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  1. Spend Your Christmas Vacation with us!

    When is update coming?
  2. Mg34... really sjf?? Stg, p38 and med kit heavy set gold, hoarder good choice
  3. Is there even a point to playing War at the moment?

    You are late with your spell card, Johnson got nerfed at the same time when mg42 got buffed. Just like everybody else,people were crying that Johnson is op. So Reto decided that it needs to be nerfed.
  4. Is there even a point to playing War at the moment?

    How do you know? You have statistics of how many people played this game before adding soviets? Or you saying that just because?
  5. Is there even a point to playing War at the moment?

    Removing soviets will remove people from the game. They will simply loose more people.
  6. Is there even a point to playing War at the moment?

    Reto is trying to fix rts map and it doesn’t look right. I think the best way to fix rts is to make another faction. This will also attract new people to this game. IMO.
  7. nerf PTRD please

    It’s already nerfed.
  8. Im sick of this game

    Germany has a lot of players, at least Reto says. If Germany will have no queue like soviets, for example, Germany will dominate on both fronts. Just like soviets will send tons of ats plus more players play for ger. I think that’s what balance is in Retos view(I don’t agree with their politics) however, it is interesting that in ww2 was the same situation in terms of armor/weapons/planes. Soviets always outnumbered Germany.
  9. Im sick of this game

    It’s possible, with rediculous headshot system.
  10. Use chat more

    Or there is another tendency in US army, using chat more than playing the game. I nowticed that while playing for USA. Americans like to chat that’s for sure.
  11. Weapon balance

    It’s not only mg42 and carbine. I’m talking about whole arsenal. All smgs,lmgs,rifles. For example if they going to return mg42 and carbine, then ppsh has to be like it used to be. Same with pps.
  12. Weapon balance

    So u prefer a broken weapon performance? They keep saying it is balanced but we all know that it got only worse.
  13. Weapon balance

    Is it possible to go back to old weapon performance, for example make most lmg/smg stable, less sway, etc. playing with nerfed weapons is not fun at all. Most weapons are being nerfed(Johnson is the most recent nerf) In other words, make the weapons easy-to-use.
  14. LOL we dont even win the most battles anymore

    Largest faction in terms of what? Most vet players say that German ts is almost empty if we are compare to USA or soviet.
  15. LOL we dont even win the most battles anymore

    Unfortunately Germany is dying off. I think in order to save German faction Reto needs to introduce a new axis faction Italy or japan. It will attract old players and new ones as well.