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  1. I git gud equipment a long time ago, still when you see how wallet warriors go around on fully modded gear farming players than don't P2W it seems is clear that there is no balance in place to give a place for low tier equipment in the game.
  2. that i a completely different issue, AT rambos are every where and they don't care what you do, there is literally nothing tanks can do about AT rambos. the sniper thing in both cases the sniper is winning, just that in one he is winning more than in the other one
  3. I was refering to the "snipers" that do 150m max shoots, for real snipers that do their cancer at 200m+ its actually a very profitable business, but require skill so not many do it.
  4. Dreams...

  5. the PPSH-41 its less than a parody of it self, it cant even reach its minimal fire rate that it should have on stock (900rpm-1000rpm depending on the version if the gun been the 2WW the 1000rpm one), it gets bested at CQC by both the Thompson at full fire rate because its more stable which means it fails less shoots at close range and it has only a difference of 50rpm for all the improvement , and the MP-40 because with ammo it can 3HK at 700rpm which best the TTK of the PPSH-41 by far, and that is with out taking in account that the cancer cone fire of the PPSH-41 is of the size of car so you can miss shoots at point blank range, which the other SMGs can not, so at the end the other SMGs are better at close range and the PPSH-41 is shirt at medium or long range giving it no effective space, that i why it needs buff. what would be the point of that, the MP-40 is literally better in all aspects, the only thing that can be said is that the PPS has 3 more bullets in the mag, which is not enough to make up for its inferior, accuracy, stability, damage, fire rate, etc. the gun is just worst than the other smgs in all aspects, a little damage at range buff won't matter at all. if the PPD had its damage reduced to 23 and its fire rate increased to 600rpm it would be very different and far more adequate for the gun, after all the gun was heavy so equipment points reduction is not fitting for it.
  6. yes but even better, get rid of the M1/M2 as such and make it the M1, with a trigger mod that enables full auto fire, with all the balance changes that makes the gun what it is
  7. so keep the SU smgs as nerfed UP guns but make them cheaper instead of fixing them?
  8. except if you arm one team of the same skill level against another team with the same skill level, then those 3 time lower TTKs do all the difference, that is one of the main points why this wallet warriors go around boasting about KD and TTK meta, it happens always HSG + extra badge users with med kits and the highest tier weapon with all mods they can get, and sorry if I ruin your fantasy but that makes far more efficient and ultimately winner team in H&G assuming everyone in both teams can shoot straight its the gear, you see this all the time, guts get inside the cap zones but the one with the best weapons ends up murdering the other, even if they manage to ambush them and attack them on the back, they will just turn around an kill them before they got the chance to kill them, the only thing players with low tier can do is to hope for random head shoots which are RNG thx to the cancer cone fire, the TTK difference between low gear and high gear weapons is just insane, you can kill 3-4 times faster with a fully modded Johnson than with and stock SA so there is literally no point in shooting what its not and head shoot, there is no way the guy with the SA is going to win, even with a tier 1 SMG is suicide to try unless the other guy is already wounded, and at the end the team with the best gear will win no matter what is the difference.
  9. I have notice lately a very pronounced increase of the wallet warriors in this faction, many nade spamming double badge users, with tier 2 weapons that have 4-5 mods on them, I mean I expect this kind of P2W stile of players to swarming the war, but curiously I see them rushing in staged, so whats the thing now?, working in to pulling some meme or what?
  10. I wanted to think that for some time, but as I took note of how battles played and the weapons been used, became very clear that skill cant match the gap between low tier and high tier weapons, sure you can survive more and get positive KD with inferior weapons, but you cant cap as much nor defend with them as some one with high tier weapons can, because at the end of the day that extra time you need to use to survive the other factions better weapons and out flank them, is time they can use to push or reinforce their positions, that is something you can't keep up with at the end of the day
  11. of course you can camp and flank with a shovel, at some point most of us have done that for fun, I even run a shovel load-out, but you cant cap with shovel, nor even defend, you are bound to lose the battle, and if you haven't notice I never started to take a on KD for everyone, because it is a useless as an effectiveness measure in objective based games I just point out that teams with the most amount of low tier equipment are the ones that always lose, that there is no balance what so ever and that the game is broken tending to P2W since beta.
  12. I have been playing this game so long that I have almost everything that this game has, I just lack of 3 tanks and some AP mines, I know what you re referring to, it is not that you cant kill people with low tier guns, the thing that you must be are of is that you are not the only one in your team, if there are five guys with high tier stuff in your team and 3 one the enemy team, even if you have a low tier gun you will get more kills and beat the enemy because the others are taking care of the biggest amount enemies or weaken the the rest of them, that is why I said in average, and ever since your weapons re not that good usually you cant do as much as the rest of your team in objective progression terms, over all if your team had more people playing with stock SAs or low tier guns, the enemy team will end up steam rolling them over. so as I said it is not A vs B, is the average of A1+A2+A3...../ num of A vs B1+B2+B3..../ num of B
  13. no when I get salty for been spawn camp I pick up my own sniper rifle and spawn camp them back