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  1. New Weather Settings in Update 1.10

    This game never had good particle system + engine doesn't seems to handle it very well either. Making good light system is not question of "if it can be done", because it definitely can even with resources Reto has. You just need to have somebody, preferably photographer or other person who actually had to study how light works and how to work with it. In DX10 and above is something I would call "to be allowed to have decent light system even AAA studios wouldn't be ashamed of using today". Implementation is second thing. From what I understand and somebody from Reto can confirm or deny (I doubt they will ) their latest "color enhancement update", which was I don't know how long ago and broke everything, is so poorly done and it has such an incredible impact on performance because it is done in post-process stage which is very bad thing to have in game like this. But Reto never listens, they are like deaf and blind. If they would let us tweak game settings and turn on/off some features, there would be no problem, now you can change resolution and only couple of other things, it's laughable. No boi, you need new helmet textures, haters are liars. t. reto certified Amen to that. This, I used to play 8+ hours a day, after they started touching colors and contrast, I couldn't last for more than 3-4.
  2. Update '1.10 - Colmar Hamlet' Preview on Twitch!

    Just slight off topic, man, HS in H&G is way too easy, but random headshots were before issue in other games as well. See CS:GO for example, where this problem was coming from spray patterns, server communication, hitboxes, etc.
  3. Update '1.10 - Colmar Hamlet' Preview on Twitch!

    I watched the stream and yeah, alright, you focus on new maps, you focus on keeping the players playing the game when they first try H&G. Do you know what I don't understand, though? Whoever was responding in twitch chat under channel nickname, he was yelling that most requested thing is new maps. Fine, understandable, you want to satisfy players, good move. However, this update is about new map for first time players. It was said during stream numerous times. Another update focused on first time players. So why it seems that it is problem when older players, veterans, don't really find this update interesting? It isn't focused on them anyway. I know you are working on some other maps, I'm just talking about what was presented on this particular stream so don't misunderstand me please. "Polished Hotfix" as @RCAPOL called it is in my opinion accurate. I would compare it to that micropistols update. It's understandable that vets will say "Alright, thanks, not interested" when the update is not focused on them. New weather settings are nice though. However, I'm not a big fan of dusk. Dusk foggy looks like something from DirectX 8.0 days but it's still okay I guess and Dusk overcast looks weird. I don't know if it's because of the light settings or skybox. There is something odd about it in my eyes but I guess it would be okay to see some changes in weather too. Helmet covers are really nice, my only issue is again performance and yes I won't stop complaining about it. You have there really nice details on texture, I wonder what is the resolution, if you handled optimization, changing of texture resolution and how big impact it will have on full server of players running around in these helmet covers. I just hope you have it all tested and I have nothing to worry about. Nice for new players, not much for vets, nothing for people having technical issues. EDIT: I just want to add, that after reading steam reviews, it seems that new players (players who spend in game couple of hours) who wrote negative review, their problem isn't content too. Their biggest problem is in my eyes grind - in other words - gameplay and game design issues. I still don't understand why game designer or whoever in your team thinks more content is solution to everything for first time players. And I think, Reto.RedBjarne before said you are preparing some pipeline or whatever technical fixes and reworks, so I hope at least he understands that without properly functioning product you won't have success. Sorry to say it, but new skins and maps are nothing if your gameplay isn't working well and if your engine is slow and bloated = mainly for first time players, because as you can see, some vets are still playing no matter what. Sorry to all artists in Reto, you are not doing bad job, but you should make a room for programmers now, so they can instead of implementing your stuff, sit with game designer and rework something that should be reworked 1 year ago.
  4. Update '1.10 - Colmar Hamlet' Preview on Twitch!

    Another update, still no technical stuff fixed, still badly optimized game. I give your cute stream a try but man, but I don't even hope for not being disappointed after watching it.
  5. Photos from Reto Insider Summit

    It's amazing you had great time and it's nice to see Reto working and being over all more in contact with community. Keep it up.
  6. So i went ge

    I was talking only about infantry because we talked about inf. guns, but yes, you are correct. Maybe I never thought about this and that is the problem. I focused on winning and being better, the gun in my hands was never important to me if it wasn't limiting me. In other words I wasn't thinking about if enemy has better gun, I was thinking about if I can be good with gun I have and be even better. This is exactly what I was telling you yesterday. If we would do it with bots (or with equally skilled same-sized clans) you should get cca. same results but those results would mean nothing because you would make this "controlled" environment to prove gun differences. I never said US weapons are stronger or weaker, I just said I personally don't care and in my opinion it has no big impact on gameplay. I said you are not wrong by the way in the post I wrote today. The thing what is in my mind now is pretty much how much RNG plays role in all of this, and you brought this topic to table. Like if this game is so much arcade-ish and full of RNG, how much is the ratio gunbalance:RNG/arcade aspect:skill. I'm just thinking, what if the RNG and arcade setup of this game makes so big difference than skill plays less role than i thought (which obviously is true) and how much gun balance is working in all of this. Like technically, you could say now that "who has weapon that can get more lucky headshots is stronger". So what is more important? RPM or accuracy? MG42 vs. M1919 / rpm vs. accuracy. Is M1919 definitely the winner? Is this game so arcade baseball now that all you should play for is to increase RNG to max and everything else is less important? Really made me think. Yes I did but I did when clans used to be good and people actually did something useful on teamspeak. I never played on teamspeak with DUSD, I played some matches in team with them though, but watch Schilli's old streams. Their call positions of enemy's, information are flowing. You said good thing though, in CSGO, calls are like one of the meta things in gameplay, this is uncomparable in H&G but still, it's only up to you. Nobody is stopping you from calling. Even when I played solo I always wrote in chat to team positions of enemy, it's how we did it back in the days.
  7. So i went ge

    I just add here one note, no matter how good I would try, there is no way for me + 4 randoms outsmart skilled 5 member clan on teamspeak. They have such huge advantage over me even if they would be equipped with pistols.
  8. So i went ge

    Because in uncontrolled match - in this case any regular war match with randoms, it doesn't matter if 1 player is doing nothing as you said. It has very small impact - > you have higher possibility to win this match compared to controlled match (XvX | [X] is number | clan match) where your absence would make (X-1)vX match. In case of for example 5v5 it is big difference (as you mentioned CSGO), this probability of course changes when you have 3v3 (your absence has bigger impact on outcome) and 7v7 (your absence has lower impact on outcome than in 5v5). I take this as compliment. Again, sorry but I can only disagree. I think that fact that they are CLAN+MORE SKILLED WITH BETTER TEAMWORK is more deciding than what guns they use. I can completely agree with this, this is valid and correct point. Caping one point =/= winning a match. I understand where are you coming from and I'm not telling you that you are completely wrong, I'm just convinced that you are focusing on the least important issue. Best thing how we could test this is something like this: 1) take bots and balanced map (lmao balanced map in H&G doesn't exist, but let's assume there is one we would agree it is balanced, for example taking two lines that are almost equally good) 2) Equip them with guns of your choice, M1919 and johnsons on one side, MG42 and StGs on another and let them fight, write down results 3) Do the same except with real players 4) Do the same except with 1 clan in each team && clans with equal number of players + randoms with guns of their choice Now I am saying that you would get different results. If you would get roughly same results (let's say you would think that US because of their weapons would win 90% of time) in all cases, then it would prove that US weapons are OP and that's it. I don't think that would be the result at all because you have too many variables coming in and we are not even including different lines (which make huge difference), resources, RNG shots, etc. Now we can argue like, how big of a deal is this gun unbalance, you are telling me it is huge problem and teamwork, communication and skill are with less impact, and I'm telling you the opposite, that everything has bigger impact than this gun problem. I have no other way of proving you this. It can be tested, I bet I could come up with mathematical solution if I would have enough data but I don't. So I have to admit value of what I write here is just unproven opinion - same as yours until we can prove otherwise. Is that correct?
  9. Thank you very much for explanation. This made me feel more secure about that whole project and I'm looking forward to it more than before. I don't mind extra content that much, I just thought that kickstarter campaign looks weird. I would love if the core of HLL would be stable, well optimized, playable, enjoyable. That's all I need from game.
  10. So i went ge

    Of course, but question is, do they have bigger advantage over me because they are equipped with good weapons or because they are in clan or/and they are skilled players. I can't answer on that. I still think without rework, MG gameplay is joke not worth of my time. Best I can do is just admit I can't answer this question at all. This is very good argument, thank you. If we would assume nothing else plays role, that means players are equally (100%) skilled, no random players are around and they have same amount of resources, then we can discuss about if is Johnson+M1919 better than MG42 and StG. That makes completely sense. However, game doesn't work this way. You don't have equally skilled players/clans, you have randoms around, you have different amount of resources if you play War. Do you see where I'm going? First thing is that I don't believe all guns should be equally strong and behave same, but many people would disagree and it is not so important. What is important for me personally is that in this uncontrolled situation your best weapons are exactly what I said - skill, teamwork, communication, movement etc. Those are gamechangers. After those come resources, points (some points are easier to push/defend than others), etc. Then I would say, after all this you have gun statistics and they play very minor role. They play some role, but not as big as you may think. I give you an example. In your controlled situation, if I would be one player in US clan and I would decide to not shoot one bullet, I would just spawn and stand on place. It would change the outcome, wouldn't it? I think it would have huge impact on the outcome of battle. In uncontrolled match however, if you stand in corner and do nothing, there is much higher possibility of match being won even though you did absolutely nothing (and in fact lowering chances of your team to win). We are talking about ratios and percentages about here. I hope my point makes a little bit sense to you. What I'm trying to say all the time here is that guns and their stats are for me (my opinion, my approach to FPS games) the least important thing.
  11. Prototpye server visuals-feedback

    I bet they just don't fit to model obviously, but I would assume they have pattern stored and it could be reused. I can be wrong in this, it's very likely possible.
  12. So i went ge

    Where this projection came from? We are not in elementary school so please don't construct logical fallacies as way to winning an argument. Finally we are getting somewhere. Now please answer me because I'm asking honestly, what would add to the game if MG42 would perform same as Johnson? You have bigger RPM compensated with +1 needed hit -> kill. About recoil, you can suggest same thing as I do and that is completely rework MG gameplay of H&G. It's not my fault Reto allows you to run around with MGs and 360 parkinsonshoot everything that moves. After they will add bipods and stable spots for MG gunners (which won't happen never) then we can talk about how much recoil changes the outcome of battle. Still you didn't provided me any argument that would make your obsession about gun statistics more valid than teamwork/communication + skill more deciding factors for outcome of battle.
  13. Capping a point

    You can post your ideas to General Development Feedback/Suggestions part of forum if that helps you. Feedback is for your opinions, Suggestions is for actual suggestions and ideas. Sorry about not providing you best answer you would be satisfied with but luckily I'm not employed by Reto so I don't need to care about your feelings. I took 1 minute from my time to reply you and give you best advice possible - learn things about the game. That is the real gem among all advices you could receive. I would suggest you to calmly think about it and I promise you if you will start learning about gameplay, you will get exponentially better and your problem with cap points will become smaller and smaller.
  14. Soviets had really amazing pilots, I don't know if they still play though. One was so cool he didn't even bother to care about forums but other folks known him as well. Not cheaters though. If you are suspicious, you can always make report. Reto stated that there is 0 (i prefer to say close-to-none) chance of getting banned after false report, so all is ok.