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  1. See you

    Sorry Brandon, it's not about Reto, or future H&G or updates (Armor 2.0) to me, even though I was in past very very critical towards all of these things. To be honest in last months, maybe over half year, I was more and more comfortable here because I stopped to expect something, which may sound kinda comfortably depressive, but I tried to enjoy what was left, or if you want, what we have. That's why I tried to be more part of community, be friendly, even though sometimes I failed but I was trying always, and even if I couldn't spread good things all the time, at least I tried to have fun. If you read my posts, how I played, mainly by feeling, same it is this time with this step, it's about how I feel. I don't want to share negativity and discouraging players from playing and I don't even think I'm some key part of community that would have impact on players decisions. I just wanted to say bye to people I'm truly happy I had opportunity to spend, to be fair, large part of my life when you think about it. I know many people won't share this opinion, but I don't regret even one second I was here, again only because people. If there is one thing I wish you would take from me are tiny amount of memories and being a little more nice to each other (and as joke: drinking enough water). Was pleasure knowing you, godspeed you, "Kaikko"
  2. See you

    See you guys later. Thanks for all games and fun during all those years, being accepted among you, befriended some of you, even had arguments with some of you (which is weird to like but I never meant to argue for sole purpose of attacking somebody, I just took it as debate), but nothing is holding me in game nor here on forums anymore. It was always purely for me about people, if here weren't few of you that dragged me to game to have fun, I would quit long time ago. You know me, I left in past and in half year I was back with fresh low quality memes but this time it feels to me different, like it's just over for me so I want to close this chapter. Lastly, but in this context in the first place, thanks to Reto for after all making this happen. God bless mods who had enough patience with uncontrollable mess like me, often cleaning it after me here, god bless you all. Those who want, can find contact on me. Love you all <333 I'm closing with kinda unfortunate number, it's not 50K as I wished it to be but it's 3003 posts which resembles good machine TB-303. Few songs for better day, have fun and drink a lot of water :))
  3. Why don't more vets use the SVT?

    First for they do
  4. 8k post - wasting time ?

    Fegaris quit and y'all talking about pointless stuff. Shame on you.
  5. Wiona is so pretty

    it's really good track
  6. Wiona is so pretty

    tfw you will never be her
  7. A cartoon about how you ended up in H&G

    you can't end up like that if you don't play anymore
  8. My Road to 50K

    Thank you kind mister, wish you all best
  9. Which is your best and worst map ?

    Yes yes, I understand now. For some reason I was just thinking about infantry and completely ignored all other classes, my bad.
  10. give your meet a good ol' rub

    yeeaaah boiiiiiii (and dont forget to drink a lot water)
  11. My Road to 50K

    real mvp
  12. Big Tim

    I keep him here, be nice to him while I'm away
  13. Friends III: Reunion

    loving spanyards, when will they learn?
  14. Friends III: Reunion

    Thanks god we don't know nothing about portugal and spain relations
  15. My Road to 50K

    3k ez, RIP my run