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  1. But still we cant have smoke nades
  2. its also counted as a bolt action rifle, you even level up infantry assault for using it.
  3. enough to make you run negative or extremly low profit every match
  4. the ppsh-41 was manufacture with drum mag, stick mags were manufactured and distributed later in the war, and even where they were extremely commune, people still thinks that drum mags were more commune because most propaganda films show the PPSH with a drum mag, but due feed issues the most probable thing is that a soldier would have its gun with the original PPSH drum mag of their gun, and every other spare mag would be a stick mag. after all to have a reliable drum mag for your PPSH it must be made specifically to fit it, other wise it could have feed malfunctions (drum mags weren't very good at all.)
  6. if you don't believe me, deploy and undeploy and you will see
  7. When the war ends all AT are undeployed and reto eliminate the undeploy refund so it basically became the greatest WF sink in the whole history of H&G, therefore only whales can actually keep playing the RTS part of the game, as newer players in the RTS will never have enough funds to keep their one or two ATs active and of course they will find a lot harder than that to upgrade their ATs
  8. ?????, for the axis I am SU biased, for the US I am SU or axis biased and for the soviets I am axis biased?
  9. IF anyone starts getting xp bonus by killing at 200 meters with out a scope, I wont be mad about it, because it wont be EZ mode as using scopes, and most noobs cant do this shoots so they will quit camping and go capping, so the only real problem are the scopes in the infantry class
  10. From some time by now reto havent promise things they wont do.
  11. When you 3hk a 4hk gun user well you out gun him. Medium close range, like 20-40 meters in this game, since reto magic makes bullets more harmless after like 15 meters. As for suppression if you shoot the guy and keep him suppresed when he trys to shoot back you are the one that will get the headshoot before him will fire at you.
  12. I dont agree in the stg been worthless, it might not be as powerfull as other ARs but it is definitely better than SMGs and good for medium range and suppresion
  13. I even coinsider better the M10 than the T34-85 in this game, because I get to deflect shell more often with the M10.
  14. indeed US got almost all the good stuff, and the broken OP as hell stuff too, except the carbines, medium fighters and half of the tank categories, for the rest they got the best or in pair stuff.