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  1. Public Service Announcement: Bias

    Never had personal problem with anybody here but somehow I again got 2 warning points for toxicity Road to b& 2018 is real If somebody can explain to me what is happening, I give you 1000 raw lobsters in runescape
  2. Lag Spike

    lol you keep loosing packets like there is no tomorrow
  3. There are numerous spots like these. I even had thread looong time ago, when I spoke about how GE players have disadvantage in default camo because it's blue/dark while SU and US is green/yellow-ish and mostly light so it blends with textures easier. Of course that is maybe more issue of game design than textures, but i can recommend GermanSoldier to come here and give you lesson about how camo/skins in game should actually look and behave. If there is one person around here who knows about this issue most, it's only him and I say it in all seriousness. I don't know too but their engine is something wonderful when it comes to performance. I'm not sure if it's about scaling or something, how they achieved it, but you have huge maps, with a lot of reasonably detailed objects (which are even destructible), WT looks really amazing in my opinion and it just runs like butter. Not even speaking about that when you run simulations, such as how planes get damaged or even tanks, those are not really that easy calculations if you have a lot of them, but still it seems it runs so well. Shame I stopped playing it.
  4. because listening to vets who play unironi this game 8 hours a day is useless, so you think your opinion based on 1 hour total in H&G staged is more valuable than theirs because you are the dev and they are the maggots crawling in mud
  5. To all German Generals and also Heroes

    Germies will lose every match when they don't have APCs because APC spam is the only infantry tactics you use to annoy US and SU players. You can't win match when 60% of your team is hiding in bushes. I agree though that planes will always get rekt, you need really good pilot at least in medium fighter to do something useful in match if he fights against other pilots. My advice is just to queue with vets and clans who push APCs to battles, so you have chance to win. Other than that, you will always lose because team of SU/US noobs will just cap points while you hold 30 angles in bushes, sorry to say this.
  6. While we are at this, who came up with that idea that assists should be added to your kill balance? Instead of improving gameplay, we give players this plaster so they feel better than they actually are, I know what I'm talking about because I always have more assists than kills in game so it keeps me look like I'm actually fragger xDDDDDD
  7. I would have no issue with this whatsoever if it could be turned off. This so much, sometimes from what I read here I cringe so much I better turn off browser and go to garden chill. And the limitation of Reto. Smaller teams before produced better games and kept more difficult projects alive but somehow they need to be big as Ubisoft to deliver what players demand lol. Or hear because you don't hear gunshots sometimes Anyway I can also post my 3 biggest issues with H&G as I forgot to mention it in previous post: 1. Game performance (making engine for this project in java was joke and people who did it trolled you and still laugh behind your back) and workflow (I won't forget 2017 when the game almost died because most rememberable update you did was lolpistols nobody wanted or cared about) 2. All BS talk about how they want to talk more to community but CEO cbf even stop by here to repost his letter here, with exception of Gargamel, who I like and appreciate, other CMs seems to be only here for casual newsposting, sometimes they reply and most of the time they just ban people for the lulz and lock good discussions for non-existent reasons (so we have to move to steam, ingame chat or elsewhere to talk because they shut down our thread), but I understand they have to pretend they do something too, so here and there they b& or lock something so they keep their job. This post will be one of those that will go into trashcan. 3. Community. Some people are really nice, some people are really knowledgable, some people are both. But most of the time I read here proposals that just make no sense whatsoever and are shilled because players WANT IT and NEED IT and FEEL ITS GOOD, like little children, instead of thinking really what is the process of game development, that development and maintenance of this project is different in some cases, etc. I have nothing against anybody here, always I emphasize that it's good if you disagree with me, so at least we can have a talk and no hard feelings but still, I feel it's not rude to say this because I don't name anybody (I even don't know who to name because I avoid being personal if I'm negative) but most of the posts and suggestions in particular are without any substance or even worse, are counterproductive - bonus part: Reto will listen to them first.
  8. Here I go with my blogposts again. Buckle up. I get the timeline all messed up but it was good and then I think cancerfog started to be the issue and everything was foggy? I'm not sure if I'm not BSing now, somebody who remembers can tell, but most certainly the first big fail was attempt to move to DX12 which If I remember correctly had to be rolled back at that time, which I was very critic towards not only because it made the game crash every 10 minutes, but because it brought this idea of overhauling visuals and everything looked really washed out suddenly which was the biggest joke. I stopped playing around that time and came back when they started doing that stuff around post-processing effects, which I again hated because I knew it will create performance issues. The deal about how the game looks is not so much in post-processing, that's why it's good to have in team who do textures, somebody, who actually knows or studied photography because they teach you there how to work with light, color balance, etc. You have to have good base and balance in photography, then you can enhance something by "post-processing" it. That means something like, it's very very reasonable to have good textures and shaders first and use post-processing just for slight touches here and there to make it all look somewhat better. Also because usually we allow players to turn post-processing effects off, so they can play it even on older hardware, but you can't in H&G because they have settings from loving 2013. You can't have bad textures and then slap on it post-processing with high contrast and say the work is done. Around that time when they changed visuals, I literally couldn't play anymore because my eyes hurt so much. That contrast between shadows which were pitch black and bright colors were just too much. I can't tell if it's better now but still it don't solve the elementary problem which is that best way would be to completely rework texturing and lighting instead of using too much post-processing contrast or whatever the hell they use now. Visibility is really bad but there comes another problem. In games you lower visibility, to kinda hide that your game can't render far, so you hide all those ugly low poly objects (see LOD) in distance (so it's optimization issue usually, because every game dev would scream from happiness if his game would just render more far and far). The issue is that I think H&G still shows too much detail in distance, so when you lower visibility with fog it won't solve the performance issue, not only that, but fog increases HW consumption, depends what technique you are using to generate it. The other thing is, speaking about fog, I don't get the idea of having volumetric clouds in this game. literally nobody would care at all if you had no clouds in this game at all and use regular skyboxes. It's not like, in WT you with plane can go into clouds, it's not like you can use them as cover or something. They are useless, literally. The thing what bothers me most is this -> I make new char and I want to unlock some weapon, like let's say AVS. It's a long way if you don't pay and eventually it's better if you buy for him upgrades or better weapons, because grinding with stock BA rifles is too much pain. So you end up spending a lot credits/gold for stuff you don't even want or need. Creating good loadouts is really hard, but grind problem was the issue always. Of course HSG vets will destroy you, you have no chance as noob in H&G. You have to be really really into this game to go through all this and because H&G has too many issues, I guess it's enough to read reviews online to see for yourself what new players think about this all. Sorry but I can't be bothered to reply about spawns (I think old spawn system was good, it kept teams balanced in keeping in account how much players are spawned, so you had timers based on that, spawn points were better - like now B4 on town map is just ridiculous and without APC you can go love yourself, etc.) and about weapons since I never cared too much and I don't care about weapons and their balance now anyway when I'm not playing. There are dozens of players who will (or already gave you here) response that is more qualified than anything I could come up from my head.
  9. Forum vets

  10. Is RETO developing a new game?

    This but unironically. Btw, OP, why would you pay attention to new project when previous one ended up in a way it ended up?
  11. Fix the colours

    Game not only looked before better but it also run better. Since they added these post-processing color effects which you can't turn off, the game runs way worse. It's time to deal with it guys, 2014 is not coming back.
  12. Movement 2.0

    If this is what you want and you think that is a good thing, then okay. To me it's disgusting effect distracting players from shooting but whatever you wish for. It's annoying, you have lags, stutters, hitregs not working, all odds stacked against you and you want to add this effect to make it even less bearable. I don't understand it, let's put it this way. First things first, solve key issues and then talk about moving in this direction. If you would read what I wrote, you would know the only thing that left enjoyable in H&G is movement in my opinion, so now it makes sense a little bit more I hope. No no no, I meant it as everything is bad except movement. Truth is not many FPS games still have this kind of movement, which I always liked, it's dynamic, it's fast, it requires at least a little bit of skill, it's not stiff as it will be after following update, so that's it. Of course it could be better but I disagree what you all think is "better". Players should be rewarded, always. You put to this game thousands of hours, you should gain advantage from movement, because you have trained muscle memory, you jump over obstacles more fast, etc. (but don't solve it with badges like muh +10% jump height, speed, etc. that is just wrong). Of course I don't care even in slightest anymore, I just come here to give my opinion and see if somebody actually proposes something reasonable. To me it's talks about game mechanics in general, not about H&G in particular. If H&G would move at least slightly in right direction, I'd gladly play again though, not going to deny that, however I'm playing when I have free time different games now. Currently I'm more worried about movement/vehicles update (which is as I said before really terrible as far as I tried it on prototype server) and I'm interested in those backend+pipeline reworks, how they will end up. Read it, disagree completely. No offense, you have right to propose and discuss this topic and I'm not attacking on you or something, no need to be hostile. Wish you all best with your hope in this game though, it takes a lot optimism and I envy you that. All proposed things by bocaz (and I respect him very much) are just bad. Now everybody will be hidden behind corner and peaking. The dynamic gameplay of FPS should be you risk something to gain something. You push/show your body in order to gain frags or cap point. This whole peak mechanism will nerf it all down and it will harm the gameplay. We need RNG headshots from cars, really we do. Wrote about it above. tbh I have no idea what is this In best scenario you would need hold another key - you can either move to sides or hold additional key to give instruction to roll to sides. Why? In every game where is rolling, I hate it with passion. You want as sniper roll down the hill for good lulz or why you need it? I can't comprehend it. It will be like in every game very sloppy movement mechanic nobody will use.
  13. Movement 2.0

    What do you mean by suppression? If getting shot will slow you down, PPD will be the next annoying gun after StG. I can snipe you with PPD and you will be slowed down on worst places possible. It will be megannoying. Good proposal, H&G needs another annoying feature. Thanks god I'm not playing anymore. :-)
  14. Movement 2.0

    Don't fix what isn't broken and movement is literally the only reason why this game is even 0.1% enjoyable to me still. Don't be like RB and don't try to make from this game arcade Arma clone. It seems they will nerf soon jumping mechanics which is completely bad idea. Definitely if you know how to move in this game, it can gain you some advantage, which is a good thing, it's somewhat skillbased. It could be even more. I don't want to learn what my char will do after 6 keys are pressed in 3 different states which is 18 options. This game has so many issues, but movement shouldn't be even discussed rn imo.
  15. The whole premise of this game is to be unenjoyable. I played Soviets long time ago and it was too much painful it literally made me stop playing (maybe because I had to grind weapons). Recently like maybe week ago I played couple of wars with Soviets and I don't know, I think it's most comfortable faction right now with US being second. Russians are not bothering me in chat with babyrage like GE players do and funny thing is the most toxic soviets players are those who don't speak Russian (that is just my observation). God bless soviet faction and nice players from Russia. US at least has comfy general army chat. I know this is maybe b8 thread, but I really dislike the German faction even though I played it for years. It's all the time same stuff, either you get sniped on spawn from 5 different directions, or they spam APCs and 20 people jump out with STGs, like it stops being fun very quickly. I can advise you, because Reto is not capable of finally reworking their matchmaking filter as I proposed years ago when they added squad 2.0, just when it puts you to match with germans, leave it. Just straight leave it, it's not worth it. At least against US it's fun to play, even if one side has better team, it doesn't matter but at least you won't get killed every 2 seconds with annoying kar or you won't spend 30k on rockets/mines because germans can't stop spam APCs and laugh about it because it's big fun to 14 year olds but they are making bored everyone else, even their less skilled teammates who have no chance to learn something in quick matches. Btw, If you would ask me now which faction to play, I would say Soviets unironically. I like people playing this faction. US is okay too. So I don't know what you can do, you can join the "funny" faction and ruin game experience for everyone else.