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  1. mmm lets see here, snipers can get 30 or more kills before getting killed (if they get killed at all), and I dont see complains about recons been OP, aside that a hit on the ammo could be deadly yes, but at least the rambo would have to aim, and every nade should be ready before been thrown, that BS of throwing nades with out taking the safe needs to go, and if one guy drive like AT rambos drive in the game to get near tank he would certainly die in a car accident, it is just suicide, but because of the grace of reto logic, you cant fall of your bike or die by a high speed collision in car, stickies only pen UP too 25mm in real life, and were unreliable, aside that tanks speed needs to be increased, because they are too slow compared to real life, and in real life. and well you say it a WELL AIMED panzerfaust would do the job, which is a thing that doesn't happen in game, you can kill a tank almost every were, but i n real life a shoot would kill a soldier, not 5, 4, 3 or 2, just 1 and if he didn't die instantly, he wont be able to continue fighting at all, so that argument of yours fall of directly in that part. aside that in real life HE shells would damage greatly building and that would causing small shards to fly every where killing soldiers at greater distances that they currently do in game, and that hiding behind rock wont save you from the explosion sound wave that would make your lungs collapse, killing you or leaving you unable to fight (and killing you later). over all if tanks were us inefficient in real life as they are in game, they wouldn't bother using them at all, all of the infantry AT in the game is extremely overpowered because the mechanics of the game doesn't reflect the complexity of using the kind of weapons, like for example the rocket launchers, they must face the tank at good straight angle (like 90* or so), because if the tank was at an angle the bounce chance was high, this is not represented as it should be in the game (the bounce chance exist but is too low), etc aside of the last post, this is why the repair cost and price balance system is broken, and a way to do some kind of "soft" P2W system, instead of real F2P game.
  2. nerfed MP-40, litteraly.
  3. that is also why I see STG, sniper, and FG-42 spam, and also King tigers been used, I cant say spam, but no one else in any other faction uses heavy tanks, so yeas kind of more King tigers and some tigers, than any other heavy tank.
  4. same thing happens with tanks., that is why we always see Panther and chaffe spam
  5. they are not infinity, but if you shoot them down the whole match unopposed, you will never kill all of them because there is a personal plane every 2 or 3 paras, which is ridiculous, there should be one plane every 6 or 8 paras
  6. a stick should not damage a tank at all, its penetration value is about 25mm of armor, even if it actually, penetrates its damage is minimal, and it has a high risk to stick on the users cloth, that is why it was obsolete, and was replaced by bazookas later on in the war. if some one drive like AT rambos do in the game, they would die almost certainly in a car or bike accident, most likely hitting a rock or a tree at high speed, and every body would fell from their bikes, if they try to drive that way, In real life tanks were effective because the means of AT that are currently in this game were impossible to apply the way they do in the game, aside that just a fun fact, in real life the bazooka was used by used by two soldiers, one gunner and one loader, because the loading process was too slow if one person tried to do it alone. by the way the tankers should have more situational awareness a the copula, the gunner and, the drivers, would have lots of spots to look around their tank, the copula main function was exactly that, all tanks in the game are by far slower that they should be, AT rambos wont be able to do what they do if the tank had their real speeds, side that even the best and most effective AT weapons wont guaranty you to knock out the tank in one shoot, you must aim to specific spots to get this effect, like getting a hit in the crews positions effective like killing enough of them to stop the tank, or hitting the ammunition causing the tank to get on fire (some times, not always) . that is useless, it has already been tested out, AT rambos can kill tanks faster than a group of 5 vets could kill a single rambo, and of course the battle was lost because 1/3 of the team was camping one stupidly vulnerable beast of steal at 100m of the nearest objective. not it was not, tanks didn't fear infantry unless they were in a CQB situation in a city or a place like that, aside that it would be impossible to enemy infantry to reach out, well with out getting killed, that is why the tanks were taken down with other tanks, artillery, and harassed by planes, where the key word, is harassed, not killed, planes weren't magical nor laser accurate and with tanks armor, it was not really easy to take them out with just indirect impacts, you either hit the tank( which wasn't very commune), or kill every support crew around the tank, like you know infantry, supply trucks, that sort of things. in fact everything is wrong about the armor system, from the lack of modular damage, to the magic AT nades that penetrate 6 times more armor than they did in real life, the spaced, and sloped armor been worthless, tanks been extremely slow, AT nades been thrown at impossible speeds and with out been prepared in the correct way to be used, (taken out the safe, or activating it before using it, ect). but in fact there plane system is actually worst than the armor system, for example if a plane tried to turn at the speed that the planes of H&G actually do it would enter in a spin and crash, inevitably, you need be flying really fast to turn that way because you will lose a lot of speed while turning round that way, other thing for some reason planes can slow down while facing the ground in a dive attack, (this error should be self explanatory, but if you didn't get it, gravity), planes for some weird reason, ignore direct impacts of shells some times (you see the explosion o the impact, yet the plane takes 0 damage), planes should have also modular damage, meaning that even one well placed MG shoot could take you down, AA guns, the main plane counter, need to be buffed to real fire rate values and bullets speeds, because they are by far slower than they would be. over all the plane system is over powered because the system ignores many of the real restriction that planes, have and if this mechanics were added, planes will have a harder time finding and taking down enemies, specially ground troops, while tanks would be by far more deadly if more realistic mechanics were implemented, and well that is with out taking in account that planes get more than 100 xp for shooting empty cars. oh bonus plane mechanic that the game doesn't have, doing close turns at the high speed require to not enter in a spin, actually expose the pilot to a high G force, depending of the speed and the turn it could be high enough to leave him unconscious, which would most likely end in a certain dead by plane crash.
  7. para planes give exactly 0 xp, and no plane kills in the plane kill count
  8. para planes are infinite and they give no xp for been taken down, that is on its own broken
  9. There is that option in the options menu just press esc and change it
  10. I am sure they will, and would be fun.
  11. jeeps with bazookas, bikes with PTRS, truck with a huge arsenal of rockets ready too lunch, I must say I want them all, and all tanker would preffere to face this threats instead of running from AT Rambos, with AT nades all day.
  12. I dont see why we couldn't have one of those also. and by the way the katiuska
  13. soviet bike with side car would have a PTRS, xaxaxaxa.
  14. I own the russian Pe3 and play with it a couple of times, but it still been impossible for the Pe3 to out turn the P38, the P38 just turn faster and literally in the flawed plane mechanics of H&G that is the thing that it will always give you the victory. yeap they are. what?, yak bombs dont one shoot tanks, plz keep this in H&G, not in a parallel universe.
  15. nop it is not, it is literally a nerfed MP-40, it only has downsides compared with that gun.