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  1. Mg42 and carbine m1m2 are OP again...

    It’s called catch reader attention. If I would write ptrd buff I bet you wouldn’t even read the thread. Therefore, the title is doing the job
  2. Mg42 and carbine m1m2 are OP again...

    The point of this thread is to fix ptrd. If mg42 and carbine playable as of now, (I would say 90% fixed compared to what it used to be) so should ptrd. Ptrd is unplayable I’m sure you know that. Can’t hit vehicle as close as 5m. This is ridiculous.
  3. Mg42 and carbine m1m2 are OP again...

    Let’s wait and see. It’s too early to make any decisions. If old German players would comeback then there is a chance that Germany going to be competitive on global map.
  4. Mg42 and carbine m1m2 are OP again...

    Ok, my apologies I didn’t see that. I will change it.
  5. Don’t want to start weapon debate again however looks like Reto re-balanced these weapons. Yet again these weapons are dangerous in hands of vet-clans which will make global war differently. In other words Germany might reborn and start winning the wars. That’s better, nevertheless I think Reto should re-balance ptrd again. The most broken weapon in this game is ptrd, considering that mg42 and carbines are back from the dead, so should ptrd. Otherwise balance of forces are wrong.
  6. Conclusion after first day playing new MG42

    Mg42 op Reto pls nerf it
  7. Time we throw reto a bone perhaps?

    Lol it’s the opposite way, they are the ones that throw bones for us with these useless updates. And community keep hoping that it will get better...
  8. Soviet Loadout Thread

    No medkits? Medkits it’s like default load out. The only soldier that I don’t have medkit is svt-bazooka guy since there is no space for medkit.
  9. What about morality?

    Yeah, just give up playing for Germany if they want to save German faction, they have to fix mg42.
  10. Playing German is fun again!

    Reto didn’t kill german faction yet? Come on Reto! Buff Johnson and 1919. Nerf mg42 and pps...
  11. Questions from the Red Army

    Garand is better
  12. WARAN

    And Thank you for playing with us. Good help always appreciated.
  13. Клан за Германию Kompot Power ®

    Вы целенаправлено играете против советов? Или против янки также играете? Как то американцы Рим брали. Ваши же продолжали рашить в сторону крыма.
  14. German Army Chat - Political Abuse

    This exactly why I don't play Germany.