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  1. I am suggesting Increasing the HE damage radius. I think it is a little small. Kinda tough killing ground units with it. I appears like it is not registering the damage.
  2. peterjin91

    HE on OWL plane

    It seems to me, during gameplay, the HE dmg radius is either very small or it is not registering onto foot troops. I get so infuriated when I am shooting foot soldiers with HE and I get no dmg XP. I will try it out again and see if it registers.
  3. I would like to argue that it is mildly infuriating how a pilot can change cockpit in midair. As someone that likes realism, I suggest to block the pilot to change seat in midair. Thoughts?
  4. peterjin91

    HE on OWL plane

    The HE does not work on OWL plane. Please look into this.
  5. You know that you can send RETO a report of someone griefing FYI. I only stated the problem that there are extreme hardcore griefers that ONLY grief. That is not good for the game, esp when people want to have fun playing this game without the stress of griefers griefing about their grief and spreading their griefs. And no, i am not being a troll, Im a player that really love this game to care enough for RETO to further develop this amazing game that is one of a kind gameplay. Ive been playing this game for over 4 years and still love playing this game, and will continue playing this game.
  6. I recently played a skirmish last night and ive notice today that there is a penalty and suspension bar displayed on my interface. I would suggest that RETO try to resolve this problem before a lot of players decide not to play this game; because, i've encountered a player, on my team, that decided to continue grieffing. It is difficult for players to not damage or kill their teammates when they are intentionally doing it, esp for vehicles and armor. That is my suggestion and I hope RETO considers it. I am an avid player, and i would love for this game to keep expanding.