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    Stop the cheating

    Yeah mobster cmon, toxic bro
  2. Lucianoantivil15

    z.b.V News & Application Policy

    Rip to the best clan in the game period; it was always a blast to play with but even better to play against, incredible players that will make you adjust your game and improve upon your gameplay to keep up.
  3. Lucianoantivil15

    BF 109 too slow and out classed by Mustang

    ye this must be a bait lul
  4. Lucianoantivil15

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    nah he is right, the small cap zones made it so that the game pace was a lot faster. a flank of 3 people would be deadly and could secure the point, there was a lot more potential to win a game compared to now where i have to sieve through 100 square miles to find that noob camping in the corner. but yes sure, if you are a noob player this change is good for you however it completely destroyed the competitive game by making these points massive.
  5. Lucianoantivil15

    is MG13 nerfed after update?

    Ez bait
  6. Lucianoantivil15

    Winter Sales (PROBLEMS)

    reto are a selfish company. They do not even give you the chance to buy the middle tier veteran with gold as it costs 2400, and you can only put on 2200 gold which means you must buy the higher package or multiple of the lower packages. It’s such a scummy move in order to make people spend more money in this game
  7. Lucianoantivil15

    Heroes & generals snowball edition

    Every now and then, took a massive break. What are you doing?
  8. Lucianoantivil15

    STG Underpowered

    I don't use scope on my stg and I play 4:3 so its actually harder to see through bushes
  9. Lucianoantivil15

    STG Underpowered

    100% serious, stg does need a buff and this is coming from a US main.
  10. Lucianoantivil15

    STG Underpowered

    please post and link it to me, I want to see
  11. Lucianoantivil15

    STG Underpowered

    It’s very misleading seeing this post and thinking that the stg is better however 50% of mine and Ivan’s kills were headshots as we had to purposefully aim for the head otherwise we’d get shredded by the 1919. if anything the stg needs a buff and all players with brain cells know this, 3hk 600rpm would be fine (still underpowered but useable) 1v1 quick scope no scope rust Y u bully me FeelsBadMan
  12. Lucianoantivil15


    2k18 and posts like this are still a regular thing ;D
  13. 1919 is balanced Kappa. its not like I just run around and hold mouse 1 on everything is see ;D but literally if they just make the STG actually accurate and maybe a bit more damage it will be completely fine. Oh and that aids bullet velocity where you have to lead like 2 meters at 100m LOL
  14. Lucianoantivil15

    Luciano's Vids

    New vid is finally out sorry the wait, any comments on the kinds of videos you would like to see would be greatly appreciated (tutorials, full games/commentary?) etc. Thanks and enjoy !
  15. Lucianoantivil15

    Re-Introducing the Gaius Scope (TM)

    sprint then try aim in right? game mechanics LUL
  16. Lucianoantivil15

    Luciano's Vids

    Well I upload in 2160p but hopefully soon it will come up as an option, idk. Edit: check now its in 4k
  17. Lucianoantivil15

    Luciano's Vids

    "I need tight grip gold" "I cant see anything with the sights" lmao that's the only reason I used it in this vid
  18. Lucianoantivil15

    Vote for best US player here!

  19. Incredible accuracy, I usually get around 50% hs ratio with iron sights, once I get my pc next month first few vids are gonna be with avs
  20. Lucianoantivil15

    Frag Porno #4 [New] 2/13

    Nutty, sens & dpi?
  21. Lucianoantivil15

    Become feared! Join the war! -Gameplay

    How can you enjoy losing I don't understand this mentality at all tbh. What's the point in playing if you're not trying
  22. Lucianoantivil15

    Become feared! Join the war! -Gameplay

    Oh right in it for the money, gotcha
  23. Lucianoantivil15

    Become feared! Join the war! -Gameplay

    Easily winnable, the vid I put up on yt was me v like 10 BAD members and we won that one.. get clips against good players and more players will respect you, I think that's all he's trying to say