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  1. What's so good about AVS? I don't like it either, totally not fit my playstyle.
  2. It's so old video but I still love to watch it
  3. Drink a lot water

    You know that is actually harmful. You can lose this way important vitamins and minerals. When I said drink water I didn't meant overdose with water jeez.
  4. Next update

    How long have you been here?
  5. 42k gone, 22k left

    just use some krokodil m8 you will be awake whole week
  6. Every time I pick that weapon up I can't hit stationary target that is 300 meters away. I remember trying to hit car that was about 500 meters away and sniping players with MG. Took me 20 shots to finally hit it.
  7. HnG Lobby simulator 2018

    It's not that bad if you can get used to feeling suicidal like me.
  8. Welcome to europe !

    Lmao are you italian? That would be hilarious.
  9. Attack guide for A-line mountain town

    Aren't we doing this basically for years?
  10. H&G forum in a nutshell

    God damn.
  11. H&G forum in a nutshell

    Some people just have very bad image or knowledge of what happened in world war 2 and I don't even blame them. A lot bad things happened, yes, but SS weren't same thing as those in Wolfenstein games.
  12. haha i join it, are there hot girls responding?
  13. RIP thread naming and shaming
  14. H&G forum in a nutshell

    Why he would be scared? They are not going to kill him. inb4 ss were war criminals killing everybody that was alive
  15. We are not most hated faction any longer

    That is not alt, that is matrix, you know like agent smith cloned himself. Same thing.