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  1. gemmoore01

    ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    In-Game name: Gemmoore01 Age: 18 Country: United States Reason for Joining: Been playing this game for years, have over 600 hours, getting a bit bored of solo queuing all the time. I want to get involved in a fun, organized group (If I'm going to waste so much of my life on this game might as well have people to do it with). Do you have a PPSh/PPS/AVS/Dp28 on an infantry character?: I own all of them, spread across three infantry characters Do you have Assault Teams?: Yes If so, How many and Type?: 1 medium tank, 1 tank destroyer, 1 motorized infantry, 3 motorized guard, and 1 recon As a side note, I attempted to join the listed Teamspeak, however the server wasn't listed in the server list. From what I've heard, this is a fairly active, fun clan, hopefully this is still the case?
  2. @SK1M3R He was trying to make the point that a guy carrying a bazooka or panzershreck with rockets (including carried rockets) weighs more than a ptrd plus it's ammunition (including carried ammunition).
  3. gemmoore01

    Start new plane with no ammo!

    I believe this is due to a small overall amount of ammo, not in the plane, but in the amount you purchase/refill. In other words, when you buy or refill ammo for the plane, you get like 500 rounds (just a made up number to explain what I'm saying) whereas to last a round you need 5000. Another thing is that auto-refill only happens after a match, not during, so with a limited amount of ammo it is possible to run out. I figure that the small amount purchasable is probably just a mistaken value a dev put in. Also, what plane did this happen to you in? The nose looks like a yak, but there is only an icon for machine guns.
  4. As a soviet player, I actually agree with these changes. Honestly the ptrd shouldn't be able to run and gun like it did in the past. In my opinion, you should only be able to fire it in the prone position, but we'll probably get that with bipods so you can at least rest the rifle on walls and windowsills to fire. If people want the accuracy that they expect, go prone, they didn't change any values for that.
  5. I concur, the side flaps would be extremely nice.
  6. gemmoore01

    Jet fighters for Germans?

    The number of pershing produced is very small (2212 in total), which I'm not a huge fan of either. My point is I just don't really want to commonly see extremely rare vehicles on the battlefield as it's kind of an immersion breaker. I'm not really sure how to balance this, maybe a rare drop, exceedingly long grind, or special contest.
  7. gemmoore01

    Jet fighters for Germans?

    @_Finnish_Gamemaster_ 1,430 is actually really rare compared to the ~34,000 bf109s produced. Additionally only about 200 me262s were operational at any given time, despite 1,430 being produced in total, as their life-spans weren't exactly very long on account of allied attacks. I just don't want to see super rare equipment being spammed by high tier players (I still have mixed feelings about the tiger II with only 492 being produced by the end of the war. I love the tank, but still). If these rare monsters are added at least the other factions need a suitable counter for these things (I still think the super pershing should be added for the US), I'm not really sure there is a good counter for the me262.
  8. gemmoore01

    T-Post sight

    Seriously people, this post wasn't intended to argue about the existence of infantry, but rather to discuss how the t-post sight might be implemented incorrectly into the game (I did some research, it seems that irl it's kinda personal preference, maybe they should add a completely different zeroing point option). If you want to whine about the existence of infantry scopes then find a forum discussion devoted to that topic.
  9. gemmoore01

    Jet fighters for Germans?

    Plz no, we don't need exceeding rare vehicles in this game.
  10. I really don't think you are actually complaining about weapon ballistics....
  11. gemmoore01

    Fog Needs changing.

    The new render, should help this (more patchy fog rather than a blanket).
  12. gemmoore01

    Opinions about the new recon planes?

    They really need more ground attack capabilities. They are currently pretty useless. Like 50 pound bombs or rockets (Reto plz)
  13. gemmoore01

    Pennyeye's suggestions for H&G

    @Acckron Perhaps if H&G eventually launches as a paid game (I really hope it does) then your price reduction of almost all items might happen, but until then, the chances are pretty slim to none. Like your ideas though.
  14. gemmoore01

    New Map & Building Concepts

    Nice, it looks good. Hopefully Reto will seriously consider using the floor plan. Keep up the good work.