough shoots that the low tier tank and the low tier cant disable any relevant component that would prevent the other tank to just turn in a dime and kill it. the M2A2 Armor vaporizer is the only exception to the rule.
  2. SK1M3R

    Feedback Krepost vs 1.12

    if it was the needs of the few, we wouldn't have specialist spam, LOL.
  3. SK1M3R

    This post breaks every rule of conduct

    if those are in game PTRDs, you fine.
  4. SK1M3R

    Trigger the user above you [Forum game]

    monkeys have bad aim
  5. because you practically never comprehend what you were reading
  6. SK1M3R

    Feedback Krepost vs 1.12

    are you: -going to do something about the PTRD?. - looking in to reducing TTK between tanks to make tactics and skill matter more than just numbers?. - going to make damage modules have actual strong negative effects making it so flanking is worth something and the tank you flanked is not just going to turn around in a dime and slaughter you, making all low tier tanks except the M2A2 useless?. -going to do something about the minimal deploy time of scopes, which is the most powerful attachment in the game?.
  7. that is because you don't know anything abut the tank discussion
  8. the AT needed nerfing, still giving tanks a huge health reserve was not the answer, but to give AT weapons a cooldown of 2,3 seconds after each use, still I prefer that than the AT rambo cancer, but right the high TTK in tank vs tank battles combined with the low penalties on module destruction make low tier tanks useless, and make tank battles a matter of who has more tanks instead of who use them the best.
  9. SK1M3R

    Players leaving the game

    after the ammo depo and fuel tank damage nerf, no you cant.
  10. at least I am not delusional nor requiring and defending crutches to get a decent score.
  11. SK1M3R

    Trigger the user above you [Forum game]

    Stalin was capitalist.
  12. SK1M3R

    Trigger the user above you [Forum game]

    GE never wins a war because they stack half of the faction resources in a single town near the front, and then they go AFK
  13. that is a thing I pointed out in the proto feedback, also that if you hit a light vehicle like a APC or a jeep with a shell it will suck it up without dealing any damage to the passengers
  14. SK1M3R

    Trigger the user above you [Forum game]

    if GE had SU weapons and vehicles they will never win a war.