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  1. English only Soviet chat

    >he is not using pacman Install Arch
  2. are there any big axis clans?

    I don't know how now, but I think you would be surprised. We complained mainly on forums for reasons like SU AT train at that time or other stupid things which came from unbalanced gameplay but I would never assume Axis TS = 24/7 whine hot line. It's just false. On the other hand, guys were always helpful from Axis and US sides both, telling new players to come on TS and play. It was really nice. And btw, nothing is stopping from players making their own discord channels if they feel to do so, is that correct? Anyway, my experience was always positive. I can't speak for everybody on Axis TS though.
  3. M1919 mod + badge

    I miss times when SAS dominated match with precise 360 no scope bunny hop evel knievel gangrape and then teabagged me to show me how little boat i really am.
  4. Classes Poll

    I wrote it in different thread. MG gunners should be separated, this is priority. You don't need new class, you should just force them to play differently, like don't allow running with mg42 like it weights nothing and then blast with pretty good accuracy. MG players should be more static, they should gain from being more static players but as counterpart - being static means more vulnerable to enemy fire. I say more static, not completely static though. I hope you know what I mean. But all this without things like bipods and basic common sense will never be achievable. MGs should be played differently, it should be choice of a player if this playstyle works for him better/if he would be more useful for team as MG support or something but currently this game is not putting any limits on what you can do with MG (I mean when it comes to movement, positioning of player, map design, etc.). Sway and recoil/accuracy values are jokes, it is like 10% of problem and all Reto does is changing these two and nothing else.
  5. are there any big axis clans?

    Well there is no point in naming other ww2 games coming that will be really huge, I know about one I'm definitely buying. I'm still here like a worm watching what will happen to H&G because I have to admit, I spent too much time in H&G and still I think this game has enormous potential. Also, I have to admit that in recent devstreams Reto announced really great steps forward in development but I'm not sure if it's not too late and if they would be able to do everything they promised. One thing is for sure - H&G isn't what it used to be and this applies not only to game mechanics and features, but also to community. I don't really know if it's too late for H&G but I think "old H&G", simple, entertaining game with amazing clans and vets is now completely buried and those old days just won't come back. Everything that comes is just neo-H&G, who wasn't around like 3(+/-) years won't understand. The question now is if this "neo-H&G" will be any good or not. I still think Reto should focus on technical core of game and gameplay but what I know... Can confirm. I knew a lot of folks who did this.
  6. Update 1.08.1 - Weapon Tweaks

    Yes it was but from what I've seen it's overbuffed. Anyway I think you still can run around fields with this gun like it weights nothing. MG balance isn't just about tweaking some variables, these guns should have their own special playstyle - in other words, they shouldn't be played like now, like "somewhat different" SMGs. Adding bipods, changing maps in ways they would subconsciously force people to use MGs in logical ways on spots that actually make sense. This game shouldn't "reward" running around with mg42 or other faction's variant and blasting it to everybody. Reto needs to punish you for using it in "bad way - sprinting and shooting" (like bad accuracy, unusable for longer distances, crazy drop of stamina, etc.) and give you ways how to use these weapons like they were intended to be used and reward you for playing it that way. I would say, MG gunner should be seen as "different infantry class" in means of playstyle and have this approach, similar to recon but then it comes again to fact that regular infantry still have scopes, so recon vs. inf gameplay isn't that much different at all as a result. So many other war games separated MGs from standard infantry (I'm not talking about creating new class, I'm speaking just about terms of playstyle) and it's working so I don't know why you think just changing weapon stats will be a good result when it never worked before. Before mg42 nerf everybody complained that it's OP, they nerfed it so GE complained it's useless, now they buffed it again with expectation of better result. Man you really need to have IQ in two digits to not see it's not solving anything over the years. EDIT: just quick note - They still have that crazy headshot multiplier and I don't know why they can't get rid of it. I won't forget how it was on 4x and we wanted them to lower it and after all they increased it to 5x. Just spit on my grave man.
  7. Watch Q&A & Why #4 Twitch-stream

    I've seen this on youtube. Some nice things were said but also I understand that it will take time to implement everything you have prepared, especially when it comes to core of gameplay and engine/physics. For me, I have to admit it looks promising, It would be nice to jump back into game so I will keep my eye on updates.
  8. Are all Axis vets banned

    Sorry about that buzzkill Anyway, I don't even know what is going on anymore in community but yes, I have to admit that sometimes I miss H&G. I kept my eyes on changelogs but so far nothing that would drag me back sadly. I think H&G is game I have most hours spent in except maybe GTA VC and SA. If somebody can confirm or deny if game runs more smoothly now, at least I'd go play solo again. I don't want to believe nothing changed since summer.
  9. Are all Axis vets banned

    You forgot WarThunder. Thing is that except Arma 3 WW2 mods you pretty much won't get better WW2 MMO shooter than H&G (anybody who says new CoD is better, I would just laugh to your face, that game is american sjw full time arcade joke). The core of playstyle is great, let's admit that, this kind of Day Of Defeat - "capture the flag" mode + War map is amazing but H&G lacks good development, that was always my only issue. I don't care that much about balance and variety of guns/vehicles but I always got annoyed about lack of optimization, settings and so on. It just isn't normal I can run any game on full settings and stable FPS but only H&G turns my machine into slow toaster. Always it was about potential and what could be that went to nothingness after another and another update not delivering what community asked for. I'm pretty old gamer, I can be happy if there isn't that much content but game runs smoothly and gameplay is dynamic. Also release/update schedules are pretty slow comparing it to other MMO games which are updated weekly with small updates with bigger room for feedback instead of huge updates monthly. I played this game for about 3 years only GE if I remember correctly and I played for US faction just couple of months and I started trolling. Good thing is that I'm too "unknown" and people remember me just as troll which was good salt source but I'm not into that anymore. When you are in every match in top 3 and you carry whole team nobody cares but when you are that kamikaze who uses your long-time grinded plane resources, everybody remembers you forever. I mostly enjoyed this game when it was fun playing for GE faction and tryharding but all this goes around me since I'm out of game for long time. Btw, I don't know what do you mean by that GE High Command stuff, If you want ask me anything and I can answer. Just as last note, I started playing US side because I watched Schilli's streams, not because Gaius, but it was fun playing with him always.
  10. Are all Axis vets banned

    I'm just waiting for some good update. Haven't played for months. Any info if something related to optimization and performance improved since July?
  11. What games, if any do you play outside H&G weekly?

    Currently mainly WarThunder, GTA San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA 3 (man's gotta do those speedruns, right?). And then racing games, I'm really much into Assetto Corsa, LFS, and sometimes Forza but I don't have much time to play racing games anymore.
  12. Lag so bad game is unplayable

    Please tell me if they were sitting on their loving ears because I am yelling about this baseball literally in every other thread since render engine update. Why now? Does that information travel months in their retarded braincells until they get it? Jeez.... Ladies and gentlemen we broke the core of our game like months ago but we started to care just now L_M_A_O.EXE
  13. 1 hit kill rifle centre

    Very accurate answers. I just may add that the other thing that may cause similar problems are also hitboxes. Servers seems to be in very bad shape and maybe sometimes your hit just won't be registered especially if you are shooting to something as moving legs. I would suggest to you two scenarios: a) change your playstyle and forget about realism and shooting to legs and arms. try to go always for headshot if it is possible. b) if you are playing infantry, try different weapon if you care about your k/d. Usually BA rifles are not very good for hunting kills.
  14. Same problem here, it got really worse since they upgraded rendering engine and FPS started to drop again after recent update significantly. A lot people complain about this. I talked about it many times but I never received response by Reto, so I take it as they don't care at all about this issue or have no clue how to solve it.
  15. cant play

    Please read this if it won't help you. Please post your dxdiag log, your PC specs, mainly graphics card. It seems though, it is not problem on your side, but being sure is always good.