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  1. PPSH-41 love

    just that with the lower fire rate and increase handling it should be renamed to UMP
  2. nor will a MG, but in this game any vehicle that gets disable blows up for no good reason at all, so that is not really a PTRD problem but a vehicle design problem of the game.
  3. Infantry 2.0?

    You forgot to add: bipods, bayonets, and scopes removed entirely from infantry
  4. Also it shows that the PTRD should be accurate at least at 300 yars which means that the cancer cone fire on it should be reduced from its current 0.8 value to 0.08 as all the other single fire long range weapons, and also they have to get their reload time reduced as in the game you pull the bolt back manually while the guy explained how the bolt comes back automatically and ejects the shell allowing the operator to place the new bullet and the close the bolt with out worring about ejecting the prevuous shell manually
  5. You can then take away all the ammo of lmgs since they where also carried by ammo carriers, same for the rocket launchers, and any other heavy infantry weapon.
  6. Which tank have good dame??

    just go German, they got the best tanks by far in almost all categories ?????????, you cant be serous about that, when the KV meme is around
  7. Which Tanks had a Double Zoom?

    the rule in tanks is, if its german it is far better than anything else in its category 95% of the time
  8. will more pistols or weapons add in the future ?

    yes, they will add more weapons in the future
  9. because laws in certain countries of Europe say love the nazis, and since reto sells their product in those places in Europe, their product needs to follow the rules everything that is German but not nazi nor war criminal related, so wehrmacht should be ok.
  10. not sure if this is bait or legit raging with ignorance, but 100% of the said in this threat is a lie; if the PTRD accuracy was historically accurate you will be able to hit soft vehicles at 300m rendering useless, as for the explosion, it is just what happens when a vehicle gets destroyed in this game, they all just blow up for no good reason, even if you disable them with an MG they will magically blow up. as for the rest it is usually not good to say this but GIT GUD, its sounds that you are one of those noobies that rush objectives in a straight line like a badly programmed and primitive AI.
  11. OHK rifles

    and that is why people with the help of magical scope spam thanks because reto infantry scopes, we get war battles where 90% of the player are using scoped rifles, thus the scope spam meta shows up and defenders win because of time limit. thanks reto for infantry scopes, as always been the number 1 balance problem of the game, and you as always showing totally unwilling to solve it, we all know that infantry should not have scopes, including you, either you accepted or not, it is pretty obvious they are breaking the game.
  12. OHK rifles

    the problem is not snipers, it is sniper spam, which has been the meta of the game for years, and it is an issue because thanks to infantry scopes, 89 out of 100 grided infantry soldiers are ruining scoped weapons which just breaks the game, and kills any movement in the battlefield
  13. OHK rifles

    Just remove scopes from infantry, they shouldn't have them anyways, only specia forces were supplied with scopes during the war, and recon are the representation of the special forces in the game
  14. Modding

    probably yes, modifying game files in any way is probably against the rules.
  15. PPSH-41 love

    well, the thing here is that only luck, not skill will help you, no amount of skill will ever let you predict or control a literal RNG number, which will change the direction of the bullet randomly at somewhere between 33 degrees, sorry but skill will never allow you to control numeric RNG nop, I use the Thompson a lot, it is really good and compared to the PPSH it is just far better in every situation.