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  1. Nyet comrade. China communists are actually fake communists who have not implemented it correctly
  2. I have already comrade
  3. Nyet comrade. Filthy fascist and capitalist produced-firearms are inferior to those crafted in the Urals)))))
  4. Sirhamletpoops

    Forum doesn't look like garbage anymore...

  5. I have long held an anti-tank character, (w/ loadout of Bazooka, H3 & Knife), though now with this 50% off weapons, I am considering the purchase of the PTRD. My question to all comrades is this: Is the weapon worthwhile in what it achieves. (Not anti-tank but anti-vehicle), and is it worth changing the loadout of my only anti-tank capable soldier to do so?
  6. Sirhamletpoops

    An analysis of the H&G Forums

    Based on the 5 minutes I have spent looking at these forums just now, I shall give what I think is a 100.1% accurate assessment of how these forum posts go. (With 0.1% margin of error) "Germany OP pls nerf boohooo" "Wunderwaffe STG so strooooonk" "muh tank cupolas too big" "Why soviets even exist they so bad" US: complain about some stuff in Scandinavia or something who really cares USSR: We too weak GE: Everyone think we too stronk but we ain't I swear on the honesty of Goebbels faction infighting faction outfighting x20 (this just a goof nobody get salt pls)
  7. Sirhamletpoops


    xaxaxaxaxxa comrade))))))))) I do not care about heavy tanks in H&G because the vehicles in this game are the toilet paper that stalin uses and then promptly discards)))))) Go play a real game like War Thunder if you want (semi) realistic tonk. Besides, heavy tanks only serve to fuel my economy via my anti-tank soldier)))))(((((((())))))))
  8. Sirhamletpoops

    Forum doesn't look like garbage anymore...

    Time to begin the slaughter of the capitalist hordes comrades with moist nugget and PPS)))))))))))))))))
  9. Sirhamletpoops

    Forum doesn't look like garbage anymore...

    When they had just updated the forums, most functionality was gone. Including avatars, finding users, etc. That stuff is back, and good on them for finally fixing it. On second thought my post was terribly worded. Clarification))))))) Forums are better now People on it still whiny af
  10. Sirhamletpoops

    Forum doesn't look like garbage anymore...

    After an extended break from this game, notably after squad 2.0... I actually became like everyone else and starting whining on the forums, about how sh*t the forums were. Guess they ain't anymore. That's good. Who knows, maybe I'll start playing H&G more regularly. (for the -2 people who give a damn)
  11. Sirhamletpoops

    Ragdoll Physics & Death animations

    Nah, ragdolls never, surprisingly, in any game ruined immersion for me. What does ruin is the stupid haze, shadows and everything else that makes you blind. [ Post made via Android ] I'm not suggesting that the current state of ragdolls were ever an immersion killer. I don't think that the current state of ragdoll physics is that bad. However, considering the fact that Reto made first person death cameras, citing that they did it to increase immersion, it only makes sense to make the actual deaths look better. Irrespective of the ironic humour that some people seem to have with flying corpses.
  12. Sirhamletpoops

    Un official Armored Zeal - Changelog

    - I think everthing suggested in the (un)official update would be a perfect 10/10 for the game, but while we are discussing the role of tanks in game, I would like to suggest an alternative play style for tanks and how to deal with them. - In this style: - Tanks are rare, only around 1 or 2 per team at a time - - Modular damage as suggested by the original post - - Proper tank crews, 2,3,4,5 players in a special "tank" squad. (Similar to Red Orchestra 2) This means that unique tank "squads" are not infantry, and do not count towards the 18 players in a game. Each tank crew squads up beforehand and perform individual roles within the tank. Thus encouraging teamwork between the tank squad otherwise the the tank will be a failure. (Obviously this feature would have to be properly balanced in a way that affects matchmaking and all sorts of other things to make it fun & balanced that I do not have the time to go in depth about.) -Less of a tank-v-tank style of play and more focused on tanks fulfilling an infantry-support role Tanks: The crew of the tank perform their individual roles, preferably communicating not only between themselves but also the rest of the team to work together (That might be asking too much of H&G players) Tanks are well equipped to deal with enemy tanks should they encounter them, but are mostly focused on keeping hostile infantry out of a certain area or providing covering fire. Penetrating shots from enemy tanks or anti tank weapons work in the same way as suggested by the armored zeal update. However, there are only 1 or 2 tanks per team. (Alternatively, there could be a set of tank classes per game (I.e 1 TD squad, 1 Medium squad) Engineers/Anti-tank crews: This is an optional class, the same as the armored zeal patch. However, if there are no engineers or not enough engineers for the number of enemy tanks, a "default" engineer class becomes available for any infantry players. The equipment used by these "default" engineers are not as good as a dedicated engineer, but they are only intended as a stopgap measure to keep enemy tanks from being indestructible if no competent-or if there are no engineers on your own team. The engineers have 2 different types of anti tank weapons that they can equip, but they are limited to 10 equipment points and only a few offensive weapons (SMGS,Pistols for self defense) The anti tank weapons fall into the aforementioned 2 types. Long range AT weapons (Launchers & rifles), & Short range launchers and handheld AT weapons. The first type of weapons include longer range AT weapons. These include launchers and AT rifles such as the PTRD. These weapons can be used at range, but they each have individual pros and cons. The long(er) range launchers are inaccurate and lose damage the farther the range is, but they have the potential to hit the tank at range. They have the safety of long range, but will have a hard time actually hitting. (PS I don't actually know the ranges of weapons like the Panzershreck or bazooka and am unsure if they can fill this kind of role.) The Rifles are significantly more accurate, but have little damage because of it's relatively small projectiles, in addition, it has difficulty penetrating the front of well armored tanks or well armored areas on tanks. It requires a play-style that makes the user flank around the tank, but can still stay in the relative safety of range. The third type of weaponry include short range launchers and handheld AT weapons. the drawback to these weapons is that there can be enemy infantry covering the tank at close range, making it difficult to successfully get into close enough range to properly use them. However, if they do hit, they will do more damage than any weaponry above. The short range launcher is the panzerfaust, which only had a maximum effective range of 60m. Handheld weapons can cripple tanks and kill their crew, if not outright killing the tank. Infantry: Infantry have few options for anti tank, because they are not intended to kill tanks. However, some basic AT weapons to use if they must. The entire team is rewarded for the destruction of the enemy tank, and additional bonuses are given for infantry that defend tanks by killing enemy engineers, and/or keeping enemy infantry away from allied tanks. Infantry should work with the support of allied tanks, and should also defend them from the enemy. However, the infantry as a whole should not be able to take out tanks unless they have a concentrated effort. Now, I wrote this in one sitting, so I probably missed something or suggested something that wouldn't work. If this sounds ridiculous, just let it be known that I think that the Armored Zeal update is a solid 10/10 and reto should be looking at implementing it soon. That's probably asking too much, however.
  13. Sirhamletpoops

    Competetive H&G

    This is certainly an interesting and well thought out topic, my only thought is that a competitive mode would likely take away from what seems to be the main focus of the game- a FPS-war with RTS commanding elements. I think that this concept, while not being implemented perfectly currently, should continue to be the main focus of the game. A competitive mode, while I would agree has potential to be fun and interesting, would take away from the "War" that the game is primarily focused on. I doubt that this game currently has the playerbase to be split apart like this, as the proposed gametype would be more like arcade shooter games, (Which H&G is in the FPS mode) but would further distract and divide the community from the other, primary focus that the game has. Correct me if anything I said was wrong or misguided.
  14. Sirhamletpoops

    Ragdoll Physics & Death animations

    But what isn't when it comes to this game?
  15. Rag doll physics are an immersion killer. [ Post made via Android ]