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  1. Why do teams lose?

    if the map is assault, 80% of the time they will be losing because they are in the attacking team, nothing else.
  2. PTRD

    If just there where shotguns and that specific kind of shotguns in H&G, main salt would be real.
  3. PTRD

    I am back, for the next 30 seconds until I open EFT
  4. no. Just kidding, actually if devs implement realistic reload times most of the so called HE spam will be reduced to a 1/3 of the rounds, or even more depending on the tanks, it is also worth noting that many tanks had bigger HE explosion ratios that they do in the game and that should also be implemented, besides tanks still been kind of slow and can die.
  5. It apparently is because of the supply and demand over the cosmetic product, More people play GE so more people try buy GE camo, so it has far more demand than SU camo, Therefore GE camo is more expensive than SU, well that is according the Devs.
  6. Why cant open the Hng because server down text

    2020 most likely
  7. Being teamkilled

    well those kids seem to have both things on them
  8. Being teamkilled

    IDK, just look at the German chat, you see quite a lot 12 year old wannabe nazi kids from time to time.
  9. AT Rambos ruining the game

    at this point don't even bother reading more than 2 sentences of your posts, lets be honest, 70% are lies 25% are insults and 5& are nonsense. but ok, it doesn't matter, the community has spoken for many years and the armor update is a clear in which direction the game will go, so your troll post had no effect, other that making for good bait, for flamer wars, it is too bad that there are not enough forum users, to feed the flames.
  10. AT Rambos ruining the game

    say that to the clan tryhards who get constantly blown up by a simply nobody with a jeep and H3s, before any tank defender is able to kill him, that is as old as AT nades them selfs, and it keeps working and will work to the end of times, tanks in this game have been made obsolete by AT nades
  11. AT Rambos ruining the game

    well, that is different, the tank can be used just by one person, but not 99% of the team are tanks, that is also true, both things are applied, tanks are not super abundant, but they also aren't managed by 5 players to cover basic functionality.
  12. AT Rambos ruining the game

    oh, really then why are you guys always saying that tanks should be removed from the game?, and from that point and 80% of the people that play both tanks and AT rambos, including clans, insiders and veterans that have been in the game since 2012, and over all, they say that AT is broken as love, you and a couple of other trolls, which insult people instead arguing are the only ones here saying it is okay, so no, you seem to be the only one here that does not like combined arms games, and that instead like P2W power fantasy games, in which one side gets no damage RNG guns and the other gets one shoot laser guns.
  13. AT Rambos ruining the game

    what makes the recon car far less inferior than tanks, in respect to infantry is the combination of protected 3 person view, and the speed, and as I said, not all vehicles, but most of them
  14. AT Rambos ruining the game

    mmm, I am yet to see a combined arms game that has planes and tanks, that cant be used on its basic capacity (drive and shoot ) by a single person, so name one.