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  1. I really don't know if I will stick around that much. I haven't played for quite some time but I think servers are even worse than before. The connectivity is just terrible, dropping packets, disconnecting whole matches.... + @TechLight wrote me message and I couldn't even reply to him because it added some %233 string to back of his username so even chat is not working properly? Really I'm even okay with the huge issues of this game but small stuff like this which I constantly see just makes me really nihilistic about this game, seriously this is pre-alpha type of stuff.
  2. I don't know. The thing that bothers me is amount of skirm-blocking. Maybe turn on the timer for skirmishes? Still waiting in chokepoint until somebody finally plays skirms is pain in the butt. Then on other hand, I don't really find that much joy in playing this game anyway when it comes to FPS, you have all players in staged instead in war and servers literally crash a lot every day, it will just disconnect us all from match and then people slowly rejoin. Utter garbage/10, would not play again.
  3. Kmeto

    Sleeping Whales awaken!!

    Well technically you are limited by amount of soldiers and if you want to play RTS you need to spend gold anyway to boost them fast to get CPs, and that requires gold, I just hope Reto will see it this way and not like, okay so now whales have WFs, we should shut it down.
  4. Kmeto

    Sleeping Whales awaken!!

    i'll be deploying again just don't know which faction yet, I want to see if RTS works now but hell if players will be making massive 200k profits per day be sure they shut it down.
  5. hell yeah im reinstalling xDDDDD f-u reto for making me to install this game again, I hope it's worth it this time xDDDD
  6. Kmeto

    Sleeping Whales awaken!!

    I never seen Gaius in so much power, truly the reborn of H&G RTS IS HERE?????!!!???
  7. Kmeto

    New soviet APC

    what a time to be deploying for SU, I just hope doramass won't overstack the battles
  8. I had to login to write it's a good thing. Okay, it was issue for a long time but recently it got very hot topic again and you responded which I appreciate. Maybe I will start playing RTS again if I would see it's better. The only issue I have is personal one and that is lack of time.
  9. Kmeto


    Imagine you post these "success battle screenshots" on forums when nobody else relevant is playing. Must feel like being the only person on party but in head you imagine the room is full.
  10. Sure, sure, you did. You are completely right, you did.
  11. AHAHAHAHAHAHA who was telling you about this all the loving time? Who told me all was fine and I'm bullshitting with non-issues? AHAHAHAHAHAHA, WOW, suddenly you accept you have memory leaks? WOWWWWW AHAHAHA. Jesus Christ, seriously, this made my day.
  12. Kmeto

    War is too short

    Nobody will wait for this anymore really. The issue was that people like me had hard time because their routine with H&G had to change. Now when we are all used to different games or activities, nobody is willing to wait anymore another year or 2 until they fix something. This is what changed, that's why my estimates are so "brave", when I say this vehicle update will not bring players back for long. (I said 1-2 weeks of attention, then going back to regular numbers of players again and lower). People are just playing other games and I guess devs said something like they will focus on bringing new players in future, so until then, numbers will be low. I envy your patience, but some people would call it naivety, no offense. I would talk same as you if I didn't spend years around and see how long everything takes, that it's all the same promises, over and over again the same story., delaying fixes/reworks until they think we forgot about their promises, etc. At this point I can just smile, because it isn't even worth of me being frustrated, some "young gun" will take my place when I won't be here soon and will be dropping spicy hot opinions It would be problem if whole groups of old H&G players would not play together CS, Arma, Rainbow Six and what not. We can wait and see, it's that simple. Update will be released and if it will have traction for more than 1-2 weeks, if it won't be bugged as hell, if it won't be gamebreaking, be sure I will write here about I was wrong, I will be fair. But majority of old players who spent years in this game are not going to give reto another 2 years to fix things this update will break. And, I know that you are giving tons of feedback in that prototype thread, you are really putting much effort into this, but the amount of problems I see and the deadline behind the corner, I'm extremely skeptical. Btw, about that meme, it was meme in past, numbers mirroring playerbase are not funny and in fact indicate that people quit this game already (inb4 muh standalone playerbase). Reto will maybe launch new campaign after things with updates will settle down and H&G will maybe live for some time, not such a big deal but to be honest I'm kinda sad I won't be able to play this game anymore, I had good memories with it.
  13. Kmeto

    War is too short

    From my point of view? People I know were insanely into this game, I used to spent years ago like 8 hours a day+ in H&G every single day and I played nothing else. I loved this game really this much. I know people who were pretty much the same and I played with them, maybe I know 1 person who still is but he is not posting here on forums anymore so I don't want to drag him into this, maybe you know who that could be. Now when I see on steam people who are from this community, like what they are up to, rarely it's H&G but again, it's my point of view, feel free to ask people around what they played when H&G was interesting to them, I guess you might get a lot of different answers. So I can't get you something more than just my guess and my point of view too. A lot people would disagree, not necessarily maybe in case of H&G though. I have to admit I played games like GTA Vice City when it came out for couple of years exclusively, not even speaking about days of CS 1.6 and earlier when we were playing it like addicts and nothing else existed for us. Nowadays I guess games like CS:GO might be the good example for some people, but I can agree that this is more exception than something common. It's about effort you put into game you love, people around it, having fun or tryharding, it's nothing very unusual to me, I always liked to focus on one game and know it from front to back. I don't know what you mean to be honest. I took a half-year break from H&G in 2015 I think it was, one more in autumn 2016, later few months in august 2017 and one now in early 2018 which still lasts with exception of me writing on forums. Or you meant something else by "break"? I honestly don't know. You have even casual players in H&G who play when they feel like to, it's not like us when we were constantly every day online after work or school playing until late night match after match. Yes. I'm glad I'm not the only fool around who was living with this game but I had years ago plenty of time, recently I'm glad if I have evening for myself.
  14. Kmeto

    War is too short

    You know, this would be absolutely fair to say 2+ years ago. But recently as I browse forums I read again and again the same kind of propositions and complaints I wrote in 2016 and warned Reto about them (and yes, they treated me like shirt, because not responding is okay, I understand it, but some threads with constructive propositions I put effort in, without any swearing, made by me, got flat out removed in few hours and I know people who had same thing happen to them as well). And some topics even before that with my old account on old forums, like f.e. scopes for infantry are still issue, etc. The point is, come on, like why are we playing this game on cat and mouse anymore? Very specific gameplay and technical issues I addressed are 2 years old and older, and I will be fair, I focused mainly on those technical issues related to engine, etc. so not easy topics but 2 years is plenty of time, don't you think so? I also payed a fair amount of time speaking about RTS issues and many other players did as well. 2+ years. What are we even talking about at this point? I'm not here to blame Reto or something, but the truth is, their approach wasn't always the best and I had first-hand experience with how they treated playerbase and I damn well won't forget it. By the way, you won't read 6 years of code for project like this even if it would be written in 64bit assembly clustered in one single source file. Nor do I, just to be clear. Ask vets what they are playing now. For large part it might not be post scriptum, but it isn't H&G either. I understand they don't need to care about vets anymore, and like, I can't care less, I'm not salty about it, but I think it's good to talk fairly and objectively without any pressure. As I wrote in this or in another thread yesterday, I don't have interest in H&G as player, not even emotions anymore, so I don't need to pointlessly talk good or bad things about it or Reto. I'm here only because some threads are fine and I might participate with thing or two.
  15. Kmeto

    War is too short

    I doubt it is the case though. Certainly I feel the same that there is some form of playerbase change going on and Reto might wish for it to happen, focus on different countries like China, etc. but I it's just business. When they add battle royale mode, we will be sure they aim for Chinese market