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  1. davchik7

    SU Loadout Thread

    Yeah good one, that mod is for cqc
  2. davchik7

    SU Loadout Thread

    Legend say Reto pays those guys that use ppd with heavy spring...
  3. davchik7

    SU Loadout Thread

    Avs mods:scope medkit pack badges: heavy set Fast reload No medkits? It’s like default now
  4. davchik7

    The power of matchmaker on weekends

    Zaicevs are on sov factions. These are prvt. Jackson’s
  5. davchik7

    Свободная тема

    Вот уроды :)))
  6. davchik7

    Buff Soviet weapons

    The best way to fix low playerbase on soviet faction is to buff tier 1 weapons. I believe that most people switch on early stage of the game for different factions is because of tier1 weapons on soviets side. For example: ppd<greese gun<mp34. Ideally it should be ppd=greese gun=mp34.
  7. davchik7

    MG-42 Against Planes

    Mg42 op. Reto nerf it
  8. davchik7

    Свободная тема

    Вот именно что для советов нет аналогов Джонсону. И поэтому сравнение Джонсона с дп не корректно. Я ещё раз повторю, дп не топовое оружие. Это тиер1 наравне с мг34. Также как и американская автоматическая 1918.
  9. davchik7

    Свободная тема

    Вывод: ппд имба. Рето! Нерфуй ппд Все правильно сравнил. Дп тиер1 также как и мг34 а вот мг42 это тиер2
  10. davchik7

    The Optimal PPS-43 Build

    I read what you said. Basically you mentioned that they are balanced by saying that all smgs have adventages and disadvantages.
  11. It’s funny how German players who play german only trying to explain how good Soviet Weapons are. It’s same as if newbie started to play H&g and gets killed every time with stg. His first thought would be that stg is op. WE all know what’s the name of these people-trolls. i can say exactly the same, whenever I kill German vet I pick up his stg and it’s amazing gun. Yet most vets whine how terrible this gun is. I played 2k hours for soviets and trust me I know what I’m talking about. M1m2 is half broken. U should compare stg and avs.
  12. I never said that everything that us/ger has is op. Yet most players would agree that the most balanced faction is Germany. Going back to ppd topic you placed ppd mp38 and greese fun on the same level which tells me that once again subjective thinking. Most players will agree that ppd is worse lmg in game. Now what do u think if it would be with mp38? I don’t think German players would react like you. I already said. Nerf avs and fix ppd ppsh ptrd and t34. I’d rather have these weapons balanced than avs. Which barely saw ww2
  13. this tells me that you have subjective mind. Go ahead use ppd properly. Do not pick it up. Start a new player as Soviet and see your self. Otherwise we don’t need to hear a mouth diarrhea of yours
  14. Son of a gun You’re right my dude. Agree on everything. I switched to USA till they fix all the crap with SU. I know quite of people from Russian community that switching for Germany. Plus No more membership. Reto fix: ppsh ptrd t34 ppd and nerf avs. I’d rather have balanced the things above rather than one “best weapon in game”