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  1. Real mvp right here
  2. I don't use sniper rifle on my recon tbh so no noob sniping for me
  3. hey Hdawg *poorly translates text from cyrillic* u stink *brings more negative and toxic stuff towards everybody on forums* regards, literally any SU player here *drinks vodka on balcony while squatting in adidas pajama*
  4. Impossible in H&G because client communicates with server about your exact position. Reto themselves said teleporting hacks and that means speed hacks too are impossible in this game.
  5. You can contact support with this issue, provide details and your in game account name. They may look into it and help you.
  6. Tell me if it is good or not, ok? I'm interested.
  7. I get it but I don't know how effective is report for "griefing" or something like that. That's what I'd do but I don't know if somebody got banned for that. Also for chat messages, not just nazi stuff but encouraging team to lose in favor of other team. Was anyone banned for these things?
  8. I'd nerf damage when leaving motorbike, sometimes it is very frustrating you can't exit vehicle without ending up dead.
  9. I have really a lot of soldiers, and I would say I bought more than I can use, so however I can't give you right number, just wait until somebody who knows more reply, but my point is that don't worry you will have too much soldiers, you can easily have for each faction every class with many different loadouts, I've never seen anybody complain about this limitation.
  10. It doesn't mean they were alts but I can't prove it of course. What are we talking about here is that Gaius don't abuse alt accounting for his own profit or something like those folks in your match. I never seen Gaius not playing for the win - that means encouraging other players to lose in favor of opposite team, never done that. They could be just bad trolls, somebody who gave up or real alters who would profit if you'd lose match. We don't do that shirt never. Playing within the rules and being just abuser and anchor of team are two different things and a lot of guys don't get it, you just put everybody to one bag.
  11. You can't find an use to aimbot when you don't use guns
  12. There was one faction added to a game before when we hadn't got enough people and it broke RTS to certain point, reto is still failing to make it attractive for non-russian population to play. Do you know which one it was?
  13. In all honesty they are. Anyway helping who? Axis went from being overpopulated to boycott. Some folks said they will going to play SU for a while. Reto killed Axis with not caring at all. I've participated in some efforts to help axis, except that last one when US clans did with maximum respect best they could to help Axis win a war. You don't like me Baswaldo but tell me how exactly you want to help Axis in this state of game, I'm asking honestly, do you think it will work? I don't see a way out anymore by switching faction to Axis when even Axis players seems to not care about War anymore like they/we used to. That's Neznan's alt accounts lol
  14. It also works, last time when we played with d | ng before, I went knife only, got 10 kills and scored in top 3 in my team. We always do our best and nobody can take that from us. Literally I'm better with shovel than scoped sniper rifle.
  15. Man, you can't blame me for doing what is game rewarding me. + pushing out ATs from those "useless" lines will lose them morale. I know you are k/d maniac and I respect you for that but we can't all be like that, somebody must do the hard work for you.