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  1. Actually yes it is a mortar of sorts.
  2. SK1M3R

    There must be a good reason to play US at WAR ?

    Because GE randoms are amazing, except when they fail 60% of the time, in those cases they are just infiltrated SU and US randoms of course.
  3. SK1M3R

    Time to buff the FG-42

    Not true, that seems the to be around the number produced, most of those didn't saw combat, and most of the others where destroyed by their own crews Due to constant breakdowns, so over all there is even too little data yo know accurately how would it perform in a average situation, as most where used as glorified bunkers in defensive position, where any tank would be way more effective in terms kd ratio, so long it is surrounded by infantry.
  4. SK1M3R

    Captured PTRS?

    Captured weapons wasn't just reduced at full soldiers picking them up from dead enemy soldiers, in many cases entire depots of this guns where captured and many where issued to the troops, up to the point certain variants of the weapons where made by adapting the weapon the specific army needs, such as the PPSH-41 been converted to 9mm by German weapon Smith's so they could use their standard ammo and didn't depend on captured ammo.
  5. King tiger, enough said. If anything is true it's gonna be that no one in their right mind would use Soviet mediums or heavies any more
  6. SK1M3R

    Invisible player

    At this point it's safe to assume this whole game is a bug on a phone ww2 meme application
  7. I didn't expect anything at all, still Reto always manages to disappoint
  8. SK1M3R

    Invisible player

    They can, but will they.
  9. It's not about been or not killed by AT nades, it is about some having some they shouldn't, we are suppose to have the same rules for the game to be fair, this sort of stuff breaks those rules thus making the game intrinsically unfair, just because reto arbitraly decided to not apply their rules to a group of players.
  10. Hey you don't get it this is about actually finishing something they were supposed to do, do the game would not have unfair advantages for some just because of the time they purchase something, it's is either that all tankers have AT nades and can purchase them, or no tankers get to have AT nades and it is Fair.
  11. Hey Reto I got an idea for an update for you, it would be called: "actually completing a game change", and will consist, in removing AT nades and other AT weapons from all tankers, so people stop getting out of their tanks and throwing AT nades to the tank that out play them, because you know, the game should actually be fair and don't allow unfair advantage like keeping something that was OP just because you bought it before it was reworked. Just refund them or give them some sort of compensation and remove the dam things fro their loadouts. you should had done this years ago, for gods sake.
  12. SK1M3R

    Captured PTRS?

    Well in real life capturing weapons was a thing, pretty much Al faction soldiers capture an enemy gun they thought was better than their own counterpart, the Germans liked to capture and use PPSH SMGs due to its high fire rate and capacity, the Soviets captured and used Germans AT weapons die to their high penetration, and it done US troops used Germans weapons in different circumstances, due to been unable to properly resupply or just because they liked certain weapons like the STG. The only thing that I would have liked is for them to implement captured weapon variants such as the Germans adaptation of a PPSH to 9mm instead of the vanilla weapons them self's.
  13. because if it is a Tier LMG with almost the same stats than a MG-34 it is too OP for SU?
  14. not until, japan gets in the game (never).