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  1. walkure1944

    H&G Teamspeak

    thank you!
  2. walkure1944

    H&G Teamspeak

    someone give me the id to the H&G ts please?
  3. walkure1944

    LOL we dont even win the most battles anymore

    yea,it would be nice to be alittle more accurate on some things,but we're still in a new phase of the game i'd say.a lot of work to be done yet i suppose.hopefully theyll get it worked out sooner rather than later.it's still a great game.
  4. walkure1944

    LOL we dont even win the most battles anymore

    i agree with that 100 percent bud. yea,you're spot on.i quit using my mg-42 and started using my mg-34 again.the 42 is just insane when trying to shoot now.wish theyd let it be tri-podded or something.
  5. walkure1944

    LOL we dont even win the most battles anymore

    when a chaffe can penetrate the front armor of a panther.that has been nerfed.they couldnt in the beginning.now they can.the panther armor was nerfed.and you're correct as of "recent times.which is the last 4-5 months,im going back over a year or more.it's gotten worse an worse for Germany.we went from winning the majority of the wars,to not winning at all.so you tell me where the problem is.
  6. walkure1944


    ts perlite.typefrag.com:8835 i'm generally #1 or #2 in every game i'm in that i'm flying.i'm towards the top in every other game except if i'm infantry.i'm not a base raper,i'm a soul taker.my name is Panzer1944 in my ts.im on eastcoast,have a few other guys that are in diff areas of the country.usally on about 8est to whenever.we just enjoy playing the game,we've kicked alot of people out and started over so its a rebuilding process.but we have a good time.come check it out.if ya dont have a good time.thats cool too.we're not into that drama crap so no one will bother ya or aggravate ya in there.later bud. Walk!
  7. walkure1944

    5th Wiking Div.

    All good bud,no harm,no foul.just starting completely over really.had to get rid of a bunch of kids.we couldnt get any gameplay in for them running around trying to kill team mates.so we're just gonna start from scratch.
  8. 1.do away with random squading so we can play with friends. 2.add more squad seats for more friends. 3.bring back shooting through windows and old style gameplay. 4,Remove Nerf on Germany 5.New Maps
  9. walkure1944

    LOL we dont even win the most battles anymore

    they have nerfed literally EVERY German tank,plane,gun etc.it wasnt like that in history,Germany had A LOT of Power.especially their tanks.but these gamers for the allies cried enough and the creators gave them what they wanted at our expense.now we are at the bottom of the barrel.its not fun losing consistantly because you're out powered.the game is broken because of this.Germany needs it's historical power back.look at history,they had all that fire power and still lost the war.game should be the same.
  10. walkure1944

    Any Lithuanian clan here?

    if you're just looking for someone to game with thats cool and enjoys gaming.you're welcome to jump on my teamspeak.only a few of us. perlite.typefrag.com:8835
  11. walkure1944

    5th Wiking Div.

    we've just used that name in game by the way,its not our clan name.
  12. walkure1944

    5th Wiking Div.

    yea? cause we've been using it for 3 years.so who's who?
  13. walkure1944

    5th Wiking Div.

    we're a few American players that mainly play German faction,we play mostly every day generally late afternoon into the night and/or wee morning hours.leader (me) are in U.S eastern time zone.but anyone is welcome to jump on my teamspeak and join in the fun.no requirements,just would like to keep the cursing to a minimum if possible.some is ok.just be mature enough to know more than just curse words.we play,infantry,tankers,pilots,recon.sot hats no issue.we're just trying to find more people that enjoy gaming together.we also play a couple other games and we have a blast.so just hit us up on teamspeak. perlite.typefrag.com:8835 look forward to gaming with you folks! peace! Walk!
  14. walkure1944

    Gravediggers Clan Recruiting

    we used it in a different game for about 6 years.
  15. walkure1944

    Gravediggers Clan Recruiting

    pretty sure i stated ask for myself or promed,we're the leaders.we're just a bunch of guys that enjoy gaming,no need to be set apart.same for reason for people wanting to join,if they wanna come hang out with some cool people that dig gaming.they can,if not,thats fine too.not begging anyone.just putting it out there.