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  1. Currently mainly WarThunder, GTA San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA 3 (man's gotta do those speedruns, right?). And then racing games, I'm really much into Assetto Corsa, LFS, and sometimes Forza but I don't have much time to play racing games anymore.
  2. Please tell me if they were sitting on their loving ears because I am yelling about this baseball literally in every other thread since render engine update. Why now? Does that information travel months in their retarded braincells until they get it? Jeez.... Ladies and gentlemen we broke the core of our game like months ago but we started to care just now L_M_A_O.EXE
  3. Very accurate answers. I just may add that the other thing that may cause similar problems are also hitboxes. Servers seems to be in very bad shape and maybe sometimes your hit just won't be registered especially if you are shooting to something as moving legs. I would suggest to you two scenarios: a) change your playstyle and forget about realism and shooting to legs and arms. try to go always for headshot if it is possible. b) if you are playing infantry, try different weapon if you care about your k/d. Usually BA rifles are not very good for hunting kills.
  4. Same problem here, it got really worse since they upgraded rendering engine and FPS started to drop again after recent update significantly. A lot people complain about this. I talked about it many times but I never received response by Reto, so I take it as they don't care at all about this issue or have no clue how to solve it.
  5. Please read this if it won't help you. Please post your dxdiag log, your PC specs, mainly graphics card. It seems though, it is not problem on your side, but being sure is always good.
  6. Are you not harvesting salt from your teammates anymore?
  7. Great post. I agree but It always triggers me that im too poor to finally buy erbsenmuster, I always buy instead cluster I don't need like weapons... And GE has most OP post because of so many great folks around here. When I see the Sun rising above Eastern Front, and on the fields are soldiers from TIO standing and waiting for the KFC hordes, I would happily cry because I know, during another day, another salt will be harvested. ~ Gospel of Kmeto, 31:12 But I regret, Yes I regret, that I left my Father! May I be damned for eternity for my sin of leaving Gaius alone! ~ Gospel of Kmeto, 34:12
  8. >driving in car through beautiful H&G scenery >suddenly corpse ejected to air for no apparent reason >corpses, corpses everywhere >[PTSD intensifies] >everything under heavy lag >I think my antidepressants stroke me again hard >*gets headshotted* in game I never asked for this.
  9. Unfortunate but I refuse to be angry about it like I was before. It is almost certain that when we have tons of resources in battle, we will lose very quickly because nobody will play infantry. As I said, limit on special classes in match is fine but it should make sense. Every match can be different in what special classes you need. I remember as GE player, we won many matches inf only even without cars but again, I wouldn't want to force players to play inf if they don't want to and matchmaking for example as pilot is really like being punished.
  10. Obviously it is not priority. Why you need game running well when you can create useless content? When the core is shirt and you polish the surface, it is still a shirt. I explained this so many times that I vomit from myself just for repeating it again but Reto is sleeping. These days I don't know why, everybody thinks because he is artist that he can be game developer, you know. That's why you have everywhere game dev studios with major part - half artist, quarter of communication department and quarter of HR feminists with blue hair. No wonder games sucks so much these days. Do you remember when the real shirt was done by hard core programmers? Well, I do. Not even loving talking about every duck in gaming industry wants to be like Valve and Rockstar. Look at those two. Valve stopped making games completely, why would they, when they earn money from stupid additional content. Same goes for Rockstar that is milking GTA:O. Reto is no exception, they want to be like this, they have in their head that vision of sitting all day and creating stupid midget spinner skins as melee weapons to H&G and expecting people to buy it instead of hiring someone who can code. Lmaoing @y'all once again.
  11. Uninstall cheatz lol Try to run steam as administrator and check it that way, then check for your antivirus and firewall and add exception for H&G installation folder and try again.
  12. haha get troll'd xDDdDDDddD Your whole "classes" rant is interesting because not only you can join match as special class but you can also have aux seat whenever you want even if you join as infantry (if you queue as squad leader because schmucks still dont know how to use aux seats after all this time). Some limit on special classes would be fine and it would work basically like who comes first has the seat and others, change to inf or wait. I don't have issue with this at all, it would in my opinion drag away fun from so broken and frustrating game anyway but I know what you mean. This. Spawns are shirt, no discussion.
  13. That's because players refuse to use their tanks as AA weapons
  14. Am I the only one who use troll AT tactics of blocking whole army moving though knot points with one inf squad? Nobody plays this game so making other wait for AR is pretty ok. I can pay for this *flashes hundred dolla billz to your face* And I'm lazy to wait for paratroopers to deploy...